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March 30, 2018


“Nothing impure will ever enter (Heaven).”

She was there, at His birth:

Mary and child

She was there, all the way until His death:

Mary at the cross

And in between,  she made Him a robe, without seams:

Mary sewing

She was present throughout his life, at Nazareth, during His teaching ministry,     then during his sacrificial work at the end.    Jesus wore that robe, that seamless garment,  so rich in symbols and meaning.

He wore it all the way to the Cross, where He didn’t need material garments anymore.


But the soldiers who kept watch around the crucifieds that day thought it was a shame to tear up the seamless garment so each could  take their share of it;     so they  “cast lots,”  with dead men’s knuckle bones,  pierced with holes.

 “Dice,” today.     A gamble with fate.     A foreshadowing of  Pascal’s wager. 

And one of the soldiers won possession of that seamless garment.   He represents us,  all human beings; using our money for a soldier’s entertainment:  drinking,  gambling,   buying women  . . .

Well, maybe this list:    eating and drinking for pleasure,    going from one entertainment to another,   annoyed when something doesn’t please us;   finding friends that make us feel good about ourselves;    finding ways to distract ourselves from the serious issues of Life.

And all of us deep in familiar, enjoyable sinning.

The Robe

This is the kind of  a man who placed that Seamless Garment upon himself.

The famous movie called The Robe may be only a sentimental romantic notion,  but beyond that,  we see the undeniable supernatural qualities that so affected the Centurion.

The Seamless Garment  represents the holy covering of Christ,  just as an artist would represent His holiness by drawing a halo around His head.      The Divine qualities of God,  His Holiness, Goodness, Peace,  Sacrificial Love,  Everlasting Life . . . ,   represented in that Seamless Garment,  is meant to cover us with  Christ’s righteousness and justice and penetrate our Selves, without separation or seam, so that we can be made worthy candidates for heaven.

The soldier who won the garment is us.     The Holy Love of God which it brings is meant for us.

So, yes, there is a kind of Dress Code for entering heaven.   You are admitted   (to that everlasting Banquet)  if you wear the correct clothing,  which is that  Seamless Garment,  put on by that sinful soldier representing us and our possibilities,  and which makes us a completely new person,  fit for Heaven:

The book of the Apocalypse,  Revelation,    21:27     tells us about Heaven:  “Nothing impure (or unclean)  will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.

We can be sure that is possible;  Jesus’ last words on His Cross were:

“It is consummated.”