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December 4, 2014

     –   Just briefly – because my “interlude” is taking all my attention:

Tonight is my last Bible History class for the year 2014.      I’m giving them a Surprise Exam on “Lot in Sodom.”    (This ought to be interesting.  We don’t generally have exams.)

In preparation –

Jesus reading           –      I’ve been studying and reading and learning all I can.

(That would be me, among His hearers.)





April 28, 2014

Well, trapped may be a little dramatic,  but if you drew a diagonal line on a map cutting off the American southeast,   that’s what the weathermen did today, effectively trapping me in Florida. Map of weather line

The line is unfortunately made up of extremely strong storms and tornadoes.    The Weather Channel is pointing out towns that I normally drive through, towns that I sleep in sometimes on my way home.

So I’ll have to spend a little more time in this almost-paradise of palm trees and ocean beaches and withering hot temperatures while I wait out these storms here in Florida.   I need a little more time visiting with my Mom anyway.

This probably doesn’t look like much of a picture – we drive by nursing homes without a second thought –


–  but one of those windows contains everything that my Mom’s life has become. She spends her time working hard to make sense of each present moment and find the words to communicate fleeting impressions.

I brought her photos to look at today, old family photos.  She was once a beautiful young photographer’s model and art student in Chicago.  Then she was a professional “career woman,”  as they used to say,  and my own Mom.   Then she and my Dad owned and operated a music store in a shopping mall. . . . .

Cousin Lois from the Far Far North Skyped with us tonight.     Mom comprehended that someone “live” was talking to her on the computer,  but she doesn’t remember her own computer-using days.   She liked the pictures I showed her, but it was very tiring for her to remember all these things.  Even my relative “youth” and strength and health was actually a world apart from hers, behind that window.

I left her and went out to find a new home for myself for the next couple of days, while the storms pass.

Tuckaway Front view

It’s a nice home-away-from-home.


Complete with kitchen….


And a nice view from the dining area.

Through the Blinds

I opened my back door  (or is that the front door?)  and went out to the beach.

Stairs to Beach
And then just stared and stared.   I wasn’t elated, as I thought I would be.

Beach view

Maybe I’m tired too, or maybe my thoughts were getting heavy.  What happened to my Mom?   What happens to our lives here on earth?   What’s left that’s important here?   How important are these things?

Beach surf

I looked down at my feet in the wet sand and thought of all the centuries past and the people who walked these shores then.   Family after family, human after human,  men and women stayed alive and lived lives as best they could and then – their lives were over.   Disease, old age,  a sudden spear in the back,  a shark or a riptide,  and their souls left this earth.

Like an upward rain,  souls fly upwards at death, all leaving this earth.  As my Mom’s will some day.  And mine.  And yours.   And newer generations will walk over the same ground as we have walked, and they will walk on to the end of their lives and join the flow of souls, upwards, back to their Creator to account for the precious time of testing that we call this life.

Perhaps I’m hearing the background noise from the Weather Channel telling us of death and destruction tonight.

Once when my daughter and I were on our way to a happy shopping trip,  we came across a traffic accident, and she said:  “Every day is a bad day for someone.”

DeckI’ll be pondering that for a couple of days while the ocean surf pounds out its rhythms.

Such a beautiful planet to live out our lives on.    I’m here now to be with my Mom towards the end of hers.


In Christendom,  personal evening prayers often include prayers for those who are struggling with their dying moments each night.    And it would be good to pray tonight for all those in misery and despair as they survey their losses from these tornadoes.

We’re all sons of Adam and daughters of Eve – not quite yet in a real Paradise.




September 26, 2010

Imagine, that you’re …

…a  young man, 19 and a half years old;  married for almost two years, and  wondering if he can meet the pressures of adult responsibilities.   There is not enough work, post-World War II  for all the young men coming home from the war, and he still has to live at his parents’  house and now his young wife did what young wives will do:  get pregnant.

Then on Sept. 27 not long after supper, it is Time!    The wife’s “water” breaks, the mother is yelling out orders, but they’re all 45 miles away from the nearest hospital.  

 The mother-to-be, the dad-to-be-, and the grandmother-to-be all jam into the old 1940 Chevrolet, and take off down the narrow two-lane highway in the dark evening.   The Dad is being urged to Drive fast!  and  Pass!  Pass!     He lays on the horn each time they come up to a car, and he swerves into the oncoming lane to get around the cars, and it’s quite a wild ride…and then another car is in the way, and he lays on the horn again — and passes that car — and the horn stays on…and on…and on…for the next five miles the horn is blaring out…and into the ears and nerves of the people in the car.     And the young man is so embarrassed.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               So the young man takes a chance and stops the car;  opens the hood and rips out the wires to the horn.    Problem fixed.     


 As fast as they can, they proceed on to the hospital near the shore of the beautiful Lake Superior.      They’re all helped out of the car.

The Old St. Luke's Hospital

 The nurses take the young wife;  the young man and his mother are taken  to the nearby waiting room where they sit down, take a breath….and out comes a nurse with a little baby girl for them.

Two years later…


This is me,  two years later after that evening, still loving water and speed and big blue autumn skies.  I had just run to the water’s edge and was probably being told to  “Stop!”     Heh Heh….

My dad is now 21 years old when this photo was taken.  I’m sure he was beginning to realize that that wild ride to the  hospital was only the beginning of the worries I’d give him.
Funny how my Dad was able to laugh about all that last night…so many years later.


July 2, 2010

Friday:  The day we remember the Crucifixion.   Suffering and Pain…and Sin.

We could remember such things by prayers.    Here’s a close-up:

Bring it closer:

See the little one inside?    It’s a baby, as it grows inside its mother.

The “most dangerous place in America” — inside your mother’s womb.


Thank you to Lilly, Monday afernoon class.  She said we can Search on the Internet for “Rosary of the Unborn.”     They will tell you how to obtain one of these.  

You might also do a Search for how many of  our little ones, our tiniest brothers and sisters, are killed each day….each hour….

Fridays:   … for weeping, suffering, and the weight of Sin.


May 25, 2010

I want what she has:

Maybe I could crawl into her feathers for a little while….           
Ecclesiasticus 2: 1-4
“1 Son, when thou comest to the service of God, stand in justice and in fear, and prepare thy soul for temptation. 2 Humble thy heart, and endure: incline thy ear, and receive the words of understanding: and make not haste in the time of clouds. 3 Wait on God with patience: join thyself to God, and endure, that thy life may be increased in the latter end. 4 Take all that shall be brought upon thee: and in thy sorrow endure, and in thy humiliation keep patience.”

I’m not a “son”  but close enough.

I was really looking for a picture of a dove dive-bombing the disciples with roaring flames of fire,  on the day of Pentecost.

 “I indeed baptize you in the water unto penance, but he that shall come after me, is mightier than I….he shall baptize you in the Holy Ghost and fire.”  (Matthew 3:11)

So, according to Eccelsiasticus, chapter 2,  “When thou comest to the service of God….”  Look out!

Three times it says “endure”;   accept,  receive, take all,  wait on the Lord….and my favorite:  Don’t draw any hasty conclusions:   “…and make not haste in the time of clouds.”    

You don’t get to choose…which dove.


July 31, 2009

Deprivation makes me philosophical.    The Little Red Car is still in the shop.  Here are some truly random thoughts, as it says in the right-hand column.   Actually, its a collision of thoughts.

Big Red Little Red

This is a photo of my “little lady” visiting her b-i-g cousin.  My cousin actually, she drives a nice-looking rig.   She (they) visited us one day, driving as close to us as the 52-foot trailer allowed, which was the nearest truck stop.   I parked the Little Red Car among the big trucks.  It felt like any one of them could have moved around a bit and crunched us without noticing.  It was a fun place to be.

My cousin snapped this photo after we were laughing about their comparative size, identical color, and – we fancied – their apparent friendship.

So I’m thinking about that, and also about where the Little Red Car is right now:  getting some serious auto surgery done.  With a serious bill to follow.

That’s the deprivation part.  Here’s the philosophical part:   My cousin and I anthropomorphized our vehicles during that visit, projecting our friendship onto them.   Cute…fun.    I still give the Little Red Car human characteristics.  I know it’s commonly done.   How easy it is to say “she” and “her” when I write about….well, her.

Here is the “collision” of thoughts:   Why do I like her so much?  The Little Red Car  is my idea of a truly feminine creature:

She is strong, steady, reliable, and attractive.  She’s there when I need her and she sets wise limits for me.  I, who would rather just “be” instantly where I want to go, have to slow down and adjust myself to her sensible little engine.   I have to “take turns” in traffic (or else I’ll lose her), and she has all sorts of instructions for me to follow – like how to communicate with other drivers, how to get the rain off the windows, where to put my things (Rollerblades on the floor, skis down the middle, dirty things in the trunk, eggs on the seat, coffee cups in….you know. ) She also demands that I be attentive, calm, and self-restrained.

And it really is wisdom, in a “small” sense of the word, to follow these restrictions.   Like a wise maiden, she will not bend to my desires.

Wolf are Men 100  Follow me here….One week, three young people who don’t know each other, each on different days remarked to me about the immorality of our times.  All three, a young woman  (unmarried and wise for her age) and two guys, told me:  “You know, if the girls would just be stronger, the guys wouldn’t get away with so much.” 

(Yikes!   One of these was my son!)

But they referred not only to immorality, but also to lack of character, that is, living in a self-disciplined way with attention to duty and virtue.  Well, they didn’t quite put it that way, but they talked around it with descriptive examples.


It all starts here.   If women aren’t wise and strong, then their immorality and weakness will allow men to become savages.   And I mean “men” in the sense of all humanity.    The Lord of This World knows just how to corrupt and degrade women, and the collapse of our society followed.   IMHO.

SUNBEAMS (and penance)

July 27, 2009

Mondays in tradition are supposed to be days given to contemplation of the Holy Angels who, by God’s command, assist us in our journey to Heaven.   It’s good to think about these spiritual beings once in a while.  Although we are made “a little lower than the angels” right now, those humans who are Redeemed and in Heaven some day, will make the angels astonished!    They will be astonished at the height and breadth and depth of the Mercy and Justice of God-Most-High and how His great love made a way to show His mercy without contradicting His justice.  And Redeemed human beings who serve the Son of God are the Prime Evidence !

However.    Now.    They asssist us.   Not only in spiritual matters.   Also in physical matters so that we live long enough to make it to the end of our lives.    Think about that!   And we have particular angels assigned to us for these purposes.

Yesterday I posted the Sunbeams-While-Driving photo.  Sunbeams on highway 80 Yeah…

I snapped that photo while driving, at….well, expressway speed.      Don’t do that.   

Those who know me well, know that my “guardian angel”  is not a gentle one. A particularly  ear-splitting and explosive reprimand still gives me chills.  I was guilty.   I knew what it was for.    No pastel feminine robes for such a strong-willed, thick-headed one as I.   

I got the lesson, sorry for not practicing it.       So, therefore, I offer the following two pictures of sunbeams instead.

Here is a much better photo of sunbeams:

Sunbeam life magazine church 300

In ancient times we were not afraid to associate the sun with the Son.    “In Him was  Life, and the Life was the Light of men.”   (Last Gospel,  John1:4)      And here is another picture of the Source of our Light, pouring down on humble men.  (Notice Who is giving Communion…)

Sunbeams man in church dk

I am serious about listening now.   Like the humble man in the picture above,  whatever I want to do (or photograph)  is not the most important thing in the world.

(Please don’t explode my camera.)


July 18, 2009

Every flower garden you ever see is a marvel of deception…..

Flowers Daffodil field

They sit there in great bunches appearing to effortlessly spring from the ground.  But I can tell you the real truth:

Flowers Rosey

I know the secret of the posey

White or red or sweetly rosey

Any garden seen from within

Is evidence of Adam’s sin! 

    The flowers sit there all attractive

    Demanding we get interactive

    with the mud and bugs and bites,

    wiggling worms and slithering frights.

With snakes and snails and leaky pails

Webs and mud in fingernails

This is one Daughter of Eve

The “Garden” she would gladly leave!

If Adam needs food cooked or clothes sewn or home embellished, I will gladly comply.   But let ADAM do the TILLING!

Garden Footprints indoors dkr

“….Cursed is the earth in thy work;  with labor and toil shalt thou eat thereof all the days of thy life.  Thorns and thistles shall it bring to thee…”  (Gen 3:17b,18a)

   I believe this was addressed to ADAM!

…….I’ll handle the cleaning up afterwards.