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June 9, 2017

(Blogging has given me some bad habits;   it’s created an urge to take a picture of everything and blog blab about it.)

We’re  all only a heartbeat away from a very serious crisis —

Hospital cr

Chances are you’re having  ordinary days right now;  some good days and  some bad days in which you have to deal with a flat tire,  a lost checkbook,  a missed text,   a bad attitude from a friend . . . .

Today we here in The Spruce Tunnel were struck with a very serious crisis.   Someone we love, someone so close to our family she may as well be a part of it,  someone far too young to be in critical condition,  is on a ventilator and many other machines in the photo,  seemingly  overnight.

Cause soon to be determined.

One day she is interviewing for a brand-new job;  less than two days later she’s in ICU fighting for her life.

Out of the blue,  unexpectedly, we are all reassessing our lives,  our relationships,  our loves,  and what’s really important.     We have a God-given need to make sense out of things.

And the honest quest for answers will lead back to God.




Please pray for the young lady.











September 29, 2015

Whew!       It’s been a wonderful birthday this year.

The best “gift”   was not given as a gift, I think,  but was a wonderful insight that came up during a class discussion.

sup burning bush

We were studying the name God gave for Himself to Moses.    It is a name to think about.  A name that we found it difficult to even begin talking about.    A name so profound that it will instruct for the rest of our lives and for all eternity.

And then a lady began to tell us of her experience with such things.    She told us about sitting on the sandy beach of Lake Superior.  At night.   With some good friends.    The sound of the waves lapping against the shore.    And the heavens filled with stars, so bright and close.

Not much needed to be said,  just the feeling of awe with the heavens pressing down.

sup night skyShe made us feel we were out there with her on the beach at night with the stars deep and close above us.    And she reminded us of the wonderment and awe and the certainty that a great Intelligence designed and created it all for purposes known only to Him, and that we have a very, very, very small existence under these heavens but we’re part of that great vastness.

And then —  she said something that took us even deeper into that Eternal Intelligence.   She said she used to enjoy this experience whenever she could,  and we understood, because some of us have been outside under the tremendous night sky and felt the vastness of space. . .   and then she said that “this class”  — meaning our class and the goodness and faith of the people in it — has made her apprehend the great Vastness beyond even all this,  a beautiful,  bright,  holy vast Goodness that is God,  just beyond and above and all around all the incomprehensible vastness of space . . .

We walked out of class that night with an ineffable sense of the Great I AM that introduced Himself to Moses.

I AM.       No adequate words.     I AM.   That origin of all that exists.    Life.   Love.   Joy.

We are all “gifted”  with our lives that are just a tiny part of this Immensity.

We all “am”  because of the Great I AM.

To know this is the best gift.