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November 11, 2017

View from a Saturday afternoon:

View from Saturday

Saturday again.   The home team is playing.   Not well.    All I can say is they  played to the end of the game.

I could talk about the value of leisure time:   I could wax philosophical about “winning and losing”;     I could even discuss the metaphorical value of each of the positions on a football team,  the roles we play in life  . . . .

But it’s knitting I was thinking about today.   Knitting and football just go together – for me.  I’m almost done with my royal blue V-neck sweater.    I’m just getting started on the cuff of the second sleeve.

I was reading a book about managing chronic disease, the serious terminal type of chronic disease,  and the author wrote about the importance of endorphins for the maintenance of good quality of life.    Of course we know exercise produces and increases the endorphins in our body;  that’s why many of us like to “run to excess”  to try to induce that Runners’ High!

But among the many other activities listed was knitting!     Knitting produces endorphins!   So while I’m not “exercising”  like the football players during a game,  I’m getting my endorphins another way.   Pure pleasure!

Health is pleasure too.    It’s incumbent upon each of us to maintain or regain and maintain our own health.   We’ve got to find out what our body needs and then go after it.

Yep – it’s work.  It takes time and effort to stay healthy.     We’re individuals and have specific and unique needs to keep our health.     I can’t really tell you what you need to do — but I can make a recommendation:

Football and knitting!

(Or something like that.)





June 14, 2017

to-do  Got a To-Do list going?   “All the time”?    A big one?

That’s a good sign.   It means you’re at least trying to be organized and get some things accomplished.    Can’t deny that a To-Do list really does help,  even though it puts the burden of responsibilities down in black and white right where you have to look at them.

It means you have work to do.  Life is work-to-do.   Life is work.     When you work it means you’re alive and making choices and doing good things  . . .


Consider this To-Do list:

Hospital chart

This is the  Progress List in the hospital room of the young lady we’ve been watching over for these past several days.    It’s her  “To-Do” list.

She doesn’t have any of those tasks checked off.

Notice the first one.    “Breathe.”      She hasn’t really accomplished that yet.

So we  watch and hope and pray and keep her company.


I guess if we have different things on our own To-Do list,  we ought not to complain about it, but rejoice that we have life and health– and work-to-do.


Hospital HER wing


That’s where our young friend —  still — is.




January 12, 2017


“Stopping by the woods  . . .    Lovely, dark, and deep . . . *

Yeah . . .   that poem.  


(For those of you who know some Robert Frost.  .  .)   I’m getting through it, though.

“. . . But I have promises to keep,  and miles to go before I sleep. and miles to go before I Sleep.”

 Nature spoke:


That deep, dark Scandinavian Funk jumped out and grabbed me just as I was getting rid of the  “Evil California Toddler Virus”  that settled in during the holidays.

How easy  to withdraw from everything and smoothly drift into those Dark Woods.   It attracts . . . .

But Nature spoke – and I remembered I have some promises to keep.      A few hundred books to read.     A mother, to be.   A grandmother, to be.     A teacher,  yet to be.   I’m a soul who hasn’t been called out of this earth yet,    into those deep, dark lovely woods.    Oh, man, I was tired!   Of everything.

And then I saw the bunny tracks.  

I was too tired to be out there on my driveway, to shovel the snow away, even though it wasn’t deep.      But there are those rabbit tracks!!     About three feet apart!    That bunny wasn’t tired on my driveway!    How absurd that “big me”  should be holding back when that little rabbit had used so much energy to get across.

See?  Sometimes,  and even for you, it might be just the smallest thing speaking to you from the Real World,  from Nature, and if you add a little humor, a little irony or absurdity,  you are snatched back into that Real World and you participate in a whole new outlook.

Well,  it can happen.   I know what being “trapped” is too — but here again Nature showed me what really being trapped is:


Just a moment later, after I enjoyed those rabbit tracks,  I saw this leaf.  The wind was blowing on it and it had left tracks too, but not what one would expect.

The end of leaf is trapped.   Probably in some under the snow.   Instead of making forward progress and “getting somewhere,”   the leaf has been going around and around in circles.

Mmm-hmmmm.    I could draw a lesson from that too.   I’ll just draw my own lesson;  you can draw yours.

I rejoiced with the rabbit.  I took pity on the leaf.   But both made cute tracks,  lovely patterns, and both left their mark that — they existed.


Robert Frost had a really, really good reason for writing that poem, and just because  that’s a common experience to us all,   it’s a good idea to read it again;  become familiar with it in your now new stage of life,  however long you’ve been living.

(Memorize it, for fun!    Ha ha!   No teacher making you do it!!!)

You can use a Search engine;  just type in “Stopping by  Woods on a  Snowy Evening.”

Or:   (more)


8. STEAM KETTLE DAYS – Something Cold and Wicked . . .

November 1, 2016

” . . .   This Way Comes.”

“Something Cold and Wicked This Way Comes.”    Most people know that phrase,  from the Stephen King movie.

But I’m adding “Cold”  because Winter is coming just as  something very wicked is coming along with it.


Makes me so mad,  because just as people are going to need their furnaces, a matter of life and death around here and in much of our country,  our Rulers have decided to increase the pressure on us by raising our heating bills to unaffordable levels.

It’s a win-win situation for them;  lose-lose for us.

First of all, forget nuclear power plants.   ALL of them are expensive.  ALL of them are leaking radiation into the atmosphere and/or ground water.   Almost all of them are operating past their permitted time of 40 years – but we don’t know what to do with the aging power plants,and even if we did,  we have no idea what to do with the “spent”  fuel rods which are inconceivably dangerous to us.

(Remember what happened in the back areas of Carlsbad Caverns!!)

Humans!      “The gods give us toys that will destroy us.”    (See enenews on the sidebar if you don’t know what’s going on in Fukushima – no, it’s not over…)

The rain on my deck should not be THREE times the acceptable background radiation:











These readings have gone up over 200 after some rainstorms.

I said “our Rulers have decided to increase the pressure on us”  and one of the ways to get our attention is to drive up the cost of heating and cooling.    When the Barack Hussein person was first put into office by them,  he announced that he would make our utility costs  skyrocket.         Skyrocket beyond affordability!

There!   That ought to make us agree with his plan to shut down coal plants,  prevent us from  using our own  natural gas and oil resrevs,  keeping us dependent upon Arab (Muslim) sources of fuels,    with the added benefit to his Rulers of being able to extend the myth of “global warming.”

The Barack Hussein person got applause for this from his own audience – and kudos of approval from the entertainment-news media.



Just if you go by facts alone, the actual numbers,  coal mining has successfully implemented rules and regulations to make it a cleaner industry and safe.    Just statistically speaking.



Just if you go by facts alone, the actual numbers,  the nuclear power industry has implemented rules and regulations but has still not achieved safety nor efficiency nor cost- effectiveness.    Just statistically speaking.   Nearly ALL of your power plants have passed their safe age of operation.


We have “weather”    here in the Far North.   We have a  “climate.” 

It gets very hot here in our summer months – not for long,  but for long enough.  It’s natural in our summers.  It’s always happened.

One day this summer I was listening to our local news and item # 1  was that on this particularly warm day there were power outages, blackouts and brownouts due to increasing need for air conditioning.   This was unusual, so the news-reader read out the explanation:     So many power plants had been shut down recently by decree,  dictatorial decree,  that the remaining power plants cannot produce enough power that can  be distributed around our state (for cooling or heating) !

Without blinking,  this news reader then went on to read another part of her script:   Our state has received orders  to shut down 30 more power plants in the near future.       And the state government will do so.

We don’t have enough power –  so shut down some more power plants.


No local input.   No local control.   No citizen input.   No citizen control over our own well-being.

Apparently this is happening in state after state.

Something very cold is coming:  Winter in the Far North.

Something very wicked is approaching:     Global socialism . . .  the control mechanism of our Rulers.

 Election 2016:           Them versus You.

Laws that benefit Americans?   Or Rules that make our Rulers stronger?        This is truly War Against America.   Slowly “transforming” America.     Vote to continue that – or vote to stop it.

Flag don't tread.jpg


October 14, 2010

Here is that gorgeous Acrylic Fountain outside the Heart Clinic at the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio.   It’s a lovely mint green, although the color doesn’t show up in the shadows.

It’s actually a surprise that I even have this photo.   It was taken from a brand-new cell phone which I didn’t know how to work at the time.

It’s also a surprise because the trip to Cleveland came on us very suddenly.    Hubbie has severe heart disease and is in some late stage of heart failure.   The wizard-doctors at the Cleveland Clinic have him appearing to be almost normal at times, but every once in a while, the severity of the disease manifests itself, and we go to Cleveland for “more tests.”

After two sleepless nights at home, we found ourselves early Wednesday morning heading out towards our nearby Interstate, with me driving and asking Hubbie, “Okay, do I turn right to go to the emergency room or do I turn left and we drive all the way to Cleveland?”    

His face was gray, he was having trouble breathing, and once we were pointed towards the Ohio Turnpike,  he kindly informed me that his chest was feeling “tight.”    His decision was to go forward, on to Cleveland.    Made for a tense four-hour drive.

The doctors, nurses, technicians, receptionists, and even the janitors  (is that what they’re called now?)  were all very, very kind and gracious and friendly.   They all made us feel like guests.   

Here is the skyline of Cleveland, looking from somewhere on Lake Erie.

Hubbie wasn’t admitted to the hospital,  but the tests lasted two full days, so we had to stay in one of those shorter buildings that you see, a lovely downtown type hotel.

Hubbie is safe at home and looks pretty good.    We’ll be hearing from the doctor(s) next week sometime, after various committees see the results of the tests.

And life goes on for us again……

Deo gratias.