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March 25, 2018

(From the last posting):   Isaiah 3:4 –  “And I will give children to be their princes.”   

These words were  meant to be a warning to Israel, who had left the teachings of Moses;  and by analogy  it’s meant to be a warning to any society who turns its back on God.   That’s just the way it works.

“Young adults”  who are easily stroked and flattered are enlisted to put forth a “new agenda” for old, failed revolutionary marxist hopes even as the adults become weak,  immoral, confused, and degenerate.


Two headlines in the news today, one secular marxist,  the other religious marxist:

First is this  (paraphrased):   “The Barack-Hussein person in a speech in Japan ponders a million Young Barack Obamas.”     This is not new.  When this person was put in the office of our presidency  ten years ago, he announced the creation of a Million Man Force of young people to  implement his marxist agenda.   He boasted that it will be larger than and better funded than the American military.

Reminiscent of  . . .   dare I say it?  (  ———‘s  Youth.)

Second,  on the religious side,  the short-sighted arrogance of “young people” are being pumped up  and encouraged to defy any adults who get in their way.   Really!   The headlines read:    “Pope to young people:  Do Not Let Your Elders Silence Your Voices!”     

arm yuoth fest

A “catholic”  youth festival –  don’t be silenced!

 Yeah.   Do not let the older generation get in the way of your marxist-infused agenda.

Reminiscent of  . . .   dare I say it?  ( —–‘s Youth, who  were encouraged to defy their elders and spy on their parents.)

Do we dare contemplate the consequences of a manipulated Youth Movement?

Think:  Arm Bands.  As shocking as it seems,  I’ve been watching increasing numbers of  photos  showing armbands and fierce nazi scowls on these “youth.”

ARM BAND for Change

“Armbands for change”

There were instructions about how to construct an Arm Band –  on this photo someone has written over the picture to remind us of the danger of politicized  Youth Movements.


ARM bands didn't ened well

Of course, one of the first tasks of  all totalitarian societies is  Gun Confiscation.   The children recruited for this current Youth Movement could not explain to the cameras recently what kinds of restrictions,  what kinds of guns,  or even identify any of the different guns,   but they are given scripts and mottoes and a pulpit in front of cameras.

There were directions on what to say to the press:


Reminiscent of . .  .  dare I say it?    . .  .  of the Hitler Youth who were propagandized in German schools and encouraged to believe they were In Power.    As Walt Disney told us a few decades ago when this revolution was just beginning:  “YOU are the LEADERS of the TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY !!!!!!!”     (Mickey Mouse Club  echoes in my ears.)

But it took a couple generations to get us to where a very dangerous Youth Movement could actually arise.

“A million Young Barack Obamas” ??      Youth of the World told to not listen to the older generation??       Adult teachers and celebrities and politicians driving and financing political youth rallies — and punishing those students who do not want to participate?

There were “instructions” and there were “directions” and there is a Role Model:

Arm nazi salute hogg

Will there be gray shirts instead of brown shirts?


Revolutions build slowly, they wind up, and then without warning burst onto the stage of history.   They are never safe and mild.    Might makes right in a revolution and there are always those who want  to grab power away from a civilized society.

A godless culture cannot go on forever, it falls in many ways,  and  one of the  signs that a culture is failing is that the adults watch in perplexity as “young people”  are used to push forward a “new agenda”   by power-grabbers.


(God help us.    This is a supernatural issue.)