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The BLACK PANTHER and Leadership

March 24, 2018

(Something for Americans to think about):    

Son and I  recently saw the Black Panther movie.   None of my friends, around my age, had even heard of this movie!!   I find that astounding.  The ads for it are everywhere,  and  the movie has been all over the ordinary news:   Will the Black Panther movie sell?  How much money will it make?  How much money did it make!     The top one or two Google Search is “Where is Wakanda and how can I get there?” ( ha ha ha ha)

Black Panther

I would have gone alone,  but I’m glad Son was with me because it turned out to be one of those good, good movies that you want to share the experience with someone else.  The movie was action-filled with a good plot and heroes you could admire and villains that you hope would be defeated – and it was beautifully made!

Ever read “Architectural Digest”?     It’s an interesting magazine to browse once in a while.   Stretch your mental horizons.

Black Panther Bldgs

Wakanda, where the Black Panther takes place, and particularly its chief city, was featured in a recent “Architectural Digest. ”     There are intriguing and functionally shaped tall buildings with evidences of extremely advanced technology, especially in communications, medicine,  and transportation.   (How long are we going to have to wait for them to develop a  mag-grav rail system?)

So, yes,  I’d encourage you to see the movie for many reasons, there are many visuals to enjoy and remember,   but the one thing that keeps coming back to me is not the visuals but the society and the system of  leadership exhibited by the King.   King T’Challa.

I’m going to praise him    (okay, I know he’s a fictional character)    and then contrast the leadership in the post-Christian Western World today.    King T’Challa is strong and healthy, and rather handsome like healthy people often are.    One can imagine his “natural” diet, free of manufactured (“processed”)  food . . . .  But he isn’t arrogant or self-conscious of his strength, “throwing his weight around,”  as they say.

He is willing and able to risk his life for his country, in ritual combat as well as in opposing the”bad guys.”    I’m sure he is not the strongest,  but he is the smartest fighter, and he fights to defend his people.

He is one hundred percent patriotic and supportive of his country, rejecting foreign influences in the governance of his country –  no globalism there!

He is smart, intelligent,  but that’s not enough.  (Many are born “intelligent.”)   He has used his intelligence to learn the things that a king must know to rule well.     He is mentally strong and focused and determined and self-disciplined enough to have earned many Ph.D.s –  economics,  sociology,   history, psychology, architecture  . . .  some other things.   Whatever.  The point is he has worked very hard to train himself for the good of the people he would some day rule.

Watching King T’Challa is like watching Good Leadership in action.     The kingdom is blessed.

Contrast that with a “kingdom” which is no longer blessed.   Though we think we are.

pilate    Many of us will hear the story this week  of the Passion, including the scene of Jesus standing before Pilate who says, “Don’t you realize I have the power of life or death over you?”     Jesus instructs Pilate where ruling authority comes from:   “You would have no authority unless my Father in Heaven gave it to you.”

So we can learn from that that our Creator cares about how we acknowledge Him, honor Him, and we are blessed by Him insofar as we cooperate with Him.     And if we don’t?

Isaiah, the great prophet of Israel,  described what happens to a nation which rejects God’s sovereignty over nations and their rulers.    God will take away good rulers from that nation.

And we’ll have trouble figuring out whom we should elect . . . .  because in place of good rulers,  God will punish us with people who are inadequate, unable to keep us safe or peaceful or prosperous.

Isaiah chapter 3:   For behold the sovereign  Lord of hosts shall take away from (Jerusalem) . . .  the valiant and the strong . . .  the strong man . . .    (No King T’Challa for the U.S.)     Valiant, brave,  not fearful of political criticism.    And the man of war  . . .  (able to fight for the country) . . . the judge (presuming a judge who administers justice, fairly and wisely)  . . .  the cunning man . . .  (those who have studied and understand the wisdom of God) . . .  and the prophet . . .   (God will take away those who speak out for the Good.  As some Catholic prophecies say:  “Those who should speak out will remain silent.”)

Further,   God will take away from that nation:   “the ancient . . . and the captain over fifty  . . .  (experienced and able leadership in all areas of society)  . . .  and the honorable in countenance  (need I describe the “celebrities” today who are so often set before our eyes, dishonorable and indecent )  . . .  the counselor (what counselor can you trust?   How many conflicting “counseling” voices we have today!)    . . .   the ancient  (these are our older people with life-wisdom and experience who are ready to give us guidance.    “Gray hair”  has always in human history been a sign of dignity and honor – until now.)

Here’s Isaiah 3:4,  (verse 4)   –   And I will give children to be their princes, and the effeminate shall rule over them    (Immature,  childish, selfish leaders,   and you know who  the “effeminate” are,  the 1.8% of our population who dictate social policy for all.)

And this last one:  Verse 5:   (Strife, Strife, Violence and Strife) —  And the people shall rush one upon another, and every man against his neighbor: the child shall make a tumult against the ancient, and the base against the honorable. 

We have a spirit of opposition,  division,  strife,  polemicism,  litigiousness, and rude personal behavior – everywhere!    it’s like an evil supernatural cloud has descended upon us.

The young people will make a “tumult”  against the adults.     Well, Exhibit A is happening this weekend, isn’t it!

And soon the church,  the universal Church which is supposed to lead the world in morals and grace and the knowledge of God — is going to TWICE this year “consult with the young people”  to find out what direction they’d like the Church to go!!!     Catholic young people will be encouraged to make their “tumult”  against their elders.

I’m afraid there are signs that God has already taken away “leadership” from this world’s present culture.

A leaderless people is like a herd of sheep without a shepherd . . .  or with a bad shepherd (dog).   Who can forget   the scene in Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd in which the sheep dog goes bad  . . .


. . .  and leads the sheep this way and that way and finally drives the entire herd of sheep over the white cliffs  to their death in the sea below?