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December 5, 2018

My poor words can add nothing at all to the power of the magnificent Christian and Patriotic ceremony we saw today on television,  the funeral of George H W Bush.

The audience witnessed sincere,  touching personal  stories, firmly Christian prayer, beautiful and uplifting music.

Most of all I want my grandson to hear  all the words that were said today.   They were words of courage, faith, duty, love and gentleness, hard work, friendship, generosity, family values, respect for our military services, and love for country.   These are the kinds of things I wish were still taught to American children.

These are the kinds of things that should continue to mold our character.     (And still can if we believe in them.)

We, the audience,  also experienced the finest performances of oratory and music and architecture.

(I had forgotten about the spectacular, soul-stirring voice of Ronan Tynan.  He is God’s gift to our ears, nourishing our spirits.   He will be a part of my music listening  now.) 


I almost missed all this.  I almost thought the funeral wouldn’t have anything new to offer.     Why?

  1.   The entertainment-news media on the Far Left disliked this man, mocked him, ridiculed him, and generally denied or  ignored  his achievements.
  2.  Those on the Far Right were deeply suspicious of President Bush’s endorsement of and involvement with “The New World Order,”  although it seems unlikely that he didn’t understand the truly anti-Western World, anti-Freedom,  anti- Christian nature of a one World governance.

The entertainment-news media has a definite depressing, mind-numbing. and paralyzing effect on our thinking.  I’ve been staying away from it for a while, and so I was able to put aside its powerful influences and make the decision to turn on the TV “just to see what the funeral is going to be like.”

So glad I did.

And I don’t want to hear what “they” have to say about the funeral.   I want my own thoughts.






February 22, 2014

Almost a week since I last posted?     Here is my “explanation”  –


There, in the jar I’m holding,  is lemonade.   Pink.   It turned out pink.

I was busy juicing there, as you can see, and then when I was done I thought how handy it would be to “pre-squeeze”  (pre-juice)  some lemons which I’m always adding into ice water.   I’d have a little jar of ready-made lemon juice. . . .

But I had already juiced a lot of fruit and I was getting tired and I had all that cleaning up to do. . . .   and so what if I just tossed the lemons in.   Well.   Of course.   I’m going to get some of the juice and pulp from the berries mixed in with the lemon juice.   A small miscalculation which I didn’t mind at all.  After all,  I like pink things sometimes.


I making a pink sweater right now.

But here is why this has any importance at all to me.   The “mistake” of pinking my lemonade happened because  #1, I did things out of order and #2  not with sufficient attention to organizing tasks and #3  not the  least effort of tidying up between one activity and another.

Disorganized.  Disorderly.   Not detailed.   Not neat.

Fortunately, the consequences were just fine, no problem.

But maybe I’d better take those knitting needles off the couch where they’re lying in wait. . . .

Seriously,   I’m not nit-picking with myself.   I’m trying to figure out my duty in this world.    In a mild way I was thinking in a loose, flabby, undisciplined way, that day with the juicer.  I was thinking:  Do it the easy way.”

“Sow a thought, reap an action.

“Sow an action, reap a habit.

“Sow a habit,  reap a character.

“Sow a character, reap a destiny.”


Oh, a little addendum:   Why did this delay this week’s postings?    I must have been entering a “zone” with that juicing activity.   There followed a whole week which just didn’t turn out right.   a little sense of  things not working well, of defeat, of difficulty, of feeling down.

But “feelings”  are within our control, and activity – of the right sort – gives us a whole new set of feelings.   I’m working a little “better” now.