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WORD: Trumped

March 13, 2016

(Again,  as I’ve written before,  I endorse no candidate and promote no specific political party.  I don’t get too much of my news from American news media which is leftist or extreme leftist.  I prefer not to be propagandized.) 

But I do observe:

Trumped —  the process by which a man is attacked by  Illogical accusations,  savage name-calling, exaggerated  scorn, misplaced blame, and deceptive slogans,  simply because the man does not agree with your political opinions.

Opinions,  viewpoints – that’s all they are;  but some think that only theirs should be heard,  and the right to freely speak should be suppressed.

“To freely speak” —  Ironic,  because most of the savage attacks are bought and paid for, promoted with professional signs and t-shirts and ready-made slogans — about which the attackers are told to say  “I do not wish to give my reason.”   Just make sure to suppress or interfere with the right of others to freely speak.

Oh,  yes, and blame the person whom you are attacking.  Say:  “He caused it.”

The resulting confusion will be sure to stop the discussion of the actual issues,  a desired by-product of Trumping.


Interesting that the people who are doing it,  young ones and not-so young,  don’t seem to realize that this tactic is an old, old, old one;  and has been used wherever democracy has been overturned.  You know,  “if you don’t know history, you are condemned to repeat it.”



May 4, 2015

map zone

I hesitate to do this, but I’m so full of words about the assassination attempt last night in Texas, that I must get them written down, because this issue directly illustrates my Push Back theme.
First of all,  for the timid, the truth is:      Disagreement is not hate speech.    You have a right to disagree, and you have a right to turn away in disgust when those you disagree with call you haters or phobics of one thing or another.      Discourse ends with name calling.
Secondly,  we must bore down to the truth of the matter:     Calling something a “provocation”  does not mean it is provocation.     If you yell Fire!  in a crowded theater,  maybe it’s because the theater is on fire.
So.   Do you know why that freedom of speech rally was held in that town in Texas and in that auditorium?
It’s because that auditorium was used for an Islamic convention  a few months ago,  January 19, 2015, promoting Islamist  laws and culture.   In May, the AFDI  (American Freedom Defense Initiative) chose that location to specifically  draw attention to and  discuss  attacks on free speech — in that one place where  laws against free speech were recently supported.

Those who were watching the Islamist rally in January,  those who were there protesting the attack on our cultural values, saw a “theater” that is indeed catching fire.
So, yes,  free speech is under attack in this country by three specific groups.    The attacks take the form of death, loss of employment,  loss of personal property or funding, loss of reputation, and loss of a sense of personal freedom and safety — and loss of the right to pass on our values to our schoolchildren.   That’s just in America.
What are the three groups who have been most reported to attack people who publicly disagree with them?   One group is composed of the —  (politically correct to say radical or extreme)   — the extreme Islamists.
So,  yes:  the Islamist attempt to carry out punishments for their blasphemy laws here in the United States is a big provocation!   It should arouse all of us to some sort of Push Back,  wherever our talents lie,  even if it is just stating the truth to one another.
And, yes.   Certain leftists showcased by the media say the AFDI  meeting  was a provocation.  They just meant the victims were doing the provoking.     (You may look up the Latin word for “left.”  heh heh – just a coincidence. )     According to some on the Left,  the victims provoke.  The victims deserve it.
By the way,  the AFDI  last night also hosted an award ceremony for the “best”  cartoon featuring Mohammed in a drawing.   I kind of liked this one:

now that you've
But the one that won shows a cartoonist’s hand drawing Mohammed and Mohammad saying “YOU CAN’T DRAW ME!”
And the cartoonist is saying:  “THAT’S WHY I DO!”

No picture here.   But here:      (Cartoon)

A little Push back there,  eh?

Bar wavy

*  the term assassination is usually applied to the murder of leaders of groups, of nations, and of religions. And the two young men who attempted last night’s assassination tweeted out that they wanted to be mujahadeen for Jihad.    And more  (their words):  “The knives have been sharpened and soon we will begin the slaughter…”       Assassination for a cause.