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October 24, 2015

FOOTBALL.   It’s Saturday.   Of course college football!  (It appears that football is the only thing keeping me connected here lately.)

spartans get fumble
By now,  many of you have heard of the fortuitous “fluke” that enabled the Spartans to recover a fluffed punt snap — somehow the punter is getting all the blame,  and not the center who made the bad snap (but who can understand Michigan fans?  ) —

spartans and dark blue

It’s interesting to observe in myself and in every other Spartan fan I see  that scoring the unexpected winning touchdown does not mean we have become a “better” team.   Not at all.

 We are good — but we were also lucky.   We could have been good, but unlucky.

I can’t speak for some of our  young, young   fans,  inspired by the many  fine microbreweries around the MSU campus,  they may be concluding something else altogether.   (Drink beer; feel invincible.)

However, to most fans,   today’s game against Indiana, still to come at this writing,  is by no means a certain win in the minds of the Spartans.

spartans vs indiana

Here is a Life Lesson that Coach D’Antonio is known for:   “Be attentive and give your best effort to every single play,  right through  to the end of the game.”

For those of us who don’t actually play football:   ” Work hard and prepare; and then give your best effort to every moment in your life, right to the end.”

Football or not,   live and work and play with heart;   and when those good opportunities come along, you’ll be more likely to be able to take advantage of them — and in the end,   your End,  you will have played your best.

No wasted time,  no moments of your life taken for granted.

0ur Creator likes that.

Heaven cropped

Go Spartans!!!    

(Sorry, Indiana;  I know the logo is upside down — but . . .  may your luck “run out” today, like an upside down horseshoe!)