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October 7, 2016

Well, in reality, a hurricane has “just happened.”

From someone who experienced the hurricane last night (my sister):    “the house shook, the roof made shifting sounds in the wind,  the glass in the windows buckled in and out, and then the power went out.”

Howling and roaring winds passed overhead in the dark over a period of many hours.

Electricity is out in many places in Melbourne right now, the day after, and traffic lights still don’t work,  but there’s no widespread damage.   It’s pretty bad if it’s your tree that fell over or your boat that was sunk,   but   in general,  things are unexpectedly better than had been anticipated.  Things will be repaired and improved, for next time.

My sister is okay, her house is okay,  her horses are okay, and her cat is okay.     A time for thanksgiving to God,  because many prayers were said, by all who knew anyone who are affected by  Hurricane Matthew.


What else just happened?   There was a “second hurricane,”  a  phantom hurricane created on television.     Now, I’m glad for the information, the minute by minute coverage, and I liked reading all the “numbers”:  wind speed, latitude and longitude,  barometric pressure, direction –  but there came a time during the night when I noticed that the “numbers”  did not quite add up to what was being described by all the entertainment-news people.

(I’ll admit to watching more than twenty hours of coverage.    I saw a lot.)

What we got from the  news people, in between the “numbers,”  was imminent death,  threats, warnings,  exhortations, badgering, and hysterical fear-mongering, actually.    “People will die.”    “Your children will die.”   “No one is going to rescue you and no one will feel sorry for you.”    You’re stupid if you don’t evacuate . . . .

Here in the Far North,  I even began to feel a little beaten down by the rhetoric.

The television people got more and more supercilious as the night went on.   Domineering.   Contemptuous.   I couldn’t believe how dictatorial the talk had become.   Finally one lesser known television talker asked an official that if someone doesn’t “evacuate”  in an evacuation zone,  could you send the police in and forcibly take them out?     Seemed like it would be “for their own good.”  For peace and tranquility in the land!

(Fortunately, the official answer was “no.”)

What was happening?    Where was this dictatorial attitude coming from?    It was a side show to the actual hurricane news.

And it was unsettling.

When did our public “servants”  develop such disapproving contempt for those of us who don’t mindlessly obey the dictates of their opinions?

Let’s be very careful during this coming election. . . .

Our independent attitude is —  deplorable!



To follow up and clarify:

It was the demanding, dictatorial, supercilious  (know-it-all)  attitude of the officials and entertainment news people that I was observing during the hurricane and that was so troubling to me.

(Of course, some people should have evacuated, many did.    Some chose not to –  they are not stupid and dumb; they assessed the situation and accepted the risk of doing what they did.      And of course the television news provided some good and useful information.)

But let’s look at another area where this growing dictatorial, bullying, attitude is becoming evident.    This is the season of the year that you “must”  shoot-yourself-up with . . .  not illegal drugs . . .   but with —  aluminum!!!      And you must inject into your body —    formaldehyde!!     And anti-freeze  (ethylene glycol or , close, propylene glycol).    How about aspartame?   Not drink it in your diet drinks,  but inject it directly into your body.   And, for Halloween –  you “must”  inject into yourself . . .  human baby cells!!    Aborted human baby cells, that is.      How about mercury, a known human toxin, as are most of the other ingredients I just mentioned.

Sound mad?   Sound insane?

Well.  But.  If you don’t,   you are “contemptible,”  “stupid,”   “dangerous,”   “ignorant,” —   and the government agency responsible for delivering these ingredients into our bodies is looking for ways to force us to do this, even when we consider all the facts, and make a personal choice to not have these things put into our bodies,  or into the bodies of our old people or our children, where they do so much harm.

As a matter of fact,   the whole ideology of “mandatory vaccines”  is a growing trend among our Rulers.     Culling the population, so to speak.     There are too many of us.

But you are free to choose to do this to yourself if you want to.      You’ll have plenty of encouragment.      You don’t want, “the flu”  do you?

As one person had asked  “Will you send the police to force us out of our homes during a hurricane?”       You ought to read what’s coming for those who do not want to do harm to our bodies – in the name of “health.”

Supercilious,  dictatorial,  anti-choice politicians.


9-11-01 MUCH DIED

September 11, 2016

Yeah . . . “much died” –  not “many.”   Many did die that day, and are still dying because of it,  but 9-11 was the day I realized much had died.   Much of America had already died.

And on that day I began to grieve.

Because gravity and kerosene  (JP-8 fuel)  do NOT do this:



So reason Number 1  that I began to grieve is because about a year or so earlier,  a pretty good-sized passenger plane crashed into the upper floors of a high-rise building – in  Italy.    Those floors and the immediate adjacent floors burned after the crash.   Totally believable.

It burned for a day or so,   but that building did NOT disintegrate,  it did not disappear in a free-fall collapse,    it was not pulverized into a fine dust cloud,  and that Italian  high-rise building remained standing.

Construction analysts,  chemical engineers,  architects,  experts from around the world, those who knew of the very special, newly invented Japanese  steel that could resist damage, deformation, and burning  from anything    (anything short of a  —   you know)  . . .  They all rushed to  our aid with their studies.

Their reports were unwanted.    Their reports spoiled the “story.”      This info is still around,  but it’s been so intermingled with official de-bunkers,  that I have no links for you.   I’m not even interested in the details anymore.      I’m getting too old to mingle observable facts with misdirection.


Reason  Number 2 that I began to grieve:

Perky young lady,  British reporter assigned to America,  perhaps her first BIG story!

Top of the hour, 5:00 p.m.  she got her chance!


At 5:00 p.m.  she got to make her Live Report from NYC about the “ongoing story.”    And what did she tell the world?     That,  oh, my,  a third building had just collapsed.     “I’m standing in front of where Building 7 stood . . . ”

Only it was still standing.   She wasn’t looking behind her.   It was still standing.   The arrow above her head was added to a screen shot later, pointing out to us where Building 7 still stood.

She moves a little –


De-bunkers have moved in on this anomaly, mostly with sleight-of-hand verbal tricks.  But  I saw this live on TV on that day;  I remember thinking how odd the timing was.

Because at 5:00 she told us the building had fallen.    Live feed was cut, suddenly.   Back to the studio.

And then, at 5:20,  the building began to fall.

 “Where were you on 9-11?”     We are supposed to ask ourselves this, to keep us in a state of emotional “unity.”       I was alone at home that day.    Two members of my immediate family were far away,   one in California (more than 2,500 miles away!)    and Hubbie away in the Far Far North.    Those two called me a couple times.  They were alarmed and they were scared.    My daughter even asked if I thought she should go to work that morning –   but by then I had seen the odd and inexplicable things that were being played out on the television screens.

This was going to be a one-time event.    A one-time opportunity.

It was the new narrative, the new story that they were constructing for us, with vivid images and terrible, emotionally wrenching close-ups of victims.   It wasn’t news reporting.  It was story-telling.

And you’d better not contradict that story.

I’ll give you reason Number 3  (for my grief)  a  few postings  later,  when I explain why I don’t fly.



(On  airplanes, that is!)


Because there was one more grievous thing waiting for us on 9-11.


August 28, 2016

Yep,   that would be me!

Here it is:  “There is no such thing as Utopia (on earth)  and it will never happen.”  

Even though we know that “Utopia” is a made-up word that means:  “no place,”  our Global Socialist Rulers desperately need us to believe in a utopia,  because they’ve got one to give us!     We just gotta keep hoping . . .

And they just need us to hand over a little more of our power to them — and to say differently is an act of heresy in the world they’re setting up for us.   So far, the most they can do to retaliate is to call us names.     Nasty names.

Their current chief tactic is  the destabilization of national governments by various uncomfortable and dangerous means  (so that they can step in with their controlled solutions)   – but I want to stick to the heresy part here.

can debunk

Sweden,  the “homeland”  of many of my ancestors is a prime utopia experiment, and it hasn’t been working out so well for the Swedes.

I was going to report on the attacks against Swedes during their latest summer music festival but the number of victims kept going up and up and up, with the attackers being identified as “foreigners.”

. . . Foreigners who have been moved into Sweden with the purpose of destabilizing their whole culture and economy, thus requiring a more powerful “solution.”

But I am glad that some Swedes are beginning to wake up.    “Utopia”  is beginning to be looked at, analyzed,  and then leading them  to the inevitable debunking of the whole utopia idea that was attempted through the method of so-called “Nordic Socialism.”

“Nordic socialism”  seems to have set up a general  “Stockholm syndrome”  in all of Sweden.    “Rock the boat and you don’t get your government allowance!”    But perhaps the Swedes will begin fighting back and claiming back their own country – for themselves to govern.

In the United States elections,  we have a drum beat calling us to a vision of socialist utopianism,  where the   the State takes control of all our problems, regulating and micro-managing our personal  lives and businesses to the point of paralysis,  raising our taxes to even higher levels so more money flows to our Rulers and we have less to manage ourselves — and who owns our own children — and our own personal medical records?

Whew!  I’m not sure the poor, ill woman is up to the task.   Fortunately for her,  she would be just the Front person for the behind-the-scene Rulers.   Why else would they make her so fabulously wealthy – and then protect the source of all the money that flows her way?

hrc got away with it again


Wonder why she gets away with so much?   Wonder why our “Justice System”  can’t touch her?


Well,  that’s one choice.      The other choice gives us a chance to preserve our   freedom of speech, freedom to practice our own religion,  if any,  the ability to exercise all of the freedoms guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights  (that’s where we find the various “amendments”),   the right to determine our own living conditions,  how hard we want to work for material rewards,   how much control we want to have over our local government and our local  schools.

The United States is a kind of Do-It-Yourself country,  within limits,  with some legal restraints,  and with some protection from the vicissitudes of life.

The United States does not promise  a Utopia, no matter who we elect.

There.     I’ve just committed heresy again.


COUNTING COUP with $99,999,999.99

August 25, 2016

   Not too careful with our money, are we?

No comment.   Just sayin’:

Stuffed full  –

Heavy load

C 130

Stuffed full of cash money;  pallets full of cash.   Not US dollars, but cash bought by US dollars, taken out of our pockets.   Loaded onto a transport plane.

Flown to Iran.

The deed didn’t quite stay hidden, and became public seven months after the deed was done.

Explanation?    It had to be cash because we don’t have banking agreements with Iran so we couldn’t “write them a check”  and we couldn’t “use wire transfers.”

Then:   further revelations  –

More secret deeds.

Discovered were “several” wire transfers from the U.S.  to Iran.      More money from our pockets and wallets and household budgets flowing out to Iran.   Each wire transfer was $999,999,999.99.

13 of them.   13 “identical”  wire transfers,  according to a spokesman from “our” Department of Defense. *

I guess we did have  “banking arrangements”  after all.

That’s a lot of money flowing out of our pockets to Iran.

But I think they’re grateful.   They acknowledged us – the “new us.”      Yesterday it was announced that Iran “buzzed” our big navy ship with their military boats.  Menacing.

Counting coup,  so to speak.

Counting Coup

Counting Coup – Not a killing blow, just a humiliating strike


Counting coup against the Barack Hussein person’s  vastly weakened navy.

I say we’d better patch that hole in our pockets.

And get up off our knees.


Bar wavy

. *   It will soon be against international law to link to news articles, according to some experts,  now that we’re in the process of giving up control of the Internet to foreign interests  —  and giving up our sovereign rights to make our own laws.

However,  I think it’s still legal to tell you where some of the information came from.




August 15, 2016

What does Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have to do with Elvis Presley?

I suppose we’ve all heard the words coming out of the Milwaukee thugs:


Quote:   “Dey got all the money and, like, dey don’t give us none!”

(Like, the obvious thing would be to investigate this young man’s schoolteachers.   And probably fire them.)   *

Black rage is all the rage.    Rage is all the rage.    Violent overthrow of governments is all the rage.     Violent overthrow of Western culture is all the rage . . .    but let’s stick here to the United States.

Because which ever  young man said the above quote “Dey got all the money . . .” is absolutely correct in that.   Analysis after analysis shows that the middle class is being made to shrink in every Western country,  from Australia to Europe to America and Canada.  The middle class goes to work and earns salaries; and with their earned money they either make purchases and/or investments so that inventors and entrepreneurs and businesses can grow, giving the country more wealth and more material goods and more opportunity.      But with increasing difficulty.

Where did all their money go?     Remember the socialist/progressive motto from the Alinksy-ites?     “Top down,  bottom up — and squeeze out the middle!”    They are experts at doing this.   Bring the successful business owners down;    promote costly  unrest among the bottom class;  and then where does the money go that gets squeezed out of the middle class?


Even foreign newspapers are reporting on this.   The wealth of the middle class goes to the super uber elite who does the bidding of our Rulers.    George Soros  (not his real name) — who is a super elite, does the bidding of the Ruling Elite, channeling funds into various revolutionary tools like Black Rage, Black Power, Black Live Matter, the New Black Panthers.

(Who do you think will receive the so-called Carbon Tax money?)

The ruling Elite get what they pay for.


$33,000,000 is a vast sum of money, and the money is needed to promote these huge violent outbursts.     In Milwaukee,  a Black policeman shot a Black man who had a gun and refused to put it down,  and then ran off with the gun.   He died from that gunshot wound.    This is reason enough to announce that White people will be hunted down and attacked and killed and their property damaged.

So the Milwaukee thug ** got it right.   Soros and his kind DO have our money.  And it’s being used for this:



Oh, yeah —  What does Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have to do with Elvis Presley?

This is the week for big celebrations of the life of Elvis Presley in his Graceland mansion in Tennessee.  I’m not much of an Elvis fan.  Even as a teenager I recognized his role in breaking down moral values and cultural safeguards.      But he has a great voice.    An amazing amount of people of all ages visit his home every year in mid-August.

Black Lives Matter,  the New Black Panthers, etc.   plan a visit to Graceland too.  This group of experienced riot thugs plan to – in their words –  “Shut down Graceland.”  ***

The name of this group?

Coalition of Concerned Citizens

They shouldn’t  be concerned.     They’ll get their transportation money and attention and sympathy and “fame.”

My friends and readers from other countries should know:    Ordinary American citizens are under attack.   We are not racist.  You’d have trouble finding racists among ordinary American citizens.    But we are under attack BY the racists.   

Bar wavy


.*   Definitely this young man’s teachers should be held accountable, as well as the school  SYSTEM  that allowed him to leave school being uneducated, inarticulate,  and so vulnerable to propaganda that divides races . . .

But so also should we examine the media which feeds this racist violence into these young men.

And so also are the churches at fault for not teaching,  demonstrating, and requiring good moral behavior.

And so also should the incompetent parents be looked at a because they deprived their children of  the values of Western culture.     Perhaps the parents need to be helped too –  you cannot give what you do not have.    

We have a complex cultural problem here, and it would take the Will of the People and determined hard work to restore American values among large groups of “Americans.”


.**    Thug:  (definition)    Someone who is violent, especially a criminal.     The Black man who was shot in Milwaukee by the Black police officer was a criminal known to the police, and he had a long “rap sheet”  of violent crimes on his record.


.***    You can read about this here, in this article.







July 26, 2016

Dear Mrs. Clinton . . . .

Well, never mind.  Don’t worry about a thing.   Your friends in the entertainment-news media won’t tell us anything.

You’re safe.

Bar wavy


Sorry.    This posting has been canceled.   I wrote about many of the things that your friends in the entertainment-news media won’t tell us . . .  and then I got sick to my stomach.

Bar wavy


Sick, thinking about all the dirty deceptions going on.   Oh, no —  I know this happens in politics with some (some, not all) politicians.     But I’ve never seen this level of unchallenged hypocrisy and lying.      Facts are facts, and saying they’re not doesn’t make them not true.    Facts remain.    (Or are we being played for idiots?)

But what makes it worse is that the DNC and the media are working together to elect this one into office.

It’s Collusion.

And we, the public,  are the victims of collusion.   The media and the DNC work together to trick and deceive the American people  when our dearest and most important exercise of political freedom is at stake.

From the leaked emails this week:  (the ones leaked so far)
This week, Wikileaks revealed DNC emails discussing their cozy relationships with reporters from NBC, MSNBC, and CNN, and how to get better media treatment for Hillary Clinton.

Exposed also was the Politico writer sending his stories to the DNC before he sent them to his editor.

The DNC was feeding CNN the questions they want to be asked in interviews.

The DNC Communications Director sent emails to media about Bernie Sanders’ religion to scare the southern (mostly Baptist) voters.

There were emails showing the DNC was upset that their “allies” didn’t send in enough protestors at events, so they sent out interns to to organize fake “protests” at Trump events.

And the leaked emails show DNC officials even planned anti-Trump protests.

Planned a fake ad for employees for Trump,  asking for obviously racist, anti-woman, etc. type of people.


(A partial list repeated in several places . . . )

I see blatant lies being told on the entertainment-news television media this week, and the lies are unchallenged,  unquestioned,  and celebrated , as though they were true and wonderful.   These people know the Real Hillary Clinton –  and they don’t care!

She has broken so many federal laws . . .   and it’s  . . .   it doesn’t matter.

Good grief!!!!     Is this Venezuela?    Are we bring promised an economic and social Utopia by a “saintly”   Presidente?   Imperial Rule and the Ruler is above the Law?

I understand why so many Republicans and Democrats are chanting    “Lock her up!”

Lock her up!

The alternative is to reward her . . .


Bar wavy


Please, can’t the Democrats come up with an honorable candidate?


July 9, 2016


Oh, my –  I’ve just been listening to foreign news services –    those who, like American entertainment- news services are under the control of our future Rulers

We know that “World Governance”  is a euphemism for saying “Dictatorship” – a dictatorship on a global level –  because in order to “rule” the whole world, there has to be strong “rules.”   This agenda  (to form  world governance) is alive and well and strong.
In order to advance this agenda,  one thing that’s necessary is to disarm all the citizens of the world.  Then,  only the dictators , our Rulers,  will have guns.    And then we’re ready to be “governed.”
An example of how we’re “gently”  brought into the program is this  one sentence which I heard:      “Police are killing black men and black men are shooting the police.    That just shows how divided America is and that there are too many guns out there.”
Well, no,  America is not that divided.      America is a lot less divided than you make it out to be, although it is emotionally more stirring and gripping to look at an America on the brink of civil war.    There are pockets of extreme angry people, and that plays well on video.  The danger is that, as I said in the last post,  the entertainment news stories will be incitement to increasing violence.    They have a responsibility.   Let’s hope they know that, and can restrain themselves.
This gun-control agenda:

Replica doesn't work
Studies,   peer-reviewed and more than one,   have shown that :
# 1  deaths by guns are down,  51% of what they were a few years ago.   LESS death by guns.
#2  Study after study show that where guns are prohibited, in whole countries or in cities,  around the world,   the crime rate goes UP.   Studies.  Show.  Crime rates. Go UP.  When guns are taken out of the hands of the average citizen.
# 3 –  Among people killed by policemen,  twice as many WHITE people than Black people have been killed.  That’s just statistics.  That’s just the numbers without the biased agenda at play.   Twice as many more White people are killed than Black people.
#4 – “The right to bear arms”  is not about target practice,  not about deer hunting,  not even about protecting yourself from crime in those twenty or thirty minutes before the police can finally make it to your house.     No,  this amendment to our Constitution was about American citizens protecting themselves against a future tyrannical government which might rise in the place of our Constitutional government.  It’s to protect the citizens against tyranny.     As many have said,  if anyone comes in and changes our government and the way it works,   Americans have a DUTY to overthrow it and restore true American government, as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.   that’s written down in our history.
(And,  no they were not stuck in the 18th century.   They had the knowledge of politics and of human nature to foresee future contingencies.)
It’s up to you, entertainment-news people and the people who believe you,  to prove these studies wrong.     But,  if you cannot prove them wrong,  then  upon what basis do you still  disbelieve?
. . . on the basis of a world governance agenda?

bar dissolve er
The globalists also need a “federal” police.     Watch for the call for a federalized police force    “because we are so divided and ready to do violence.”

It’s already in the air.


July 9, 2016

Where is it that we get our information from?

Today's News

Who is it that points the telescope for us,  telling us what to look at,  what we should know?

(. . . . .)

I’m glad I didn’t post here all that I wrote this morning (and yesterday).    I had just spent many hours watching the developing story of the sniper-assassin in Dallas who shot into policemen who were protecting Black Lives Matter people –   five, now, having been killed –  and I was full of too many thoughts.

But just one (thought) answers the question that one official asked the television cameras last night.  He asked,“Why are we becoming such a divided nation?”   

Why indeed.

The shooter gives us the answer:     He spoke words of “cops”  killing Black men;   of “cops” being racist;    of being victimized by Whites and he doesn’t want to “take it anymore;   of it being time to kill whites,  “cops”  specifically.     The words attributed to him towards the end are the very same words and phrases that I’ve been hearing all year on the TV entertainment-news media, and recently,  much more frequently.

The media constantly interviews and reports and showcases those radical Black-racist views that give expression  to violent racism against White people.     Of course their words arouse the audience and makes them emotionally willing to come back to that “news” outlet for more.    

SpiderBots  ( For the spider-bots:   Personally, a disclaimer here,  I reject the use of violence against anyone as a means to solve problems.  I’m merely observing.)


“An unexamined life is not worth living.” *

Where do you get your viewpoints from?     Usually we get our viewpoints and attitudes from what we hear,**  from what the people around us  are saying  (choose your friends wisely) ***,  or from the words we hear broadcast out to us on the entertainment-news media  (television, radio,  movies, and music).

What we have heard up to this shooting in Dallas is an incitement to violence.   Although outwardly we reject violence,  inwardly, subconsciously,  it’s difficult to resist the attitude that we hear all around us.

We call this  Incitement.   An incitement to violence.   Even if we hear about it in the context of  “tsk, tsk,    we shouldn’t act like that,”     we still hear it – and what we choose to hear is often what we begin to identify with.


(1)   Do you know who this is?

HS 1

Crazy eyes, nicht war?   Maybe this will help:

HS 3

Yes, that’s Charles Manson.  a thrown-away, abused little boy who slept in the gutters at age 9;   and who grew up with hatred, revenge,  and violent ideas in his heart.    He preached something called Helter-Skelter,  made popular by the occult-driven music group called the Beetles.

Helter-Skelter meant a society that is completely broken down and is in the throes of a violent civil war,  races against races,  poor against rich,  region against region, etc.      It wasn’t happening fast enough for Charles Manson, so he and his little band of drugged-up outlaws went on a murderous rampage one day (two days)  in order to jump-start Helter-Skelter.

This is a curious, almost “quaint” bit of history from America’s Hippy Days,   when the  Sixty-Eighters rose to prominence in the entertainment-news media.

But these Sixty-Eighters, with civil war and revolutionary ideas in their thoughts, were not limited to weird Charles Manson cults.    Their grandchildren think it’s funny to wear Charlie Manson hero t-shirts.

HS 4.jpg


But today the   civil war promoters  more often wear suits,  expensive suits.

(2 )   Do you know who this is?

HS 5 saul

We Americans had better know who this is.   He is Saul Alinski, who along with radicals like Professor Cloward and Professor Pivens  taught today’s radicals everything they need to know in order to be triumphant in transforming America, slowly, progressively, into their own image.

Alinski’s book is a blueprint, faithfully and successfully followed by the Progressive-Leftists in our own nation.

These people named above  were the mentors of such men as:

hs 6 bh

. . .  this one,  the triumphant one who was given the new name of “Barack Hussein”  in order to appeal to radicalized Black groups, such as Jeremiah Wright,  a “reverend” in Chicago who helped Barry Sotoero to feel comfortable “acting like a Christian” while publicly  denying his Muslim roots.

(Fact check, if you’re unaware:  the only school records we have of this man show him as a Malaysian  citizen and of the Muslim religion.  Whatever.   Whatever:   he didn’t have the same upbringing as American citizens.   Please don’t include the booze-filled, drug-filled, sex-filled high school years in Hawaii.   Must we continue to deny the truth? ) ****

These men were also mentors and teachers who taught such women as this:

HC Heads Up

. . . .women, “Progressives,”    too can be used to rule over a transformed America –  after the civil war.   From this woman’s lips, after the Dallas shooting of targeted  white policemen came the sentiment that White people need to learn and to change.  *****

“Them thar’s fightin’ words,” as Americans used to say.

Them thar words indicate that Helter-Skelter has not left the minds of these ageing Sixty-Eighters and their unsuspecting young followers.      (Also called, by Vladmir  Lenin,  “the useful idiots.”)

American citizens don’t want change-by-revolution or by civil war.    We want to live by our Constitution which directs us to laws that apply equally to all citizens, and a society in which difficulties, flaws, and weaknesses in our system are worked out peacefully by Americans without a hidden agenda.

Eventually,  all citizens are equal under the law.       (If you look at recent committee hearings,  FBI proceedings, and such exercises such as those,  you will see how far we’ve strayed from “equal” before the law.)

We must be very discerning about what we are hearing from the various media sources.  Is it true?     Is it reasonable?     Is it of any lasting value?   Is it helpful?       What do we know and how do we come by that  knowledge?

bar dissolve er

About the “cops”  killing people issue,  study after study show that twice as many White men are shot to death by policemen as Black men.      For my foreign readers,  yes,  “bad cops” are prosecuted – and jailed.  We don’t need a civil uprising of one segment of society to “transform” our nation into some extreme-leftist attempt at a Utopia.

(Which, to save more ‘stars’ —  Utopia means:  No Place.   Intelligent people know that a Utopia doesn’t exist. )

bar dissolve er


. *       Attributed to Socrates, whose thoughts are one point in the development of our Civilization, and who is, thus,  relevant for today’s world.

. **      I say hear but not “see and hear”  because generally what we see is interpreted by us and by others with words.    Hearing is a very deep, intimate way that we learn.

. ***     “Birds of a feather flock together.”     

. ****    See:  “The Emperor’s New Clothes”,    an old children’s story teaching moral courage

*****   If you care enough:     In interviews reported by mainstream media as well as Internet reporting sites,  she is quoted and video’d as saying:

“Look, I don’t believe you change hearts,” Clinton shot back. “I believe you change laws, you change allocation of resources, you change the way systems operate. You’re not going to change every heart. You’re not.”  

To a Progressive/socialist/revolutionary/etc.   individual people are simply cyphers,  economic units to be utilized and managed.   That’s you, my dear readers.    Just an economic unit to be factored into political action.  You don’t have a brain;  you don’t have a heart to care about “things that really matter.”

At least, not enough of you that matters in order to Transform America.



July 6, 2016

“Amber waves of grain . . .”   (I showed you that on the Fourth of July.)

“Home, home on the range . . .”    (I hope you can sing that song.)

“Don’t Fence Me In.”      (My favorite!   “Oh give me land lotsa land under starry skies above  . . .”)

I wonder if Americans in general know how big and vast and expansive our country is!!   We are mostly  EMPTY space, here in America  — and I suspect most other places of the world too.

Soooo,  paying taxes is  a pretty American thing to do, and my summer taxes were on my to-do list today.        How do you pay your taxes?   

tax bill      I like to pay this in person,  chat with the township treasurer,  find out what’s going on.   And although sometimes it seems I live  in a town, near a little city, the capital city of our state, actually,  my neighborhood is set in the middle of wide open spaces.

I’ve taken The Spruce Tunnel along these country roads before.  Come ride with me again.  We have to pay the summer taxes!     Here we are starting out.

T Setting out

And five minutes later –

T 2 country road

Then we turned down another country road.    One of my friends lives  in one of those houses there on the side –

T 3 houses

That green sign said “keep going”    – sort of.      The road “opens up” –

T 4 bean field

It should have continued to be a nice relaxing drive but that X in the sky started a whole bunch of unwanted thoughts in my head.  (It’s against the Federal Aviation Agency’s regulations to cross air routes like that. )  More on that later.

Traffic !!! T red

There.      Not one,  but two joggers on the road!

(Usually it’s cows, goats, dogs, or turtles on the road.)     But I, the car,  have freedom to drive all over, anywhere I need to  be on that road.

Then I see my goal on up ahead, as the skies are getting more ominous.

T 6 distant goal and chems

There’s a parking lot somewhere in there.  I pulled in next to the nice picnic area which is next to a baseball diamond.   Thanks,  Township!

T picnic

Actually,  I’ve used neither, and I’ve managed to miss all the farmer’s markets and flea markets too.  However,  in a few months,   we will take Cooper out there – in the middle of the night ! –  with our telescope and field glasses and “teach a grandson” the beauties of the night.

Business,  in the shade of  the trees:

T bldg

Nice people inside.  I was their only customer,  so they had time  to be friendly and conversational,  making me feel welcome in my own Township.

It’s all about Quality of Life.

I don’t need to show you the roads back.  I took a different route anyway as I continued to work down my list of five or six errands, but the one thing that strung the afternoon  together was the growing intrusion of the outside world . . . overhead.

sky 4 another x

You see,  we may finally get some rain around here.  There’s been a lot of predictions, a lot of false alarms,  but this time I think we’re really going to get some rain –  because of what’s up there,  waiting for the rain to drive it down on those beautiful farmlands you saw in the previous pictures.

Boron.   Cadmium.   Aluminum.   Barium.         Metallic nano-particulates.      “Biological”  material.    Viruses.  Desiccated  red blood cells. . . . .

Lest you think  dumping this on people to breathe in and covering farm and grazing lands with this is all they’re using this for,  here is a common use of the metallic particles –

sky 2 waves

Those aren’t “clouds” pushed together by winds –  those are the particulate matter fogs that are being targeted by energy waves.    Waves.    Waves of energy.  First you lay down the fog,  then you direct energy waves through it.  Very useful.

Just a reminder that as peaceful and pleasant that wide-open spaces can be,   there is always an “outside” world that we have to be vigilant against.    If we ignore it, it won’t end well.

sky 1

Here’s a parking lot for another one of my errands today.

Yep.  It’s going to rain pretty soon for sure.     Our bodies and our animals and our crops are going to have another big dose of “stuff”  to deal with.



June 20, 2016

Well, a deception is a lie, a deliberately planned lie, to further an agenda.


Step 1.      Raw facts:     The  shooter of over a hundred people at the night club in Orlando, FL, called in to 911 immediately after and proclaimed: “I am the shooter.  I am a soldier of ISIS.  I did it because the US is bombing our territory in Syria  and Iraq) .    I did it for Allah.”     (Roughly speaking.   He spoke these words to the 911 operator in Arabic.)

Step 2.     Tell government spokesmen and news media people to remove all references to ISIS.     And  to “extremist.”     To  “jihadist.”      To “Islam.”

Step 3.      Change the word Allah to  God.    (Even though they mean the same thing and Christians in the  Middle East and  Arabic Christians,   say “Allah”  when they address the Christian God.)

Step 4.  Keep emphasizing that the victims were at a gay bar.   De-emphasize the fact that the shooter himself has committed acts of sodomy  and self-identifies as gay.   Keep putting doubts in the minds of the general public, despite witnesses who knew the man.  And his wife.

Step 5.  Keep emphasizing that the shooter used an “assault”  gun – even though he didn’t, and even though the caliber of bullets used were .223,  pretty darn small and not generally associated with any assault rifle.

Step 6.  Keep counting on the general public to not be aware of the details . . .  fuzzy thinkers are easily persuaded.


“The shooter was an unhappy man with a troubled youth.   He was an American citizen who just went crazy and used an evil gun to shoot at innocent gay people”, or whatever series of letters they want to call themselves by.

CONCLUSION:     This was merely a Hate Crime.      This calls for “stricter”  gun control laws – also left “fuzzy”  so that they can fill in the blanks later – and club anyone over the head who disagrees.

Therefore, we’ve gone from a follower of ISIS, who attacked and killed American citizens   . . .  to a “lone gunman”   who has committed a Hate Crime.


The Agenda of World Global Socialism, our Rulers:

Disarm the American people (by increments.)

Degrade the morality of the general public – (as per the Communist Manifesto – look that up, for goodess’ sakes!)

Deceive  the Western World as to who their enemy is.


WORD: Rulers

March 15, 2016

The whole point of having elections is to give the impression that you believe that people are smart enough to know what they want and to know what’s good for them – in general.    If that’s true,  then you can overthrow your king.   And hold elections.

R Vote

The Word:   Rulers

I look at the heads of state,  the presiders of the various nations,  the governors, leaders –  and I see them all acting in a similar way — and generally against the welfare of the people they are governing.  Truly leading the people in  directions the people do not want to go,  in nation after nation,   with just enough finesse that the people are not stirred up into a troublesome rebellion.

So why is this happening?     Who is ruling these heads of state and presiders and governors?    No conspiracy theory, just an observation:  Something is guiding them all into a similar goal,  into a  same purpose.   I call this group our Rulers.

That’s how I use the term here in the Spruce Tunnel:  Our Rulers.

It’s not that the Rulers are powerful.  It’s that they are powerful beyond our imagining.

The Rulers are not just very, very, very rich;  not even merely billionaires.   The Rulers are rich beyond imagining.

But they richly reward those who cooperate and obey — and those who repudiate any values and virtues which would impede their will.

Two categories of examples:

Let’s compare a couple of presidents in the U.S. and their families.    The many speeches, eulogies, and personal testimonies that I heard recently regarding Nancy Reagan made me happy to have been alive in her time – she is inspiring in some ways –  and it also made me question:   Why is the only thing I had associated with her name the fact that she chose new china for White House dinners?

Seems like a trivial matter, doesn’t it?   Truly,  it was a fact that the White House china had not been replaced in about forty years, and it was getting faded and obviously old.   I’m an American.  I’d like us to present a good table for visiting dignitaries.    She selected an elegant, though modest, set of new dishes.*    It was her right and her duty as First Lady.

r china
Yet, in spite of using  her own money and I think some private money donated by friends,  the entertainment-news media were told to excoriate her for her “extravagance,”  and they led the public to believe that she had been profligate with taxpayer money.  I remember reading those “news” stories.    It was a lie, but a strongly-stated, oft-repeated lie.   I’m so sorry, Nancy Reagan, that for many years when I heard your name I saw . . .   dishes.

r gown
All over the news on this day,  I see the two daughters of another version of the presidential family wearing new $20,000 dinner gowns*  – to be worn once, to be sure.   Two daughters:   $40,000 — and paid for by our taxes.  Did you know your money bought the r gown 2dresses?

I hear of “vacations”  by this family in the half-million and million dollar ranges – for each “outing.”

Our rulers richly reward some;  and others they don’t.

Values and Virtues?    

Nancy Reagan was mocked and ridiculed for her Just Say No campaign,  which was inspired by a conversation she had with some young people who were were in the midst of the drug battle.   She asked them;  they answered:  Just Say No.   There are many grateful testimonies that the campaign worked.

You wouldn’t believe it by hearing the entertainment-news media talk about it.   Mocked and ridiculed for just saying no.   We were taught to believe that the slogan was simplistic and unrealistic.

But what if you’re the other kind of person,   what if you don’t uphold or promote such personal virtuous behavior?    The auto-biography   (so-called “auto”biography)  of the other presider is full of personal stories of drug use, from the purported “harmless”  drugs right down to cocaine use.  It’s there in his book,  shockingly.   Parties and constant drunkenness,  admitted only for his teen years.    Constant sexual activity,  with same sex partners, as reported by companions.     That’s why I’m not naming any names.   (He who has ears to hear, let him hear here!)   He says he was a mediocre student (Harvard material?)  and wonders if he could have been better.   Just Say . . . “okay.”

So I repeat:   The word “Rulers”:    Those who Rule or who are in charge,  behind the scenes.  Those who use heads of state,  governors,  presiders,   leaders of nations, and celebrities of nations to do their bidding and who richly reward and protect those who cooperate.

And generally disregard the good of the people and of their general welfare.  **

How do you know if our Rulers are getting annoyed?    They begin to throw out bad names at those who don’t “cooperate.”     Of course you are not a Nazi or a Fascist or on the Extreme Radical (Dangerous)  Right!   Of course not.    But you’ve objected. . . .

There is a lot at stake in the American election come this November.

Bar fancy line


. *  Not the actual china or dinner gowns.  (But the actual gowns are rather immodest.)

. **  Although for several thousand years it’s been studied and taught what is the welfare of the people, what is the general good,  what is good governing,  good politics,  good civil behavior for both leaders and population,  these studies have been withheld from students around the world in most  school curricula in the past few decades.

Rare is the person who has studied what made Western Civilization a great source of freedom for the individual.

Our human Dignity –  the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of (true) happiness – is God-given and can’t be “alienated” from us;  but the Freedom to express those rights can be taken away.


WORD: Trumped

March 13, 2016

(Again,  as I’ve written before,  I endorse no candidate and promote no specific political party.  I don’t get too much of my news from American news media which is leftist or extreme leftist.  I prefer not to be propagandized.) 

But I do observe:

Trumped —  the process by which a man is attacked by  Illogical accusations,  savage name-calling, exaggerated  scorn, misplaced blame, and deceptive slogans,  simply because the man does not agree with your political opinions.

Opinions,  viewpoints – that’s all they are;  but some think that only theirs should be heard,  and the right to freely speak should be suppressed.

“To freely speak” —  Ironic,  because most of the savage attacks are bought and paid for, promoted with professional signs and t-shirts and ready-made slogans — about which the attackers are told to say  “I do not wish to give my reason.”   Just make sure to suppress or interfere with the right of others to freely speak.

Oh,  yes, and blame the person whom you are attacking.  Say:  “He caused it.”

The resulting confusion will be sure to stop the discussion of the actual issues,  a desired by-product of Trumping.


Interesting that the people who are doing it,  young ones and not-so young,  don’t seem to realize that this tactic is an old, old, old one;  and has been used wherever democracy has been overturned.  You know,  “if you don’t know history, you are condemned to repeat it.”


February 3, 2016

This is a  serious post,  with a little self-mockery first.   Serious, I say!!   It’s also a serious matter related to but larger than the American elections.

I am apparently more than what I seem to be.   (As are we all. )    As a matter of fact, I learned this again today during a meeting with my financial advisers, who are very competently managing some of Hubbie’s funds for me.  They’ve done well for us and so far our funds have out-performed the market.

Pie 65

But they check with me from time to time to inform me what their plans for these funds are, get my approval, and then we have time to talk about general economic issues.   That’s when I learned that I’m thinking in macro terms, they told me, whereas it’s their job to think,  well,  more locally, so to speak.   They’re thinking of the performance of my specific portfolio,  not in terms of world currency dislocations, or IMF policy, or the coming world debt bubble collapse, or my current favorite indicator:  the  Baltic Dry Index.  We have good conversations,  and they forget for a time that I’m not a professional.

But I have a right to be there, in their office.   Macro or not.

rollerblades 75      And then, speaking of a “right to be there,”  sometimes I sweep into our local “Puck n Pedal”  shop with my Rollerblades,  demanding that my ‘blades be fixed or the worn-out wheels be replaced – right away.   It takes a few moments for the young men to realize that the little ol’ lady standing in front of them wants her Rollerblades back right away!

But I have a right to be there in their little store.   I have Rollerblades, not a cane.

whip 75    Sometimes in my classes,  I illustrate a point by making reference to something that they don’t immediately think I have any experience with.   I recently referred to a good article on Hugh Glass (the real man behind the Revenant movie)  that I had read in the latest issue of my Cowboy magazine.   I didn’t have time to copy down the paragraph, so I brought the whole magazine in.   The evidence was irrefutable.    “She really does like cowboy stuff.”  

But in  spite of  being a midwestern suburbanite who grew up in a large city, and appearing to be calm and quiet (I think?),   I have a right to enjoy the rowdy, active, masculine world of the true Western cowboy,  right?

So it’s about  the right to exist, as a person,  who you are, in all your complexity.

You too have many funny little seemingly contradictory complex points of your life that you enjoy.

You have a right to be who you are.

God made you to be a unique individual with your specific set of characteristics and preferences for a reason.

So here’s the serious part.   I was reading some historical-fiction books on the aftermath of the Battle of Hastings, a bloody time just made for young warriors who could put down uprisings and rebellions –  in the 11th century.    Some of the action took place in an area they named as  ” . . . (well, see name in poster below)

And then I remembered I had just read an article in a European newspaper about the very same small town of (name in poster below)  and its probable soon demise.   Here are some residents:


E children.jpg

They live there with their parents, and some other English families, maybe 200 or so  people in all.   Small village.    I’m sure they are typical and normal people with lives full of complex desires, dreams,  and characteristics – like you and I have.

So my question again:  Do they have a right to exist?

The World Rulers think not — not quite.

Without  acknowledging the consequences,  the people of (this little village)  were suddenly given this announcement:

E poster.jpg

There are no “facilities”  at this village’s  “concourse.”   They have no room for 200 newcomers on top of  the population that is already there.   There is no money.  No housing.   And the people  here have no recourse, no way to protect themselves nor their way of life,   the “200 men of unknown origin”  being, of course,  islamic men from Africa.   Of warrior age,  just like these childrens’ ancestors who protected their land.

Do those lovely little children of   (this village)   have the wrong color of skin?  The wrong religion?

Do they not have a right to exist – as they are?

Does this old historic area of English people have no right to continue on?

Or do we just kick them out and ruin their little village —


Do people who look like them have no right to be who they are?


There plight is small.   But this is going on all over European and European-derived nations.

You should know.






February 1, 2016

The Iowa caucus CAN BE an occasion to lift our thoughts above our usual superficial thinking, and above the thoughts that others give to us.   We can ask:  “What in the world is going on in Iowa?” So, in three parts,  I write for you some political thoughts;  that is,  thoughts that concern the Body Politic.

Initially, my first thought on a portion of  the Iowa caucus was this:


This is not the general population of Iowa!  But they say that the many supporters of Bernie Sanders there and elsewhere are mainly “young people.”    Though mentally and intellectually underage,  they do get to vote.

He is a self-declared “socialist,”  we have heard     These children who support the romantic notion of socialism have  NEVER been made to study or read or even become remotely acquainted with the effects of any political or social revolution, and so they believe the “socialist” revolution that they can produce by their enthusiasm will bring about a “better world.”

“Enthusiasm!  High hopes for change!  Our leaders will transform us into a better society!”     It sounds appealing.   But there is nowhere in the history of this planet that shows evidence for the success of socialism;  but everywhere it has been attempted, you will find its failure, especially in terms of over-extended and failing economies..

The children-voters don’t know.  They are uneducated.   But they are well-informed and  well-trained in the propaganda that brings about  “hope and change” in the context of Big Brother type governments which promise everything to everyone.

As one commenter says:  “I’m lazy.  I’m going to vote for Bernie Sanders because he’s going  to GIVE me everything I need.”


This is a revolution in American thinking —   a revolution that has been inserting itself into our nation for the past several decades, and which is well under way to undermining our strength and viability in every sector of our society.

To succeed, it must use a generation of “children”  who have been miseducated,   propagandized, intellectually weakened ,  morally corrupted, and made to do all the things which have made humans feel justifiably guilty  for during the past ten thousand years (since at least the end of the last Ice Age).

They must have been made to love pleasure and to disdain hard work and independence — and they must be made fearful of  life and their own capabilities.  And they must not know the fatal  consequences to a nation that is conquered by socialism — after the “hopes and dreams”  become a disastrous reality.


A pleasure-seeking, corrupted society is one that is easy to lead . . . .   Every socialist knows this.  Destroy the family,  destroy family values, and you have destroyed your strongest enemy.

“I’m going to vote for Bernie Sanders because he’s going to GIVE me everything I need.”

This is called:    slavery.

These super-annuated useful idiots, as Lenin called them (I wouldn’t call them that),  are indeed helping to bring about a kind of global slavery.

Personally,  I choose to observe the evidence of actual history.  I don’t trust people who smile at me and promise me good things — if only I give them more and more of my money for policies that have never yet worked and give up more and more of my privacy and freedom  for a “bright” future that has never yet begun to come about.

What gives me the right to disparage  our “young people”?   To shorten the length of this posting,   I’ll tell you and  I’ll put forward for you  two dangers,   the internal attack on our nation and the external attack –  both of which we can witness as they happen,  but I’ll do it in the next post.


January 8, 2016

This will be about fur — in a minute.

But first . . .      Remember Zero, in Beetle Bailey’s unit?

Zero's smart

So . . . ?

Is he not correct?    Zero can read the same words as the rest of us and come to a conclusion that makes sense to him.    How long would it take for his friends to explain . . .   oh, never mind.

It would take lots of effort!  And a lot of words!

And words can be a problem too!



I suspect every language has its funny moments.    And sometimes we enjoy the fun:


(This is a common American children’s game.  The children sit in a circle while another child,   let’s say it’s you,   walks around the outside of the circle, patting each child on the head, while saying “Duck.”        “Duck, duck, duck, duck duck …”  until you decide  to pat someone on the head,  saying “GOOSE!”  and that someone has to get up a chase you around the circle and you LOSE unless you get back to that recently vacated space in the circle…..      My children in class  used to love this game!)

But  had had had had duck duck goose are words in our language and words are just about all we have to communicate with each other.

And even, in Zero’s case,  when we hear the same words,  we may not be seeing the whole picture  — or the complete story.

Words fail us.  Words escape us.  Last Sunday a friend of mine absolutely ruined the first quarter of the Bears game for me.

I had worn this scarf to church:


I wore it with a black coat,  but she saw it and liked it — and then asked the “fatal”  question:  “What kind of fur is that?”

Uh. . . .  I know what store I bought it from.   I liked the feel of it.   It felt very warm.   It was pretty.   It was affordable.    It seems uncharacteristic of me,  but all those little details were enough for me at the time.   I bought it!    I still enjoy it.

I stumbled around for an answer for my friend, and all I could come up with is:   It’s not  … rabbit.    It’s not …ocelot.   Its . .   It’s ….   It’s like that fur trim around the robe of Ol’ King Cole ….   That mystified her.    She probably didn’t even have the same storybook that I had had as a child!     I told her I’d find out.

an ermine weasel

Half way home in the car I blurted out to myself:  “It’s ermine!”

So when I got home and right on through some of the Game,  I was at the Internet trying to find out what kind of fur this was.   The only thing I found out is that it’s unlikely it’s ermine.


Rabbit?    Wrong feel to it.   Snow Leopard?   Well, I bought it from a Scandinavian store, and as far as I know,  there are no snow leopards in Scandinavia.

Well, I know it’s faux fur, of course.  All the good furs come from endangered species.    I just can’t get the right “word.”

So maybe,   like Zero in the cartoon,  I can make up a story that makes sense to me.

bar dissolve er

There’s a serious point to all this mildly humorous stuff.

Zero liked his own answer, and his friends would have had to work hard to give him a whole new understanding, a whole new paradigm of his world.  And I could explain to myself that since my scarf really is only fake fur,   they could make it look like anything they wanted to and even if it had been sold at a genuine Scandinavian store,  that doesn’t mean it has to be from a genuine Scandinavian animal.   Scandinavian fake animal.    But I don’t want to think that.

I read a serious essay today about Liberalism.   It’s hard for me to figure out why all their good words and good intentions lead to such disastrous results for human beings.     Freedom?    Inclusiveness?   Tolerance?   Ecumenism?  Equality?   Sustainability?   Affordable?   Fair?   Unity?    Mercy?    Safety?   Collegiality?   Democracy?

All those good words that are used as cudgels against us.     Why do they always turn out to mean the opposite of the plain meaning of those words?

The essay I read explained.    “The Girondins always prepare the way for the Jacobins.”   (Has the knowledge of history been withheld from you in government schools?)    Try this, then:   “And the Mensheviks prepare the way for the Bolsheviks.”       (Same thing, but much closer to our experience.)

If you don’t know what these words reference,  then you stand a near 100% chance of being victimized in the near future . . .   and because you are victimized,  so I will be too, even though I know our history.

The Jacobins and the Bolsheviks and the Progressives and the Gramschi-ites and the Liberals and the Socialists and the Democrats (so-called in America)  all have one method in common:     They all use words and slogans  that mean one thing to us but quite another thing to them.    And they ALL have to violate the meaning of their words by doing the opposite of their stated values,  because that’s the only way they can make events work for them.

And “them”  –  they — are now our Rulers.

If we don’t know our history and we are not wise,  then we are no smarter than Zero.   If we know our history and understand but we do nothing,  we are no more effective than Zero’s good friends.

We can tell ourselves whatever story makes sense to us — while the robbers go on and do their work.

Races have to be treated unequally in the name of equality.    Affordable healthcare is highly unaffordable to  everyone who needs a doctor.   People are taught to  be intolerant in the name of tolerance.   Our Rulers have to force us  to do things or not do things   to produce their version of freedom.

And now we must hide Truth and Danger in the name of “mercy.”

And we must destroy ourselves to be fair to others . . .

Sustainable sustains nothing and nobody.

Et cetera.



October 1, 2015

Concerning the “unnamed shooter”  —

In that great Christian classic which has helped so many souls live on this earth —

imitation     —    that would be The Imitation of Christ,  a book so good that it’s been memorized by more than one Christian,   there is a sentence, a very helpful sentence:    “Do not concern yourself  with things that you cannot change.”    It comes within the advice to not seek after “much information,”   to not be overly curious about things.   “Do not concern yourself with things that you cannot change.”

But we live in an information age.   It’s easy to get caught up in the nasty emotional dramas that current events offers us. And maybe, as citizens,  there is something we should be doing.     At least maybe we should know what dangers are out there and plan how to protect ourselves should the danger come our way.

Or maybe not.    What we should concern ourselves with is having the faith  and the courage to live and to believe as we are supposed to.      Death is not the worst thing that could happen to us.      Faith and courage in the Living Christ will see us through,  even to our deaths and into the next life.

We’ve been told today that the killer at the Oregon community college shooting first asked his victims “What religion are you?”

He didn’t.

He asked them:  “Are    you    a     Christian?”


Are you a Christian?

Oops wrong answerOoops.   Wrong answer.

Today, in Oregon,  according to an eyewitness,  if you said “No, I’m not,”  you got shot in the legs.   If you said “Yes,”   you got shot dead.

American citizens, so far, have a First Amendment to protect them.    But not everyone honors our First Amendment, even within our own country’s borders.

 Are you a Christian?

He tried free speech

The Rulers of the United States do not protect Christians,  and they have made a point to declare to the world that they,  our Rulers, and the Barack Hussein person they gave us,  will NOT help any Christian refugees seeking asylum from the Middle East.   In fact,  if you are here as a refugee but you are a Christian,  you are going to be deported back to the Middle East, or wherever else you would be accepted.   (This is stated public policy now.)

But if you are a Muslim refugee —   welcome.     The American citizens will pay for anything you want.    And no questions asked pertaining to your political viewpoint,   goals,  training, and experience or murderous prejudice.

Don’t agree with “transforming our nation”  into a Muslim paradise?      If you don’t,   they have a way . . . .

But if you don't run awayAre you a Christian?

Who wants to know?       Christians don’t shoot other people for not being Christian.    Jews don’t shoot people for not being Jews.      Hindus shoot Christians,  but mainly just in India.     Who else?

Of course,  we mustn’t assume too much.     Every Christian death is singular.

“Are you a Christian?”

If you answer yes,   then:  “Take up your cross and follow Me.”       Christians know Who said that.


“The servant is not better than his Master.”       

I hope you are beginning to read The Roman Martyrology that I wrote of a few posts ago.

book frontWe are not the first generation, of course, to experience hatred directed at us because we are Christians.    It’s just that it’s a new thing for American citizens.   Regular reading of the Martyrology connects us to those who have come before us.   This helps us to remember those who live  the authentic Christian life will be hated by the world:  “If the world hate you, know ye that it hath hated me before you.     John recorded this in his Gospel.    Those are the words of Christ to His followers.

Later,  when John was writing a little letter to some Christians,  he said:     ” Wonder not, brethren, if the world hate you.”   Because,   as John’s Master had said,   the world hated Jesus long before it hated us,  His disciples.

Bar Cross in middle

By the way,   this college campus, according to some reports was a “gun-free zone.”    That means that the home state of the Mighty Ducks  is the home state of some Sitting Ducks.   One or two security guards on campus.   Unarmed.    Then a former official of that college said into his microphone “We have prepared ourselves for this kind of emergency.  We’ve done everything we can.”

Good will stops bullets,  don’t you know.

As Son remarked:    “If the campus was a “gun-free zone.”  then how did the shooter get a gun in there?


August 11, 2015

Perhaps a good Rant about life and death of nation before I move on to the next Commandment,  which deals with death.

Moon of MuslimI wrote last time of the mass migration of Africans and “Asians”  (the code word for Middle-Easterners) into Sweden, and the violent crimes the Swedes are apparently accepting:  savage rape, gang rapes of Swedish women,  slashings,  killings,  riotings,  bombings,  armed robbery,  and outright theft of Sweden’s tax money . . .

I questioned why the Swedes are unable to stop the Invasion of their country by hostile “migrants,”  who,  by the way,  state their hostile intentions.

But I also alluded to the fact that “Sweden is only just one country,”  meaning that most European countries (and Canada and the U.S. )  are experiencing Invasion too,  so we all must pay attention to this U.N.  mandated mass migration.

Greeks were told they have to accept multitudes of foreigners into their islands. Here are recent scenes from their coastal ports . . . .

Migrants told greece okay

There are no resources to take care of this number of newcomers.

migrants spread islamThere are not enough “officials”  to register — or care for — everyone arriving.

migrants islamic women

Oh,  the  U.S.  isn’t receiving this mass migration through coastal ports,  but it is ongoing here;  fences, notwithstanding.

Migration surgeThe U.N.  not only tells the leaders of nations that they have to accept this mass migration,  but we MUST call these Invaders “refugees.”  They come from such chaotic countries.   They have so little food.  No way to make a living.  They suffer in their own homelands.

Astonishingly,  the answer is not to help these poor nations create things for themselves,   manufacture things,  produce things — all activities which would grow wealth for the citizens of these nations,  to use for food, medical care, build infrastructure for clean water, transportation — all reasonable and possible outcomes.

Astonishingly,  our Rulers’ answer is that these people “at the bottom”  must be poured into nations “at the top”  with the acknowledged result that this migration will bring DOWN  the top  by allowing the BOTTOM to plunder the wealth of the only nations who could have helped their own homelands!

Saul Alinsky, anyone?    In this marxist-socialist  economy,  the rich get richer, the poor get poorer — and dislocated —  and stable nations can no longer sustain this type of human migration — the vast Middle, where most of us live.  This is what that motto means:  Top down:   destroy the First World nations.   Obliterate their ethnicity.    Bottom up:    move Third World nations into First World territory.     Destroy the Middle — because in every nation,  the “Middle”  are the producers of the wealth of a nation.

Sheeesh!    I wish everyone could understand the process that is being perpetrated on us.   The more I read, the more horrors I find,  hidden by our entertainment-news media.

What happened when these same groups moved into Europe in the 7th century?    It wasn’t Scandinavia,  it was Italy and France and Spain.

They fought to defend themselves.  In the 7th century,   then 8th, the 9th, on and on….  the 16th century,  the 17th century.    They fought to defend themselves, their families,  their cultures, their nations, their God.    That’s why we have a Europe.  (See map below.)

Be clear:     When immigrants come into a country,  they intend to become part of that culture.

When invaders come into a country,  they intend to change that country into their own image.

How many languages now must an American school accommodate?   Hospitals?  Government agencies?    Again,  astonishing.

Who is saying First World Nations MUST NOT retain their unique identity anymore?

Here’s a close-up of a portion of that crowd entering Greece:

Migrants with Head scarves

Am I ranting needlessly?   Here are THEIR goals by the year 2020.

MAP of 2020 WorldFive years away.

Do you believe the Alinsky-ites?       Do we have no right to exist as who we are?   Are we guilty just for being who we are?    Do all the things our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents worked to achieve belong to these migrant invaders from other nations?

Alinsky says “Bring us down”   Top down.    “Bring them up by giving our things to them,  our land,  our culture,  our goods, our money.”

(Of course it is “us against them.”   Every nation is an “us”  but we all must play according to civil rules in world affairs.  And every “us” has a right to exist and defend itself against a hostile “them.”   I already explained how we can help the “thems.”)

With all the attention on these two extremes,  the Middle,  the  “most of us,”    will soon disappear —   as the modern Scandinavian descendants of the Vikings might be doing.    So far.     Or for as long as our World Rulers are able to carry out their plan to weaken stable countries  — and thus strengthen their Global Rulership.

Let’s consider the Fifth Commandment next.   See if we can sort out the difference between murder and killing; between what is a sin and  what is necessary.


August 5, 2015

A grim reality

Virgil,  Homer,  and Alexander Hamilton:   what do these three names have in common?

First Alexander Hamilton is one of the Founding Fathers of this nation.   That is,  his guidance and his writings provided some of the principles which were used to create this nation and keep it true to its intentions.

But he has a warning for us and for all nations whose citizens would prefer to be free citizens:
“The instrument by which [the government] must act are either the AUTHORITY of the laws or FORCE. If the first be  destroyed, the last must be substituted; and where this becomes the ordinary instrument of government there is an end to liberty!” —Alexander Hamilton, Tully, No. 3, 1794*

  1.   Governments  act.
  2.   They act under the Authority of Laws or by  Force
  3.   Authority . . . or –
  4.   Force
  5.    If Authority is destroyed . . .   and it can be —
  6.   Then the laws of Force take over
  7.    Force means such things as intimidation,  bribery,   cronyism   ( “secret deals amongst political pals” ),   trickery,  propaganda,    secrecy,  lawsuits,  imprisonment,   partisan ownership of newspapers (today,  the entertainment-news media) , and so many other devious and illegitimate tricks that uphold a tyranny

8.    When this becomes accepted by the people, there is an end to liberty — and the people are no longer citizens,  they are subjects.

An interesting aspect of a government that rules by Force is that it creates a tangled labyrinth of laws, rules, and regulations,  in the tens of thousands, so that there is always a “law”  to use against a political enemy.   Always a weapon at hand.

Now, what is this “Authority”  that Hamilton spoke of?    It’s simply that even the government — and people who work in the government —  are subject to the same laws as all the citizens.       That is the Rule of Law.

Lawlessness is, say,  suppose an identity thief gets to be president.   (Using someone else’s social security number, for instance.)    He’s above the Law of the Land if no one stops him.

Suppose a Congress passes a ruinous health control law and then exempt themselves from that law.     They are above the Law they have designated for the rest of the Land.

Suppose your local judge’s son has his fifth drunk driving charge and gets into his third car accident — and gets probation for it.   That judge’s family is living “above the law”  — and is contributing to the atmosphere of Lawlessness.

Suppose the “citizens” of that country let things continue on like that.    They are supporting a nation of Lawlessness.

And they are ruled by the laws of Force.  (Alexander Hamilton.)

Oh, yes — Homer and Virgil.   Each wrote literary epics which put forth the founding principles of their long-standing empires,  Greece and then Rome.    For many hundreds of years these epics were the textbooks that instructed the youth who would govern the next generation.  Actions of leaders were judged by these principles, and as long as the nation held them to their founding principles,  there was  a kind of check on Lawlessness.

Western Civilization retained the knowledge of these principles and trained their youth likewise — until the 20th century,  when the Revolution successfully revolted from . . .  civilized means of governing.

The Law of the Lawless ones — is government by Force.

8.  —  Resulting in a loss of Liberty  (freedom for citizens and a collapse of Society into barbarism.

Of course, there is  remedy.   But sometimes the “pendulum” doesn’t get a chance to swing back the other way.

*The quotation from Alexander Hamilton was provided by THE FOUNDATION   from the Patriot Post this week,  a thank you to them  for this reminder.


June 28, 2015

I took this photo one night a couple months ago on my way in to our class.


Our class’s  building is behind the church which is in deep shadows.    Across the street from us is our state capitol building,  bright and gleaming white.   Dominating the scene.

A fitting metaphor for what we can no longer ignore.

The very Church which originated with the Son of God, come to earth 2,000 years ago, and which gave to the world the best of pagan civil and philosophical knowledge and the best of Jewish moral and religious revelation, and the best inspired synthesis of both,   resulting in such principles as Rule of Law,  Equal Treatment before the Law,   Objective Reality,    all humans equally  subject to the judgment of God,   Right and Wrong based upon discoverable and discernible human  intellectual abilities,   the Dignity of All Humans,  care and protection of the Weak, the Sick, the Aged, and the Very Young . . .   and so much more that forms the basis of a safe and stable society —

—   All this promoted and promulgated by the Church,  all this is rejected now, at last, by a society acting triumphant over Her.

Rejected, so that this American society has no more foundation to stand on than the giant mushroom in Wonderland which supported the caterpillar who stated outright: “Words mean whatever I want them to mean.”      (Or is that our Ruler’s “Sup_eme”  Cou**  that I’m quoting?)   No longer do words “mean” anything beyond which an irrational,  maniacal mob wishes it to mean.

Does this nation really want to give up those things  which provides stability and safety and a good way to improve what needs to be improved?   Do we really want to be ruled by poll numbers that are created by our Rulers – a kind of technological Mob Rule?

Mob rule tore  France apart in 1789.  It was a very bloody revolution, and France flounders yet today,   weakened and rapidly disappearing under an assault by foreign elements who do not care what “France” once was.

 So what does this have to do with a Sunday?

st peterMob rule is chaos;  dangerous,   confusing,   violent,  oppressive, eventually bloody chaos.       If there is no authority higher than your Ruler,  whoever he may be,  there will then follow mob rule —  rule  by numbers.  The majority oppressing and stamping out the minority.

Authority.      God has final authority equally over us all.   What kind of God would leave us to flounder around by ourselves?

He didn’t.    He is in charge;   He is returning.   And He’s left someone here to represent Him.   Like St. Peter in the photo above.

Almost 2,000 years ago he wrote these words which we once again heard in Church today:    “….. (be) ready always to satisfy every one that asks you a reason of that hope which is in you.”

As the State overshadows the Church and society becomes our enemy, we will more and more have to decide what we believe — and we are admonished to be able to explain – to those who ask –  why we believe what we do.     The Church’s doctrines are based upon Reason and Revelation both;  two compatible phenomena.

Be ready!      I’ve written before that if you don’t know what the Truth is,  there are plenty of people ready to tell you what you should think.

Otherwise you will go along with the crowd, eager to be ruled by polls and trends, eager to be part of the majority which oppresses and stamps out the minority.   And eventually you’ll be the minority.


May 16, 2015

At the beginning of this month of May,  I intended only to introduce to you the idea of the particularly charming devotion of offering a flower to Mary each day of this, her month.   (I speak of the tradition of many, many centuries,  well over a thousand years.  It’s what people did –  devoting the month of May to Mary, that is.)   But here I am, continuing on.

It is only in this past desolate hundred years, maybe a little less, that we are told we must reject what is past;  we must not put anything above this present time or hold anything higher than our individual wills — and the State will tell us what goods and what rights our wills should strive for.

We strive for their goals,  the State gets bigger,  and we are diminished because the State can give us only what a human idea of good is;   and thus we are  demeaned when we are disconnected from that which is higher than we are,   the Ultimate Good,   the good God Himself.

There are those who don’t want to raise themselves any higher than the thoughts of man.   or the “collective” thoughts of man, as though “collective”  makes a difference.     I guess,  go ahead.      But even the ancients knew that mankind could not give the answer to everything that concerns mankind.   They looked at, observed, contemplated,  considered how Nature works, and then slowly formulated the principles of Natural Law.

Through the next many centuries Natural Law was increasingly understood and applied, in harmony with what was known before.    Until, that is,  recently,   when Natural Law “became generally and widely  unknown.”

We are defenseless now against a rising tyranny,  a dictatorship of those whose will  is stronger than that of others.    We call it a spirit of lawlessness,  and it is a deadly force.   Our Rulers trample on our Constitution, which is based on Natural Law;   and activist courts further their agenda by upending laws duly created by constitutional processes.     The people vote;  the courts strike down their vote.   We are defenseless now and in danger.

So that’s why I continue with these little flowers, even after nearly two days in bed,  letting my body heal itself.,To present another flower represents  my determination to assert that there is Someone greater than I, greater than all of us, and that He is benign and loving and worthy of our worship.

The lily of the valley:

lily not weedsThese “things” grew wild in my garden.  Every year I did my best to pull them up so I could plant my flowers there.     I didn’t realize what I had.  (Aha!   Like Natural Law,  they were so easy to toss out!)

One day I was reading about flowers that are especially fragrant in the evenings because we had just put in new bay windows that could open;  and I came across a suggestion to plant lilies of the valley.     So.  okay.

lily closerBut when I saw what they are,  I discovered this is just what I had been trying to uproot every year.   The lilies are tamed now, they grow just where I want them to,   and they are appreciated.

I know so little.

Each flower suggests a quality for Mary – for us to emulate or to offer.    The quality for the lily of the valley is Punctuality.  I don’t know why.  I’ve so far found no logical connection, so it must be from a tradition that I’ve not heard of before.   In Chinese astrological traditions the lily of the valley represents “lucky directions.”   That makes no sense either.

Perhaps it’s not necessary to know.     So many people lived in this world before I came into it.  They had their reasons.   Hats off to them.

Perhaps the importance of Punctuality should keep my attention.    Punctuality doesn’t just mean it’s a good manners to be punctual to a meeting;  punctuality means that we should be prepared and ready for our face-to-face meeting with our Creator.