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November 11, 2017

View from a Saturday afternoon:

View from Saturday

Saturday again.   The home team is playing.   Not well.    All I can say is they  played to the end of the game.

I could talk about the value of leisure time:   I could wax philosophical about “winning and losing”;     I could even discuss the metaphorical value of each of the positions on a football team,  the roles we play in life  . . . .

But it’s knitting I was thinking about today.   Knitting and football just go together – for me.  I’m almost done with my royal blue V-neck sweater.    I’m just getting started on the cuff of the second sleeve.

I was reading a book about managing chronic disease, the serious terminal type of chronic disease,  and the author wrote about the importance of endorphins for the maintenance of good quality of life.    Of course we know exercise produces and increases the endorphins in our body;  that’s why many of us like to “run to excess”  to try to induce that Runners’ High!

But among the many other activities listed was knitting!     Knitting produces endorphins!   So while I’m not “exercising”  like the football players during a game,  I’m getting my endorphins another way.   Pure pleasure!

Health is pleasure too.    It’s incumbent upon each of us to maintain or regain and maintain our own health.   We’ve got to find out what our body needs and then go after it.

Yep – it’s work.  It takes time and effort to stay healthy.     We’re individuals and have specific and unique needs to keep our health.     I can’t really tell you what you need to do — but I can make a recommendation:

Football and knitting!

(Or something like that.)





August 23, 2016

It’s that time of the year!!!


Football season!!   I know it’s pre-season,  but it’s not “just” pre-season;  it’s “you get to watch your favorite team many  times and see who all the second and third string players are and who can be a back-up for your favorite players”  season!

You really get a chance to see players on your team who you’ll probably seldom even hear of again – if you’re lucky,  because if you don’t hear much  about these “new” players,  it means your first string is all right.

Besides.   No pressure.   No season rankings.  Just plain, pure football playing.

So,  time for football to begin!!   And time to take out the knitting needles again!

ALLIGATOR 400 Football

Five-year-olds love alligators.

Last year Grandson Cooper got a bear in the woods with big pine trees,  just like where he lives in the High Sierras:


But this time he knows he’s going to get that alligator — and he’s excited,  so I have to deliver.

I know,  the world seems to be in such serious trouble,  about to “break” – so how could we be thinking of football?

I could get all philosophical about the importance of recreation . . .   The saints caution us against too much frivolity.  But they also warn us against too much seriousness and tell us that a little fun and recreation spice up our lives and keep us from getting all tied up in knots.

The story goes that there was a young monk who was playing some sort of ball game, and a man looked on with surprise at the young man’s obvious involvement in the fun.  “You’re a monk!   What if you knew Jesus should come to take your soul right now and find you playing games?!”

The young monk replied, “If I knew that,  I would continue on playing because this is the hour designated for my recreation – and Jesus would find me doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.”

There are many variations on that story,  but it shows us an important point.   Do what you are supposed to be doing, right now,  in the manner in which it should be done,  for as long as it should be done, before you go on to the next thing that you should be doing, according to your station in life.

Just focus on your duty.  That ought to eliminate a lot of stress in life.

Meanwhile,  I’ll worry about not dropping stitches and getting the pattern just right – and I’ll worry about not dropping passes and working through those patterns . . .

Oh, well.

My team is, of course,  the








December 6, 2015

It’s the Post-Thanksgiving Football Season now.        I’m not a “man”  and this  is not my “cave,”  but I live alone, so I CAN put a turkey in front of me . . .  in front of the TV.


I began the season enthusiastically with football on my TV and knitting needles firmly in hand . . .


. . .   and now  I’m coming near the end of the season – with football on my TV and knitting still in hand.

A couple of you have asked how my projects are coming.  Here they are:


I’ve just about finished Cooper’s bear sweater – just the sewing together.   And I’ve started on a pretty  sweater for me.   Not pink.  It’s “Iced Orchid.”     Very pretty and soft.

Well.  And one more  –


I did the green vest too.  Almost finished, just a few more stitches.   (Might take those buttons off and put different ones on.)

Uh —  I suppose this indicates I’ve spent a lot of hours watching football!

My great-grandmother would not approve of sitting in front of a television set, watching football games — and “doing nothing.”     (That’s her in the right-hand column somewhere;  Hilda Larsen.  Farm wife.  Hard worker.)

My grandma would not approve of me sitting in front of a television set, watching football games — doing nothing.   She was always busy and occupied.

My dad would not approve of me sitting in front of a television set, watching football games — doing nothing.    He had  very high standards for behavior and productivity.

So I knit.   That’s not nothing.   And I generally do housework during half times.  I clean things when the teams are taking a break.    Because I’m “driven.”       Hard work;  keeping busy;  be useful and productive.

I let my Friday class “loose” in their discussion last week.    I joined in, and the Advent discussion about Christ’s first coming meandered off into His second coming and what conditions will be like when He does come back.   These are Advent themes;  we were being “productive.”

And we discovered how lucky we have been.

We concluded that we have no experience with how bad things will be getting, soon perhaps,  and we were all struck with the realization of how very sheltered we’ve been in these last seventy years of upward material prosperity and relative peace — relative peace, because none of us have ever experienced war on our soil.  We don’t know what it’s like to be invaded by a foreign army.   We don’t even know domestic civil war.

We’re grateful for this.    I’m personally grateful because these many decades of relative peace and relative prosperity have given me time to learn; to reflect; to feel gratitude;  to prepare;  to discover what is serious about life; maybe to grow stronger in faith and character so that when things change for the worst,  I will not be surprised, but I will be ready to do my part and to be useful to others;  and to meet Christ, my Maker,  if the coming Bad Times result in my death.

So that’s why I watch football –  to take pleasure in some small things of this world and to show gratitude for leisure time,  while we have it.   And that’s why I knit and clean during the games – to show that there is always work to do that each one of us owes.

It’s not my great-grandmother;  not my grandma;  not my dad.   It’s   Jesus, my Lord and Savior, who said:

I must work the work of Him that sent me, while it is day the night is coming when no man can work.   (John 9:4)

So,  work!    Don’t do “nothing”!

“Work for the night is coming. . . ”     Oh, dear.   And that’s the first line of a wonderful old hymn.

piano happy

And now I want to go waste time at the piano!









September 22, 2015

I’m not a guy, okay?   I just enjoy football.     (While I knit.)       I enjoy how the game is played.

I don’t enjoy watching Jay Cutler get hurt.  Again.     And the Bears losing.  Again.

But here’s a repeat photo of the Bear I’m working on while I watch the game.

 That was Week One.

This is Week Two and I’ve enjoyed more games.   I’ve watched the Packers smack and the  Unluck of Andrew Luck,  and I’ve made more progress on the Bear —

 The back of the sweater is done and almost two sleeves.   The owner of this sweater will be arriving from California in three days.

There won’t be enough football games before then for me to finish the sweater,  but that’s okay.   It’s a good thing for him to see the progress.   Sweaters don’t just “come off the rack” in stores.    They don’t have to.    It will be good for Cooper to see a work in progress.    He’s in pre-Kindergarten, after all.

He’s kind of a Work In Progress himself.

And a Raiders fan.     Sigh-h-h-h-h-h.


September 14, 2015

Many, many, many hours of football during these last three days.   An unadmitted “many.”      I do this only in September, then I’ll watch less, probably.

Of course, the “home team” doesn’t always win.

bearsBut a lot of happy time is spent hoping.

And I spent the game “growing” another bear:


Oh, well. . .   that was tonight too.     But I think in a few weeks Cooper will have his sweater all done.     It will take maybe three weeks of games.

Football puts time into perspective.     How long does it take to do tiresome, routine household chores?    Scrub the kitchen floor –  one half-time!     Do all the laundry —   six commercial breaks.     Pay a  bill, get it ready to mail — one commercial break.     Prepare a meal — two or three commercial breaks.      Get the dust off of . . . something —   less than one commercial break.

When there’s no game on,  I remember this.

It’s all in  the perspective.


September 12, 2015

“Greek history” ?


                                               NOT QUITE !!

greek historyFootball season is underway  and the Spartans of Greek History move over for the Spartans of MSU!

It’s been a long, long wait — but I woke up today with the television telling me it has eight channels of 3 or 4 football games each!!    I can be “busy” until long after midnight today!

RBs, LBs, TEs — oh, all the rest.    Touchdowns.   Passes.   Tackles.    Stats.   Scores.  Analyses.      Favorite quarterbacks —


Of course, as usual around here,  my attention will be divided.

Unalloyed pleasure?      Can’t do that.     Can’t just “sit there” and watch the game.      I have to be “accomplishing”  something.   Sort of “divided attention.”        That’s the plan.     There’s the chart —


Each game I’ll make more and more progress, and a little guy named Cooper may have a little sweater sometime around mid-season.


If the Spartans play well I won’t have to deal with too many dropped stitches.

It will be a busy day here today, with a little NASCAR sneaked in between plays.

Tomorrow we start the schedule all over again — with the NFL!


I do hope your Fall is going to be as fun as mine.


February 22, 2014

Almost a week since I last posted?     Here is my “explanation”  –


There, in the jar I’m holding,  is lemonade.   Pink.   It turned out pink.

I was busy juicing there, as you can see, and then when I was done I thought how handy it would be to “pre-squeeze”  (pre-juice)  some lemons which I’m always adding into ice water.   I’d have a little jar of ready-made lemon juice. . . .

But I had already juiced a lot of fruit and I was getting tired and I had all that cleaning up to do. . . .   and so what if I just tossed the lemons in.   Well.   Of course.   I’m going to get some of the juice and pulp from the berries mixed in with the lemon juice.   A small miscalculation which I didn’t mind at all.  After all,  I like pink things sometimes.


I making a pink sweater right now.

But here is why this has any importance at all to me.   The “mistake” of pinking my lemonade happened because  #1, I did things out of order and #2  not with sufficient attention to organizing tasks and #3  not the  least effort of tidying up between one activity and another.

Disorganized.  Disorderly.   Not detailed.   Not neat.

Fortunately, the consequences were just fine, no problem.

But maybe I’d better take those knitting needles off the couch where they’re lying in wait. . . .

Seriously,   I’m not nit-picking with myself.   I’m trying to figure out my duty in this world.    In a mild way I was thinking in a loose, flabby, undisciplined way, that day with the juicer.  I was thinking:  Do it the easy way.”

“Sow a thought, reap an action.

“Sow an action, reap a habit.

“Sow a habit,  reap a character.

“Sow a character, reap a destiny.”


Oh, a little addendum:   Why did this delay this week’s postings?    I must have been entering a “zone” with that juicing activity.   There followed a whole week which just didn’t turn out right.   a little sense of  things not working well, of defeat, of difficulty, of feeling down.

But “feelings”  are within our control, and activity – of the right sort – gives us a whole new set of feelings.   I’m working a little “better” now.