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July 11, 2016

telescope alone




You may have seen the giddy, laughing young Minnesota woman who video’d  her  friend moments after he was shot by a policeman, and then lay dying.  She seems very happy with herself for all the attention she is getting.  Her  “15-minutes of fame.”

Except her story is false.

gun showing
That shiny object in her friend’s lap is not a cell phone.    The police officer identified it as a gun.

And the man’s car  did NOT have a taillight  that was out.   The police officer did NOT stop him for  “a broken taillight.”      He stopped him because just before that, on that day,  an APB went out on “an armed suspect,” wanted for robbing a store at gunpoint.   The description of the armed suspect was given –  and the police officer saw a person that fit that description exactly,  in the same neighborhood as the store that was robbed, and stopped him.

It’s the policeman’s duty to apprehend men who have committed a crime.

The man did not obey the directions of the police officer.    The man did not have a Concealed Carry Permit,  and the man was not moving suddenly to get some sort of document out of his pocket.   He was not reaching for “a permit.”

tv programming kid

But the television has been repeating a different story –  even if they repeat it in order to argue  with a “different” point of view,  the false story is still told, over and over  — and people get mad.

You can be sure  shooters,   snipers, and robbers violate our gun laws.     The  criminals violate our gun laws (!)  but  the extreme leftists in our country lie about it and say we need more gun laws and that the shooters obtained  guns through “loopholes”  or weaknesses in the law.


Let me illustrate what happened when one leftist on a popular cable news channel went out to prove how easy it is to buy a gun here in America  (well, it was a CBS person):

The actors and actresses and news readers on television like to talk about “assault weapons,”   without understanding what they’re  talking about.”

So this news person went into the gun store and asked to buy an “assault weapon.”     The gun store owner didn’t understand what he was talking about.    The  clerk then helped him pick out a handgun  (not an “assault gun.”)

They went through the process, and this liberal was about to pay for his new gun — only to be stopped by our gun laws!   This leftist news “reporter”   was not permitted to buy a gun because he,  “a good citizen,”  had some previous difficulty with the authorities, something like a note in his record that he had been brought up on spouse abuse charges  (which could be almost nothing nowadays) and some old drunk driving charges.

Something in his younger days stayed on his record, indicating he once had a problem with his temper and with his alcohol.

Oooops.   Not that easy to buy a gun in America.

And the entertainment-news people don’t know enough to report the news —

Media guide


The media can be FALSE and FUNNY at the same time.

bar dissolve er



July 9, 2016

Where is it that we get our information from?

Today's News

Who is it that points the telescope for us,  telling us what to look at,  what we should know?

(. . . . .)

I’m glad I didn’t post here all that I wrote this morning (and yesterday).    I had just spent many hours watching the developing story of the sniper-assassin in Dallas who shot into policemen who were protecting Black Lives Matter people –   five, now, having been killed –  and I was full of too many thoughts.

But just one (thought) answers the question that one official asked the television cameras last night.  He asked,“Why are we becoming such a divided nation?”   

Why indeed.

The shooter gives us the answer:     He spoke words of “cops”  killing Black men;   of “cops” being racist;    of being victimized by Whites and he doesn’t want to “take it anymore;   of it being time to kill whites,  “cops”  specifically.     The words attributed to him towards the end are the very same words and phrases that I’ve been hearing all year on the TV entertainment-news media, and recently,  much more frequently.

The media constantly interviews and reports and showcases those radical Black-racist views that give expression  to violent racism against White people.     Of course their words arouse the audience and makes them emotionally willing to come back to that “news” outlet for more.    

SpiderBots  ( For the spider-bots:   Personally, a disclaimer here,  I reject the use of violence against anyone as a means to solve problems.  I’m merely observing.)


“An unexamined life is not worth living.” *

Where do you get your viewpoints from?     Usually we get our viewpoints and attitudes from what we hear,**  from what the people around us  are saying  (choose your friends wisely) ***,  or from the words we hear broadcast out to us on the entertainment-news media  (television, radio,  movies, and music).

What we have heard up to this shooting in Dallas is an incitement to violence.   Although outwardly we reject violence,  inwardly, subconsciously,  it’s difficult to resist the attitude that we hear all around us.

We call this  Incitement.   An incitement to violence.   Even if we hear about it in the context of  “tsk, tsk,    we shouldn’t act like that,”     we still hear it – and what we choose to hear is often what we begin to identify with.


(1)   Do you know who this is?

HS 1

Crazy eyes, nicht war?   Maybe this will help:

HS 3

Yes, that’s Charles Manson.  a thrown-away, abused little boy who slept in the gutters at age 9;   and who grew up with hatred, revenge,  and violent ideas in his heart.    He preached something called Helter-Skelter,  made popular by the occult-driven music group called the Beetles.

Helter-Skelter meant a society that is completely broken down and is in the throes of a violent civil war,  races against races,  poor against rich,  region against region, etc.      It wasn’t happening fast enough for Charles Manson, so he and his little band of drugged-up outlaws went on a murderous rampage one day (two days)  in order to jump-start Helter-Skelter.

This is a curious, almost “quaint” bit of history from America’s Hippy Days,   when the  Sixty-Eighters rose to prominence in the entertainment-news media.

But these Sixty-Eighters, with civil war and revolutionary ideas in their thoughts, were not limited to weird Charles Manson cults.    Their grandchildren think it’s funny to wear Charlie Manson hero t-shirts.

HS 4.jpg


But today the   civil war promoters  more often wear suits,  expensive suits.

(2 )   Do you know who this is?

HS 5 saul

We Americans had better know who this is.   He is Saul Alinski, who along with radicals like Professor Cloward and Professor Pivens  taught today’s radicals everything they need to know in order to be triumphant in transforming America, slowly, progressively, into their own image.

Alinski’s book is a blueprint, faithfully and successfully followed by the Progressive-Leftists in our own nation.

These people named above  were the mentors of such men as:

hs 6 bh

. . .  this one,  the triumphant one who was given the new name of “Barack Hussein”  in order to appeal to radicalized Black groups, such as Jeremiah Wright,  a “reverend” in Chicago who helped Barry Sotoero to feel comfortable “acting like a Christian” while publicly  denying his Muslim roots.

(Fact check, if you’re unaware:  the only school records we have of this man show him as a Malaysian  citizen and of the Muslim religion.  Whatever.   Whatever:   he didn’t have the same upbringing as American citizens.   Please don’t include the booze-filled, drug-filled, sex-filled high school years in Hawaii.   Must we continue to deny the truth? ) ****

These men were also mentors and teachers who taught such women as this:

HC Heads Up

. . . .women, “Progressives,”    too can be used to rule over a transformed America –  after the civil war.   From this woman’s lips, after the Dallas shooting of targeted  white policemen came the sentiment that White people need to learn and to change.  *****

“Them thar’s fightin’ words,” as Americans used to say.

Them thar words indicate that Helter-Skelter has not left the minds of these ageing Sixty-Eighters and their unsuspecting young followers.      (Also called, by Vladmir  Lenin,  “the useful idiots.”)

American citizens don’t want change-by-revolution or by civil war.    We want to live by our Constitution which directs us to laws that apply equally to all citizens, and a society in which difficulties, flaws, and weaknesses in our system are worked out peacefully by Americans without a hidden agenda.

Eventually,  all citizens are equal under the law.       (If you look at recent committee hearings,  FBI proceedings, and such exercises such as those,  you will see how far we’ve strayed from “equal” before the law.)

We must be very discerning about what we are hearing from the various media sources.  Is it true?     Is it reasonable?     Is it of any lasting value?   Is it helpful?       What do we know and how do we come by that  knowledge?

bar dissolve er

About the “cops”  killing people issue,  study after study show that twice as many White men are shot to death by policemen as Black men.      For my foreign readers,  yes,  “bad cops” are prosecuted – and jailed.  We don’t need a civil uprising of one segment of society to “transform” our nation into some extreme-leftist attempt at a Utopia.

(Which, to save more ‘stars’ —  Utopia means:  No Place.   Intelligent people know that a Utopia doesn’t exist. )

bar dissolve er


. *       Attributed to Socrates, whose thoughts are one point in the development of our Civilization, and who is, thus,  relevant for today’s world.

. **      I say hear but not “see and hear”  because generally what we see is interpreted by us and by others with words.    Hearing is a very deep, intimate way that we learn.

. ***     “Birds of a feather flock together.”     

. ****    See:  “The Emperor’s New Clothes”,    an old children’s story teaching moral courage

*****   If you care enough:     In interviews reported by mainstream media as well as Internet reporting sites,  she is quoted and video’d as saying:

“Look, I don’t believe you change hearts,” Clinton shot back. “I believe you change laws, you change allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate. You’re not going to change every heart. You’re not.”  

To a Progressive/socialist/revolutionary/etc.   individual people are simply cyphers,  economic units to be utilized and managed.   That’s you, my dear readers.    Just an economic unit to be factored into political action.  You don’t have a brain;  you don’t have a heart to care about “things that really matter.”

At least, not enough of you that matters in order to Transform America.



July 7, 2016

Just so you know . . .  and just to follow up on my previous posting about the bracelets issued to Swedish girls and young women to protect them from sexual attacks —


Swedish police had issued  bracelets bearing the words “Don’t Molest Me”  to young women who were planning to take part in the numerous summer festivals in Sweden.   Reports are in now of dozens of women being sexually  accosted,  attacked, and raped during the past weeks’ worth of festivals.

A 2

Many were wearing the bracelets.

All victims reported that their attackers were between 15 and 25 years of age.



And as one young woman put it,  “I hate to say it,  but they weren’t from Sweden.”

Swedish girls and Swedish women can’t help that they don’t look like their attackers.   They look like my own sisters . . .  and what I used to look like. . . .

Our appearance is not an invitation . . . .

Swedish  “police”  guarding the festival goers:

A 3 po


I don’t’ know,   maybe she should lose her blonde ponytail.  Hope she’s wearing her bracelet.

Because “nice”  polis cannot protect the Swedish population.    Getting it clear in their minds  what the intentions are of those who   “don’t look like them”   might begin to help.

And realizing that not all cultures are based upon morally equivalent values.      That’s just reality.     That’s just human life.

It’s called “discernment,”   not discrimination.




May 4, 2016

….  and other May Timing.

(May the Fourth be with you;    and of course, a greeting like that from me would mean the Force that is that inexorable and constant force of Grace from your Creator,  calling us all back to Him, and to a life lived well, in His will, and with the help of His Grace.)

But I like Star Was too.

May is a month of many significant occurrences.    Let’s see if I can do them in order.

May First is the day Christendom remembers St. Joseph,  the foster father of Jesus,  spouse of Mary, who watched over the Holy Family,  guiding them through danger  and   providing for them.   It is necessary for a (Jewish) father to train his sons in some skill so that they can make a living and in turn provide for their own families.

Hence, we can say that Jesus, too, was a carpenter,  as St. Joseph was.   (a  “technon”  in Greek:  a builder, a general contractor, perhaps, as well as carpentry skills.)   Joseph’s trade skills and his labors are part and parcel of his dignity.   Our work, our labors, our jobs,  give us pride and dignity.   ( If you have a job,  you are not being “oppressed.”)

And so on May First we honor the dignity of workers through the example of St. Joseph.  It is said of Joseph that he was a Just man.   Learn from him,  learn fatherly skills from him; learn to respect the man in your house,  the father of your children, the head of your household.

May the First is also the world’s celebration of  burdensome and murderous  forms of governments that oppress “Workers”   by using and ruling over the Working Class.  A celebration that is sometimes called “May Day,”   and ironic cry for help.

May 2nd is the day we celebrate the life of St. Athanasius,  who fought tirelessly for the Truth of Church teachings,   in spite of almost universal opposition, several exiles,  excommunications from weak Church leaders. . .  and still he persisted –for the sake of succeeding generations.

May 3rd we celebrate the Finding of the True Cross – an interesting event, but hardly recognized as significant in today’s busy, distracted, and skeptical  world. (and, no,  the Emperor Constantine was not quite a Christian at this time, and he did NOT force the Roman world to become Christian, nor did he change Church teachings by mixing them with pagan religions.  If you want to refute “history,”   start there.)

May the Fourth . . .  is fun.   But it is also deadly serious for me, personally.   Today is the day we remember St. Monica.    Mother of unceasing prayers and tears.   Mother of Augustine,  saint eventually.    For those of you who know me,  enough said.

Yes, each day in May has some significance.   The whole month is the Month of Mary.    Dedicated to her and her attractive attributes.     Last year I did a series of  flowers, one for each day for her,  each one exemplifying a lovely attribute of the Mother of Jesus.   When the series was over,  I discovered a month was not long enough.   If you’d like to be charmed by some loveliness,  you can check out the archives:  2015, May.

We have Mother’s Day this month.   I hope some sentimental tears are shed by sons and daughters.

There are several birthdays in my  immediate family.

May 13th will be the next really huge Remembrance.    It may have utmost significance for our world.   This year is the 99th anniversary of a strange and important visitation from Heavenly beings to the three children in Fatima, Portugal.   These “beings”  were St. Michael,  the head of the Armies of Heaven who fight against the enemies of God;  Mary,  herself, with most important information;  and then a glimpse of Jesus and of St. Joseph.

99 years ago.    Next year will be 100, a significant and common grouping of years marked out by humans to signify a discreet and identifiable period of time.    Instructions were given 99 years ago.  Prophecies were made.   Proofs were given, witnessed in the end by 70,000 people,  photographed, and not all in the immediate vicinity.   And then Warnings were given if instructions weren’t carried out, individually and by the Church.

As far as I can see, in these past 99 years,   few have heeded the Instructions . .  . and warnings.

So what comes next year when the 100-year period has ended?

Finally, and appropriately,  the month ends with Memorial Day, where we remember those who have died defending our country in times of War.  Most likely we will not be in a world war in this year’s May.

I hope this won’t be the last peacetime Memorial Day.

Just . . . plant some flowers and vegetables somewhere on your property.    It’s time for that here in the Far North.      Plant some Beauty and Joy and Peace and, above all:   Hope in God, that He is in charge of things.


WORD: Rulers

March 15, 2016

The whole point of having elections is to give the impression that you believe that people are smart enough to know what they want and to know what’s good for them – in general.    If that’s true,  then you can overthrow your king.   And hold elections.

R Vote

The Word:   Rulers

I look at the heads of state,  the presiders of the various nations,  the governors, leaders –  and I see them all acting in a similar way — and generally against the welfare of the people they are governing.  Truly leading the people in  directions the people do not want to go,  in nation after nation,   with just enough finesse that the people are not stirred up into a troublesome rebellion.

So why is this happening?     Who is ruling these heads of state and presiders and governors?    No conspiracy theory, just an observation:  Something is guiding them all into a similar goal,  into a  same purpose.   I call this group our Rulers.

That’s how I use the term here in the Spruce Tunnel:  Our Rulers.

It’s not that the Rulers are powerful.  It’s that they are powerful beyond our imagining.

The Rulers are not just very, very, very rich;  not even merely billionaires.   The Rulers are rich beyond imagining.

But they richly reward those who cooperate and obey — and those who repudiate any values and virtues which would impede their will.

Two categories of examples:

Let’s compare a couple of presidents in the U.S. and their families.    The many speeches, eulogies, and personal testimonies that I heard recently regarding Nancy Reagan made me happy to have been alive in her time – she is inspiring in some ways –  and it also made me question:   Why is the only thing I had associated with her name the fact that she chose new china for White House dinners?

Seems like a trivial matter, doesn’t it?   Truly,  it was a fact that the White House china had not been replaced in about forty years, and it was getting faded and obviously old.   I’m an American.  I’d like us to present a good table for visiting dignitaries.    She selected an elegant, though modest, set of new dishes.*    It was her right and her duty as First Lady.

r china
Yet, in spite of using  her own money and I think some private money donated by friends,  the entertainment-news media were told to excoriate her for her “extravagance,”  and they led the public to believe that she had been profligate with taxpayer money.  I remember reading those “news” stories.    It was a lie, but a strongly-stated, oft-repeated lie.   I’m so sorry, Nancy Reagan, that for many years when I heard your name I saw . . .   dishes.

r gown
All over the news on this day,  I see the two daughters of another version of the presidential family wearing new $20,000 dinner gowns*  – to be worn once, to be sure.   Two daughters:   $40,000 — and paid for by our taxes.  Did you know your money bought the r gown 2dresses?

I hear of “vacations”  by this family in the half-million and million dollar ranges – for each “outing.”

Our rulers richly reward some;  and others they don’t.

Values and Virtues?    

Nancy Reagan was mocked and ridiculed for her Just Say No campaign,  which was inspired by a conversation she had with some young people who were were in the midst of the drug battle.   She asked them;  they answered:  Just Say No.   There are many grateful testimonies that the campaign worked.

You wouldn’t believe it by hearing the entertainment-news media talk about it.   Mocked and ridiculed for just saying no.   We were taught to believe that the slogan was simplistic and unrealistic.

But what if you’re the other kind of person,   what if you don’t uphold or promote such personal virtuous behavior?    The auto-biography   (so-called “auto”biography)  of the other presider is full of personal stories of drug use, from the purported “harmless”  drugs right down to cocaine use.  It’s there in his book,  shockingly.   Parties and constant drunkenness,  admitted only for his teen years.    Constant sexual activity,  with same sex partners, as reported by companions.     That’s why I’m not naming any names.   (He who has ears to hear, let him hear here!)   He says he was a mediocre student (Harvard material?)  and wonders if he could have been better.   Just Say . . . “okay.”

So I repeat:   The word “Rulers”:    Those who Rule or who are in charge,  behind the scenes.  Those who use heads of state,  governors,  presiders,   leaders of nations, and celebrities of nations to do their bidding and who richly reward and protect those who cooperate.

And generally disregard the good of the people and of their general welfare.  **

How do you know if our Rulers are getting annoyed?    They begin to throw out bad names at those who don’t “cooperate.”     Of course you are not a Nazi or a Fascist or on the Extreme Radical (Dangerous)  Right!   Of course not.    But you’ve objected. . . .

There is a lot at stake in the American election come this November.

Bar fancy line


. *  Not the actual china or dinner gowns.  (But the actual gowns are rather immodest.)

. **  Although for several thousand years it’s been studied and taught what is the welfare of the people, what is the general good,  what is good governing,  good politics,  good civil behavior for both leaders and population,  these studies have been withheld from students around the world in most  school curricula in the past few decades.

Rare is the person who has studied what made Western Civilization a great source of freedom for the individual.

Our human Dignity –  the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of (true) happiness – is God-given and can’t be “alienated” from us;  but the Freedom to express those rights can be taken away.


WORD: Contradiction

March 9, 2016

As I wrote about in the last posting,  sometimes a contradiction occurs when there are two opposing facts which eventually forces us into a new realm of thought.

That poor Centurian Clavius, of that last post,  saw the Man dead on His cross – and also saw the Man later, alive and joyful and full of power.     Eventually,  the force of the contradiction caused Clavius’s thinking to “explode”  out into a new understanding of the joyous reality of everlasting life.

Think of the process as a tube of toothpaste:


Sort of like that.   It’s being squeezed from the right and squeezed from the left, until finally the lid pops off and the contents explode out into  a whole new  understanding of existence more wonderful and free!

But there is a different kind of “contradiction.”      It’s one that makes no sense,  never makes any sense,  and never results in a new understanding.   You are given one set of “facts”  and then you are given another set of “facts”  that are contradictory.

You have a mind, and you have the faculty of understanding and discernment.    Eventually you reject one set of “facts”  and come to a deeper understanding of the other set of facts.

Today,  we Americans have a couple of people who want the office of the presidency.  To get votes they are  promising free just-about-everything.   Now, we know that whatever a government pays for,  it gets more of.   When the government pays for certain activities, it get more of that activity — and less of the hard work that is required to get that payment.

But the government doesn’t “make”  any money in the sense that it adds value to the economy by its labors.  Instead it takes money – from people who do the labor.    It takes money from some people to give to the people it has promised free (or “affordable”)  things to.

It says “by the very fact that you exist,  you deserve”   whatever it is that is desired — and therefore you will be given what other people have.

Great?   So vote for ME!

Commonsense facts will tell you that more and more people will become takers and fewer and fewer people will be givers.

But vote for me and I will  keep on giving!

But there will be less and less money to give you.

Works for a while.

But it is a self-contradictory form of economy – and it has to be upheld by more and more taxes and more and more oppressive rules to sustain it, including increasing surveillance to make sure we’re following the rules.

Free college?  Sure,  but we’re going to have to tell you what you can study.  (Note the experiences of the old Soviet Socialist republics.)

Free health care?   Sure, but we’ll tell you what services are available;  what doctors you can use;   what care we can afford to give you;   and when you’re just out of luck.

Affordable, subsidized food and shelter?   Sure,  but we cannot afford to give you very much. . . .

Fact 1 – An American society built on freedom,  personal choices,  hard work,  earning our rewards, the right to pursue as much happiness and well-being as is possible;

Fact 2 –  Or an American society which receives stuff from a   government which promises it all, as long as you accept its  rules and enforcement,  limited choices, and the right of the government to withhold the necessities of life – eventually.

We can’t have both choices because they contradict each other.   This is the contradiction which forces us to choose, between one or the other.     It doesn’t lead us to a higher reality;  it is reality.


So . . .  this 2016 election — don’t worry.  Everywhere the system of taking people’s money to give it to other people has been tried,  it has failed and eventually ruined and weakened the country.

We’re too smart for that choice.    Right?



February 13, 2016

37 more days:

Lent 37

When I was in high school, one of my friends received for a present a  beautiful onyx ring, set with a little diamond in the middle.  I thought it was so beautiful.   I never did manage to buy myself a pretty onyx ring like that,  gleaming black stone in a silver filigree setting – with that shiny little diamond . . . .

Ever since,  I’ve thought of onyx as being black.    Gleaming black.   Hard, impenetrable black.

onyx for ring

So I was interested, as an adult now,  to read more of the story of the Exodus and discover that onyx plays an important part in the relationship between God and man – and it’s not hard and black!

We all know that it was atop Mt. Sinai that Moses received the?   . . . Ten Commandments, of course.   But he also received many other “commands” and instructions regarding social interaction among people, as well as the proper worship of a God so utterly “other” and majestic and holy  that He had to reach down to mankind in order to communicate the Truth.    We couldn’t guess it ourselves.

Moses was told to instruct the people to build a proper place to worship,  what to do,  what kind of vessels to use,   where to place things,  what the priests should do,  and how they should be dressed.


It was the amazingly detailed and beautiful garments of the priests that would put forth into our minds the glory and beauty of God.   It was the best we could do.

The out garment was to be embroidered with threads that were double-dyed, red and gold and blue, violet, scarlet  – each color had meaning –  threads of gold . . . .


Here’s another was to think of these garments:

threads 2

Now, over the breast was to be placed an object with twelve gems, arranged in a square, representing the Twelve Tribes of Israel — but what is often overlooked is that over the shoulders of the priestly robe two onyx stones were to be taken and the names of the Tribes were to be written on them,  six on each side.

[9] And thou shalt take two onyx stones, and shalt grave on them the names of the children of Israel: [10] Six names on one stone, and the other six on the other, according to the order of their birth.    [11] With the work of an engraver and the graving of a jeweller, thou shalt engrave them with the names of the children of Israel, set in gold and compassed about: [12] And thou shalt put them in both sides of the ephod, a memorial for the children of Israel. And Aaron shall bear their names before the Lord upon both shoulders, for a remembrance.   (Exodus 28)

Maybe like this?


Or maybe much more beautiful.

You see,  an onyx is not only a gleaming, hard, black stone.   It can also look like this:

onyx green

And like this:


Quite beautiful and swirly and mysterious and deep.    Almost alive with warmth!   The placement of these onyx gemstones with the names of all the Tribes  (families)  of God’s own people on the shoulders of the priests, representing truths and mysteries and the thoughts of God is really quite remarkable.

Touch your shoulders.   (You have to cross your hands.)  Or think of a time when someone came up from behind you and caressed your shoulders.   Or, okay,  just rubbed your shoulders.   These are all pretty intimate acts because your shoulders, on top of your chest,  guard your heart.

Symbolically speaking,  God is bearing His people on His shoulders because He loves them, He desires closeness with them.   He will bear them up on His shoulders, taking them on, all of them,  even some day bearing their sins while the Cross is placed upon His shoulders.

holy cross

And that is the Lenten-Lesson part.   From the time of Moses we see the detailed, complex,  many-layered love that God has for us, His people, as He bears us on his shoulders (through the medium of the priests and their holy garments);  He “wears us” close to His heart,  and He gathers us all up into Himself.

He guards, guides,  protects, and instructs.

And during Lent,  we examine ourselves . . . to see how we’ve responded.

Our honest answer leads us to Calvary.





November 21, 2015

If a man says that he didn’t say something,  but a young, passionately liberal media reporter says he said it . . .

    . . . did the man say it?

That’s not a nonsensical question.

Today,  without reflecting,  we are more schooled by what we see and hear on the entertainment-news media than by our common sense.

It is a kind of surrender.




Push Back: N-N-OOOOOO-OH!

April 14, 2015


They’re pretty:

pod lily

But that big fat  No!  up there in the title was Hubbie’s response to my plea for adding “just a few”  lily pads to our pond.     That kind of  “no”  was a total push back to the idea of lily pads in our pond,   pretty flowers or not.

I didn’t want to start this week’s Spruce Tunnel’s musings about push back, so I took some early morning photos of the pond today,  just to delay . . .

SAMSUNGSome of those “algae pads”  look like lily pads,  and there were some reddish brown leaves that had landed here and there, almost looking like flowers on the pads.

SAMSUNGClosing in on one area, I was delighted to see the first big goldfish of the season.    It was actually quite reddish, a sign of good health,  good nutrition…. or, in other words lots of algae and junk to eat —  which reminded me of a big problem.   The pond takes a lot of work to keep clean and debris free.  Too much algae is not a good sign.

And although that “No!”  resounds down through the years,  Hubbie was right.   Lily pads multiply like crazy and it would have been a constant chore – another pond chore — to keep them in the one tiny little corner that I had envisioned.

The fish were having a great time swimming fast from one “algae pad” to another.

SAMSUNGSo,  I’m glad now there was that big “push-back”  to my plans for turning “just a tiny part”  of our pond into a lily pad field.    It’s saved me a lot of   hard work, undoing a bad decision.

Even though I had planned to delay starting this week’s hard writing about some necessary push backs.   I guess my pond photos are leading me right into it.   Some push backs are necessary.

pod lily no

There are NO lily pads like these within 50 miles from my pond!     (probably)



April 12, 2015


Remember Heathcliff?  The alley cat that pretty much finds his own way to get what he wants.


The fish aren’t too happy.

Another danger they can’t quite comprehend — until they do:



(But Pete Rose is a good guy.    Where’s the danger from Pete Rose?)

“A Rose by any other name .. . would still smell as sweet.”     (Or:  “What’s in a name . . ?  That which we call a rose, by any other name,  would smell as sweet”.)

Unfortunately for the fish,  Shakespeare was speaking of flowers and girlfriends.

In the real world there are real enemies.    Not everyone wants to be our friend, and  it’s not always our fault.     Sometimes the enemy is on the rise and just wants to move on ahead, right over our dead bodies.

And if we can’t call the enemy by its real name,  all we’re going to have left is a bunch of stems with the flowers petals hacked off.





April 1, 2015

This is Hudea.    Little Hudea.

Little Girl raises hands

She is about 4 years old.    She knows what she’s supposed to do when someone pulls a gun on her.

Only it’s really, really scary.

Because she has seen many guns pointed at people she knows. The Daddies shout and run around and look very afraid.  The Mommies cry and try to pull their children close to them.  And some people fall down and get very, very hurt.

This is the only world she knows.   She has seen the Islamic forces overpower her village on their way to conquering the whole world to turn it into an Islamic caliphate.

They are being successful in Hudea’s area of the world.  They are being successful in Europe and America by using other very clever and subtle means.

No one is doing what ought to be done to eradicate this barbarian army.

children under gun

And that’s why Little Hudea held up her tiny little arms when she thought a gun was being pointed at her.

Only it wasn’t a gun that day in her refugee camp.   It was a journalist with a camera, taking a picture of her camp,  with telephoto lens.


From the UPI/BBC story:   “At first such a photo was thought to be staged, but now, the BBC has tracked down the photographer, Osman Sagirli, who recounted how he had taken the image of the four-year-old girl, Hudea, at the Atmeh refugee camp in Syria in December last year. . . .”

From Hilaire Belloc,  Anglo-French writer  (I’ve written of this before):    Belloc was asked in the early 1930s, when the world was first becoming aware of the rise of Hitler’s National Socialism,  what is the greatest threat facing the civilized world in this century;   this is his famous reply –  “Will not perhaps the temporal power of Islam return and with it the menace of an armed Mohammedan world, which will shake off the domination of Europeans – still nominally Christian – and reappear as the prime enemy of our civilization?”     

If we are defeated,  if little children like Hudea are destroyed, I believe it will be because of the meaning of those three words:   “still nominally Christian.”       Nominal  Christians fight over who has to bake a cake for whom,  while the world they live in is being destroyed by others.

And it’s Hudea’s world.   And my grandson’s world.



January 9, 2015

From a letter written by George Washington: “But if we are to be told by a foreign power … what we shall do, and what we shall not do, we have Independence yet to seek, and have contended hitherto for very little.”    (a thank you to The Patriot Post)

Sarcastic humor like I used in the last post is an extreme form of humor, strong and aggressive.   It’s never good to use against a person;  but it sometimes helps when you make a point against an issue.
And this issue is a serious one, with our independent existence at stake.  And what is that “foreign power”  that Washington spoke about in the above quotation?  In our day it’s not hard to find:

From a recent article entitled: CANADA REFUSAL TO SIGN U.N. SMALL ARMS TREATY SPARKS DEBATE, and then an American commenter (not my words):

Canada refused to sign the UN small arms treaty.       We did.
Wait a minute.
Aren’t we the ones with the Second Amendment?
What did our Rulers do to American citizens that Canada refused to do to their citizens?

So read again those words by George Washington:

 “But if we are to be told by a foreign power
… what we shall do, and what we shall not do,
we have Independence yet to seek, 
and have contended hitherto for very little.”     

This is NOT “American History”!   Here is a news article from today’s pile of news:

 For people to be able to enjoy their “Second Amendment Rights”, Attorney General Eric Holder proposed to a House subcommittee that Americans should have to wear “gun-tracking bracelets” in order to “lawfully” discharge a firearm in the future.

“I think that one of the things that we learned when we were trying to get passed those common sense reforms last year, the Vice President  and I had a meeting with a group of technology people and we talked about how guns can be made more safe”, Holder stated to the subcommittee.

Holder went on to say, “By making them either through finger print identification, the gun talks to a bracelet or something that you might wear, how guns can be used only by the person who is lawfully in possession of the weapon.”

I don’t understand that last sentence;  perhaps the words got garbled by the recorder.  But the meaning is there.  The threat is there.    Want to wear an RFID bracelet if you are a gun owner?    And notice that the words “Second Amendment Rights”  is put in quotation marks –  by the newspaper reporter!

In all of Christendom,   individuals have had the right to protect themselves,   to protect their families,   and to protect their property.   And in Christendom, remember,  the laws of the Christian nations were harmonized with Christian principles, and  our God-given, unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

A nation throws off Christianity at its own peril.

(Yes,   just “Imagine,”  Mr.  John Lennon —   But, sadly,  we don’t even have to imagine anymore;  we have the example of the 20th century  world leaders without “religion.”)

Disclaimer, maybe:    I don’t own  gum to put in my hand.


December 18, 2014

In the last post I wrote that achieving happiness indirectly makes this a strong and great nation as you pursue your own goals with your own unique likes and dislikes, doing what you do best.    And we find our own unique identities in the context of our families, so building and maintaining strong families is good for us and good for the country.

Sometimes we can understand an idea better when we find out what happens when things don’t work out, and so since “Cuba”  is in the news this week,  I thought I’d remind us about what happened one year when a very young boy and his mother took a perilous journey to come to America to pursue their own happiness with relatives in Florida.

refugees on ocean

Their journey might be only  90 miles long,  but it was taken on a boat-raft sort of contraption like the one pictured above.  Along the way, something terrible happened to it,  and the young boy was found adrift, alone, near our shores,  clinging to the rubber tire portion of the raft.

Hurray!   He was united with his relatives here in Florida.  Right?
His relatives were glad to see him. They took him in,  bought him clothes,  gave him his own bedroom, and had him involved in church and school.   He probably would have grown up  like other American children,  learned to read and write, taken part in school activities,  obtained a car and some spending money when he was a teenager…maybe college and a profession in his future.


But it didn’t happen that way.   The enemies of the American dream in Cuba and in America,  the ones who think GOVERNMENT gives us our rights and makes us happy,   decided that this little boy should be sent BACK to the land he had fled from,  where the socialist government would take care of him and give him a better life.

Their news-entertainments-media told us that he “belongs” to his father,  he shouldn’t be separated from his father back in Cuba, even though the little boy hadn’t lived with him there.     They searched for the man who was his father, they told him the situation,  told him he wanted his son back, and had him agree to be filmed with his son.   We were told the family would be “re-united” and the little boy would have his whole life taken care of by Cuba’s government.

The reality?   We know now  that the little boy,  Evian Gonzales,  if I remember his name correctly,  was returned to Cuba,  had a couple photo ops with his father,  and then was sent on to the state run government school  where he lived with other children his age, in dormitories, going to their respective homes, if any, every few weeks, sometimes months.

All day long the little children had a few hours of schooling,  and then spent long afternoons working in the fields to take care of crops, including tobacco,  on state-owned land.  In this way the children “earned” their right to all the things the government gave them.

No, there wouldn’t be any American-style family life for the young boy.   He would be warehoused and treated like many other children in tight socialist-style societies.  He would not have great medical care.  He would not have much education.   He would not have much freedom to pursue “happiness”  for himself nor for his family, which he probably has by now.

And he would be given NO freedom to pursue a relationship with his own Creator.

So much better when the government decides what makes you happy.



December 14, 2014

writing lady

I’m not sure if my writing skills are equal to the thoughts in my head,  so since I really care about the topic  — restoring, if possible, the strength (greatness)  of a nation (specifically America since I’m an American) —  I thought I’d clarify my first two points before I add a third.

1.  Duty.  

 SAMSUNG     The posting about the Thank You Note written by a four-year-old was meant to illustrate that the citizens of a great nation must first know their public and private duties and also feel responsible for carrying out those duties, no matter how tedious or difficult,  how trivial or momentous.   (Since the four-year-old is part of my family,  I’ve since found out that his Mommy and Daddy didn’t ” make” him write the note.  Rather,  he saw his Mommy and Daddy writing thank you notes,  and he really, really wanted one of his own to write on.      He didn’t want to be left out of what he understood to be an important task.   He’s not a baby!)

2.  Compassion.

chimney boy with bag    The posting about the little chimney sweeps, and the poem by Blake, was meant to locate empathy and compassion and pity inside the reader — if any.     Read the poem;  do you feel compassion?
We consider men great if they have contributed to the welfare and advancement of society, and the same is true for nations.   Generous nations are admired and looked to for aid.  Strong-peaceful nations are admired and looked to for help.    The laws of good nations are looked to for example.   But –  first! –  the majority of the citizens of that nation must  be compassionate and generous — and then act on their compassion.

As Jesus said,  “What good does it do if you come across someone who is hungry,and you say to him, oh, that’s too bad;  go get something to eat!  but you give him no food?   Or if you see someone cold, and you say to him Be warm!  but you dont’ give him a coat?”

Know the good inside of you,  and then be ready to act on it.    On your own.   A great nation is made up of good people.


3.  I think this naturally leads to a  third essential quality for citizens of a great nation:  being honest with oneself — and, of course, with others.

All over Christendom,  we heard Readings today in which John the Baptist was confronted with that one important question:  “Who are you?”    (You’ve got a public image.  You’ve got a lot of rumors running around you.   But who are you,  really?)

John the Baptist
Each of us is made with individual, unique characteristics, so you are you and I am I.    However, in this age we experience the constant bombardment of information,   entertainment,  music all the time,  words all the time.  While constant background noise has deleterious physiological and psychological effects, the real danger is that we succumb to the resultant “mass identity.”   A right way and wrong way to think and feel.  Check what the polls are saying.    Check what the majority thinks.    And don’t make an idiot of yourself by disagreeing.

Group-think will destroy honesty, as well as integrity and clear thinking.

The Majority Opinion  — or what people can be convinced is the Majority Opinion — has led to the demise of many good societies.   Be honest with yourself,  and you’ll be able to recognize propaganda.   Be honest with yourself, and you’ll be able to recognize the agenda behind certain Political Correctness. . .
. . . And then oppose the damaging, foreign agendas.

. . . And then honestly  see what’s making this nation weak and restore the goodness.

Alexis de Tocqueville:   “America is great because America is good.”      (1831)



December 10, 2014

I do hope the Chimney Sweeper in the last posting had meaning for you all.    It’s been a part of my “literary memory”  for many years now.

Here is another “literary” endeavor:


I can read it!!   I’m sure you almost can too!

It’s a Thank You Note written by my grandson, Cooper, who has just turned four years old, about three weeks ago.

This is a thank you for  his birthday presents from me.    His Mommy and Daddy are teaching him to do his duty and fulfill his social obligations by writing thank you notes for whatever people give him.   In Cooper’s World,  he is so young that he will never know a time when he didn’t do this;  this will seem normal in his World  and will be second nature to him.

So –  “Making America Great”   again –   In a “great society,”  there are rules of  courtesy and consideration for others, based upon Christian kindness and  caring for others.   We may express gratitude or sympathy or concern or mutual happiness.      This is a “good” thing.   We learn etiquette  to help us manifest these expressions of our mutual humanity.

The rules of courtesy are the same for everyone;  for the very poor orphan in the last post  (we have to say “disadvantaged” now) and for the economically privileged child with parents who are present and loving and for everyone in every situation in between.    There are no excuses.  It has nothing to do with being rich or poor, educated or uneducated.     So much can easily happen between people that it’s essential to affirm our own dignity as human beings  by respecting the rules of a good society.

Somehow my grandson was born into a home with the most loving, attentive, and responsible parents.   I thank God for that.  It’s not easy to write a thank you note (especially when you’re just four years old)  but his way in the world will be easier for having learned such things.   He will gain self-respect, and the more he respects others,  the more self-respect he will gain!

Is this an unusual situation?   I don’t know.   But where our society has broken down, where we are cynical and suspicious about others and expect the worst,  we can make repairs.    We can teach and insist and demonstrate the importance of building and maintaining a civil society.      There are little social niceties to practice.     There are ways to speak to each other.     There are civil ways to disagree with each other.     And there are firm, respectful ways to disengage with those who insist on bad social behavior.

The responsibility lies with individuals.   We are each responsible to for the quality of our society.




November 15, 2014

75 see saw

That “lady” would be me — on a see-saw, a week and a half of extreme ups and downs, and now I find myself on the road again.


This is where “the lady”  is writing from right now.   Everything on that hotel bed that I could want to unwind with after several hundred miles of driving.   TV,  Nook,  laptop, and knitting.

Two rooms to relax in.


And I have a lot to think about.

I didn’t plan to travel this month.    As I pulled out of my driveway, all packed and ready to go,  I looked long and hard at my home, wishing it could hear me say “Bye, house”  —  wishing it would make sense to say good-bye to a house.     I’m going to miss being home. . . .but I have to make this sudden trip.   Yes, no.  Go, no go.  Like a see-saw.

Well,  I’m leaving the frozen Far North, where the nights will be 16 degrees this week,  and I’ll be staying here instead:

75 Tuckaway Beach n Scrub

Literally, staying there.    It’s Florida, and that’s where I stayed last time I was there.  I opened my door and – boom! —  that’s what I walked into.  My mind is still gearing up for winter. . . .

I haven’t blogged much lately because so much has been going on in my life;  good and bad, like  being on a see-saw.   (Although unlike that cartoon in the top picture, we called them teeter-totters at school and nobody liked the two-seaters anyway.)

I’m traveling because I got a call from my mother’s doctor.  He told me that she was very sick, and although he didn’t say it was an emergency, he called it “urgent.”    Mom is 88;  pneumonia and fluid build-up in the lungs is drawing me to her now,  no matter what it’s called.

The latest word is that she is doing much better.     See-saw.   But I’m going south anyway.

Just before I left, I came down with some sort of laryngitis.   The bane of schoolteachers.   I’m feeling a little sick, but the laryngitis is annoying.   Especially because  tonight I am staying here:

75 renfroRenfro Valley.  Home of the Saturday Night Barn Dances.   Home of the sound of Appalachian Gospel music — all over the radio.  It’s wonderful!!  But I can’t sing along now.

But it’s a serious “see-saw”  that I’m seeing on this trip.    Missing home lasted for about fifty miles.    Anything left undone at home will be all right.   All my minor personal stuff is just that:  “minor.”

It’s the major goods and bads, ups and downs, dangers versus signs of hope that give me the sensation of being on a see-saw too.

Just to name three issues:

1. Our country is staggering under the unsustainable weight of social programs and social regulations that the socialists multiply onto us, and we have an avowed and obvious marxist on our throne attempting to finish us off.    But is the good news that we are still “America”  and some people may bring us back to our Constitution?   So what now?  Are we “up” or “down”?

2.   In my Church,  we have a secularist, materialist utopian ideology that has taken control for the past fifty years, with an avowed and obvious marxist on the throne, apparently oblivious of the fact that he is “different”  from the teachings he is supposed to uphold.     But is the good news that no one can really change the teachings of the Church, and there have been unworthy  popes and bishops many times before – and they are NOT the Church itself?  So what now,   are we hopeful or not hopeful?

3.    One more issue:  I can’t decide whether it is ridiculously little because it’s about those old-fashioned little floppy discs that no one uses anymore;  or if this is a big issue because what came out in the news today is that our big   (n* uc*  clear  )  weapons that we have are run on computers that still use floppy discs.     So what now?  Is that okay because we don’t have many left anymore and Russia has far more than we do anyway?

I’m going to need both those rooms tonight to relax and think and sort things out.  And if my Mom gets better,  then I’m really going to enjoy visiting with her and taking a little vacation.

But I don’t know if I’m off that see-saw yet.


October 14, 2014

big birf botes
That would be YOU!  —  “Mentally slow and limited.”

Or in the words of a socialist master:    Writing in Mein Kampf about how to manipulate people and win power, Adolf Hitler said that since the average person had a very limited memory and a “slowness of understanding,” it was necessary to use only short, catchy slogans and repeat them often. 

Hope and Change!

Slogans all;  and very effective in “transforming”  public opinion.

fr rev flag

For a couple of centuries now these revolutionaries/progressive social engineers have been cleverly learning how to manipulate the voting groups of “democratic republics”   (people’s republics/soviet-socialist republics) and to  mold public opinion in their favor.

Theyv’e learned to move slowly and persistently through several generations because sudden overt takeovers produce consequences they cannot always control.     Much better to take the long view, so that the population of a nation, new generations, don’t even realize that their heritage has been dissolved even while the SAME traditional words are being used.

Verbal engineering precedes social engineering.   

And we’ve been masterfully socially engineered.

We have indeed been so “slow to understand”  as in the quotation above,  that we scarcely blink an eye when we hear a pronouncement that contradicts reality, commonsense, or common decency.

dictionary words

I’m too tired to throw a lot of examples at you from all my notes;  they break my heart anyway.    However,  unlike our progressive/socialist leaders who need us to be slow to catch on, dimwitted, and limited in our imagination,  I don’t think you are.   You can gather examples of their deceptive manipulation every day.

We can recognize this procedure;  we can push back and be the nation we were meant to be.

In fact  unless there is a push-back from us,  the “mentally slow and limited”  people,   they will continue to rule over us, whether we like it or not.

So a weak, but angry “tribute”  to the success of our Rulers.  They counted our votes last time.  They put their people in office.

Another election is coming up soon.

And just a reminder about that top picture I used:  do you remember all the pictures of Big Bird holding “Obama”  posters?  “Vote for Obama”  buttons?   Of Sesame Street characters telling Big Bird that “Romney would grind up Big Bird and use him for meat” ?     How young are these voters anyway?

big bird says

And you remember, of course, what Lord Acton said would happen if “good men did nothing.”


A 2-LETTER WORD; (a 3-letter word; and a 4-letter word)

October 9, 2014

steam man

I’m experiencing a mild form of injustice today.   When this  happened in the past, some have suggested this is really a subtle form of persecution,  but I can handle that.  I can’t handle it on behalf of my friends, however,  so with the resulting “steam energy”  blowing out of my ears,  I’ll write that little series I’ve been thinking of,  that requires so much “energy” from out of me.

A two-letter word; a three letter word;  a four letter word.

First,  the two letter word that I’ve been thinking about for a while:    “oh.”        Used twice as in oh-oh.

For the past month,  the news stories I’ve been reading seem to have bumped up a notch in seriousness.  A turn has been made.   A point has been reached.  We’re in new and dangerous territory now on many fronts.

Just . . .   as you read news stories for yourself, see if the disconnect from commonsense isn’t a little more blatant, a little more in your face.  As the funny guys on  Red Eye Radio overnight say,  “They’re not even trying!”   That’s a funny line;  but what does that really mean?     Why aren’t they trying?   Why don’t they even have to work hard to fool us anymore?

Often, in one sentence,  the “information” offered to us is self-contradictory, and the resultant cognitive dissonance paralyzes our thoughts and actions.  We tell ourselves, they can’t be so stupid; I must have misheard.


One example from a news briefing:    (Quote)  “If this nation were to prevent people from ebola-stricken countries from coming  into our country,  then that would mean that we can’t get our aid to them and it will just make matters worse.”

Think about that.   If we prevent people from some countries from coming in,  as other nations have already done,  that means WE can’t get OUT of our own country.

That was said in front of cameras with a straight face – and no one questioned the illogic.

Oh-oh –  does it not even matter?

A new brief announcement today:  1 in 68 children develop autism  after they are born.

But children continue to be injected with antifreeze  (best left in your car); and aluminum  (a neuro-toxin;  i.e.,   brain tissue toxin);  injected with formaldehyde,  a life-killing agent; mercury, another brain tissue killer;  and injections are sweetened with sucrose and aspartame (another powerful neuro-toxin) — do your blood veins have taste buds?

Autism is brain injury.

Here is another  oh-oh that gets worse each day:


If your house is marked with this,  then you are marked for death.

The Sunni group ISIS is now overtaking Kabani and is in a position to threaten Baghdad.    Non-Muslims are crucified, cut in half, beheaded, buried alive . . .   and the West says nothing about “crimes against humanity.”      Well, there are Sunnis all over Washington D.C.  )      The centuries-old  Islamic Caliphate is winning over territory — winning, winning, winning, with brutal and murderous tactics, just like in centuries past, when Africa used to be a major hub of Christianity — before they got wiped out by Islam.

And the Middle East.  And all the Byzantine Empire.   And almost Europe.

Courageous resolve,  prayers for heavenly aid, and military campaigns have prevented the loss of Europe in the past,  but now we have a loss of resolve, prayers, and military strength.   (Did I say anywhere that it is “all”  muslims?    Of course, not.  But that is supposed to be the accusation that stops all intelligent discussion.)

Oh-oh.  Iron lungs in the 1950s:

iron lungs

The polio-like virus that was endemic to Central America, crippling and killing people there, has now been imported into the United States by  active promotion and with  our tax dollars given to those who help foreigners come into our country in  large and unsustainable numbers.   They are foreigners of all ages and they did not obtain legal entry.   They are also carrying diseases to us, including this one that is killing children.  Our Rulers tell the news media to call it a “mystery disease”   but it really isn’t a mystery.  It is the well-known EV D-68, and it had been found mainly in Central America.    Until this summer.

My grandson is likely exposed to children from those Central American countries.

I can’t say “oh-oh”  enough.

Norwegian reindeer are testing positive for large amounts of radiation from Japan,   that ongoing and life-threatening disaster that continues to rain down radiation on all of us.     No worries though.  Our rulers have just increased the amount of radiation that we get by 27,000 times what the limit used to be.    The Pacific ocean is . . . .   The poor starfish…   the poor sea lions….   the poor caribou and polar bears…    the poor diseased salmon….

Well, do you think an obscure reindeer herd is the only type of biological entity getting harmed by radiation from Fukushima?

You can continue on with your own list of oh-ohs.

In the field of health?
Medical experts are saying the spread of ebola is “out of control.”   Desperate eyewitnesses in Africa are saying “this is not the usual ebola” . . . .

Real-Unemployment figures show about 23% of working age Americans are out of work.   And the number of people taking from us exceeds the number of people who are earning money.

Financial indebtedness of nations is anywhere from 13 to 27 times the total amount of wealth in the whole world!    Figures vary.   Some are higher.  No one knows how to count this,  no one  knows what to do,  no one knows what is soon going to happen.

Education and the future of our country?
American children know less than many Third World countries.   They have been successfully dehumanized, disconnected from their past, and dumbed-down to just about animal levels of thinking – according to plan.   (See quotes by John Dewey, et al.)  (I’m a former public schoolteacher and I witnessed what was done to our children — and the steam is starting to come out of my ears again…)

The Church is having a “synod” right now which will probably overturn the Church’s own teaching – in practice.     Yet in a feat of doublespeak,  successfully used in other arenas,  they will say “doctrine can’t be changed”  just “how we apply it.”    Official Christianity  seems to be descending into a state of apostasy.    As prophesied.

Things to think about.
There is no end to my list of oh-ohs — stories all bumped up a notch in seriousness.   My three letter word has a much shorter list,  but it’s a happier word.






October 7, 2014

It’s still Tuesday here at the Spruce Tunnel,  the day we’ve been paying a cynical “tribute”  to our Rulers who placed their man in our wh  it eh ou se.   You know.    I keep wanting to stop these Tuesday Tributes,  but then I keep bursting with things to say – most of which I won’t . . . .

So, I’m looking to Penn’s Sylvania this time, “Penn’s Woods,”   with  a quote from the man,  William Penn, and a few questions for us.   The state of Pennsylvania has a lovely history, so hopeful at the time of its origin.    The principles which set this state “in motion” are as rich and beautiful and bounteous as the wooded land that was given to William Penn to own and to develop.

Indeed, principles can be rich in meaning;  they can be beautiful as they bring out the best in human nature when the principles are honored and followed; and principles can be bountiful, seminal in their insights, carrying seeds of healthy, future development.

Here’s the quote from William Penn:

God or Tyrants rule

So, do we know what principles inspired the colonists of Pennsylvania?   What aspirations?  What high ideals?

Because a venal, uninspired,  self-serving, corrupt,  and immoral people cannot sustain for very long a viable colony — or nation.

William Penn and others like him worked to found our nation, back in the 18th century.     They founded our nation on universal and everlasting principles,  described and formulated by what we call Natural Law,  and giving to Americans both freedom to pursue the best lives we can for ourselves and the responsibility to preserve that freedom for future generations.

Those “high ideals”  were not a Magic Wand to instantly right every wrong,  and those high ideals and principles were not meant to be a Stick to beat ourselves with when we find places where we need to change.

The principles derived from Natural Law were meant to give us guidance . . . .

Oh.   Such guidance was overturned, wasn’t it, in the middle of the 20th century?  The Sixty-Eighters.   The ones who adopted  progressivism and Marxism and taking things away from those who work and giving it to people who don’t, and sex-drugs-and rock-and-roll and if-it-feels-good-do-it and NO-ONE can stop you and GIMME my fair share!

And their children’s generation seemed to be confused.  In general.    For forty years there didn’t seem to be any guidance, any principles, any purpose.    But the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of these “Sixty-Eighters” —    they seem to want a better country than they’ve been handed.    We could help them find it.    We could stop living as though Woodstock (and all  it represents)  were a great cultural event to be proud of.

But we’ve got to sort out our true and complete American history from what the progressives-etc. are telling us is our history.    There are some pretty good books being published now,  but you won’t find them in our schools or colleges or universities.     We’ve got to be curious enough on our own.

If we don’t re-discover who we really are as a nation,  then we will have more repetitions of 11-06-12   — and I’ll never be able to stop  these Tributes to Tuesdays!




October 6, 2014

First of all, a message to my friend in Texas:


It’s a real pleasure to watch the Redskins this year, especially with our Kirk Cousins at QB.


I know he’s young but he did all right for us! Hope you grow to like him, even after RGIII returns to the game.

MSU in action:


It’s that time of the year.    It’s that time of the year when the world’s temporary  pleasures call my attention down from  important and eternal things.

St. Francis de Borgia sits ever heavy on my shoulders, leading me to imbalance, teaching me that one cannot live with the world and heaven in equal proportions.  I know that.

St Francis Borgia and skull

He might seem like a very severe and stern saint to choose to listen to in this modern age of pleasure seeking, but, really,  he only wanted to always do what is exactly right and pleasing to his Lord Jesus.    Since I would like that too,  I listen to him, learning from his life and his example.  He was a good man and a good teacher.

And besides,  in his younger life,  he started out really liking ball games!  I shall deal with football in my life — as he did.

Which brings me to the bright red jaguar.

red jag

I had a really strange encounter on Sunday morning, with a man and his bright red jaguar.    Believe me, that photo does not do it justice.   Seen in person and close up,  that car is a work of art!

This car was parked right across the street from mine on Sunday, after “church,” and the man who owned that car and I arrived at our parked cars   right at the same time.   Since I could not drag my eyes away from his car, I gave him time to notice me staring at his car.   I said something, like, “That’s a real beauty.”    And I meant it.

But he has apparently dealt with his beautiful car before, and on another level.   He said thanks,  but he went on to explain that he knows how expensive it is, what a luxury, what an indulgence,  but he said, “I donate lots of money to places like Haiti. . . .”    putting his purchase, I suppose, in context.

I don’t mind at all that he has lots of money for big donations to poor people in Haiti and still have enough left over to buy a beautiful jag.   I didn’t doubt his generosity at all.    Then, since he had mentioned Haiti,  he opened his gray sports coat and pointed to his beautiful black sweater and said it  cost   $xxx   (but I don’t hardly believe a sweater could cost that much!)  and he said he knows that is more than most people in Haiti make in a year, but . . . .    I’m not sure what he said next, but since I didn’t find any fault with him at all,  I agreed that God had been very good to him in material things and although it’s a good thing to share with the Haitians,  I also assured him that God has given Americans a different set of challenges.    He seemed to understand what I meant.

Nah….  I didn’t sound all schoolmarmy  like that  —   it was a natural and very short conversation.   I thought about that conversation all the way home on Sunday – and beyond, apparently.

I’ve just begun to make big changes in the house I live in.    I didn’t realize how shabby it had become after 40 years of neglect.   Well, I knew it was old and shabby,  but I didn’t know how bad that was.  And now I have to put a lot of money into my house,  more money, of course, than a typical Haitian makes in a year.

I suspect, like many of you,  I don’t worry about staying warm this winter or where my clean water will come from.   I’m grateful for all of that,  for a safe house and for a reliable car, even though it cost one-fifth of that red jaguar!    I do have material riches, relatively speaking,  but there are other, very serious, challenges to sort out.

And that’s where St. Francis de Borgia returns.    Wealthy, handsome, noble son of Spain — he had everything this world could offer, and he knew that nothing this world could offer was of lasting value.

For a human being,  for a created creature, nothing is more important than the Two Great Commandments:   Love the Lord your God (your Creator) with all you heart and mind and strength;  and love your neighbor as yourself.

Material wealth is immaterial.   In a hundred years, we will all know what was important here on earth.