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February 1, 2016

What gives me the right to disparage  our “superannuated young people” as I seemed to do in the last post?

What gives me the right to disparage  our “young people”?    I don’t know:  citizen;  parent;  alert eyewitness; university student;  kind of a historian;  present for the revolution of the Sixties  (though I am NOT a “Sixty-Eighter”).

And — mostly because  I was a  government schoolteacher, and I witnessed the deliberate and behind-the-scenes change in the educational system of our country.   It was an internal attack on two whole generations.

I saw American values, indeed the values of Western Civilization, being hid from them  and obscured  and then eventually demonized.   The knowledge and the values of Western Civilization were methodically destroyed.

And no civilization was rising up to take its place –  unless you call the “pop culture”  of degraded, immoral icons a “civilization”  (which it is not).   Instead there developed a culture of fads and media distraction, political correctness,  self-censorship,  compliance,  slavery and obedience.

Remember that commenter?   “I’m voting for Bernie Sanders  (or any other version of Progressive Liberalism)  because he’s going to GIVE ME everything I need!”   

This is the thinking of Baby Birds.   Hungry.  Needy.   Helpless.  Vulnerable.

Baby BIrds- Give Me 300

There is hope for Baby Birds

I don’t know, maybe.

I think I see a rebellion starting against some of the excesses now.  Some of that younger generation is beginning to join those of us who never gave in to the changes of the global socialist revolution.  Call it “progressive.”  Call it communism.  Call it Gramscianism — (please look that up if you were a victim of public school miseducation!)

I hope there is time for a peaceful push-back.

You don’t have to be any of the above things I mentioned in order to be a critical thinker on today’s society.   You would do better without a university degree in order to analyze the wrongs being done to our nation.

I hope there are enough people to push back against those who cry out like baby birds to have their mouths filled by others.    I know it will take massive effort and caring on our part,  as well as education and action.    There was indeed an internal attack upon the American society.   I hope we don’t need a bloody revolution to reverse this lust-filled hope-and-change transformation of our nation.

We’ll see what the Iowa caucus has to say.