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April 5, 2017


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(1)   It happened again :

Sunrise 2 cr best

A red sky this morning.     (Sailors take warning.)     This time the colors were even deeper and richer than before.    I ran from window to window this morning trying to get into my camera that  shade of deep reddish-salmon-orange that I was seeing in the sky.

I couldn’t.        Fifteen pictures later, I was still frustrated.

Sunrise 3 cr new

And as the sun was rising,  I was losing the color.

Sunrise 1 cr

I had two choices:  either run out and grab my friend from out of his wife’s bed  because he knows a lot about photography and promised to teach me sometime;  or instantly learn how to use oil paints,  because only a pallet  of oranges, pinks, reds, and yellows could duplicate the color I was seeing.

Two choices which were no choices;    so I just  watched the Nature Show of salmon,  orange,   pink, and yellow,  then finally pale blue.   As I watched, I settled down and my mind began reprising the pathways it had taken during the night.

(“Sailors take warning . . .”)

(2)    The night before,  just before I had  called it a day, I’d been reading up  on Pope Gregory XVI,  perhaps a rather obscure pope today,  but he aroused some controversy in his day,  not too long ago,  in the 19th century, and gives us something to think about today.

greg xvi

He wrote some interesting and valuable documents, among them an encyclical putting forth in clear terms  the Church’s opposition  against slavery,  a  teaching which had long been proclaimed by the Church,   but needed reinforcement.

However,  even though he  produced some valuable and helpful documents,    he was personally and deeply suspicious of the consequences of  what we now would call the technological and industrial revolution.   He opposed the growing socialist movement which reduces people to  “economic units,”   under the management (control) of a central state government.    He saw this as the depersonalization of the individual, individuals becoming “the masses”  which the revolutionary socialist movement is  there to provide for.    (Move over,  God.)

Technology,  this pope believed,   would only hasten this development, as  families are torn  from their land ownership and  migrate into industrial cities where the artificial societies were  generally harmful to the dignity and well-being of human beings.

Curiously (to our ears)  he pointed out that . . .

DESK and gas lamp

. . .   gas lamps  (indoor artificial lighting)  would be ultimately harmful to the health of people,  interrupting their daily rhythms, allowing industrialists to extract longer hours   from the “workers.”   He also spoke out against  locomotives, for the same reason:  disruption of human society,  harmful to health;   dirty, polluting  machines  that create an artificial sense of human travel and again,  tear apart families.



(3)       Next,     (Sailors take warning . . . )     I woke up to  the big radio station out of  Detroit in which  the host was discussing with guests the current threats from North Korea.     It was a good, thoughtful discussion,  but the host then said that the biggest threat from North Korea’s isn’t that   one of their nuclear bombs would  go off – boom –  in the middle of our country,  but rather that they would (or someone else would)  explode a big one in the atmosphere,  near our coastline,  causing a destructive EMP which would wipe out all our modern technology,  putting  us right back into the 19th century,  perhaps like the days of Pope Gregory XVI.

Although that sometimes seems like a quaint,  charming,  more clean and pure society before all our technology,   the hard truth is that  no one today knows how to live as they did in the 19th century.   (Our government has projected that 90% of our population would die within the first year.)

And then I opened my eyes to that  beautiful  salmon-red sky.

And so  there is a  (4).

Duck creating a wak 1

Our springtime Drake has put his lady-wife somewhere, haven’t seen her for a week; she’s probably in a protected nest nearby.   He likes to sail down our creek at a high rate of speed and he likes to swim across our pond, leaving a definite wake behind.

I’m sure he saw the beautiful sunrise this morning, and I’m just as sure he was oblivious to the beauty.    But though he misses out on the ability of humans to appreciate such beauty,  if – and when –  the EMP or something takes us back into a pre-industrial age,  he would miss out on the resulting chaos – and death.

Duck Wake 2

After such a horrific event,  he may feel some “disturbance,”  but he would be off, as usual,  to visit the nest or find some food or check for any enemies or take a drink of water . . .  In other words,  life for him would go on as normal,   just as it did for human societies after  the Carrington Event.


1859,  right?    Just after Pope Gregory XVI.    A few technological difficulties,  but life went on and few knew what the sun had just done to us.

Today?   We are,  unlike my springtime Drake,  we are “sitting ducks.”   Dependent upon ever newer and more fragile technology that is dangled before us like a snake charmer using his wiles.

(You do know what the “Watchers”  brought down to humanity according to the Book of Enoch?)

   —  Of course I’m a Luddite (at heart) !








July 17, 2009

I walked out my front door one evening a few weeks ago and was confronted by this.    It got me thinking about the world I am in right now, or rather the end of it.

Sunset Across St darker

I wrote about Enoch yesterday, that God took him out away from the Earth, preserving him for a job that he had to do at the end of this present age.  As one of two human beings recorded in the Bible who did not yet die, it is plausible to believe that Enoch will be one of the Two Witnesses sent to testify to a world which has become anti-Christ  and which follows the powerful world leader called the Antichrist. 

We don’t know where Enoch is right now.  Tradition says he was taken to a kind of Paradise, elsewhere.   He is out of Earth time, unaffected by the passage of  our years, but he has witnessed the passing of time on Earth and the panorama of human history, past and future.

The Book of Enoch presents Enoch’s experience and teachings, and we have several more writings which tell about him.   One intriguing section in his book tells about his vision of the Ten Weeks that this Earth will pass through, world after world after world, as I wrote about yesterday.

I won’t copy all Ten Weeks here, just the ones I like.

“I was born the seventh in the First Week, while justice reigned yet upon the Earth.”     I think that means he was in the seventh generation but I especially like the though that justice – the knowledge of God – reigned.

“And after me, in the Second Week, will come a great evil…” and he goes on to make reference to the Flood and the “one man” who was saved out of it.

Abraham was called in the Third Week.    The beginning of the Chosen Race is thus of cosmic significance.     I think Moses and the Law are referred to in the Fourth Week: “….towards its end, visions of the Holy and the Just will appear and a law for all generations and an Ark shall be prepared for them.”

“Then, in the fifth week, towards its end,  a House of Glory and domination shall be built for them.”     The Visible Body of Christ on Earth, the Church?

And here is why I think we might be in the Sixth Week:     “Then in the Sixth Week, those that live in it shall be all blinded and their hearts shall fall into iniquity, far from wisdom……and the House of Domination shall be destroyed by fire and the race of the powerful Root shall be dispersed.”     Is this the 3rd Secret of Fatima, a vision in which the pope will be killed and the Vatican be in fiery ruins?    Those who are left of the True Faith will be “dispersed,” scattered and in hiding?

Meanwhile, what is developing?    I think Enoch’s Seventh Week:  “Then, in the Seventh Week, a perverse generation shall arise, and many shall be their works of abomination….”

SUN Explosion

I just don’t understand what I read in the Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth weeks very well.    Maybe because we are not fully there.    Enoch writes of the Holy One going into action, “and what child of man can stand before HIm?”   and he writes of a sword being given to Justice….

And the Tenth Week?    The destiny of the human race?   “At the seventh part (end) of the Tenth Week shall take place the Great Eternal Judgment…And the first heaven shall disappear and pass away, and a new heaven will appear, and all the Powers of heaven will shine eternally, seven times greater…”    It will be like this for “innumerable weeks”  for ever and ever, “for kindness and justice, and from thence, sin will be no longer named forever.”

Imagine, an eternity of “kindness and justice.”     Uh,  Enoch doesn’t talk about the Earth specifically at this point.    But the last book of the Bible does.    Whew!