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October 13, 2017

(Once, long ago,  the whole world was purged.)

purge flood

We don’t usually think of the pipes in our house – unless something goes wrong,  so wrong that you actually have to call in an expert:

pipes to purge

If the “expert”  finds a void space, an air pocket,  or some kind of “wrong-doing”  that causes an obstruction,  the plumber-expert will  have to purge your pipes:

Purging pipes

That’s like a “purge” — a  whoosh! —   every obstruction is blasted out of the way by a powerful Flood of water.

When this was scheduled to happen to the whole world many ages ago,  Noah was given the task to construct the only safe place to be during the purging Flood –  and,  what we don’t think about very often:  Noah was given  about a hundred years to preach and to warn and to admonish the people to come back to God.

A hundred years – for the world to mend its ways.

October 13, 1917 – October 13, 2017.    It’s been a hundred years now, a hundred years to the day when more than 70,000 people saw the Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, Portugal. I’ve written about it here,  and the story is all over the Web with varying perspectives.

As in the days of Noah,   people are the same now,  people don’t really change, free will gives them perfect freedom to reject God — but when most of the world did (reject God)  in recent times,   the world received another warning and predictions similar to what Noah received.

Watching the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima,  October 13, 1917:

fatima crowd

Not only those present,  but thousands of people up to twenty miles away who were unaware that they were going to see something strange and awesome that day.

fatima crowd sepia

It really happened.  I sometimes wish I could have been there among the crowd and saw what they saw.

Preceding this event were five other visitations containing admonitions, warnings, and predictions,  including the prediction that “something” would happen in the near future,  in October, 1917,  that everyone would be able to see —  so that they all would believe.   And then,  it really happened.

These five summer of  1917 apparitions presented the so-called Secret of Fatima,  or often called  the Three Secrets of Fatima because the warnings and predictions came in three separate parts.

All three Secrets involve the coming “purging”  of the world again,  but not by water,   by fire:


Today I’ve read three brilliant essays from three different authors in three different places, all pointing out that this purging of  the earth that’s promised to us  won’t destroy only individuals who reject and offend God,  and not only whole nations whose official policies depart from the Goodness of God,  but also  the Church itself,  which is supposed to be the most pure conduit of the graces of God.

A fiery purging of (1) people, of (2) whole nations,  and of (3) the Church.

Fifty years after the Miracle of the Sun, we apparently didn’t get the message.     A little pause, and then in Akita Japan the message was repeated, somewhat more explicitly to Christian people   (and again through words of the Virgin Mary):

On October 13, 1973, Our Lady of Akita (Japan) told the visionary Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa that heresy would occur within the Catholic Church: “The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their conferees (other priests)… The Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.”

And then a description of the “Purging.”

“As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by My Son.


In the first quote,  Sister Agnes was told that heresy would become widespread in the Church –  right from the very top.   At Fatima the heresy was described as “Russia”  spreading her errors throughout the world . . .  even, as we now know,  into and within the Church.

2 Marxists understanding each other

Heads of states and officials in power at the top  and  head of the Church and “bishops and cardinals”  will all be infected with Marxist ideology, something long condemned by the Church itself and by previous (Catholic)  popes.

Nothing personal,  but those two pictured above are two  enemies of the Church, just going by their words and by their actions.   But, hey,  they approve of each other . . . .

Did the World heed the 100-year-long   warnings of Noah?     No.


Has our current world heeded the 100-year old warnings of Fatima?     No.

( _______)

You know what’s in the Bible, the words of the first Catholic pope:     When the time comes for this to happen,  people (in general)  will mock and ridicule the idea.  But:  For this they are wilfully ignorant of, that the heavens were before, and the earth out of water, and through water, consisting by the word of God. Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished. (The first purge by water)  . . .       But the heavens and the earth which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of the ungodly men

(II Peter 3:  5, 6, 7)

Although these words say “for the judgment and perdition (destruction) of ungodly men,”  at Akita we were told that the good and the bad alike will suffer under this rain of fire . . .    whatever that will be.

fatima menacing sun


Happy 100th Anniversary,  Fatima.

(That sun doesn’t look very friendly.)


Revelation:  16:8 –  And I looked, and behold,  “Next, the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and it was given power to scorch the people with fire.

























May 14, 2017


“Like crystal,  when the sun shines brilliantly through it.”

It was hard for the little children to describe the brightness and purity of the whiteness,  the white light that the Lady was made of,  like she was made of the sun, but it didn’t hurt their eyes.

OL Fatima

As you’ve probably heard,  this is the 100th Anniversary of the First Apparition that occurred in Fatima, Portugal.    I’ll write much about it in the days to come;  six months we  have.   The Apparitions came once a month for six months,  with one big Fireworks of an ending!

fatima people

That it happened there could be no doubt.  In fact,  among the many in the photograph above who were there on that last day were many, many doubters, skeptics, mockers, and downright nay-sayers.    They were there to ridicule the so-called pious believers who believed the children’s tales.

But for  even those who were convinced nothing would happen – something happened to them!      Why were they so convinced nothing was going on?      Because the ones who were able to see or hear “something”  were the innocent,  the pure in heart,  the honest,  the open,  the pious, and the humble before God.

There were a few, even in this atheistic country!

According to the heart of each person,   some heard only a soft buzzing when the Apparitions occurred.  A few heard the booms.  A few saw the bright flashes.   Some saw a small, soft white cloud.    Two of the three children heard the words of “the Beautiful Lady,”  but all three saw her.

And that was exactly how they described her.    This Beautiful Lady, who was really appearing,   was a Lady with a face and with hair and eyes and clothing, but nevertheless “all made of Light.

In fact, later,  when Lucia, the eldest, was pressed to describe her,  she said even her gown was made of Light.  It was not “folds of white cloth,”  but where there would be folds, it was like the Light was thicker there,  the Light was draped in folds, and at the edges of the  Lady’s gown,  the brilliant white Light became golden,  like an outline of golden Light.

a white

The Beautiful Lady would not identify herself until October,  her sixth visit.

But remember –  she was made of Light.  Clothed in Light.  A Light that made everything beautiful and brought with it the presence of God,   Who is the Source of Majestic Light –

I Timothy 6:16 –  (God) . . . who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see. To him be honor and might forever. Amen.



September 13, 2016

It’s the 13th of the month, one of the months of 99 years ago in which the three little children of Fatima were seeing visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was bringing important information for the world.


Why entrust “important information”  to three  little children?    I don’t know all of the reasons, but on this September 13th three grown men also left their record of that day – and the result is similar.     They told simply what they saw, and there is not a hint of “fanciful fairy tales” in their account.     Either!    The words of the  three children of Fatima had never sounded like fanciful tales either.


So these three men, who were dressed in suits,  but happened to priests of the skeptical variety,  came to the area where another apparition was supposed to take place around noon.   They came to the beautiful rolling hills of the pasture lands near Fatima, Portugal, which looked something like this photo.

The actual site of the apparition was near a holm oak tree:


The three men positioned themselves above the area of the holm oak so they could look down and see everything,  the behavior of all the people and any natural or supernatural phenomena that might occur.

But there was already a crowd of people there.  Quite a crowd!


In this  fifth expected apparition  30,000 people had heard and showed up!   The three men saw that the children and most of the crowd were already praying the rosary,  and were expectant.

And then, around noon,  the three men saw something in the eastern sky.  It was a soft gentle light coming from the east,  and as it got closer they could see that it was like a globe;  maybe  we’d call it an “orb” today.     It glowed beautifully and drifted towards the little oak tree, “majestically,”  as they described it.

And then they noticed that the bright sunlight got a little dimmer and became  somewhat golden, and then there was a quiet hush in the air.

Must have been lovely,  and a bit eerie.

Many eyewitnesses reported seeing and feeling the same thing.    Some people reported being able to see some stars in the sky that day.

The apparition was about to begin, seen only by the three children, and  heard only by two of the children.


Of course the important thing was the message this apparition had brought,  not just the external phenomena that the astonished men had called ” a delightful vision.”

I always forget the details of this vision because they are not dramatic or startling like the four previous ones,  just a simple admonition to “keep praying the rosary so that the War will end.” *     I guess that’s “dramatic” enough for us today, the idea that prayer and faith and devotion do  have an effect upon global political conditions.      It’s one thing to know it;  it’s another thing to practice it.

Lucia, the eldest of the children,  dutifully relayed to the apparition some questions about healing that certain people had given her to ask the Lady;    the answer was “some will be healed,  others will not be.”     They – and we –  need to know that answers to prayer is in God’s hands and sometimes dependent upon certain things on our part.

Prayer:  It is natural to pray for things we need.   When St Thomas Aquinas was discussing the matter of prayer and petition,  he quoted St Augustine who had written:  “It is lawful to pray for that which it is lawful to desire.”     So take heart!   Have confidence!

And then came a promise.    Next month the Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary,   will come back with more personages from Heaven and with public  Proof that these apparitions from Heaven are real.  The Proof will be visible to all and will be convincing.     As the apparition ended,   something like white “snowflakes”   or “petals”  precipitated out of the air, for all to see, although the flakes didn’t quite reach the ground.

The men, watching from their position higher up,  at first thought this was a flock of little white birds.  They asked each other if they each had seen it.     They all had,  but none ventured to give it a name.  And then a small cloud was seen by that little oak tree where the children had been seeing the Lady.   It thickened a little,  rose a little, then disappeared.   In its place a few wispy clouds appeared and quickly disappeared.  What was that?    Again, the men had no words for it.

The three children could be seen pointing to the eastern sky again, saying look!   There it is.   The three grown men saw the white orb again, receding.    When one asked the other what he though that was,  this time he said, without thinking,  “That is Our Lady!”

So stay tuned for October 13th.

And keep praying – especially for the “State of the World.”      We are so close to the fulfillment of the terrible warnings that had come earlier to the children.

I’m beginning to think that then false politics of today will be the instrument that will bring down that judgment upon us.



.*    That would be World War One:  “The War to End All Wars.”     It was a shockingly violent and destructive war.   Every bit of modern technology was used to  kill and destroy:  the newly invented airplanes were used to drop bombs;  chemical warfare maimed and killed men in horrible ways;   all our focus and planning and intelligence was brought to bear on waging an inhuman, uncivilized war.     Surely we had reached the final ultimate worst that Man can do to Man,  and we must never permit war again.

(And yet,  Our Lady,  in these apparitions warned of a worse one to come,  contingent upon future human behavior….)


JUNE 13, 1917

June 13, 2016

I had hoped to write a remembrance of May 13, 1917 –   I’m sorry,  I couldn’t get to it last month,  but it would have been important because it was the first of six visions seen by the three little children of Portugal (and by thousands of ordinary people).

fatima 3

Just ordinary children.

They really didn’t know how many times they would be coming to the little tree,  the holm oak tree, on the 13th of the month,  but in June, it was the second time.

As usual,  on that day,  they began to see a brilliant light come towards them.   They called it the “lightning”  although it didn’t always flash suddenly like lightning would.  The people around them, watching,  didn’t see the brilliance of the light,  but they experienced a slight dimming of the sunlight,  a slight cooling of the air,  and a slight sound, like the “buzzing of bees inside a closed container.”

The children felt a holy presence, just like the previous month;  they approached, and they knelt.


The people watched.

What the children saw is the “Beautiful Lady”  from heaven, who stretched out her hands and allowed  brilliant shafts of light, like living light, reach towards the ground.   The light seemed to enter their bodies, and they wanted to be in that light, and with that Light.

The eldest of the three children was told that, no, she can’t go into that light of Heaven just yet,  but that her two young companions will go to Heaven soon.   (A reality, as it turned out.)  It looked for a while like her young friends were enfolded in the part of the light that was moving upwards.  She herself,  Lucia,  was in the part of the brilliant shaft of light that was moving towards the earth.

Interesting image.

Nothing much more, this June 13, 1917.   Just,  Lucia was told to learn how to read.     All three were supposed to pray more;  to pray the rosary every day – and properly!  –  and also to make reparations for the terrible immorality and sinning in the world of 1917.

(Oh, yes –  if you knew your history, you’d know what terrible evil acts were being done by human beings.     X-rated and sickening.     History is not for the squeamish.)

They saw a heart encircled by thorns in the Lady’s hand.   The thorns, the sorrows.

The eyewitnesses had been watching the little tree in front of the children, the holm oak tree.   When the vision started, it looked like “something”  had bent the top leaves and branches down a little bit.   When the vision ended, it looked like they stood up again, and were being drawn slightly towards the east,   the direction where the children later pointed that the Lady had departed towards.    They didn’t return to their positions until a few hours later.

Shrug your shoulders for this vision.   Not much seemed to have happened there.

But the children were to come back next month.




May 13, 2016

It’s  99 years after,   which means it happened in the recent modern past.

It’s a remembrance because it still has significance for us and is therefore important – (nay,  vital)  to remember.   Life is like that – full of anniversaries and milestones,  some with personal importance,  some with  significance of universal application.

It’s brief because I’m currently pretty overwhelmed with daily schedules, with matters of health,   family thoughts,   and the added duties of holding a garage sale – which I’ve never done by myself before, and although I severely doubted my ability,  this first day turned out pretty good.    But exhausting.

It’s   99th anniversary, which means it happened in 1917,  and  next year will be a  hundred-year span of time which is an interval which  reminds  us to assess how we’ve done, whether we’ve heeded the Warnings,  and what happens next.   The hundred years will be up.

F tree

The Holm Oak Tree

So,    “It”    is the 99th anniversary of the first of the messages given to us through three little children in Portugal, during the height of the horrendous War To End All Wars.

Did you know we had one of those?  A War To End All Wars?

This war was also called World War One.

We thought we were too smart, too advanced,  to technologically brilliant to have a war like this.     The messages we remember have a lot to do with wars – of all kinds.

We’ll deal with these in just a little while here.




May 4, 2016

….  and other May Timing.

(May the Fourth be with you;    and of course, a greeting like that from me would mean the Force that is that inexorable and constant force of Grace from your Creator,  calling us all back to Him, and to a life lived well, in His will, and with the help of His Grace.)

But I like Star Was too.

May is a month of many significant occurrences.    Let’s see if I can do them in order.

May First is the day Christendom remembers St. Joseph,  the foster father of Jesus,  spouse of Mary, who watched over the Holy Family,  guiding them through danger  and   providing for them.   It is necessary for a (Jewish) father to train his sons in some skill so that they can make a living and in turn provide for their own families.

Hence, we can say that Jesus, too, was a carpenter,  as St. Joseph was.   (a  “technon”  in Greek:  a builder, a general contractor, perhaps, as well as carpentry skills.)   Joseph’s trade skills and his labors are part and parcel of his dignity.   Our work, our labors, our jobs,  give us pride and dignity.   ( If you have a job,  you are not being “oppressed.”)

And so on May First we honor the dignity of workers through the example of St. Joseph.  It is said of Joseph that he was a Just man.   Learn from him,  learn fatherly skills from him; learn to respect the man in your house,  the father of your children, the head of your household.

May the First is also the world’s celebration of  burdensome and murderous  forms of governments that oppress “Workers”   by using and ruling over the Working Class.  A celebration that is sometimes called “May Day,”   and ironic cry for help.

May 2nd is the day we celebrate the life of St. Athanasius,  who fought tirelessly for the Truth of Church teachings,   in spite of almost universal opposition, several exiles,  excommunications from weak Church leaders. . .  and still he persisted –for the sake of succeeding generations.

May 3rd we celebrate the Finding of the True Cross – an interesting event, but hardly recognized as significant in today’s busy, distracted, and skeptical  world. (and, no,  the Emperor Constantine was not quite a Christian at this time, and he did NOT force the Roman world to become Christian, nor did he change Church teachings by mixing them with pagan religions.  If you want to refute “history,”   start there.)

May the Fourth . . .  is fun.   But it is also deadly serious for me, personally.   Today is the day we remember St. Monica.    Mother of unceasing prayers and tears.   Mother of Augustine,  saint eventually.    For those of you who know me,  enough said.

Yes, each day in May has some significance.   The whole month is the Month of Mary.    Dedicated to her and her attractive attributes.     Last year I did a series of  flowers, one for each day for her,  each one exemplifying a lovely attribute of the Mother of Jesus.   When the series was over,  I discovered a month was not long enough.   If you’d like to be charmed by some loveliness,  you can check out the archives:  2015, May.

We have Mother’s Day this month.   I hope some sentimental tears are shed by sons and daughters.

There are several birthdays in my  immediate family.

May 13th will be the next really huge Remembrance.    It may have utmost significance for our world.   This year is the 99th anniversary of a strange and important visitation from Heavenly beings to the three children in Fatima, Portugal.   These “beings”  were St. Michael,  the head of the Armies of Heaven who fight against the enemies of God;  Mary,  herself, with most important information;  and then a glimpse of Jesus and of St. Joseph.

99 years ago.    Next year will be 100, a significant and common grouping of years marked out by humans to signify a discreet and identifiable period of time.    Instructions were given 99 years ago.  Prophecies were made.   Proofs were given, witnessed in the end by 70,000 people,  photographed, and not all in the immediate vicinity.   And then Warnings were given if instructions weren’t carried out, individually and by the Church.

As far as I can see, in these past 99 years,   few have heeded the Instructions . .  . and warnings.

So what comes next year when the 100-year period has ended?

Finally, and appropriately,  the month ends with Memorial Day, where we remember those who have died defending our country in times of War.  Most likely we will not be in a world war in this year’s May.

I hope this won’t be the last peacetime Memorial Day.

Just . . . plant some flowers and vegetables somewhere on your property.    It’s time for that here in the Far North.      Plant some Beauty and Joy and Peace and, above all:   Hope in God, that He is in charge of things.



April 15, 2016


Here is a photographic P.S. to the last posting:

waiting to see a doctor

Waiting to get an appointment

The line wound down the block and around that building.      Look upon them with compassion . . . and a bit of fear.

Now,  I don’t believe for a minute that the Saudi prince of yesterday’s posting is truly “filled with ire.”   He has enough present problems of his own.   It is my own ire that I’m projecting, of course.

But nevertheless,  this is personal   I know that,   because of the generosity of this prince, the new state-of-the-art facilities at the Cleveland Clinic gave Hubbie two or three more years of life.    I know that.     You wouldn’t believe how precious those extra  years were.

I also know that when I myself need the services of the Cleveland Clinic,  I will be too sick to drive myself there, as I had driven Hubbie all those years,  but that isn’t what bothers me.    What bothers me is that those services which I would need won’t even be available  for me.

The photo above shows us a possible future for Americans.  It was taken a few months ago in China,  a nation of socialized medicine;  a  nation that is making great discoveries in the field of medicine;  a  nation that is creating technological  and pharmaceutical medical advances.

A nation  which is bankrupting itself because its government is trying to pay for all this – and it can’t.  No government can.

The people  in that line, so early in the morning,  are waiting for a chance to get a ticket for an  appointment to see a doctor at a major hospital in a big city.    The attached news article told about an “enterprising” young man who makes a  good living selling “tickets” for those appointments at a higher price.  We call it ticket-scalping.

He says if you are well off,  then you can afford to pay for  a ticket to be seen much sooner than all these people in line.    You can pay more for the privilege of having a doctor see you,   without weeks or months of waiting.

A socialist country.  A socialist-democratic society.   You need to be wealthy enough to get good and prompt  medical care — in every single country where it has been tried.

This is personal to me for another reason:    America will have its elections soon.   For more than forty years,  the “joys of socialism”  has been taught in American schools.   Without doubt,  marxist socialism has taken over schools and universities,  music,  movies,  and the entertainment-news media to such an extent that younger people do not even recognize the meaning of the political slogans they are taught to hurl.


Follow the Slogans!

As one person put it in a lecture I heard:   “In Journalism schools,  socialism is so pervasive that it is invisible,  like the air we breathe.

“Huh?   Socialism?   Big Brother?    What’s all that?”

Young people at a recent    (American!)   political rally —


He and his crowd don’t understand the consequences of what they’re promoting.

So that’s a problem.  Name-calling and catch-phrases are used to prevent free and open political dialogue.     And just try to oppose these young people!!    (And some not-so-young.   The  “aging hippies” called The Sixty-Eighters were Lenin’s “useful idiots”  in the ’60s cultural-socialist revolution around the Western World!)  Try to oppose them, try to assert another opinion  — and then duck!       All sorts of names and accusations will be thrown at you.

How did socialism win the cultural revolution?   Why is the American Constitution beside the point,  an annoying impediment to social change?


…And if  not,  “Russia” will spread her errors.”  (1917-2017)

The Western World was taught, instructed, enticed,  tricked, and intimidated into giving up all those values which created its own civilization.    It was a prolonged and powerful process which promised great things – and besides,  it was sold to us as Fun!  and Freedom!

Who wouldn’t want to get on board – and try out some of these formerly forbidden social behaviors!!    (Ever wonder why the Leftists in this country are so fixated on reproductive activities?)   The Marxists promised to “sell us the rope that we will hang ourselves with.”

If you don’t know who this man is,  we are already lost.

Khrushchev and shoe

We will bury you!!!

So, no need to discuss the consequences of such imposed social changes –  just follow the Fads, the Slogans,  the Name-Calling, the Celebrities,  and the erroneous, immature logic.  ‘Cause then you’ll be free!  And the government will give you free stuff!

Like socialized medicine.

Get ready to stand in lines.





August 13, 2014

Still moving books and bookshelves and computers and hundreds of assorted smaller objects and got myself overtired again — but I couldn’t sleep because the date is bothering me.  It’s a serious one and the “teacher” in me wants you to know.

On this date in 1917   thousands of people didn’t know that they had only about eight more weeks to live.

1917 russia

Yes, those are “police” firing on citizens, killing many of them.   It was the beginning of the October Revolution in Russia, and many tens of thousands of people, hundreds of thousands and eventually millions of people did not know that this takeover by the socialists, this October Revolution,  was their death sentence too.

But it hadn’t begun quite yet on August 13th of 1917.   Something else was happening on that date in Portugal, and it would soon be apparent that the two events were connected.

 On this day, about 97 years ago,  three young children were kidnapped by their (masonic/socialist/revolutionary/republican/progressive) mayor who ruled over the area where the children lived. 

The children were Catholic.   On the 13th day of successive months in 1917 they were chosen to deliver messages and warnings to the people of earth;   and the mayor,  who hated all religion, took the children,  put them in the town jail with other adult prisoners,  told them to change their stories or else they would be boiled in oil until they were dead.

August 13, 1917.  One by one the children were separated from each other and told that their cousins, for that’s what they were to each  other, had been boiled and were now dead.   “Now it’s your turn.”

The children weren’t lying and they didn’t change their stories and two days later they were let go.  No criminal charges against the mayor and his office, of course.  

The connection with Russia?    Well, the overall messages were warnings that if mankind didn’t change their immoral ways,  repent,  turn back to God,  then horrible, terrifying judgments were being prepared for the planet and the humans who live here, and  somehow, in ways that were not understood then,  Russia was to play a key role.

If mankind remained sinful and immoral,  great “errors” would begin in Russia and then  these errors would spread slowly but surely to the rest of the world.   Death and devastation would follow.  If mankind still did not come to its senses,  these “errors” would spread all the way to the “top” – to the Vatican –   and millions more souls would be lost as the new socialist orientation would infect the Church itself.

August 13, 1917.     Kidnapping and intimidation of children….and an approaching death sentence to the people of Russia –  and, so far, an unheeded warning to all of us.




October 13, 2013

On this date, October 13th, in 1917  70,000 people came, many to scoff, many to be “entertained,” possibly,  by some unknown event,  and a few came, hoping to see a miracle from Heaven above.

70 0000 people

That October 13th was an October 13th just like every other one had been in the natural world,  far back into time, before ever that day of the year was even called “october”  and numbered “13.”     But in that particular year,  most of the 70,000 suddenly fell to their knees.

70,000 people on their knees

70,000;  many atheists, non-believers,  skeptics, anti-Christians,  anti-Catholics –  nearly all fell to their knees.    Those who had seen the world and felt they could control their own destiny and manage the affairs of men saw something that interrupted their confidence.   The sun, that most solid and predictable of things in the natural world, was changed . . . .

70,0000 sun

. . . . and no matter what explanations are given,  everyone there knew right away that this staggering and somewhat frightening change to the sun was connected to the prediction by the three children of Fatima that a “miracle” of some kind would occur.

70,000 three unlikely people

Today is October 13th again,  and it’s an ordinary day like all other of our days.    But today, too, presents a message for us, not in the form of  a miracle, not in the form of a “dancing sun” that seemed to move from its place and whirl around, but in the form of a simple statement about the natural world received in 1917.

You can read it in the Bible or hear it proclaimed by the Church today, in her Introit for this 21st Sunday after Pentecost:

All things are in Thy will, O Lord and there is none that can
resist Thy will: for Thou hast made all things, heaven and earth, and all things
that are under the ambit of heaven: Thou art Lord of all. (Ps. 118: 1)

The heavens above and the earth, all things,  all exist within the will of God and exist because of His will.   Even the natural world cannot resist His will;  even if He wants the sun to appear to move out of our normal expectations for it, the sun, then, must move.   This is the truth of the matter.  This is the truth that underlies all the messages of Fatima, which, at their most basic meaning is, as the Introit today continues:

Blessed are the undefiled who walk in the way: who walk in the law of the Lord.

And severe  warnings and certain judgment upon those who do not walk in the ways of God.

The messages given at Fatima on those “special days” simply emphasize the same message that is true for all our ordinary days:   God holds even the natural world in His hands, and He has created the right way to walk in this world.   Christ is King!

70,000 witnesses can attest to that.




September 13, 2013

13 goth

I find the whole idea of triskaidekaphobia mildly fun.   As a child, I wanted to participate in all the “fear”  about the number 13,  but it was like Halloween frights – just not really real.   I      (a contemporary woman with Viking blood flowing in her veins –  genealogically speaking, of course)   was interested to find out that Loki, that mighty god of destruction that frequently appears in warrior tales, is considered the 13th in the list of Norse gods.

Well,  okay.   Doesn’t do much for me though.

Jacinta2     Today is not only Friday the 13th,   but it is September 13.    On this day in 1917 there was a Fifth visit of the Virgin Mary to the three children in Fatima, Portugal.  (The Fifth on the 13th.)     By now, many  people had heard of these monthly visitations,  and in September tens of thousands of people had gathered for what they hoped to be an apparition that they also could see.

They didn’t see much.  Maybe a  flash of light.   And the vision?    I know what was said was important (keep praying the rosary so the war will end soon; some people in your village will be cured, some won’t;   you three children:  lighten up a bit on your mortifications),  but mainly, this visit seemed to be all about announcing the next one, in October, the really, really big one.

So no big theatricals.   Just daily prayer, daily faithfulness, daily perseverance.

But  there is a fun-scary link here between Loki and Fatima, in my mind, provided by mu Friday morning class.

Today, they were discussing  the Readings  that many of you will hear on this coming Sunday.  The first one involves the story of Moses at the time that he was up on the top of Mt. Sinai, receiving instructions from the Lord God.    He was gone for so long,  that the people, who had been led out into the desert by Moses  thought that Moses was dead.    Dead and gone.   And without having yet received much instruction,  some of them reverted back to the gods of Egypt whom they knew well.


God literally interrupted His conversation with Moses and said “You’ve got to go now. The people who came with you are down there sinning greatly – they’ve  become totally depraved, and I’m not going to be able to work with them….”   (loose paraphrase.)

Knowing this meant their destruction,  Moses began to plead with God to not destroy them.   He appealed to God, he reasoned with God, he begged God to be merciful….

Well, that lit the fires of imagination, as often happens with this class.  And they speculated,  what if Moses had not worked so hard to intercede?    Moses could have said,  “You’re right.  Put an end to them.”

And God could have waited until some other “Abraham” came along,  some other group of descendants from that person,  another tribe of people through whom the Incarnation would happen,  some other “Moses” to lead them….  We could still be waiting for this process to develop.

And I could still be fearing Loki, the 13th god of the Viking pantheon.

And my country would be living in a state of ignorance about Christianity, with no knowledge of Christ in its schools and government and public square.

Fearful indeed.


August 13, 2013

August 13, 1917 – an important day in our history.   It was the day when the Mysterious Lady was to come back again and speak to three children.  The people in the town had questions to ask of the Lady.   They wanted to know is she real?   who is she?  what does she have to say?  what does it all mean?

Reasonable questions.   You don’t want to believe just anything.   You ask questions, weigh the evidence.

And so the people gathered at the spot where this Lady had been appearing to the children.

The people were there – the children weren’t.  They were missing, and no one knew where they were, not even their families.    Some of the people thought they might have seen a little flash of light out of the corner of their eyes, seen a rippling of gentle wind in the tree near the apparition site, and some even heard a low humming for a brief moment.  This was to be the fourth time the Lady had come,  but without the children, there was no vision, no message, no answers.

What happened to the children?   Today, we like not to believe what was going on with them,    but always, everywhere, at every time,   the godless revolution that is sweeping over the world has brought with its advance brutal power, lies,  tyranny,  false arrests  ,imprisonments,  intimidations, torture, and death – at the hands of governments.

And that’s what happened to the children.

They had been lied to, imprisoned, interrogated, threatened with death by boiling oil (!!), and commanded to lie to all those people who were waiting, commanded to say they had not seen what they had seen.

Why did the government care?    It was an attempt to  suppress religion.   And these people,  still in power today,  went after the children.

……we like not to  believe what is going on when godlessness rules….



May 13, 2013

Short one tonight…. Nice afterglow from Mother’s Day,  “the best one ever!” …   but still a little traumatized by what I saw coming from our Rulers …. on  Mother’s Day.    But Tuesdays are the days for writing about that.    Tomorrow.

Today is the 13th of the month.   There is a movie called The Thirteenth Day which I can highly recommend.  And because the world didn’t know what happened on that 13th day of May and five subsequent months,  and because of those who knew  not enough  did anything about it,   we have today the socialist dictatorships all around us, while the citizens of our nations sit in Silence, like the Lambs, and religion is confused.

So.    This really happened:


No controversy here.    It happened.   Six times in 1917.    Information was imparted, to the children,  but meant for all of us;  revelations were given to children that were far above their understanding or experience.

Why to children?   So that their understanding and experience couldn’t add to or embelish the information.      They felt compelled to tell exactly what they heard and saw,  but couldn’t tell us the meaning.    That was for mature Christians to handle.

Fatima thousands

I’m glad there were tens of thousands of witnesses, photographs in the newspapers,  and the confirmation of the Event at Fatima by many who were previously strongly opposed to the Church.

So far, all the things we learned at Fatima have come true or are still coming true.   There is meaning there, important things for us to know.

I just wanted to pay honor to Our Lady of Fatima today, and her concern for us.