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June 20, 2016

Well, a deception is a lie, a deliberately planned lie, to further an agenda.


Step 1.      Raw facts:     The  shooter of over a hundred people at the night club in Orlando, FL, called in to 911 immediately after and proclaimed: “I am the shooter.  I am a soldier of ISIS.  I did it because the US is bombing our territory in Syria  and Iraq) .    I did it for Allah.”     (Roughly speaking.   He spoke these words to the 911 operator in Arabic.)

Step 2.     Tell government spokesmen and news media people to remove all references to ISIS.     And  to “extremist.”     To  “jihadist.”      To “Islam.”

Step 3.      Change the word Allah to  God.    (Even though they mean the same thing and Christians in the  Middle East and  Arabic Christians,   say “Allah”  when they address the Christian God.)

Step 4.  Keep emphasizing that the victims were at a gay bar.   De-emphasize the fact that the shooter himself has committed acts of sodomy  and self-identifies as gay.   Keep putting doubts in the minds of the general public, despite witnesses who knew the man.  And his wife.

Step 5.  Keep emphasizing that the shooter used an “assault”  gun – even though he didn’t, and even though the caliber of bullets used were .223,  pretty darn small and not generally associated with any assault rifle.

Step 6.  Keep counting on the general public to not be aware of the details . . .  fuzzy thinkers are easily persuaded.


“The shooter was an unhappy man with a troubled youth.   He was an American citizen who just went crazy and used an evil gun to shoot at innocent gay people”, or whatever series of letters they want to call themselves by.

CONCLUSION:     This was merely a Hate Crime.      This calls for “stricter”  gun control laws – also left “fuzzy”  so that they can fill in the blanks later – and club anyone over the head who disagrees.

Therefore, we’ve gone from a follower of ISIS, who attacked and killed American citizens   . . .  to a “lone gunman”   who has committed a Hate Crime.


The Agenda of World Global Socialism, our Rulers:

Disarm the American people (by increments.)

Degrade the morality of the general public – (as per the Communist Manifesto – look that up, for goodess’ sakes!)

Deceive  the Western World as to who their enemy is.




June 19, 2016

Have a “good Sunday”?    A day of rest?   Staying out of the heat?    Well,  here’s one angry RANT,  speaking up because the “heat”  is about to get you.  (The Spruce Tunnel will return to Robin Babies around here in a little while.)

bar dissolve er

A while ago I said I wanted to do a “data dump”  or rather a “photo dump”  and clean up all the notes and photos I’d been collecting but was too heartsick to use.

So then I decided I wouldn’t do it,  I wouldn’t   “dump”  all my photos on you.

But now . . . I’m just going to do my part, getting that information out there,  because  if Americans are like the people we see on American TV,  even on the entertainment-news channels,  then WE’RE NOT GOING TO KNOW WHAT HIT US.   I’m pretty angry about that.

I don’t mind being in danger as much as I mind being lied to about the danger we’re in.

Some of the following photos are from this article today,    and maybe from some other sources I’ll indicate.

But first,  a caveat:   I’m not one of those who thinks Teddy Bears and Candles will change anything.


Je suis Saccharine!     Indeed!    Right on!    “I’m just so sweet and caring.   Luv will change the world!”   (I wondered how long it would take after the Orlando massacre for the cameras to bring out the “spontaneous”  candles and teddy bears vigil.  This isn’t Orlando, but now we’ve got our own photos of sweet tears and caring.)

” A MILLION MORE WHAT?”            I don’t know . . .  I’ll start with some mild headlines.   (Have you been keeping up with these headlines – and hundreds more like it?)

Copies of actual headlines:

Somali Muslim Open Fire, takes Hostages in Texas Walmart
Muslim Man In France Enters Police Officer’s Home, Stabs Him Nine Times And Then Takes His Wife And Child Hostage  (Further headlines revealed that the man stabbed the mother many times in front of the toddler before he was stopped.)

Thousands of Christians in German refugee shelters are being persecuted by Muslims, sometimes even by their security guards.

Obama’s Homeland Security Advisor is Syrian MIGRANT who CHEERS 9/11, it ‘CHANGED THE WORLD FOR THE GOOD’

Texas: Muslim Threatens to KILL Those Who Refuse to Accept Copies of the QURAN

Homeland Security PROHIBITED from Using ‘JIHAD’, ‘SHARIA’ — words that “DISRESPECT” Muslims

Middle East:  Muslims Beat Three Christians Giving Out Bibles With Iron Pipes And Kidnap Them, And Now Nobody Knows Where They Are

Remember How Muslims Stone Jews In Israel? Well Muslims Are Now Stoning Dutch People And Their Businesses In Holland

Syria:  Muslims Take Four Year Old Girl, Behead Her, And Then Force Her Mother To Soak Her Hands In Her Daughter’s Blood

Major Islamic Terrorists Declare To All Americans: We Will Kill You In Your Schools And In Your Hospitals

Muslim Man Approaches And Repeatedly Stabs Random French Teen Girl In Public, Says He Did It Because She Was A ‘Human Sacrifice For Ramadan’

(I don’t have room for hundreds more)

Remember the stoning picture from the last post?  They keep doing it.

Is stones MORE

I’ve got tons of crucifixion photos.    At least this guy was killed first:

Is Killed first


Merciful, huh?   The Desert Warrior Crescent Moon God has a reputation for “mercy.”  Looks like they bandaged this guy up.    Afterwards.

Is bandages

We are being warned.      Imagine seeing this all over your city:

Is Warning.jpg

Now,  we either DENY  Jesus, who is the Son of God,   of One Substance with the Father, or we disobey the warning.    (Or at the very least, let this sign tell you what to think.)

Then we have some recent quotations from around the Western World, collected by a commenter named “politicalbelle”:

The following quotes are not from fringe players. These are the top officials representing the Muslim establishment in America today.
• Muzammil Siddiqi, chairman of both the Fiqh Council of North America, which dispenses Islamic rulings, and the North American Islamic Trust, which owns most of the mosques in the U.S.: “As Muslims, we should participate in the system to safeguard our interests and try to bring gradual change, (but) we must not forget that Allah’s rules have to be established in all lands, and all our efforts should lead to that direction.”

• Omar Ahmad, co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the top Muslim lobby group in Washington: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

• CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper: “I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future.”

• Imam Siraj Wahhaj, director of the Muslim Alliance in North America: “In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing. And the only thing that will remain will be Islam.”

• Imam Zaid Shakir, co-founder of Zaytuna College in Berkeley, Calif.: “If we put a nationwide infrastructure in place and marshaled our resources, we’d take over this country in a very short time. . . . What a great victory it will be for Islam to have this country in the fold and ranks of the Muslims.”…

 “. . .put a nationwide infrastructure in place . . . we shall take over this country (USA) in a very short time . . .What a great victory for Islam . . . “

These men of Islam are showing guts,  grit,  virility,  courage,  focus,  strength of purpose.   “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.”  Is he lying about their purpose?

They tell us that the American Revolution was won at a time when only 10% of the American  colonists were actively seeking a break with England.

“Not every Muslim feels this way!”      That’s what the immediate push-back is.   But it’s a non sequitur.       There doesn’t have to be 100%   consensus among the Islamic colonists.

 So .  I have so much  more…. but that’s it for reports of contemporary activities.    I shall retreat into Lessons From History, next time something comes up.

The world doesn’t change.   “The more things change, the more things stay the same.”

Deal with it.


Bear snarl

Deal with the danger.

He’s praying you will NOT.

O getting ready to pray - Copy




May 4, 2016

….  and other May Timing.

(May the Fourth be with you;    and of course, a greeting like that from me would mean the Force that is that inexorable and constant force of Grace from your Creator,  calling us all back to Him, and to a life lived well, in His will, and with the help of His Grace.)

But I like Star Was too.

May is a month of many significant occurrences.    Let’s see if I can do them in order.

May First is the day Christendom remembers St. Joseph,  the foster father of Jesus,  spouse of Mary, who watched over the Holy Family,  guiding them through danger  and   providing for them.   It is necessary for a (Jewish) father to train his sons in some skill so that they can make a living and in turn provide for their own families.

Hence, we can say that Jesus, too, was a carpenter,  as St. Joseph was.   (a  “technon”  in Greek:  a builder, a general contractor, perhaps, as well as carpentry skills.)   Joseph’s trade skills and his labors are part and parcel of his dignity.   Our work, our labors, our jobs,  give us pride and dignity.   ( If you have a job,  you are not being “oppressed.”)

And so on May First we honor the dignity of workers through the example of St. Joseph.  It is said of Joseph that he was a Just man.   Learn from him,  learn fatherly skills from him; learn to respect the man in your house,  the father of your children, the head of your household.

May the First is also the world’s celebration of  burdensome and murderous  forms of governments that oppress “Workers”   by using and ruling over the Working Class.  A celebration that is sometimes called “May Day,”   and ironic cry for help.

May 2nd is the day we celebrate the life of St. Athanasius,  who fought tirelessly for the Truth of Church teachings,   in spite of almost universal opposition, several exiles,  excommunications from weak Church leaders. . .  and still he persisted –for the sake of succeeding generations.

May 3rd we celebrate the Finding of the True Cross – an interesting event, but hardly recognized as significant in today’s busy, distracted, and skeptical  world. (and, no,  the Emperor Constantine was not quite a Christian at this time, and he did NOT force the Roman world to become Christian, nor did he change Church teachings by mixing them with pagan religions.  If you want to refute “history,”   start there.)

May the Fourth . . .  is fun.   But it is also deadly serious for me, personally.   Today is the day we remember St. Monica.    Mother of unceasing prayers and tears.   Mother of Augustine,  saint eventually.    For those of you who know me,  enough said.

Yes, each day in May has some significance.   The whole month is the Month of Mary.    Dedicated to her and her attractive attributes.     Last year I did a series of  flowers, one for each day for her,  each one exemplifying a lovely attribute of the Mother of Jesus.   When the series was over,  I discovered a month was not long enough.   If you’d like to be charmed by some loveliness,  you can check out the archives:  2015, May.

We have Mother’s Day this month.   I hope some sentimental tears are shed by sons and daughters.

There are several birthdays in my  immediate family.

May 13th will be the next really huge Remembrance.    It may have utmost significance for our world.   This year is the 99th anniversary of a strange and important visitation from Heavenly beings to the three children in Fatima, Portugal.   These “beings”  were St. Michael,  the head of the Armies of Heaven who fight against the enemies of God;  Mary,  herself, with most important information;  and then a glimpse of Jesus and of St. Joseph.

99 years ago.    Next year will be 100, a significant and common grouping of years marked out by humans to signify a discreet and identifiable period of time.    Instructions were given 99 years ago.  Prophecies were made.   Proofs were given, witnessed in the end by 70,000 people,  photographed, and not all in the immediate vicinity.   And then Warnings were given if instructions weren’t carried out, individually and by the Church.

As far as I can see, in these past 99 years,   few have heeded the Instructions . .  . and warnings.

So what comes next year when the 100-year period has ended?

Finally, and appropriately,  the month ends with Memorial Day, where we remember those who have died defending our country in times of War.  Most likely we will not be in a world war in this year’s May.

I hope this won’t be the last peacetime Memorial Day.

Just . . . plant some flowers and vegetables somewhere on your property.    It’s time for that here in the Far North.      Plant some Beauty and Joy and Peace and, above all:   Hope in God, that He is in charge of things.



April 1, 2016


I didn’t know what to call this posting.    But, yeah,  it’s Friday in Easter Week –

Banner Easterthur

–  so I was doing what I was supposed to be doing:  thinking back on the whole Easter thing, and specifically one week ago,  not only a Friday,  but Good Friday.

And why did it all happen?

Why did it all have to happen?

Did you see this on the news this past week?  —


America.   Near Philadelphia.   People sitting on a commuter train,  subway thing,  when all of a sudden a small group of six year olds began shouting obscenities,  punching, kicking,  and otherwise threatening the passengers.  This picture is from the video — the words of these vicious six-year olds had to be bleeped out.

The story is here.   

It is a scene out of Lord of the Flies.     It’s a scene from the Passion of the Christ where those devlish little boys chased Judas out of the city.   It’s a scene I’ve posted before, showing tiny children being taught how to behead teddy bears;   a 5 year old holding a little machine gun;   a sweet little 4 or 5 year old girl holding a large knife yelling “Stab! Stab!  Stab!”

And we don’t realize how common scenes like this occur.      Little children fighting, slapping,  swearing at their parents in a store.   We don’t pay much attention anymore.  When I spent a year teaching 4 and 5 year olds in a well-known Kindergarten type school,  I was astonished at the sexual activity among some of them.   As well as their language. As well as their defiance towards any adults,  most especially their own parents.  “Normal”  suburban kids, without any knowledge of God.

I have in my memory so many actual news stories of dangerous children . . . .

Oddly,  this was predicted for our century in the early 1600s, when the intensity of such moral depravity was not ever suspected.    *.


In around 1635,  from this building,   it was predicted that there will be a  time when the world sinks into moral depravity so widespread and deep that the very innocence of  children will be corrupted —  which indicates it’s going to go deeply into the next generation when they grow up – and don’t know how to live and don’t know what to teach their children.    The whole culture is depraved and unworkable.

(By the way,   when the passengers on that Philadelphia train pleaded with the adults who were with those out-of-control children to “do something,”   those adults became defiant and aggressive towards the victims!)

The century for when this deep moral corruption resulting from a repudiation of the True Faith was named:   it is the 20th century.

We’re living it now.  Our world is  a fulfillment of that prediction.   We don’t even understand what it means that “the innocence of children will be lost” —   what “innocence” ?   What innocence are they supposed to have?     Other centuries would be astonished that we can’t even answer that question.

The prophecy said: A time “when the world sinks into moral depravity . . .”   It will become as bad as it can get – and such times will illustrate the danger and murderous insanity of sin,  where no one is safe.   And children can be evil too.

This is an illustration why we had to have a Good Friday.    An  illustration of the stark contrast between a world living without its Creator and a world that can choose to live in obedience to its Creator –  Who is also its Savior.    Dying in  propitiatory sacrifice because of  these sins.

. . . . An act which offers the Hope that if we turn back to God, we will be given the power to overcome sin and intellectual darkness, and to reform ourselves.


Bar Cross in middle

*.   I write of the visitations of Our Lady of Good Success in Quito,  Ecuador.     That’s enough words to use in any Search engine if you’d like to know more about  the descriptions of our Age,  what’s going to happen,  what the remedies could be.

But I’ll write about it more later on too,  maybe in a month or two.


February 11, 2016


Lent —  because we are beings which are both physical and spiritual.

We are Body-and-Soul together;  everlasting.


And because our time on earth will be up . . .  soon.

One of us at a time.





December 1, 2015

So, it’s Advent,  and we put away the funky dark blue skies, as the photos in my last posting,  and look ahead to the birth of the Christmas child. . .

silhouette wisemen and swirly sky


I ended the last post with a reminder from St. Bernard of Clairvaux to carefully consider what we’re expecting at  Christmastime.    Or just exactly Who.  “Consider who he is that comes. . . ,”  St. Bernard said.

There is only one Messiah for planet Earth.  It’s a one-time event, and even though it was prophesied and  studied and anticipated for many centuries,  it crept up on us one still, dark night in Israel, and the Impact is still unfolding inside people, because it wasn’t just a Baby.

The Bible says it was the Word of God Himself, leaving His “throne” in one giant cosmic tearing into the physical universe –

  For while all things were in quiet silence, and the night was in the midst of her course,  Thy almighty word leapt down from heaven from thy royal throne, as a fierce conqueror into the midst of the land of destruction. *

That’s how the Bible describes that first Christmas night.

leaping down from heaven

What came down to Earth and into the manger was a Fierce Conqueror!  A Mighty Conqueror!  Almighty God!    King of  Kings!      Judge of All Men.

And He came down into this Land of Destruction, with a sharp, two-edged sword, to defeat sin, wickedness, and death itself.

It was in the middle of a dark night,   just as He did long before on the Night of Passover, destroying  a world empire system that He would not allow to continue on, hence the death of all the firstborns.  It was midnight then.   It was midnight in the manger.

It is midnight, now,  once again, in this world benighted  and blinded.

So during Advent we prepare ourselves to properly remember the birth of Christ the Messiah, but keeping in mind, as St Bernard had said,  “… for what end He comes …,”  preparing also for the second phase of His coming to Earth.

Advent has become a time of buying gifts, buying wrapping paper,  buying Christmas cards, buying decorations,  buying holiday food,  buying holiday plane tickets,   and, oh, yes – remember to buy some purple . . .  candles.

purpple xmas

That will prepare you for the obligations of one year’s holiday.

bar dissolve er

The prophets of Israel had a larger, much more serious view of the coming of the Messiah.    Our Advent should match the knowledge they gave us.   The Church gives us four weeks;  but God gives us our lifetime, however long or short,  to come to terms with what Christmas means.


  •  Wisdom 18:14, 15







April 18, 2015

Look up!


Just in time.     I am a curious person.


I am officially registered for our local Big Ten University tour of their Cyclotron!     Can’t wait!    (Not sure who wrote the substandard English title of the Registration form,   but I’m sure they’re better at smashing atoms than using the English language.)      I’m under strict orders to “ask a lot of questions, take a lot of pictures.”   Orders from Son who can’t be there tomorrow.

I’m interested in such things because those skies in the photo above are becoming more and more troublesome.    It was another display of super-secret science when I went out on errands this past week.   Above me, over the mall parking lot –


We had a clear blue sky in the morning with the weatherman affirming that we’d have “clear skies all day.”    Then the cloud layer was laid down.     And then the scalar waves applied to the clouds.

I drove on to another store and got out in their parking lot:



In no time at all,  deep patterns formed in the thick clouds –


I’m quite sure you realize the “wind”  doesn’t blow in all directions at one time, jamming thick chemical clouds together, willy-nilly.     Not the wind,   a deliberate pattern that manifests certain wave strengths.

Doesn’t matter.   This is one fact of current life that we are not allowed to ask about.     There will be no push back from citizens, under any flag.

One is not allowed to ask questions in matters of science.   Science belongs to our Rulers.

I drove home, got out of the car and looked up.   There was an “addition” to the sky above me:


The wave patterns were there,  but now there was a black track across the sky.   A close-up:


You can see the finer wave pattern better there.   And the length of it was curved:


The black track was either a rent in the chemical clouds or it was the shadow of a new  chemical trail laid down  just above the clouds.

You are supposed to say  “contrail”  as though these were water vapor clouds.   You know,  the kind that come out of an airplane and disappear in about 20 seconds?     You are supposed to say they are made of water vapor,  not the heavy metals,  aluminum, cadmium,  boron, and other stuff that have been collected and analyzed from these kinds of clouds –  the kind of metals that create a matrix for easier  dissemination of communication waves … and other kinds of waves.

Just a contrail up there.    Move along.  Nothing to see here.    No push back allowed.

(You might ask Dr. Edward Teller about the clouds up above.    He published openly about them.   And there are actual patents granted by our government . . .    oh, never mind.)

As I said up above,   One is not allowed to ask questions in matters of science.    But  I’m going to ask questions tomorrow by the Cyclotron.

Atom smasher

Just have to find an atom smasher who will talk to me.



April 18, 2015

Pardon my absence;  I’ve had a health setback…brief, I hope.    However, if it seems like this is rambling, it’s only because there’s too much information, and this issue has been on my mind for a couple of years — or, in reality,  it began in 1970;  but I’ll start in the present time.

Or maybe not the present….but the 20th century.    Ugh.     Here:

Einstein's warning
I find myself saying out loud once in a while that I despair for our civilization.  I don’t think we’ll get it back,  because the momentum is a downward trajectory that is gaining speed.  And though you may not use the word despair,  I think most of my readers will at least have “some fears” for the future too and maybe wonder what can be done.

In today’s highly politically-charged world,  when we are hoping our leaders will keep society safe and come up with solutions for our problems and complaints,  we can take  Einstein’s warning a step further:

“When the authorities are irresolute,  it is not the people who gain,  it is a small group of radicals who take over.”

As a last resort, it’s up to us.   if the authorities are irresolute,  perhaps  — maybe —  it would help if we are not.  I think that’s what our Founding Fathers meant when they said “The price of Freedom is constant Vigilance.”

What’s at stake is everything we Americans have taken for granted and we have lost, we are losing,  and we will lose.     So these next few posts will be about some things we haven’t been very “vigilant”  about, with maybe some everyday matters in between.

Meanwhile:  “Read Albert Einstein’s  quotation ten times before bed and come back here again to see what he meant.”

(Because it’s not just for Americans,  it’s for everyone who counts on civilization that was formed by and benefits from historical Christendom.)


April 3, 2015


It’s Good Friday.  There is much to say,  but there is too much to say, so I make only one point today.

Judge kneeling before

Who is it up there symbolized in  history by the rough coverings,  torn off of animals, covering the sinful humans who must leave Paradise?   Death and blood. . .

… Who was symbolized in  that one dark and spooky night, full of dread and horror,  in which Abraham prepared the pathway for God to approach, a pathway made of the blood and death of animals…

…Who was symbolized by the bloody doorposts and lintels of the Israelites before their hurried escape from enslavement in “Egypt…”

…Whose justice was symbolized by the death of David’s son, to atone for his sinful behavior, and to cut off that pathway into the future…

…Whose sorrow was symbolized by the dreadful mourning of His own people who will one day in the future recognize the Piercing Lances in the prophet’s vision . . .

Judge with halo

And so many more hints throughout history, clues to Who is up there on the Cross.

It is He,  the Word,  present in  the creation of the World,  the Word which caused the world to exist.   Our rejection of that Word is what caused all the blood and sorrow and  and death throughout history . . .   It is His world which we try to wrench away from Him.

And so on the Cross today is Our Judge.

Judge golden
The Cross is the judgment for all the things we would rather believe in than His Word;  and  a judgment upon all the things that we have done that are unlike His Word, and so will be condemned forever.

This is what His mother  came to understand when she was told that “a sword shall pierce thy soul also,  that the thoughts of many hearts shall be revealed.”   


The thoughts of our hearts, judged, at this event that we commemorate today.

Judge as of oldHis just judgment rests upon the Cross.



April 1, 2015

This is Hudea.    Little Hudea.

Little Girl raises hands

She is about 4 years old.    She knows what she’s supposed to do when someone pulls a gun on her.

Only it’s really, really scary.

Because she has seen many guns pointed at people she knows. The Daddies shout and run around and look very afraid.  The Mommies cry and try to pull their children close to them.  And some people fall down and get very, very hurt.

This is the only world she knows.   She has seen the Islamic forces overpower her village on their way to conquering the whole world to turn it into an Islamic caliphate.

They are being successful in Hudea’s area of the world.  They are being successful in Europe and America by using other very clever and subtle means.

No one is doing what ought to be done to eradicate this barbarian army.

children under gun

And that’s why Little Hudea held up her tiny little arms when she thought a gun was being pointed at her.

Only it wasn’t a gun that day in her refugee camp.   It was a journalist with a camera, taking a picture of her camp,  with telephoto lens.


From the UPI/BBC story:   “At first such a photo was thought to be staged, but now, the BBC has tracked down the photographer, Osman Sagirli, who recounted how he had taken the image of the four-year-old girl, Hudea, at the Atmeh refugee camp in Syria in December last year. . . .”

From Hilaire Belloc,  Anglo-French writer  (I’ve written of this before):    Belloc was asked in the early 1930s, when the world was first becoming aware of the rise of Hitler’s National Socialism,  what is the greatest threat facing the civilized world in this century;   this is his famous reply –  “Will not perhaps the temporal power of Islam return and with it the menace of an armed Mohammedan world, which will shake off the domination of Europeans – still nominally Christian – and reappear as the prime enemy of our civilization?”     

If we are defeated,  if little children like Hudea are destroyed, I believe it will be because of the meaning of those three words:   “still nominally Christian.”       Nominal  Christians fight over who has to bake a cake for whom,  while the world they live in is being destroyed by others.

And it’s Hudea’s world.   And my grandson’s world.



February 26, 2015

(No pictures, I think; this has to be from your own imagination.)
Would you rather get attacked by criminals online;   or by criminals who come to your home, beat on your door,  pretend to be acting on behalf of the government or a business, and demand your money?

A.  Attacked online.

B.  Attacked in the physical world.
It’s an interesting question.

Just listened to an overnight interview with Marc Goodman (Future Crimes)  former LAPD  and  now focusing on cyber crime, hacking, and identity theft.

Also just came from my dentist – long appointment but he’s so good and we had time to talk.     Upon asking me what I had been up to lately and hearing about my own ongoing identity theft,  he told me that his little business had also been the victim of identity theft and also through means of false income tax filings.

Cyber crime is  deeply a  part of our society,  it’s everywhere and in every single system, and  I see now that what we hear reported on the news is just a small portion of all the cybe rcrime that is going on.

The economic system of banking, bill paying,  buying and selling,  online medical reporting,  tax paying is all compromised, and it’s accelerating.

Cyber crime.  We fight bloodlessly (usually) from our chairs.  Months pass as we fill out countless forms and notifications, so  we are robbed of time as well as our money.

But at least there are no bullets waiting for us,  no knives, no bludgeons,  no cords ready to tie us up.

Thieves are thieves, and they all steal our time, money,  property, and sense of security.   But with cyber crime, in most cases our bodies are untouched.  (Cyberstalking and loss of privacy are two other issues.)

That’s a good thing.

But the bad thing is so are the criminals safer — most often uncaught and easily moving and expanding their criminal enterprise to other cyberplaces.

(Okay.  Read Marc Goodman’s book Future Crime, if you want to know more.)

My opinion and my prediction is this:   the cybercriminals will so greatly bring down this system that we’re used to,  that we will try to return to the economic system of interchange that our grandparents knew — that is, offline, person to person.    And we won’t do well.     As a whole, we don’t know as much as our grandparents (or great-grandparents)   did.      In general, we cannot add or subtract anymore or make readable penmanship or communicate clearly in our own native language,  but we will try;  we’ll try  to be less “cyber”  and more physically real.

And then the old-fashioned thieves will come to our physical doors.    Thieves.  Thugs.   Brigands.   Bandits.

And why is that?

It isn’t the loss of safety.  It isn’t the loss of education.

It is the loss of classical and traditional morality which had always kept us safe.    And that’s, as they say,  a whole ‘nother thing.

NYET !!!

February 25, 2015


(Ugh.  I hate news days like this.)


Nyet cr

“NYET!”   says Thomas Wheeler,  head of the powerful Government Commission that is going to take over the Internet.    “NYET!  — I am NOT going to answer questions that any  congressman will put to me.  NYET!  I will not meet with them, even though that is their job to do so.  I work for the Dictator — I do not have to answer to anyone else!”

Khrushchev and shoe“We have our role model and our example.   He pounded his shoe on the podium and predicted that we all will BURY you Americans.”

Heh heh.

Yes!  to Top Down Global Socialist Dictatorship!

NYET!  to you Americans.

flag dont-tread1

Where are the  Congressmen with their walking canes ready to beat this guy over the head until he runs away in shame?   (Just a little fact-based historical joke, there.)

Maybe I’m going to miss the free Internet more than I thought I would.



February 20, 2015

(pardon the repetitive language)
He (they) can say the word “Christian” now, if it’s associated with extremism.    But he (they)  still can’t say the other word when it comes to a movement that is expanding with beheadings,  slashings,  explosives, and vicious military, legal, and monetary warfare.    He (they) can’t say that word.

We**   are beginning to discover why.

Torjan Horse in city
A long time ago a battle was fought successfully with a Trojan Horse.    This technique successfully brought down a long-standing enemy.

The Trojan Horse is a SUCCESSFUL  technique of war.

Our children were commonly educated with the story of the Trojan Horse;  it’s how young men in the Western world learned their Greek and learned their history and learned deeds of heroism for the good of their own people.

The Trojan Horse used to be part of our Common Cultural Literacy.

Knowledge of the Trojan Horse has been removed from at least two generations of American children – perhaps given to them only in a paragraph or two, summarized to the point of irrelevance.   “What could some old Trojan Horse story have to do with me?”  

“Oh, nothing much;  it just helped some ancient Greeks win a battle.”

As long as we think it’s irrelevant to us today,  we dummies (dhimmis) won’t recognize it when it’s used against us:

Anywhere from one to two dozen top ranking powerful officials in government in this country  are Sunni Muslims and/or associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.   That’s easy to look up.  Just start with the FBI director, for instance.

(All religions are equal, right?  Moral equivalence, and all that?)

Well, one of the most powerful,   constant ear,   aide,  and adviser to the one who was given the office of our presidency  might not be Sunni.   She’s born and raised in Iran;  so does that make her a Shi’ite?       (The enemy of my enemy is my……)

That’s all right.   Stuffed into the Trojan Horse, she is almost invisible to the American people who are beginning to look more and more like dummies (dhimmis)  for not knowing or caring.

The half-brother of the person they put into our  wh/ it /e  h/ous/e is the leading financier and financial-fundraiser of the Muslim Brotherhood.***

Recently there was a meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood*** – behind closed doors.    And officially denied for as long as possible.    Then it was admitted.    No more questions, thank you.

All stuffed into the Trojan Horse.

Trojan HOrse window

Know what happened recently at a Texas rodeo?   Know what’s happening soon in Oklahoma?   Know what happened at the so-called National (Christian) Shrine,  the largest cathedral in America?     Know what happened to girls in a school in Sacramento recently?

Know how powerful a Trojan Horse is?

Know why it’s not an old boring dusty literature assignment?

Because it is still a successful war tactic!

The Trojan Horse is a SUCCESSFUL  technique of war.


**    “We”  are the military commanders who see close, up front;  “we”  are the political leaders on both sides of the aisle who are becoming alarmed;  “we” are the political analysts;  “we”  are the foreign leaders who are speaking out, finally, against the policies of American destruction coming from WITHIN American government.

And “we” are the people who are hearing the warnings of the military commanders, politicians, policy analysts, and foreign leaders.

***  (A reminder:     This group  was once declared   a terrorist organization.  Oh, the horror when we realized Americans had put these people in power in country after country during the “Arab Spring.”   Nice phrase, huh?   But it wasn’t nice and we did it and the Muslim Brotherhood gained immense power in the world.)


February 16, 2015

How is my (Christmas present)  jigsaw puzzle  coming?


Just fine, thank you.    But   s  l  o  w  l   y!   I think there are too many pieces  for the holes that are left.   Or something.

I won’t quit because this is MY street, a photo of my street made into a puzzle by the New York Times.    It’s a difficult puzzle in that many of the pieces are identical to each other, many nearly identical.   At this point I have to deconstruct some of the areas and use those pieces elsewhere.

It’s all right.  It gives me time to try to pull my thoughts together too.   Time to “deconstruct”  some of the things that aren’t quite accurate and put firmly into place those pieces that do fit — and are part of a larger, truer picture.

(I highly recommend jigsaw puzzles for everyone!)

Time for housekeeping.   Time for the Truth.   (Time for Lent, as a matter of fact.)

We live in a far more dangerous world than we like to think.  That’s that “Bias to Normal”  that I referred to at the end of the last post.   It is indeed a coping technique,  but if we fail to see what is not “normal,”  and do nothing, we will have less and less of “normal”  and will some day have to deal with the actual dangers which have been growing around us.

bear seeing you

Bear have been a longstanding metaphor here in The Spruce Tunnel.      Bear see you before you see them.   They hunt.  They stalk.  They sneak up on you — and attack before your defenses are up.    Just ask me and my family one day in the woods in the Far Far North.

 Close up,  they snarl,  they stink,   they slobber gooey stuff on you,  and I’m beginning to re-live this experience through “current events.”

So,  as I’m putting together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of the street where I live,  I’m also carefully facing the truth about the menace that makes up the “storm”  that swirled about me this weekend,  that knocked me off my feet for a while,  that stalks us like a Bear,  closer and closer.

I’m going to be more plain-speaking for a while as I put all the pieces together.

(I might thank my daughter for this present later.)



February 16, 2015

8 days?   One of the longest silences The Spruce Tunnel has experienced.  Sorry for that.   If I listed all the bad things, difficult things, dangerous things,  frustrating and fearful things that have been going on here in such a short time,  it would sound like a “storm” has been swirling around me.   A storm made of elements bigger than I am.

Some of them will eventually work out well;  some will not.


I’d rather write about this storm, that swirled up and down my street yesterday, same weather front that millions of Americans are experiencing.   There are storms like this — and there are “storms”  of another kind.

I wanted to stay home because of my “storms.”     Shelter and hide.       It was looking too bad out there.   But I needed about three minutes of Wi-Fi, that’s all,  but it would be worth going out;   and it could be an adventure driving through the snow clouds that whirled around, driven across the street by strong, frigid winds.


I had to climb through these to get to my car.    Broom, shovel, scraper in hand,  “storms”  bring a lot of extra work just to be able to keep on going.

I didn’t know if these were snowbanks or snowdrifts along the side of my driveway —


—  but I could see some beauty in the patterns  —  even though  I had to battle the elements just to get into the car.    The icy wind found its way under my hat, through my scarf,  past my gloves,  and up into my arms  . . .   Bare skin!     Brrrrrrrr.

I adjusted all my “protection”  many times while I tried to uncover my car.    Just like Nehemiah’s strong young men  building the city walls of Jerusalem with a trowel or shovel in one hand and a sword to fight off the enemies in the other hand,  so I was trying to keep my scarf and coat on while using the scraper and broom.

When storms swirl around you, expect to get really, physically tired!

Once out onto the highway, though, I was astonished:    The roads were a little okay, but they were busy.   Lots of cars, lots of other people out in the storm.   All the parking lots I passed were filled!    Stores, restaurants, gas stations — all looked busy.

Everyone was going about their business as though there was no storm?


Here are the snowbanks along the side of the parking lot I was aiming for.   The snowbanks were twice as high as my car,  but I can’t show you that;    it was too cold to get out and do something as frivolous as taking a picture.   You can’t always do the things you want when there are “storms.”

In the midst of the swirling wind,  the sun came out, and this line of trees caught my attention as I came out of the store:


So, on the way home I marveled at how many people were out, as though it were any busy Saturday on a nice day.   They didn’t seem to be doing  anything different. . . .

And that made me nervous.

I’m seeing storms of all kinds,  surrounding us,  swirling around us,  threatening us,    and . . . life goes on.

There was a man in the parking lot that I was just leaving.   He got out of his car, began to walk, and a big gust of wind blew a cloud of icy snow into him.  He wore an overcoat, unbuttoned,  over a business suit.    The wind nearly tore his coat off.    He was not dressed for the storm.

He and many others had not prepared for the “storms.”    


I arrived home,  between wind gusts.   Things were calmer for a while.   Mission accomplished with the Wi-Fi.   I took home with me the memory of people walking around amidst the swirling clouds of snow, leaning into the wind,  grasping their coats close to them, but nevertheless,  going about their business.

I deliberately took into my house with me the sense of normalcy amidst the storm.

“Bias to the Normal.”     A survival technique.


NOT MY 2015

February 8, 2015

I have a lot to learn from my grandson.

This was Cooper’s New Year’s Eve:

Cooper with 2015

He was on “California time”…three hours behind us.  Staying up past midnight had been easy for him for the past five days at Grandma’s house.   And then it was News Year’s Eve and we planned a big noisy funny happy party,  mostly for his enjoyment.

happy 2015

While we were getting everything ready,  Cooper picked up his iPad  (yes, his very own)  and got to work.  (Play is a child’s work,  you know.)    A little later we were all astonished to see him fast asleep, still holding his iPad!    What?  Way too early!  He knew something big and happy was coming.  He even explained to us that this is going to be a whole new year for good things to happen.    (We don’t know where he got that idea;  we think one of his teachers must have told him that.)


He was sure of it.  He was sure his Mommy and Daddy were happy that night. He was sure he was loved and respected and listened to.   He was sure and confident.

Why not sleep?

It was supposed to be just a cute family photo of him sleeping there;  but it sticks in my memory — as an admonishment.    So far my 2015 has given me more trials and challenges than I could handle, and I’m not confident about the future.

The two things “out there” that mean the most to me,  my Church and my country,  have both been taken over by foreign elements who are proceeding to raze-and-revolutionize”  us into their own image,  to align with the needs of world governance.

one world church and state

Interestingly,   both Church and country are being “transformed”  by the same agenda.  When I read the news,  I can think either Church or State, because the same thing is going on within both, and  with the opposition of its members,  but it’s happening anyway, because self-defense has been carefully bred out of us.

No Global Warming

No Global Warming

(A joint encyclical about the spurious climate change?  Good grief!)    Soon one-world state interests will be perfectly aligned with one-world religious interests.   It won’t be pretty.   (See Revelation chapters 8 – 13.)

Knowing all this,  knowing what’s coming,   it’s ironic that I ended that last fireplace” posting with Psalm 4:8:   I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep,  for you only, O Lord,  make me to dwell in safety.

Time to actually practice my faith, I guess.    Rest in peace, in God.    Maybe I could have Cooper’s kind of 2015.

I could learn a lot from my grandson.


January 24, 2015

A little pictorial RANT today : ( but first some words ) –

The largest gathering of Americans united for an ideal occurred this week – the largest, that is,  since last year this time!

Hurray!  We know how to come together to protect good things… like Life itself!

Only you may not know about it:   The LARGEST GATHERING OF AMERICANS FOR ANY ONE CAUSE!!!!

Even most of the people in my classes this week didn’t see it coming –  and more tragically for the continued existence of our Republic  which depends upon a “Free Press”   —  they  didn’t even see it.

Are you among the willingly ignorant?    If your news source is American radio or television or newspapers,  (the entertainment-news media in which pretty young actors and actresses sit behind an empty modern-looking desk and read scripts handed to them from the teleprompter near the camera),  if THIS is your news source,  the answer is yes.   (Because they have a tool –  it’s called Blackout.)

(Yes, willingly ignorant victims, I guess.)

What do they tell us about instead(Forget “inflategate” – that’s just another manifestation of Gotcha!  journalism mixed in with the marxist promotion of covetousness:  don’t you envy the successful?  don’t you envy the rich?  they must have cheated and stole from YOU!)

No, what kinds of gatherings are we told about?   Why, the gatherings paid for  and promoted by the One-World Billionaire (G.S.  —  an est.  30 – 40 million dollars of his own money)) which brought out people by the dozens!    by the hundreds in some places!   And one time, “over a thousand” people – “unofficially”  counted.    Tens of millions of dollars to bring about “emotional,  race-baiting protests”  in Missouri and New York, protests meant to divide us Americans.

Compare that to 300,000 this week.   More in past years by official Washington D.C. police count.

You missed 300,000 Americans this week  and were given a steady diet of hundreds of Americans over the past months.

There are so many sources of news out there.   No wonder they want to take the Internet down.

Oh, yes,  the pictures.   300,000 Americans ( mostly young people, I noticed)  also carried signs:

(“Can’t we all just get along?”)    —


Future sister.  Future doctor.  Future teacher.   Future . . .  everything.

Future Sister


Got mean parents?


Mom's going to

I don’t like “crowd”   pictures because cameras can be made to lie,  but this really was a very large lively crowd of mixed ages  —   which was happy, peaceful, and left behind barely no trash or damage — they respect ALL life.

CrowdA seemingly endless stream of people on the streets.

From my Ghost Pictures folder:    “The Weeping Lady.”


weeping lady

She can see.   She sees.


BLACKOUT!  is just a tool used against the Citizens of this World.


January 22, 2015


Beautiful snowfall recently.  Just had to stop and watch the slow and steady downward drifting of the white flakes.   Next summer I’ll just remember, “Oh, yeah,  snow is pretty…”  —  and that’s all, so I wanted to stop and take the time to experience what a snowfall is, while I was seeing one.

Takes time.

But, then, just as happened in the last posting or two,  there was a deep, dark melancholy seeping into this day.  The bright snowflakes were only an overlay on top of the reality of this world.

school maam
You all know I’m a teacher, by nature.   All my life, from early childhood onwards I’ve seen the world through the eyes of someone responsible for teaching others.

So the melancholy of this day has its roots somewhere around 30 years ago,   when my children were old enough to no longer need a mother to be in the home, physically,  all day long while they were in school.   I could go back to public schoolteaching!   My schedule would be roughly theirs, and I would not have to abdicate any of my motherly duties.

But there was no need for me.   When I had been a public schoolteacher, I had 28 to 34 first graders in my classroom each year.   Now,  there was no need for any more teachers.    Classroom size had fallen to somewhere around 20, but  there was  still an oversupply of teachers.

Where were all the children?

Answer:   In my home state,  TWO CLASSROOMS WORTH of children,  like my dear little first graders,  had been burned to death!  cut up into little pieces!  torn apart by machines!   and in other ways tortured while they were still alive.    50 – 60 living babies PER DAY!

If somehow a baby survived,  he was thrown into a nearby trash receptacle, according to eyewitnesses.    Until he died.

No more little children to teach… or to love… or to raise to be our new mothers and fathers and scientists and doctors and inventors and businessmen and laborers …  and good citizens … and souls who have the opportunity to choose Eternal Goodness …

school chil

How many have we lost?     57,000,000 Americans and counting?    59,000,000 ?

It’s not melancholy.     It’s January 22nd.


December 7, 2014

Clip Advent 2

The Second Sunday of Advent, the season of preparation.   Two candles burned today and throughout the week.

Tradition is nice.   It forms the foundation on which we build our activities.    It structures and makes sense out of our days.

It’s traditional to have Readings that go along with each Sunday.   Some of you may have heard the word “elements”  in your Readings today.

Elements.   Remember when we studied the elements in our high school science?

Periodic Table

“Element  –    a substance which contains only one kind of atom.”     And there was a Periodic Table to sort out all the atoms.

Have you seen that T shirt motto?  “Never trust an atom;  they make up everything!”   There are atoms in everything and everything is made up of atoms.  They are the elements that make up everything we see, including ourselves.

So.    We hear today in the Advent Readings that this world won’t last forever.   Something Big is coming:    But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night;   in  which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. ”  (II Peter 3:10)

These are the words of Peter,  St. Peter,   the leader of the Apostles of Jesus.     He is reminding us that one day all the elements will “go away”  with a Big Bang!     He goes on to ask us,  seeing that this is true,   that this “Big Bang” is coming,  what kind of people ought we to be?

What kind of people should we be and how should we prepare ourselves for that  coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat”?     (II Peter 3:12)

That’s not meant to be metaphorical.  All those elements in the Periodic Table will be burnt up — because this world is in rebellion against God and most of the humans who live here do not care to even  think about their own Creator.      It’s a spoiled, ruined, wasted world, and it is marked for Judgment.

Of course, this world has a Savior who says “Behold, I make all things new.”   A new Heaven and a new Earth.   But that’s for then.    We live now,  with these elements –  these elements that are  ripe for judgment  —  and doomed.

All we can do now is Prepare.    As St. Peter asked:  Seeing that these things will come to pass,  what manner of men ought we to be?

. . .  ex mandato Dei. . . .     We have no other chance.



December 7, 2014

Another day, another truck appears in front of our house.

SAMSUNGAnother workman stepping out of his truck.     Tree cutting, clean-up, maintenance, and winter prep have kept us busy lately!

This time it’s a cleaning and inspection of our chimneys.    SAMSUNG

With all that “deforestation” going on around here, we’ve amassed huge amounts of firewood.     We’ll be using the fireplace a lot in the coming years, so it’s a smart idea to prepare for such heavy use by having a thorough cleaning of our fireplace and chimneys done.

For those of you who know what Advent is all about,   you’ll see that all this preparation is necessary.    Examination;   inspection of what you have;  looking for cracks and imperfections in who you are;   cleaning;  scraping off the harmful or heavy accretions;  re-reading and learning better the “manuals,”  which might remind us of the Bible and other good writings from those who have gone before us;  and then consultation with the experts – a visit to the confessional, perhaps?

Something is coming.,   Something Big is coming.   Someone is coming for us.

I’ll be more explicit in the next posting.