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January 25, 2020

“News”  “reporting”   —

tel rear

Like the man in the classic movie “Rear Window” who sees something horrific through the window at the rear of his house,  my body also confines me to home, for now, looking out, not a window, but looking out through the great world-wide window of the Internet,  and I’ve seen some pretty horrific things too –  which I’ll write about next time.


But for now,  I want to “share” with you an interesting summary of how we get our information.


So . . .  “Let’s Play Telephone!”     One person calls up and reports some information.  That person calls someone else and passes on that information.  Then the third person passes on the information… sort of.     You know the game,  each time the information is used by a caller, it gets more and more distorted from the original message.

This was a favorite game of my first-graders.  We’d sit in a circle.  I would whisper in the ear of the student next to me some sentence, some information.  Then that child would pass it on in a whisper to the one sitting next to him,  etc. , all around the circle.


Now,   I had to introduce the idea of Winner –  we would all win if the the end result was the same as the beginning sentence.   Otherwise, we’d have some deliberate silliness.  If the end result was not the same, well . . .  we didn’t lose, we just had fun.

So here we go in real life today:   Each time you read the “news”  on social media, hear it on TV or on the radio,  wherever the “mainstream media”  lies,  you’ve just played Telephone!

Here is why:

Something happens,  it is a reality, a fact.    Then professional “news” people choose what facts or what aspects of the fact is worthy of reporting.

These carefully chosen ‘facts’ are then passed on to ‘trusted’ news reporters.

They get passed on to their cautious editors who in turn hand them over to producers concerned about the bottom line.   (Conformity to a politically correct, currently accepted agenda increases the value of the bottom line.)

Those producers will curate the words we finally hear.

The final details far removed from the original facts.

Voila!    You’ve got the news!

And if you take such “news” uncritically,  at face value, then you’ve just played the game.


January 19, 2020

There are three large groups of mostly Americans this week which will be exercising their First Amendment rights.   First Amendment -good;  but not all groups are good.

I’ll help you sort out the issues that brought about one group.


The first group  is a woman’s protest march in the nation’s capital and various capitals around the country.  It looks rather nasty and emotion-based according to their signs and speeches.

The second group  is publicly lobbying the state government in Virginia to protect their Second Amendment rights.

The third group is a cleaner, gentler group that is calling attention to the tragedy of over 800,00 deaths of Americans in 2018  –  by abortion!    (Although not all states are required to report all abortions and not all types of abortions are included.)   W.H.O.  estimates 40-50 million abortions per year, worldwide.  That March For Life group will be on January 24th.


Not much  media coverage for that third group,  but lots and lots of coverage for that second group.   Here are the issues that brought it about:

1.    Our World Rulers and the Democrat Progressives in America NEED to have an unarmed population.    Otherwise control of people would be dangerous to them.

2   Recently, the voting districts in Virginia were “rearranged” in a way to give Democrats the majority vote in their state governing bodies,  including governor    (The one that escaped Democrat criticism of wearing blackface and posing next to a K*/K*/K  costume sometime in his past…)   Is redistricting for political ends fair?

3.    Newly- elected Democrats went to work issuing dozens of gun control laws, which Virginian’s rightly recognize as oppressive,   dangerous,  and abrogating their Second Amendment rights.*

4.    So the citizens of Virginia are  holding a public Lobbying Effort  – ordinary citizens, good people, concerned people, to show their opposition to the new oppressive gun laws.    The Lobbying Effort/Rally is attracting attention from concerned people around the country.

5   The Democrat Progressive left is opposing their Lobbying Efforts by  discrediting their citizens,  by lies, insinuations, exaggerations, by conflating this rally with what happened at Charlottesville – which was about taking down statues and deleting local history, not at all about gun rights.   This is a deceptive, inflammatory tactic of the Left.   Saul Alinsky would be proud.

6.   To be dramatic, the governor has issued fearful warnings about what “may” happen. He has used an executive order to strip away legal gun carrying rights of individuals, decreeing that guns  cannot be taken to the place of the lobbying efforts….because he fears, what, Charlottesville?   Which was not about guns at all.**

7.  He and the Democrat Progressives also fear White Supremacists groups…of which there are very few in America …. They are powerless, except for the supposed “power” given to them by the imaginations of the Left.   So, three White Supremacists were duly found and arrested.. their leader being an illegal immigrant from Canada .

One man the FBI arrested for his alleged involved in a white supremacist hate group is a Canadian national living illegally in the U.S.       ….
Authorities took three men — who are suspected of belonging to a neo-Nazi organization known as The Base — into custody Thursday morning, The New York Times reported. The men reportedly had weapons in their possession and considered attending a pro-gun rally in Richmond, Virginia, on Jan. 20 in the hopes of partaking in a possible race war.

Prosecutors charged all three in Maryland for numerous federal crimes. (DailyCaller)


News Sources

Anything can happen during that rally.    Anything –  because the entertainment-news media is actively trying to look for and encourage violence.

Because.    Gun.  Owners.  Are.  Violent.  People.   Dontcha know.

That is the message our World Rulers would like you to know.



*  Virginians recognize the danger,  but many Americans also understand that if the lawmakers of Virginia succeed,  these oppressive gun control laws will spread generally throughout the United States.

.**   Remember when Nancy Pelosi stood in front of a microphone and tearfully begged the Tea Party people not to harm her?



January 9, 2020

News from Iran and Iraq this week is no laughing matter,  but humor sometimes makes a point.


Depending on your point of view, that will either evoke a little smile — or it will provoke exaggerated righteous indignation.

What were they doing?

Here’s another humorous observation:  Ever notice that whenever President Trump says something or does something new, anything really,  then the anti-Trumpers disappear for a few hours or for the rest of the day?

What were they doing?    They were having small-group meetings to decide:  “How can we make Trump look really bad about this?”

Then after they reach a consensus,  they come out in front of microphones and put the worst possible spin on the new events, often using the same vocabulary, the same words and phrases.   Doesn’t matter if they are factually untrue;  it’s just important to get the anti-Trump chorus out there in front of the public — or whoever still watches the entertainment-news media.

It’s almost funny.

“How can we put him in the worst light?”         Ha ha ha ha     At least they stopped using the orange spotlight on his hair and face!    Also funny.

President Trump has  a Scottish heritage.   Many Scots have that reddish gold/butterscotch color hair.    But now enhanced by our anti-Trump media with orange coloring, either by adding color afterwards or by overhead lighting.

Any of you remember the time they showed him sitting at a dinner party and the lady next to him was also partially smeared with an orange color?  Half of her hair and her arm were . . .  orange!!


Headlines:     “TV editor Sacked for Making Trump Appear More Orange and Making His Tongue Loll Out during Speech.”


Maybe that passes for “entertainment”  on the entertainment news media.

Although that was reported by a British newspaper — and the British are usually taught to hate President Trump.

Who’s telling you what to think?


December 11, 2019

Second posting today:

What makes the earth’s climate change?   (And it involves the innumeracy mentioned in the previous post.)    Hey!  It’s good to learn new things!  Like the Milankovitch Cycle which sets forth  the reason our planet is sometimes hot, sometimes cold;,  sometimes lots of CO2,  sometimes less CO2;  sometimes lots of ice and lower ocean levels,  sometimes not so much ice and rising ocean levels.

(In the Mediterranean Sea alone there are about 200 ancient cities buried under the water where they used to, of course, be above water.)

E Precession

That shows Precession…

Here is an illustration of the eccentricity of our orbit around the sun:


E Eccentricity


And then here is a diagram, for those of you who don’t mind numbers,  of the aphelion and perihelion of the earth’s orbit, also contributing to our climate:


E aphelion


These are the three main components of the Milankovitch Cycle.   We learned about each one of these in 10th grade science.   (My generation, at least)   It’s all about angles and distances.

I know   someone who doesn’t know about the Milankovitch Cycle!   And here she is –

E Miss U

My goodness, what  a beauty!

She is our new Miss Universe,  from South Africa, named  Zozibini Tunzi.     A lovely, sincere beauty, semi-smart, really good at giving politically-correct answers.  Each contestant is given a defining question to answer and they are judged on their answers.   Her question was something like what do you think is the most important issue facing the world today.   She spoke for a while and then got down to it: She said she fears we are not doing enough to save the planet. :

“Since sixth grade, I’ve been learning that the climate is deteriorating and the planet is dying, and it is up to us to keep our planet safe,” she said.

The planet is dying?    That poor girl.   She’s probably been convinced that human are an unsustainable burden on the earth.   And that  humans can affect the earth’s climate. And humans are causing Global Warming (or Climate Change or Climate Chaos, whatever the new term is.)

She was probably shown charts like this:

IPCC Chart j curve


Notice the black line at the end?   It’s the handy-dandy J-Curve that Climate activists use when they want to convince us that there’s a disaster in the near future.  It’s all speculative.    The numbers are fudged in their direction.      It never happened and it’s not going to happen.

Can you spot the lie?

E emrgency

Of course CO2 levels have been much  higher in the past!   Check your ice cores!

I guess the new term now is “Climate Emergency.”   And they’re scaring our children, if not also semi-smart adults:

E children


Can you read that?  The little girl was just told that she may not survive this Climate Emergency long enough to have children of her own!



Related to that, by the way,  per the news today:

      .       .    SHAME ON YOU, TIME MAGAZINE !!

(You know what I mean.)



December 6, 2019

(That last word is trying to be “Idiot” –  ends with a T.)text IDIOTPres


“President Trump is sending 40,000 troops to Iran” (Wall Street Journal this week).      Only, he isn’t.   (Where did they put that retraction?)

Heard on our local news recently:  “President Trump stated that …  but there is no evidence for his statement.”    (There was,  I had been reading the “evidence”  all that week.)

Fake news is spread by the usually young and attractive news readers, who sit behind desks and read scripts that are given to them.  They are identical to well-groomed actors and actresses who look really good and trustworthy.

It’s not the news-information  we expect.   There is no investigative reporting going on.   They are not journalists.   They read scripts written behind the scenes by people who are nearly 100%   from  the radical Left –  and with tunnel vision,  having no idea that there is a larger context out there, which they don’t know about or understand.

News Sources

Today, in this country,  the entertainment-news media presents indoctrination for us.  Common sense leads us to dismay.  Of course we don’t trust what they’re saying!

How did it get this way?   Don’t they go to “journalism schools”?

A twenty-year old analysis of “journalism schools”  demonstrated that nearly all professors and students are not just Democrats,  but display radical Leftist thinking – and then they will deny it when confronted.    The study concluded that they’re probably being honest;   it’s just that Leftist attitudes permeated the atmosphere in “journalism schools” so thoroughly that they don’t even see it.   Leftist attitudes are like  the air we breathe.   It’s just . . .  there.

Something  like 96%-98%  of these “journalists”  donate  to radical Leftist parties and  vote for Leftist candidates.

So what’s with these professors and universities ( of all kinds)?   I’m sure I don’t need to repeat the intention of the socialists to infiltrate our schools and get to the children,  bypassing,  at  one time,  the parents.   Now those children are parents and grandparents and don’t see anything unusual.

Therefore,  our schools,  school boards,  teachers are breathing radical Liberalism as though it were the very air.   They think it normal that children are no longer educated,  but are indoctrinated into being good (compliant)  citizens.

Even my own daughter was affected (infected?).


(Oh!  I have some beautiful photos of her floating down those steps on her graduation day!)

She has a good head on her shoulders and can usually analyze a situation very well,   but she came out of the University of California (Berkeley) Haas School of Economics.   One day as we were discussing something or other, she said something quite “Leftist.”   I said:   But “K”,  that is pure Keynseian!!!  That is straight out of the thinking of John Maynard Keynes!

She looked at me as though – Of course,  what else is there?      Oblivious to the damage his policies have done to our country.   (Government managed economy.   Government fiscal policies will control the normal business cycles…  Top down enforced policies.   As in any Socialist country.)


Where does all this start?  The university professors?   The news readers posing as journalists?   Compliant voters?

It’s really a matter of teaching.    Do you believe there is indoctrination in our school?   I’ve been collecting some screenshots of textbook pages that show how they want our children to think.

Textbook Screen Shot

That’s what one mother found in a textbook:   Trump is an idiot and his mental health needs to be examined.

Here’s a textbook page for younger children.

textbook Gender teaching

Teaching them, indoctrinating them into the idea that there is no  objective truth.  Truth is whatever they tell you it is.   (There is no evidence that a girl is actually trapped in a boy’s body.   No evidence at all that some people are “born that way.”   Some have called gender  confusion a form of child abuse . . .  and as the children grow older, many regret the things done to their body that they no longer want but are irreversible.)

Teaching gender confusion,  nicely called gender fluidity,   is indeed a form of child abuse.

text clim strike

A child who is not taught science and who knows nothing about analyzing the information that comes to him can be led to believe – anything!

So now we have school buildings full of budding social justice warriors!

text children cli

Arithmetic lessons ask questions like:  How long would it take to destroy a forest if the evil loggers cut down 2 acres of trees every day?      Or something like that.  I think I blogged about that one a few years ago.
And then I’ll repeat that ever-popular multiple choice question:

text IDIOTPres

President Trump,  the “idiot.”

(“The price of freedom is eternal Vigilance.)


November 29, 2019

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

Forrest Gump may have been the star of a funny movie,  but he was no dummy!   One of his most famous statements is  “Stupid is as stupid does.”    I can’t find fault with that truism!!


5 ha ha colors

Over and over again the Leftist,  True Believers, demonstrate their inability to think rationally – and they don’t even know it!    They themselves are a comedy!


Here’s one of their  “true beliefs”:     The Pilgrims didn’t come here to America because they were being persecuted for their religious beliefs:  They were the persecutors!   Of the native Indians,  the land and its resources . . .  whatever.

Teach the children!   “Pilgrims are the colonizing persecutors!”

Stupid is as stupid does.


Another:    Holiday meals, like Thanksgiving dinners,  leave an unacceptably huge “carbon footprint”  which will destroy the planet in … oh, about ten or twelve  years.

Teach the  children!        Eating is a political act.  Meat is bad for you.   No more guilt-free meals!

Stupid is as stupid does. 


Another:  There is no God to give thanks to.   We and all we enjoy are just a matter of random material evolution.

Teach the children!   There is no objective reality;  there is no meaning to life;  we might just as well be dead, not alive.  No One cares.

Stupid is as stupid does.


Another:  Sex is just a social construct.      “Gender”  (and they’re misusing a grammatical term here)  is “fluid.”
Teach the children!    You can be whatever sex you want to be – at the moment.   Too bad if you change your mind after you get a chemical or physical castration or you get your young breasts cut off  —  no one to help you there.  

Stupid is as stupid does.


Another:    If you love your country,  you are a racist (or supremacist or imperialist of a xenophobe).

Teach the children!    If you are patriotic,  you are no better than a National Socialist  (pronounced Nah —  tsi.)

Stupid is as stupid does.


One more:    If you are President Trump,  everything you are and everything you do is wrong (evil)!

Teach the children!   Trump must go.   By any means necessary!   He is so bad that he spent his thanksgiving indulging himself in his luxurious home, playing golf all day.   You can tell that is true,  because Newsweek magazine published that story!    

Stupid is as stupid does –  and that includes the entertainment-news media.

So where was Pres. Trump really?

trump thx

He spent his Thanksgiving in Afghanistan with the troops.  As Commander  in  Chief,  he went there to show our support and to encourage them and bring them hope.    He also opened up negotiations with the Taliban for the possibility that they may reach an agreement that would make it unnecessary for our soldiers to keep on risking their lives in that part of the world.

Might not work.    Should he not try?

He is not only Commander-in-Chief and a diplomat,  but also a statesman.


Trump 2

(Trump  “not in”  Afghanistan on Thanksgiving)

5 ha ha colors



Here’s the caveat the Leftists require that we say:    “Of course we don’t agree with everything he says or does or the manner in which he says things . . . .”



November 15, 2019

Well, this happened two years ago,  I think.

Happened here:


This country’s  “Bureau of . . .  Corruption”  (that does investigations into allegations of political corruption within their country)  received word that some officials colluded with the Democrat Party in the United States to influence the election.

(To throw the election in favor of  Mrs.  Bill Clinton who was running for president at the time.)

The main person being investigated was tried, found guilty;  i.e.  convicted of collusion with Hilary Clinton, specifically.    That person is in prison right now.

To make it clear:  The Ukrainian government convicted one from their own government  of colluding with Hilary and the Democrats to throw the 2016 election for Hilary.

Just so you know.


As the US former ambassador to the Ukraine seems not to “recall”  or be aware,   so she says while being questioned by Hilary supporters in the US Congress..



Their new Ukranian president and his new government were elected to clean up the political corruption going on,  some of it bought and paid for by the U.S. Democrat party, giving them material goods, finances, and strategic planning for how to overthrow a government  (which they did, actually, under the administration of the Barack-Hussein person and his State Dept. head,  Hilary.    “They were not amused.”

(All this covered in news reports, videos, released documents at the time.)

On a side note:  It is against US federal law for a president to allow American financial aid to go to a country that is steeped in corruption and not doing anything about it.   (I guess you could make a phone call to their president and asked what’s being done about corruption;  is there anything we can do to help.)



If you get your news from one of these places . . .


News Sources

. . . then you may not know these things.



November 11, 2019

Yeah, we  had some snow today:

Snow little space between 380

That’s the railing of my back deck today.   It’s fun; it’s beautiful;  and it was serious for some.  Three people died in our local area, and many hundreds lost their “fenders”  today.    I can’t yet shovel snow so I was snowbound, but that’s okay.   Probably can’t drag my big garbage dumpster through the snow tomorrow out to the end of my driveway, so I’ll miss garbage pickup.   But that’s okay too.   The temperatures will be so far below freezing this week that nothing’s going to start smelling anytime soon.

I see the young newsreaders on TV  are excited about  “HUNDREDS OF COLD RECORDS HAVE FALLEN!!!!”

Mmm-hmmmm . . .   Global warming for sure – which brings about  climate “extremes.”    We’ve got to DO something – fast!        How about a petition?    “Scientific Democracy!”  We saw this on the news this past weekend:

Petitiob bits


Uh . . .  except they didn’t.  11,000 scientists  didn’t sign a petition warning us of “untold suffering…”   I mean,  you could have signed it!!!

Here’s a petition:


You just go to the website and fill in the blanks with your name and position:

prof mickey mouse

Professor Mickey Mouse did it.   (3rd name down)   And so did many college students and assorted other non-scientists.

What are the real scientists discovering?

Arctic Overestimate


That they have reported more global warming that there actually is.    And that they have also over-reported the loss of glaciers and arctic ice  —

Greenland ICE growing


“. . . Gaining Ice . . .”

So,  the global-socialists have convinced many people   (or at least the people who read the scripts on the entertainment-news media are convinced)  that “humans cause global warming.”   Have they ever explained how we cause global  cooling?    How are we getting the planet to cool?

Because that’s the way this planet is trending.  We are entering a probably long period of cooler temperatures — and it’s not under our control.  It’s controlled by the output of the sun.    Observations show:  “The sun is about to enter a prolonged cooling period.”


Solar Cycle #25  is going to be even less.    We are entering it now.

All those high school and college age kids out there  obediently protesting Climate Change?  We ought to be collecting scarves and mittens for them.


October 9, 2019


One time I had a vision of a banana dipped in a creamy white sauce, lying on a bumpy green plate.

I conjured that vision because  I had a short grocery list to remember, and no handy paper and pencil or voice recorder.     My grocery list consisted of bananas,   that good white queso sauce that you put on corn chips,  broccoli (bumpy green stuff),  and some lettuce (the green plate).  At the grocery store I had no trouble remembering my mental list.

And all because of a rather helpful book.




“CHAPTER 7:  The End of Remembering:     Once upon a time there was nothing to do with thoughts except remember them.  There was no alphabet . . .  no paper to set them down upon.    Anything that had to be preserve3d had to be preserved in  memory.  Any story to be retold, and idea to be transmitted, any piece of information to be conveyed first had to be remembered . . . .”

So begins a very good chapter in this book I’m reading:  Moonwalking With Einstein,  a book which is not about Einstein and not at all about moonwalking.   It’s a book about human memory,  its uses, historically speaking;  and its falling out-of-use in recent times  (oh,  several centuries ago).

alarm clock Actually, our memory began failing with the invention of writing and more profoundly with our reliance upon books.   That alone should earn this post a small alarm,  very small because losing our ability to memorize ordinary things will have long-term consequences for humanity,  but as all long-term considerations,  this is easily put off as non-important to the present day.

“One more Mountain Dew” — and see?  Nothing happens.  One more cigarette — and see?  Nothing happened.  One more speedy trip to downtown — nothing happened,  no speeding ticket, no accident.    One more good intention put off — nothing perceptible happens.

But deep down we know something is happening, even though we are not compelled to take care of it right away.   It’s this “something”  that is happening to our minds something that we should want to examine.    After all, if we don’t know things,  anyone can tell us anything about everything.


Is it okay to have poorer memories than our predecessors did?

At the very least it’s annoying at times!

My ongoing pain built up a little this morning, so I took some anti-pain stuff and laid back down in my reading chair for a while, reading more into this book.   Then I had one of those many random  intrusive thoughts you get while reading.  This time it was “I keep hearing about manuka honey;  maybe I ought to get some and try out its healing properties.”   Amazon is only one room and a couple short clicks away, by computer.

But I’m supposed to be resting, and it still hurts.

But I’ll forget.

question marks

So I used one of the techniques in this book,   remembering a list of what to do using visual images:  I created a question mark in my mind.  Does Amazon even sell manuka honey?     How do you spell it, by the way?   Is it expensive?    How long before my body will let me get up and move around?

So I created a visual chain of question marks,  connected together, from me to the computer.    The chain was dripping with thick golden honey.

What kind of honey?  Would I forget that?    So I created a visual image of my college housemate from Hawaii who had come to us in the Far Far North, and not yet realizing our cultural differences.  Her speech was a blend of English and Hawaiian words and Hawaiian expectations.  (Snow was NOT what she expected it to be!)

hawaiian puka scene


One morning as we were all getting ready to go out to our various duties,  she came running down the  hallway, yelling in distress:  “I found a puka!  I found a puka!  Someone help!”

We didn’t know whether to run to her aid or run out of the house in fright.  What is a puka?!

Well, a puka is a hole, like seeing that Hawaiian scene through a puka in the rock.  She had found a hole in her skirt, right where it showed,  and it  caused her appropriate distress.       Some places you just don’t want a puka.    Some are okay.


haw sells black


Manuka – puka.    See the connection?  For good measure,  I threw in a neatly folded pretty blue muu muu on my computer chair so I would remember to look for this Hawaiian honey.

For the next hour I could hardly wait to get up out of my chair and look for this honey!

Honey is not important to you today.  Buying something on Amazon is probably not important.  Me?   Not really . . .   But I hope I’ve illustrated for you one of the most fun and efficacious ways of remembering things.

Associate each word you want to remember with some visual image.  It’s the way our mind works.    The more visual images and other cues you can attach to something,  the more “hooks” your mind can grasp onto to retrieve that memory.

It’s that easy.   At least  one aspect of memory is that easy.


(There are more.  I’ll have to reread parts of this book and take notes.)



haw puka hike

Hawaiian hiking spot to find that scene in a puka.






September 26, 2019

Once, an educated young man would learn the contents and meaning of Dante’s Inferno and its nine circles of Hell.

dante liars hell

The eighth circle is for liars, etc.    It’s good to know what dangers lie ahead for you , when you die,  so you can work to avoid them now.   Hell is forever.

People,  human beings, in the modern world are endangered from sheer ignorance.



If you know some Spanish,  you might be familiar with the “word of the day” –  mendacious.   It’s making deliberately false statement;  lying on purpose;  or more softly put,  “not telling the truth.”

So here is the big lie the American public is supposed to believe:   “President Trump called the leader of the Ukraine, Zelensky,  and pressured him with threats of withholding financial aid that is rightfully theirs if Zelensky doesn’t begin an investigation into Joe Biden to help Trump win the 2020 election.”

Boom!   There it is, with slight variations.   They are  allowed to say this on radio and television not only without any objection,  but also,  I’ve heard commonly,   the false statement is followed by one, two, three, four or more comments from  people who are “outraged”   by the evil corruption of President Trump.

Democrats are running amok with mendacity.

Straight out of the playbook of Saul Alinsky and Joseph Goebbels.   Tell a lie big enough, often enough, and eventually people will accept it as truth.

Do you really want America to be “transformed” in that way, with the methods used by the Barack Hussein person who first announced his plan to transform America?

Each phrase of that statement of Trump’s evil deeds can be easily refuted with the facts that have been attested to by all the involved parties, including a transcript of the phone call targeted by the Democrats.   Each phrase!     None of these deeds were even discussed in that phone call.

Politicians and Liars

Dante 8th

The appointed  unnamed “whistleblower” himself admits under oath that he never heard the conversation he blew the whistle on,   he doesn’t know what was in the phone call,  and now his identity has been revealed as a rabid anti- Trump operative who has worked before in fabricating scandals about President Trump — who was also placed in the intelligence community close to the White House in order to be able to spy on the president . . .  watching for anything that can be manipulated into a scandal.

He is yet another  anti-Trump plant.

The Democrats know the transcript doesn’t support their accusations, of course, which is why they have to cast doubt on the transcript,  but that’s not surprising.

People are getting so angry at being lied to.     After feeling angry and helpless for a while, it’s good to move on to action;  a push-back of some kind, according to your abilities and opportunities.

Make noise!  Tell people!   Inform people!  Write letters to . ..   newspapers?  local television personalities?     to your senators and congressmen?   All disseminators of lies.



McGuire,  the new national security advisor   was reported (especially by CNN) to have resigned suddenly,  disgusted with the White House, and unhappy that he is not being allowed to speak the truth freely.    That was a several-hour long news cycle, complete with all kinds of details to flesh out the reason for the resignation.

McGuire was just one more evidence of the chaos around Trump and his amateurish inability to run a government, as well as his dictatorial ruling style.

Looked pretty bad — until McGuire himself got on the camera and said, Hey, no!  I didn’t resign.    I like this job.    I’m not a quitter.   I’ve never quit any job I’ve had.   And he goes on to say that Trump is good to work with and they get along well.

And –– zwoop! ––  CNN found another black hole to make their story disappear into.

I love it the time all the news media reported that Trump couldn’t be any less interested in the problems of a certain part of the world, couldn’t even be bothered to visit our troops stationed in that place,  and he was not there now:

Media Trump did not visit

I remember being astonished and amused when the next day the media published this photo of Trump visiting the troops (where he was reported not to be).    No correction of their previous stories.


Furthering the Trump fable.

I’ve got so many stories, photos, and video clips of media stories that have turned out to belies that they’re cluttering up my computer.   You can collect your own set of media lies.  Just even keep a mental list of them.

And watch for those political candidates for our presidency to repeat the lies they hear — as though they knew the truth.

“By any means”  –  win by any means possible,  by any means necessary;  anything in order to progressively advance the Revolution.

What’s at stake here?     There have always been liars  – and politicians – of course.  But what we have here is a culture of acceptable lying, from movies and videos creating a false world for us to entertain us, to all the false information we have forming our society from the media . . .

This lying permeates the whole culture.

CNN opinion piece


How bad can it get?  Is it about as bad as it can get?   Is this the end of our society?  our civilization?

The Bible kind of indicates that this is a sign of coming destruction:  In the little second book of Thessalonians, chapter 2, is this verse,  (KJV)  –   “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:  That they all might be damned who believed not the truth,  . . .”

Yep.   The world seems aflame with lies today.

End Time Globe


“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to . . .”    You’d better know how to finish that statement!!!!



September 25, 2019

Behind the scenes.     You should know.

Two phone calls to the Ukraine:

phone ringing 90x70

One:     Someone (unnamed) became a “whistleblower”  when he reported (to the media)   that someone else (unnamed)  told him that he found out from someone (unnamed) who had heard a phone conversation between President Trump and Zelensky,  the Ukrainian ‘president’ ,  in which President Trump talked about possible illegal activities  being done in the Ukraine by an American citizen  (among other topics of conversation).

(“You got a problem with one of our citizens?  I want to know about it.”)

The unnamed people involved assert that Trump  might have talked about Hunter Biden, and he might have put pressure on the Ukrainian government to prosecute the matter.  Furthermore,   these unnamed sources say that Trump could have threatened to withhold money from the Ukraine if they didn’t do so.

And then it was admitted by some unnamed sources that they never actually heard the phone conversation, they don’t know what was talked about.

But IF  this is true, the Democratic-entertainment-news-media reports,  then that could be an impeachable offense.    IF Trump said this.    IF Trump threatened that.   IF Hunter Biden was targeted for political reasons.    IF, when the phone call was made Trump could foresee into the future that Joe Biden would be a candidate for president in the next election . . .  IF Trump knew that ahead of time, then Biden would be a political opponent.

Upon that basis of “might haves”  and “IFs” the Democrats and the Democratic-entertainment news-media are running amok,  declaring that they are going to start an  “impeachment inquiry.”

Start an inquiry?    Do they count on the America public to forget that on Day One of President Trump’s taking office  70  (seventy) Congressional elected officials already  began an inquiry into impeachment — on the basis that they didn’t win the election and they don’t like President Trump.

(Not an impeachable offense, to be disliked by the Democrats.)

The “impeachment inquiry” announced by Nancy Pelosi is not news.    They’ve been doing this during the whole Trump presidency.

Newspaper readers and television watchers are bring told this is a big new development.     And they’re serious about it!

People running amok don’t  do rational things, nor do they think through the consequences of their statements and actions.   They have demanded that a transcript of the phone call be released   so they can be sure.  Only they don’t really care about the transcript, do they.   They already started their new inquiry one day before the transcript is supposed to be released.

No,   the media reporting about what some unnamed sources have said might have happened was enough for them to spend out taxpayer dollars and waste time on an inquiry into something that isn’t even illegal.   Oh,  unless IF they find something out during their inquiry.

Well, good.  Let them spend their time in Congress pursuing meaningless projects and keep their hands off American laws.

phone ringing 90x70

Two:      How about another phone call to the Ukraine,  this time by Joe Biden – when he was Vice President of the United States!   During the administration of the Barack Hussein person,  Joe Biden used his high position in US government to get his two sons into positions of power and influence (lucrative positions)  in the Ukraine and in Red China.    

Hunter Biden was given a position in a crucial energy company that operates within the Ukraine, where he proceeded to amass huge personal wealth and mismanage the administration of this energy company, to the point where his corruption was noticed even by the Ukrainians and the Russians.

(I do remember reading about this several years ago, independent news sources.)

They began a formal investigation into Hunter Biden’s activities.   A special prosecutor, an attorney general was assigned to the task.

At this point,  Joe Biden made his phone call to the Ukrainian government.  We have his account of this phone on video!!!!!   In his own voice,  he seems to be boasting about his power to threaten that government unless they stopped the investigation and fired the prosecuting attorney. 

Fire him – or else.   Or else 4 billion dollars of funding would be immediately withdrawn.  Then Biden says he told the Ukrainian government that “If you don’t believe I can do that, check with the president.  He’ll back me up.”

This is one of the several shady Ukrainian deals that the Barack Hussein person was aware of an involved in, in some way.   Democrats in power see to run amok among foreign governments too.    Remember how the legally elected pesident of the Ukraine got overthrown?   Remember Arab “Spring”?

IN HIS OWN WORDS,  Joe Biden reported that he, himself, put pressure on the Ukrainian government on behalf of his son, Hunter Biden,  during an infamous and politically illegal phone call.

No ifs, ands, or buts.

So the Democrats in Congress are investigating . . . . President Trump.


informastion newsboy

So there’s some information you can use today . . . .


July 17, 2019

There is that old saying:  “Figures can’t lie,  but liars can figure.”

Numbers can certainly be used as weapons coming out of people’s mouths,  and if not “weapons,”  then numbers from a liar’s mouth can be the spark that sets off  a great conflagration, greater even than the liar(s)  intended.

How can this happen?

Just this past Sunday a few people recognized July 14 as  Bastille Day – the great symbolic myth that sparked the uber violent phase of the French Revolution.   As the Revolutionaries would tell it, and as later history books would repeat it,  the Bastille was a horrible dungeon-like prison in Paris that housed hundreds, thousands! of oppressed poor people where they were held in terrible conditions and starved and tortured . . .

bastille 1

Storming the Bastille

And finally the  good people of Paris had enough and on  July 14, 1789, an angry group of Citizens “stormed” the gates of the prison, overpowering the guards and releasing the wretches inside.

bastille lady liberty


Once the French people heard this, the Revolution could  begin!!!!!!

And Lady Liberty could at last be set free!



Except there weren’t thousands of prisoners released.  There weren’t even hundreds set free.  Or  a hundred.  Or even a dozen.    There were seven people inside the Bastille on that day.    Two of them were mentally ill, but were locked away because they were a menace to others .    The others had a falling out with one political faction or another or had committed some financial crime.

Although the Bastille had been a dark place long before in its history,   King Louis XVI had released nearly all the prisoners — because he was a good king, and he wanted to reform many of the laws and unjust practices that had developed.     What he wanted to do was new and unprecedented;  there was no roadmap and he had much opposition.  His reforms were taking a long time.

bast xvi

Under King Louis the Bastille had become what we would call today a “white collar holding area”  complete with servants, a chef,  and a library available for the prisoners.

Seven released by the angry crowd?   Or thousands released by the angry crowd?

The Radical Leftists of the French Revolution needed a cause the get their Revolution into full swing.   They kept trying,  but nothing succeeded like the lies broadcast throughout France about the “Storming of the Bastille.”

As you know,  history tends to repeat itself, or at least give us strong echoes of the past.  There are those today who’d like to continue to make Progress with this Revolution.  They are the Leftists of the world;  the Progressives.

bas skip

They use numbers like weapons, and although there are many stories that can be told about their  methods,  I have room for only one.

It’s the story of CNN and the stories told by CNN.   It starts with a very big number:


Every month  90,000,000 people have to pay for CNN,  even though they have less than a million viewers per month. *   That money keeps CNN on televisions in  homes and in public places and airports in spite of having a viewership of only tens of thousands for their shows, a very small audience indeed.


CNN — and other cable “news”  channels have to force their way into public attention because Americans know the content of these “news” programs is biased toward one radical political viewpoint.   They do it with vocabulary that isn’t fit  to hear:


And they do it by repeating falsehoods from the Far Left over and over again.   “If you tell a lie big enough and often enough . . .”   (you know how that saying ends!)

So, that number, 1,100.     Someone actually counted the number of times  CNN and MSNBC  said the word “racist  in three days this week.   They are saying, in no uncertain terms,  that President Trump is a racist based on a recent speech and on a tweet or two.

Well,  okay.  Another cartoon:


bastille sq

I heard that speech this weekend, and I read the  tweets that were so offending to the Leftists.    There was no racism intended or implied,  other than in the imagination of the president’s enemies.

Anyone dare say that to friends?

Why do we, the taxpayers, subsidize a little-watched cable channel?     Because the Progressives, Leftists, of today use it as their mouthpiece to further their own causes, such as  their righteous Revolution in which everyone receives the same material goods from the government:  free housing,  free medicine, free schooling,  (oh, yes –free cell phones)  . . . and it’s free and fair for everyone.

But we don’t have a hot and violent Revolution yet.      We don’t have a shooting kind of civil war yet.    It’s just . . .  after having studied history for so many years . . .  no one can be sure what the flames fanned by the entertainment-news media will produce.


bastille house

Sometimes the house just burns down.

And that would be a horrible tragedy.


.*   https:  //   http://www.




Some examples of CNN’s  attempt to  promote violence:
Antifa fights for a “good cause.”
Antifa’s fight “is right.”
Antifa’s punches are more “equal morally” than others.
Antifa is “on the side of right.”
Antifa is right because “sometimes you can’t fight by praising them or being nice to them. You gotta fight fire with fire…”
Antifa is as heroic as the America soldiers who stormed the beaches on D-Day.
Antifa harassing Ted Cruz and his wife out of a restaurant is “what he signed up for.”
…any criticism Antifa is “racist” (even though Antifa is predominantly white).
CNN lied to turn the Trayvon Martin story into a black vs. white narrative, CNN falsely identified George Zimmerman (the man who shot and killed Martin in self-defense) as white. Zimmerman is Hispanic.
CNN fabricated evidence against Zimmerman with the false claim he used a racial slur while calling 9-1-1.
CNN’s Jake Tapper stood in the middle of the Ferguson, Missouri, tinderbox and poured gasoline all over it with a hysterical anti-police rant.
Just after the riots in Ferguson finally ceased, to gin things back up, CNN released unverified audio of what they claimed was the shooting of Michael Brown. The audio has still not been verified and there is one gunshot missing.
No other news outlets pushed the incendiary Ferguson lie about “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” more than CNN.
CNN openly called for rioting in Baltimore.
CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Marc Lamont Hill, and Miguel Martinez, openly attacked and sewed seeds of mistrust against those police officers trying to bring calm to Baltimore.
CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin suggested Baltimore cops were staffed with unstable war veterans.
CNN attempted to turn the man who tried to assault then-candidate Donald Trump into a folk hero.
CNN regularly encourages the idea that Trump is another George Wallace (who was shot in an assassination attempt); that violence against Trump and his supporters is legitimate and Trump’s fault; that he is mentally unstable — or in the words of Jake Tapper “unmoored, unhinged, and un-American.”
CNN compares Trump to Hitler; claims that he is Putin’s Manchurian candidate; that he is an illegitimate president.
After presenting the president as a unique threat and danger to the country, CNN points what looks like a sniper scope at Trump’s Oval Office window.

And then there’s this media reminder that some rifles have red dot laser pointers:

Media RED Laser dots


Oh, my goodness, they’ve left out a lot on this list!


July 11, 2019


  “Miseducated Idiots”



There were a lot of little “baby steps”  that my mind took which eventually led me into the Church.     Perhaps the biggest catalyst in my decision-making was the realization that  in order to prove that they are right,  other denominations  had to actually tell me  lies about the Catholic Church.

Now, I don’t want to expand on that right now,  but I was so surprised when opinion after opinion after opinion against the Church all proved, one by one as I examined them, to be actual lies.   Perhaps falsehoods or misconceptions,  but non-factual assertions and unsupported statements, nevertheless.

I know those are complex, complicated sentences, but I can at least tell you what a
“clean”  feeling it is to face the truth head on and be comfortable with it!

There is tension when you have to live according to lies and keep proving a lie is the truth.

How dismaying it is to observe that same  process in our current spirit of revolution and revolt,   every day, delivered to me by the entertainment-news media.


I’m no fan of women’s sports teams  — maybe I should write about that some day — but I did take notice that the American women’s soccer team won the World Cup.

America wins.  Nice.

And then I saw this tweet by President Trump:

Nice again, to take time from presidential duties to congratulate a sports team.

And then swiftly followed the outrage and bitter arrogance — accompanied by unsubstantiated falsehoods about the president.

I heard what was probably the team captain speak in response to this congratulations:  Embarrassing profanity coming from a young woman’s mouth.   Profanity of the worst kind, with the worst intentions.

And then – especially to my foreign readers – charges of racism and sexism and whatever else against the president, with absolutely no proof, not even anecdotal proof.

Oh, I’m aware of how some of these accusations began — how the president’s words or actions were deliberately misrepresented, misread, misinterpreted.  I remember the genesis of the accusations that the media then took up as these terms became Gospel.    Then the feeble, scarcely noticed retractions . . . .

These  false accusations are willingly taken up by any Global socialist who feels that President Trump stands in the way of their “progress’ towards the ongoing Leftist Revolution.    They sound like miseducated idiots, but they vehemently believe what they are saying.

The latest email revelations by the British ambassador to the United States show that no matter how high in governance a man goes, he can still fall victim to baseless propaganda.

What to do?    Almost all of us just sit back,  “tsk tsk,”  and go on about our daily lives.  After all, what can you do?   It takes a whole lot of energy and effort to oppose falsehoods.

It’s okay.  We can’t reach out to everyone and persuade them differently.    But we do have to know that LYING HAS CONSEQUENCES.     And we won’t like any of these consequences:  divisiveness;   uncertainty about who you can trust;   enmity;   always keeping score;   an intrusion of “politics” into everything . . .

And possibly one day,  Civil War.

And revolution.

And dominance by the Leftists, who wrote the book on winning by deception.
















April 29, 2019

 I hate it when I can’t come back to the Tunnel and write — every day.      I had an injury, of sorts.   A self-inflicted injury.  Give me a rake and a hoe and I’m happy — but I injure myself, internally, where my health problem is.   If you’re prone to blood clots, as my pulmonary embolisms last summer showed up  in me  —  well, I recognize the symptoms again…  and I did it to myself.  With a rake and a hoe.

So,  sorry for the pause in writing.



Last time here,   I expressed my anger and dismay that candidate joe bi*  de  n  used the false narrative from Charlottesville as the launching  platform for his anti-Trump political campaign.

Honestly,  does he really think the American public believes the “story”  that President Trump said there were “fine people” on both sides of the riots that accompanied the peaceful demonstration by local citizens in support of the statue of Robert E Lee?     That he called the Nazis  “fine people”?

Well, all over the news this weekend was this story:


That was nice to see.  I don’t really know this man,  but he’s apparently a news reader who works for a big news corporation;  a big global news corporation;   a big global socialist news corporation.

As such,  he repeats the virulent anti-Trump scripts given to him.   Only now I guess the outrage was enough to embarrass even this entertainment-news organization.

Well, good.

I wonder how many  “news” consumers even saw this apology.


April 25, 2019


Living a lie is never smart, nor safe for society.


Bid en and Child


Ex official Joe Bid* en begins his bid for our presidency with a Bold Lie, fondly told and re-told by the Far Left.   It’s a dangerous lie because it arouses the unthinking emotions of some people; and they choose to believe it and base their decisions upon it.

I heard his video this morning.   It was okay at first.   It was a typical “I am right so I am righteous” stance of a career politician.   Others do that.   But he based his reason for running on false accusations against President Trump — also typical, nothing shocking.

For his prime evidence, he called forth the images of the Riot in Charlottesville VA in 2017, and claimed that President Trump’s comments created a “moral equivalence” (Bid* en’s words)  between “both sides” – as though there were only two sides: Bid* en’s side and the Evil Right Extremists.

char statue.jpg

The statue in  question:  Gentleman and General Robert E Lee

President Trump was referring to people who came out to support the statue and people who came out to express their support for taking down the statues.      But this first moment off-the-cuff remark  was twisted to make it sound as though President Trump was supporting all the violence (especially on the Far Right intruders)   –  and this has since become a false narrative used by the Left to “prove”  Trump is a radical,  or whatever.

I’ve written about Charlottesville before.     During that demonstration, and preplanned,  some members of what’s left of very small  Far Right groups showed up.   They are romantic-minded holdovers of a previous age,  but they’re having trouble maintaining membership in today’s new world.      (Romantic meaning they hold idealized emotional notions, true or false,  but impractical and unrealistic.)

Also during that demonstration,  also preplanned and in demonstgrably greater numbers,  were   the George Soros funded Far Left Extremist movement which has been known to provoke violence wherever they go: city streets, campuses, political rallies, scenes of violence, etc.

char lies statue

Lying about Robert E Lee

(No one wants hate,  but Robert E Lee did not stand for hate)


Are you sure you  know who George So* ro s is?     Although George So* ro s worked for the National Socialists (Nazis) as a young man, worked for them in the 1940s even though he was a Jew, he calls one of his antagonist groups, using fascist tactics,   “Anti-Fascist.”   He worked for the Nazis!  Big Fascist-types themselves!!!

So he deceptively names this group   Anti-Fascist: AntiFa. Antifa.

Hired Thugs

Far Leftist Thugs hired for Charlottesville

And So* r o s sends them into a group of people demonstrating their support of their local heritage.          Hired militant thugs:

Char are these bringing

(Not ordinary citizens supporting their historic heritage!)


So  Bid* en  falls into this false narrative and implies that President Trump does not stand for American values, and when he says there are good people on both sides of the issue, that he must be referring to thugs like this.

 “America is an idea,”  he says in his video.     Well,  sure.  In some aspects it is an idea,  and an ideal:     Equality before the law. An equal chance of all citizens to elect our representatives. An equal right to pursue our own version of happiness.    Equal.   Equal.    Equal.   No aristocracy or oligarchy or plutocracy.   No ruling class, based on status and power.

All those things.

But an American president-to-be who bases his campaign on Deception?

It would be common — if we let it become common.

Stay smart in this 2020 election.



The entertainment-news media promoting lies and division:

So entrenched in US politics is this deceptive view of what became the Charlottesville Riot,  that when you look for photos on the Internet,  you will see almost exclusively photos of Nazi flags and people in white robes, etc.   The violent thugs beating on people are never identified for the Far Left agitators that they are.

It has entered “our heads”  that the demonstration at Charlottesville was an exposition  of Far Right thugs.

The entertainment-news media did a good job of distorting the facts of the day.




From The Spruce Tunnel before:      (remove spaces for links)

  (Only 21 far-right sympathizers identified amidst the rioters)


And:   The Need to Erase the memory of American history:







February 18, 2019


Putting the entertainment-news media on the dock, in this post.


Children’s games are fun because children have the capacity to blur the line between reality and imagination.  These childish games are less fun  as the child matures because he’s beginning to have a firm grasp on what is imagination and what is reality.


So here’s a common pretend game many of us learned in childhood —

We all know that men pray,

ch men pray


And we all know what this is:

ch pic

So the game starts like this:

Put your hands together and intertwine your fingers.  (“Here is the church.”)

ch do 3 is 1


Now place your thumbs together and  rotate your hands outwards so you can see your thumbs together.     (to make little doors)

c h do 1

Now move your two forefingers upwards and make them touch at the tips.   (“Here is the steeple.”)

ch 2


Now  OPEN   your hands apart,  and  “See all the people!”  —

ch do 4


Wiggle, wiggle,  wiggle  your fingers.  Those are the PEOPLE!
ch see thepeople

Little ones,  3, 4, 5, years old giggle with delight when they feel that blurry existence between “fingers”  and  “people.”    6, 7, even 8 years old  do it again to feel their “distance”  from childish beliefs, and they smile inwardly knowing they  know better,   they’re  becoming mature.

It’s a natural process,  children do it  themselves.

(This is why you don’t yell at your five year old for “lying” because he really doesn’t yet have the capacity to always, fully grasp when his statement is a ‘lie.”    In fact, you’ll retard this process if you respond with parental intimidation . . . the child will never feel safe when he contemplates, on his own,  what is reality and what is imagination. and so the process may never completely mature)

Maybe that’s what happened to the entertainment-news media.  They seem to get more howls of delight and glee (and rating$)   if they blur the line between what really happened and what they pretend had happened.

And they capitalize on how much of an agenda some of the public has internalized.   The entertainment-news-education media has taught many people that “America is a racist society.”    “Institutionalized racism,” they explain.

So dearly do they want to hang on to this idea that a young hijab-wearing student in an Ivy League University can fake an attack on herself and claim it was “white Americans”  — and be taken seriously without any proof.  Later, when she admits she lied, she receives no societal punishment, legal or otherwise.

Homosexual college students write homophobic  epithets on their own dorm room doors!

Political ads show outrageous atrocities committed against Black victims,  all imaginary and dramatized to imply these things are being done today.

Jusse Smollett,  an actor of some kind,   claimed to be attacked for his race and for his sexual proclivities by  some “white” men (who later turned out to be Black)  and was taken seriously by the news readers on network television.

Why did this almost work?   Because people on the network entertainment-news programs  solemnly intoned:   “This  . . .    is America   . . .     in 2019.”      I watched one woman say that on television,  just like a 6 year old discovering her wiggling fingers-people.

Furthermore:    “And those attackers were “wearing MAGA hats . . .”    Why that detail?   Because, it is repeatedly  and solemnly declared:       “Trump   . . .    divides this country  . . .   because he . . .    is a racist . . .   and a homophobe  . . . . ”

This would be a pretty long posting if I gave you so many more examples –  daily, really.

Maybe it’s our entertainment-news-education media programs that have never really stopped blurring the lines between imagination and reality.

ch whole thing

Here is the church

And here is the steeple

Open the doors

And see all the people!


I would be remiss if I stopped right there.    Because- –   if we as a society live in that blurry magical line of what is real is what we want to be real,  then, like children,  are playing with fire.

It is the fire of Civil War and destruction, a collapse of all the societal safety nets that America has built up over the last two centuries.

Of course there’s a remedy, within easy grasp of every adult qua adult.


There is NO conflict between faith and reason,  between religion and reality,  between private and public  religious thinking.       Our Founding Fathers knew this, and also warned that the continuing success of this Republic,  based upon our Constitution,  relies upon the goodness and moral behavior of the  people of the United States,  “We The People.”    Alexis de Tocqueville observed and reported this about America in the early 19th century — as we were growing as a nation.   “America is great because America is good”  he said.

Post Govt needs Morality

The American people  were informed by their Christian faith –  not each individual personally,of course,   but in our laws and institutions, and public behavior.

As in the last two postings here,    Christian faith,  Christ – ” Christ is the Light of the world,”   ” His Light is the Life of Men, ”    the true enlightening of men’s minds, so that we can be a good and moral people:

ch the way


If, as a society, we can stumble our way back to Him,  then there is hope that we too, like an 8 year old,  will mature in our thinking – and be able to sustain our American Republic.   





January 21, 2019

Three Tales, a Tale of Three “Groups,” in chronological order . . .  to reveal the  power of the entertainment-news media:

First,  neither Hubbie nor I are “joiners.”  We don’t  “join”  movements, although we were aware of things going on in the world and had opinions,  sometimes strong opinions.  We just don’t seem to trust a group often enough to associate with the group.

So I’m not defending any of these groups,  just observing . . .

And I won’t name any “groups”  because of the hostility and distortions from the entertainment-news media.


Hubbie, a high school accounting teacher,  felt very strongly about where our tax money was going.   So did a lot of other Americans.  Taxes were high and we had no control over how they were spent.  More commonly, we had no knowledge of how the tax money was being spent.

“No Taxation Without Representation”  !!    That was the motto that began the American Revolution.  About ten years ago, we knew we were once again quite  “unrepresented”  when it comes to spending our tax money,  and several  million Americans chose a date to publicly protest  this state of affairs.    A group planned to meet on our nearby state capitol building lawn.   Good speakers were chosen, a couple nationally famous.    Hubbie planned to go, and I went with him because even then I was concerned about his health and his strength.   This was something he really, strongly believed in, though.

Here’s a photo from my camera,  April 2009.

tea party

I was both surprised and delighted to find myself among 2,000 nice people,  just like Hubbie and me,  who felt the same way about high taxes and wanted to be heard.    Men, women, and children were present.  It was a “family outing” with a purpose.

“Real Men”  Take Charge:   A little side note:     Of the 2,000 people, only one young man stood out from the crowd.  He shouted over the speakers,  he used profanity,  he acted angry – it was an act, I’m sure, copying what he sees on television – and he waved a big sign.   What happened?  Several  men,  fathers and husbands,  walked over to him and said firmly, “We don’t act like that here.”   They said  a few other things too and made it plain that if he didn’t leave, he’d probably be “escorted”  out of there.   We didn’t want him there because of his behavior.   The young man did leave, and calmness returned.  As a woman,  I felt safer because of these men.)

After the rally, people walked over to local restaurants and had friendly conversations with new-found friends.  It felt like a neighborhood barbecue!   The event had been orderly, full of  these nice people,  and we left no garbage or damage behind.   Apparently this happened all over the country that day.

I remember being astonished at the hostile press coverage, including outright lies about what took place that day,  until  uploaded YouTube videos proved each of these stories false.  The politicians who  had our tax money in their hands continued to spread the false stories, even to the point of Sen. Pelosi weeping in front of the cameras, pleading with the people in this movement not to  “start riots or hurt anybody.”    I remember thinking “who is she talking about?”



The second group event happens annually, with sometimes as many as 500,000 people meeting in Washington DC to call attention to the decriminalization of killing unborn children.

Same kind of people as the first group:    “nice,”  calm,  orderly,  clean, friendly,  earnest, concerned,  and wanting to call attention to a terrible problem.    Over 3,000 children who haven’t been born yet are killed everyday in this country!!!!

(Another little personal side note:     I taught in public schools for several years – before my own children were born.  When they were old enough to be at school all day,  I decided to go back into public school teaching —  however,  there  was by then a huge surplus of licensed schoolteachers!!!       What had happened?     In the previous eight years, we had been killing off TWO CLASSROOMS worth of children every single day, and that’s just int he state where I live!   Two classrooms   –  just . . .  gone!)


This weekend another March took place, a little smaller than past years, but still as fervent.    There were families and school children,  teenagers, college students mothers, fathers,  ministers, teachers;  there was  no profanity, threats,  violence,  confrontations,  and when it was over,  there was no garbage or damage left behind.

There was also almost  zero  press coverage from the entertainment-news media.   (Except for theattempted controversy over the aggressive move of a  member of a Separatist “Black-Hebrew”  cult who attempted to intimidate some high school kids who were waiting for their bus to come.    Although the media had tried to make the teenagers the aggressors,  actual video shows they were actually victims of this group’s hatred.)


There was another  “march”  in Washington DC this weekend.    I can’t show you any posters and signs because they are pretty much full of profanity,  bad language,   violent suggestions,  accusations,  X-rated words and embarrassing pictures.  It was ugly and immoral and totally unAmerican.    You don’t convince your fellow Americans of anything by shouting at them.

I can’t show you any photos, but you know what angry faces look like.

The speeches were strident and angry and promoted violent actions against those who disagree with them.     Some spoke of violent things they wished to have done against the president, and again, against his family, including the children in it.   They seemed to not even like differing factions within their group.  Even the press called their movement  “fractured.”

There are a few photos of garbage left behind,  broken things, overturned barrels and cones . . . .

The entertainment-news media gave them many hours of coverage.



I said this was going to be about the power of the media.   I don’t know.   The media distorted and demeaned the first group, so that I don’t even know if it’s in existence anymore except as a term of derision.

The  media lies about and ridicules the concerns of the second group, when they’re not ignoring it altogether.   There are fewer numbers now in that group too,  but I don’t know exactly why.

The third group seems to be destroying itself by its own viciousness,  but so far its basking in glory and great hope from the media.












1440 – 8 = 1432

January 9, 2019


Some  Political Humor today, in my endeavor to keep current with the news….


1440 – 8 =   1432.

I did the math for you.    We are given 1,440 minutes in every day.  The entertainment – news media  chooses to spend those minutes bashing President Trump,   partnering  with the not-so-veiled radical global-socialist  attempt to take him down, removing him from office, at the very least.    24/7/365.

Well, there.  I guess you know I’m not “with” the Leftists.

I am going to give The Patriot Post full credit for this one.   Although I thought this up independently too, and I’m sure many others of you have noticed this,  The Patriot Post writers really said it best:




And their comment:

Chuck and Nancy are demanding “equal time” to give the Democrat Response to President Trump’s 8-minute address tonight.

Can someone tell me why they need to do that?

It isn’t like CNN hasn’t already been providing the Democrat talking points 24-hours a day, seven days a week since Trump was inaugurated.

Do we really need an official Democrat Response to air on CNN when it has been acting as the Democrat Response to Trump for two years?

Sure, they’re giving Trump eight minutes tonight.

But that just means instead of the 1,440 minutes of Democrat talking points CNN normally airs every day, they will only be able to squeeze in 1,432 minutes today.

Is 1,432 minutes today not enough for these idiots.


This is not a one-time observation.  We’ve seen President Trump hung in effigy,  burned (pictorially),  ” beheaded”   with a ghastly model of his bloody head,   his young son physically threatened with foul acts,  his wife maligned at every point —  and then “in the cross-hairs” —

cnn pic trump in crsshars

The circular cross-hairs of a gun-sight show up better in other photos,  but that’s the one I saved.   It does have little cross-hairs with the president in the middle.

Honestly,  I thought threatening the life of any one in high office was a felony.    I guess if leftists laugh,   they can say,  “I was just joking….”

But there’s a cumulative effect.   

If we liked what the president said last night in his eight minutes,   these entertainment-news media people have already called us  “like the KKK”;  “fakes”;  “racists”;  “idiot”; “stupid”;  and more.     You get the point.

But the president had more to bear from his “loyal opposition” – a phrase of honor in actually democratic societies  —   before he spoke last night,  before;     he was being called a “liar”  for the points he was going to make in his speech.

You don’t have to agree with every political decision in order to remain civil.   You don’t have to put your intelligence aside  in order to work with the opposition.   

Passion !  Yes.     Polemics . . .  ineffective and potentially dangerous.  

Now, it might be I’m a little more sensitive to these untrue and unfair polemics because of a book I’m reading:  “All The Best”  by GHW Bush.

all the best

This is a collection of letters that Bush 41 wrote throughout his life, from a young man of 17 who could hardly wait to join the Air Force all the way through significant life changes and developments in his career to   . . .. the very end,  I suppose.     Letters reveal a lot about the writer.    I am being impressed by his decency.

Last night I was reading his letters (and some speeches)  from the Sixties and Seventies.   Hubbie and I were young then, and we knew what that  “Globalist Cronkite”   was telling us each evening,  but it seemed all so “small” and “far away” — it would never permanently affect ordinary non-political people like us.

I had never thought of all that political rancor and threats and protests and violent demonstrations from the point of view of those at the head of government – those who were under daily personal attacks.  It’s a wonder that they continued on with their duties and with their lives . . . .

And, yes,  that period of time did eventually have a devastating effect on ordinary Americans.    Cumulative effects.    I will certainly write about that here from time to time this year.

civil war stone.jpg

I’ve used this picture before.   It turns out to be true.   Not that our current Civil War began in 1861,  but it’s that the  marxists-socialists-globalists-progressives-extreme leftist fascists   NEED to have a Civil War because, according to them,  they cannot rebuild a society in their image unless they first tear it down —

—  and they’re using every excuse to divide us as a nation to produce the factions that will fight each other, including reaching back to a century and a half ago and closing their eyes to all the positive developments since then.

I wasn’t afraid for our country decades ago,  but I’m worried now.   The seeds of Civil War have a way of getting out of hand.

And that’s not so humorous.




December 5, 2018

My poor words can add nothing at all to the power of the magnificent Christian and Patriotic ceremony we saw today on television,  the funeral of George H W Bush.

The audience witnessed sincere,  touching personal  stories, firmly Christian prayer, beautiful and uplifting music.

Most of all I want my grandson to hear  all the words that were said today.   They were words of courage, faith, duty, love and gentleness, hard work, friendship, generosity, family values, respect for our military services, and love for country.   These are the kinds of things I wish were still taught to American children.

These are the kinds of things that should continue to mold our character.     (And still can if we believe in them.)

We, the audience,  also experienced the finest performances of oratory and music and architecture.

(I had forgotten about the spectacular, soul-stirring voice of Ronan Tynan.  He is God’s gift to our ears, nourishing our spirits.   He will be a part of my music listening  now.) 


I almost missed all this.  I almost thought the funeral wouldn’t have anything new to offer.     Why?

  1.   The entertainment-news media on the Far Left disliked this man, mocked him, ridiculed him, and generally denied or  ignored  his achievements.
  2.  Those on the Far Right were deeply suspicious of President Bush’s endorsement of and involvement with “The New World Order,”  although it seems unlikely that he didn’t understand the truly anti-Western World, anti-Freedom,  anti- Christian nature of a one World governance.

The entertainment-news media has a definite depressing, mind-numbing. and paralyzing effect on our thinking.  I’ve been staying away from it for a while, and so I was able to put aside its powerful influences and make the decision to turn on the TV “just to see what the funeral is going to be like.”

So glad I did.

And I don’t want to hear what “they” have to say about the funeral.   I want my own thoughts.





September 22, 2018

(You know . . .   You know . . .   You know . . . )

The young social activist, anti-Trump,  socialist-tool,   drunken -teenager, so sexually active that she had to try to delete her  high school yearbook entries,   troubled woman with a fuzzy memory  . . .

You know whom I’m talking about.    A “doctor of education”   what’s her name, “ford” now accusing a man of unreproachable personal life and proven respected professional life,   active participant in various charities and in his community, promoting positive values among children  . . .    You know whom I’m talking about.  Kavanaugh

It’s the latest soap opera/titillating sex story that the entertainment-news media is obsessing about.

Pretty, huh?  —


Even though a university hired her,   they don’t give her that much money to afford the more than two dozen attorneys that are advancing her agenda.

Or is it her agenda?

Follow the money.  Or in this case,  trace the money back to its source — the same source that so many-anti-American, anti-American president movements have:

The source is someone who was once a young Jewish boy in the 1940s who was arrested by the Nazis along with his family and friends and neighborhood in Eastern Europe.  A young Jewish boy who saved his own skin by collaborating with the Nazis,   helping them to identify other Jews . . .  who were then arrested.

gs glasses

Evil is richly rewarded in an evil world.

Today he is a Global-Socialist billionaire,  spreading Marxist principles all over the West, and often in America.  He’s “behind the scenes.”   The “spreading’ is done with the money he gives to any cause which will bring down American values, and ultimately the American government.

You know,  the antifa-types,  the pink knitted hat women,  the hired rioters against any conservative speaker.

gs looking down


I wrote here before about the many millions of US dollars he is giving this year to the campaigns of state attorneys-general.   You know,  putting his people in power at our local levels.   (And we’re not paying attention.)


Soros Face


No,  christine blasey-ford   doesn’t have enough money to pay so many attorneys.    So many, and increasingly many more,  are tracing these payments back to George Soros.    (Disclaimer:  this is what many people  believe after numerous reports.)

He is anti-American and he actively, financially supports all the anti-American movements,  hiring scads of “young people”   — mostly white-privileged young university trained young people —  to work in protests, demonstrations,  riots, etc.    Anything which will promote  Global Socialism and bring down our own American president and erode our Constitutional freedoms.

The U.S.  Constitution — the biggest roadblock against the Global-Socialist agenda.




 “What kind of government did you give us, a monarchy or a republic?”

“A Republic, madam,  if you can keep it.”

bf republic

I don’t know . . .  shouldn’t we be reminding our elected officials about this?