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June 4, 2018


Not-so-open . . .       Well,   here:

atlanta bridge390

I knew this was coming.    All through the richly green beautiful hills of Kentucky and Tennessee,  I was thinking about this challenge that lay ahead.


Seven lanes in my direction,  with another six merging in on up ahead,


This one is right after going under the bridge; you can see the merging lanes better.

Now,  usually the challenge is that the traffic is going  55,  60,  70 or more miles per hour and invariably you have to make  several cuts across lanes because they keep switching where your route is.   Big signs, very little opportunity to make the switches.

Today was better, so to speak.     Atlanta radio,  WSB,  750 AM, announced there was an accident, and the two right lanes were closed.    At first I thought,  “Oh, nuts, now there’ll  be severe slow downs and stops.”    And then I thought –  “slow downs and stops?”    Now all the cars will have time to see which lane they’re supposed to be merging into, time to plan the sudden left or right turn in front of another car,  and we can all do it at reasonable speeds –  say,  6 or 8 m.p.h.

It all worked out nicely.   I’ve never been so relaxed going through Atlanta.

And I had two rewards for making it through safely.

One was I got to drive right under the runways of Atlanta Hartfield –  I saw two huge passenger planes,  a few hundred feet above my head!     (Pretty exciting for a girl who grew up a half mile from O’Hare Air Base   (and even after it became  O’Hare International).

And then there was this little reward –

cattails 390

I hope this shows up real well.     After all that urban “alertness,”   it was a treat to be presented with this little clump of natural beauty.    It’s a little arrangement of cattails at the side of the parking lot where I’m staying tonight.

I’m pretty sure they weren’t planted there;  just so attractive and calming.

Stay grounded to Nature, everyone!     Take time to stop and smell . . .  photograph the cattails in your life!



January 28, 2018

Can’t wait to write this post!   I want it here in The Spruce Tunnel so I can look at it often.


What inspired me to post my “odd and interesting” photos is this experience at my local  health food store.  I was looking for some good meat:

O Meat is Lima Beans

I was pretty sure this was not a lima bean fail.

“Stop and smell the roses,”  hey?    “Stop and have some fun!”

I often wonder how much we miss because we can’t see down far enough into the world around us!

O Lan Looking down into Lan

I don’t fly, but I can walk around with my head in the clouds  if I’m not paying attention.

Grandson Cooper was here for Christmas.  We took out Son’s Tae Kwan Do gi, from long ago,   but the two,  uncle and nephew,  couldn’t figure out how to tie the belt properly.     Before you knew it,  seven-year-old Cooper just “googled” it on phone and computer:

O Looking up Gi 350

Within five minutes he was ready to teach  his uncle:

O Gi using YouTube

So here they are . . .  “Life Imitates Art,”   sometimes.

(I would love to see Son in a gi today;  but I won’t  tell him that.    But, maybe.  He’d look good in a gi, and Tae Kwan Do is healthy for you . . .)

How about a cute animal photo –  can you count the lions in the tree?

SANTA PAWS: PRIDE OF LIONS SCALE TINY ‘CHRISTMAS’ TREE IN TANZANIAN RESERVE. There are YouTube videos of this.   Worth looking up.     Some tourists in a nearby jeep noticed a lion jumping up into the tree to sun himself.  Soon after,   another one joined him.  And another,     And another . . .     I think there were eight,  maybe more,  in the end, all getting a little closer to the sun for their sunbath.    Interesting watching them try to balance on those small branches.

Speaking of “sun” – When is the sun not a sun?

O NOT the sun

When an Optical Illusion a couple minutes before sunrise makes it appear as though the sun has already risen.  (That’s not the sun.)

Or  —   When is the sun not a sun?    — When it’s disguising itself as a giant eyeball!

O not when close to a sun dog

These are sun dogs in Antarctica, somewhere around high noon.

Sundogs are made of hexagonal ice crystals,  some laying flat to the observer, some perpendicular.

And speaking of ice –  I thought this was an interesting Ice Challenge for Louisiana during their recent ice storm:

IO Ice storm I - 12 Louisiana

Here’s a challenge for all of us.  How much will we be missed when we die?   How much will we be loved and respected?  How many will come to our funeral?

Maybe it will take us 104  years  —  as it did for this man:

O 104 yrds old funeral

Jerusalem, a couple months ago.   Beloved rabbi.     104 years old.  More than 500,000 people attending.

Tomorrow will be my turn at religious expression.    I will go into a church to assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass —   age-old,  two-millenia-old,  and unchanging.

But a large segment, large, large, large, is trying to change things:
O Dancers These are liturgical dancers at a Catholic”  liturgy —  the newly-written one.   One that is fifty or so years old,  not two millenia old.  I put this photo among the Oddities.

This  and so many “oddities” that have intruded into the Church are stretching the fabric of the Church so much that after all the immodesties,  after all the blasphemies, after all the “modernities”  and accommodations to current cultural “necessities”  —  that fabric itself is being destroyed for the majority of Catholics.

In another century, this photo would have been an oddity:  A church being destroyed to make room for the construction of a new mosque.

O Destroyng church to build a mosque

But it has become  commonplace.

Of course the actual Church will not be altogether destroyed,  “gates of Hell,” and all that.

But the time is fast approaching when a Catholic who holds to the original teachings of Jesus that came down to us through both written and oral tradition  will become a real Oddity.



.*    II Thessalonians 2:15 –  Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.

That is, oral tradition,  taught by word of mouth, from generation to generation;  as well as what was written down in the letters and Gospels of the disciples and apostles.  The traditions of the Church and the words of the Bible correspond to each other, in harmony.

Who dares change the teaching?!




July 6, 2017

The State can give you everything and fix all of society’s problems,  but it must, then,  control all your actions, all your attitudes,  and all your thoughts.

One of the most important ways to exert this control is through the entertainment-news media, by means of well-chosen words and  by visual images.    During my high school studies,  I remember being fascinated with the Soviets’ use of visual censorship.   I’ve always loved taking pictures, and I really love being able to manipulate them  . .  .  umedit them . . .  digitally.    The Soviets were past-masters at the game:

Disappear 1

(I think the guy with the white hair did something he wasn’t supposed to do.   Or perhaps he said something he wasn’t supposed to be thinking.)

Same with the guy in the dark shirt in another pair of photos side by side –  but he’s not in the second one.

Disappear 2

The Soviet Socialists were very good at eliminating unpleasant things.

They can do that here too.  You’ve seen these high school yearbook  photos, I’m sure:

trumo out 1

Now you see it;   now you don’t.   Nothing  “unpleasant”  allowed in the yearbook.   Nothing that doesn’t fit the (liberal)  party line.

Trump out 2

The photos on the left were the ones submitted to that yearbook editor.   The photos on the right were the ones printed in the yearbook.    There were no restrictions published anywhere of what can be on students’ t-shirts.

In high school,  I was the editor of our school newspaper and helped with the yearbook.  Believe me,   these aren’t  “mistakes.”  These are editorial decisions.

But what does it matter.    They’re only American children, right?


Flag don't tread

America!    Land of the . . .

                 We can’t be Free unless we’re Brave!