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January 30, 2018


Good people  acting good can achieve much good.

flag close-up


I wasn’t going to write about the State of the Union speech tonight…   I wanted to keep my thoughts to myself,  and,  anyway,   I was afraid the entertainment-news media would make it all political and nasty.

But just a couple things —

Most memorable statement that I heard:    It’s not he, the president,  or the Congress that makes America great;  it is the Americans themselves who make America great.

I noticed right away  that as President Trump entered the room, he was warmly and enthusiastically received.   First time in my whole life   — and I’ve seen a lot of presidents!  — that I’ve seen such warmth.   I noticed how many men and women wanted to just put their hands on him, touching him, patting or stroking his arm, almost subconsciously.

That was interesting – and impressive.

The guests brought in by the president  were not just “token” guests but they were true exemplars of certain positive characteristics of the people of our country;  totally appropriate and inspiring choices.   We can stand behind each of them and the values they represent.

I’m not sure what specifically encouraged me so much, but, again,  I’m very proud to be an American.     I think our country is good.     It doesn’t matter that our Founding Fathers were not exactly Christian, we can debate that,  but they so constituted our country that we are free to be Christian,  or not,   and the vast majority of Americans today identify with Judeo-Christian values.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.”



This is not the time to watch all the negative chatter from radio and TV for a few days.



January 27, 2018

(A ‘private’  post just for the Spruce Tunnel   records – I want to remember this week.)

Finally.  Friday.  This week is over.    In the recurring rhythm of our weeks, this is the day we  remember and give extra consideration to the crucifixion of Jesus — so — so — so maybe I didn’t have it so bad.    Put all things in perspective —  but it took all my effort to regain some psychological health.

Alternating food with the week’s events, starting with Comfort Food:

codfish in milk

Codfish in milk.  Poached codfish.

Delicious and comforting and healthful, I hope, after a slight health scare — taken in stride, all will be well, I suppose  . . . .

A  couple boiling potatoes;    forbidden starch, but soothing:

Fri potatoes

Son was AWAY this week.   He is a good man.  He has good friends.  He was having good fun this week.    I’m a mother.     He was out of state.  That did NOT feel so good.

Friday’s fare came together for a most satisfying, comforting dish:

Fri fare

It’s astonishing how good this simple meal is.   All soft and creamy.

This is the second week into a new jigsaw puzzle.   (Thank you, my friend — I think.)   I’m at the stage where I’m quite sure they didn’t give me all the right pieces.

Puzzle 300

Stubborn as I am,  I spent fruitless hours on this puzzle –  but even worse, I had Internet news on in the background and I followed all the controversies of this past week.   Now I’m sorry I’m up to date on what the entertainment-news media has been talking about.  It’s been quite dismaying.

Shameful government shutdown stunt;  false assertions about immigration on one side, attempted clarifications from the other side;   dire predictions of  President Trump ruining world trade at Davos,  pride in our country and our president as the other side shows his enthusiastic reception;   endless controversies attempted  from one side, repeated attempts to put things in honest perspective from the other side  —

Sick straberry

Back and forth it went all week.  It’s enough to make a person believe that there’s really  Fake News out there.    It’s like that “fake” strawberry in my photo.

I bought several pints and quarts of berries to make juice this week.  I freeze the juice in little containers.  Part of my “medicine.”   (Hippocrates:  “Let  food be thy medicine.”)

Sick 2

But I’m not sure these strawberries qualify.   I’ve never seen pale cream-colored craters in strawberries before.     Really freaky.  Freak strawberries.  Fake strawberries.  Perhaps I will have to grow my own this summer.

This week was the first week of new classes for the year.   I had prepared pretty well,  but there’s always that uncertainty:   How will the classes go?  How will I do?  Will anyone come?    Can I meet expectations?     Couldn’t see what lies ahead  . . . .

Fog ahead

Fittingly,  my first day of class had me heading out into fog –  couldn’t see what lies ahead on the way in.

I kept a promise to myself, though.     Remember I said I’d wear the little tiny Precious Feet in honor of all our lost little ones in this country?

PIN Bab y feet

I wore them on my first day back to class,  little tiny golden feet, the size of a baby at ten weeks old, after conception.

But somehow it made me feel very sad.    True, the annual Right to Life march has not reversed Roe v Wade,  but it has  served to call attention  to and educate many  people on the value of human life at all ages.     And in many states, including my own,   abortion “clinics” have been shut down because of the coordinated efforts of such people.     In my own little city there are no  more surgical abortion clinics left.

But you can still get your baby killed by medicine.

So, again,  wearing the little pin made me feel very sad.

Temporary, I’m sure.  I’m not the kind of person to be affected by weeks like this – forever.

Psychological health.






September 21, 2017

(It’s quieter and more peaceful here since The Spruce Tunnel “cut the cable,”  but every now and then something from the leftist media will ooooooze  in.)

 Extreme Leftist Sub-Leaders of the One World Government:


The president of the United States recently gave a speech here.    I read it.   It made me feel good and safe and relieved.    At last!   At last, someone is saying it’s okay to be an American and it’s okay, as an American,  to love my country and want to see it thrive.

And it’s okay to feel that way about your country too, if you are a citizen of another country.

If we don’t care about our own native land,  then what good are we for dealing with the larger issues we all  have in common?

62, 000, 000  of us voted for this particular president because he articulated what we had been feeling and what we hope for.   (We cannot know how many supported Mrs.  Bill Clinton,  because so many reports are coming in now of confirmed and evidenced voter fraud that put her in the winning column,  precinct after precinct,  city after city . . . .  Who could ever know how many real votes she got?)

Supporters of these international Extreme Leftists at the United Nations include the entertainment-news media.      Somewhere around 96% of them say they voted for . . .  of course,  the Extreme Leftist Mrs.  Bill Clinton.     Journalists.  Vote.  Left.  

They have been waging an extreme and unrelenting war against their own elected president.


Surprise!    Independent analysis has shown that  91% of news coverage of our president has been negative.    Surprise!    (not)    That’s 91%.      Some big famous “news”  outlets are in the high 80s percentage of negative (and false) news coverage of the president.

Just facts of  “modern” life.

So, after looking into the speech the American president made at the U.N. on behalf of our country,   I was amazed to hear just about 99%  negative comments on the speech.    There were no words that inspired those comments,  but there was plenty of animosity that inspired those comments.  I shouldn’t have been “amazed” – but I was, at the vitriol and mendacity of the assertions.

The difference between real life and the entertainment-news media has never been greater.

The so called Ninety-One percenter president hit a 100%  home run with many, many Americans.





May 22, 2017

(Ever read the book of Daniel in the Bible?)

Hey!  How about a rousing  two minutes of Gospel music!!!!


Well, the song tells you the story,  but in case you didn’t have patience to listen to it,  long ago  three young men were arrested  because they wouldn’t bow down to the culture’s god,    nor would they bend their knee,  so they were thrown into a fiery hot furnace (so hot that the king’s servants who fired it up were themselves killed by the heat) .    Well, the three young men wouldn’t burn either –  they were protected by a Fourth Man sent from the One True God  who kept them from burning,  from even being singed,  from even having the smell of smoke on them!

“They wouldn’t bend, they wouldn’t bow, they wouldn’t burn.”

Courage.   Truth.   Hope in God alone.

In the last post I contrasted the reception of two presidents in their trips to Saudi Arabia.   I noted that one president did bow to the Sunni king.

Barack Obama, Hu Jintao

Oh,  that’s different  Muslim leader . . . .

Obama Bow Copenhagen

Another Muslim leader . . . . fuzzy.   At a Copenhagen meeting of world leaders.

Here we are – bowing to a Saudi Sunni Muslim . .  .

O bowing again

Here’s the one we want:

Obama bow - Copy

Saudi.   Sunni.   Islam.

We have the school registration of this president.   He was raised as a Muslim,  enrolled in a Muslim school,  and learned his religion and how to get along in this world by studying the Koran.      The young boy in Malaysia learned how to respect the Sunni religion and its representatives.    (You bow.)

As an adult he stated  (it’s recorded on video)  thatThe most beautiful sound in the world is the sound of the muezzin calling out to evening prayer,”  (in which prayers to their god are chanted in classical Arabic).

Beautiful to his ears.

In case you’re wondering:\

ObamaIndonesia school regist.jpg circled

Legal Name:  Barry Soetoro

Previous Residence:   Honolulu

Present Residence:  Indonesia

Religion:   Islam

(By the way,  Islam does not allow for apostatizing to non-Muslim religions.)

So,  one man bowed.   But the other man  “bended.”   —

Trump nt bowing

There’s nothing wrong with being a Sunni Muslim  in this world.    And  there’s nothing wrong with being TALL.   It’s much easier for an older man to put a medallion of honor around your neck if you bend down for him –  that’s courtesy of a different kind.

Every once in a while it used to come up in my daughter’s  concert band which traveled abroad:  “What do you do if you are introduced to someone from some royal family?”   (Answer:  You’re an American.   You shake hands, if such royal hand is offered to you.  Otherwise, you stand politely and respectfully.   After the American Revolution was won,  American citizens do NOT bow – or bend – or hopefully  not “burn” !)

Please,  my readers,  don’t let anyone blur the difference between a bow and a  bending down so someone can slip something over your neck.    Use your own intellect.  Make honest distinctions.


Hey – you might be a Johnny Cash fan.    He’s got a great (almost)  bass voice too)


April 9, 2017


Sorry I couldn’t get back here right away after the storm.  I’ve been “perturbed.”

But we’re still here:

2nd Tree and moon

That tall tree that twisted and turned so menacingly in our big storm is still standing.  The sky the next day was gloriously blue.  Innocently blue:  “What?  What storm?”   The pond level remains high but the raging torrent has returned to a normally high spring-level creek no longer uprooting trees and gouging out the creek bank.

Nature is calmer,  but this week becomes one of “perturbations”  and turmoil in the spiritual world,  during which Christians try to enter into the experience of Holy Week,  Jesus’ last week of life on this earth.   Try to enter into;  try to figure it out;  spend time  uniting in the experience, the story, the details.

The time approaches.

2nd Tree and Fist


Next to the photo of the top of the tree is a moon becoming full.  Not just any full moon;  the Paschal Moon,  for it is always full on Passover, and therefore on the Thursday of this particular week.    I put up my fist to measure the height of the moon.   One fist = 10 degrees.  The moon was about 50 degrees high in the sky.   As Thursday evening comes, it will be about that high,   but it will be just about at its highest point later in Gethsemane,  where Jesus had his  unspeakable agony,   sorrow beyond our understanding.


2nd Waves

So, the storm that Mother Nature gave our area is past, but the wind still blows little waves and ripples across the pond to accompany our unsettled feelings during our Holy Week meditations.

And now there is the storm our politicians are giving us in international affairs.    “Russia threatens war,”  the new headlines say.     Well,  yes.   We attacked a sovereign nation.   One which Russia was working with to defeat ISIS.   They would be “perturbed.”

And   “Perturbations in Egypt.”     Palm Sunday today, and 43 Christians were killed in their churches by Islamic bombs.    “Innocent children and women  should not be killed in that manner”   . .  .  to use the words of the American president commenting on events in Syria.    I hope he is not so perturbed that he takes advice to retaliate against Egypt.   And if not,  why not?

(Maybe an unnamed “chemical gas”  is supposed to perturb us more than a more familiar bomb-attack.)

“Perturbations” as Islam advances apace in the Western world.

This week, after a few months of listening to a lecturer from Yale present Late Ancient and Medieval history,   he suddenly began giving lectures falsifying  (and sanitizing)  the history of Islam —  I could have thrown fifty books at him that tell a very different  history,   and consistently different throughout the centuries of experience with Islam,  some of these books written long before this man was born.   I suppose he has to agree to say these things or else lose his tenure.

But, gee — if you can’t trust a history professor from Yale,  who can you trust?   (That’s a joke, my friends.)

But again, “Islam advances apace.”     Look up that word “apace.”


February 28, 2017

(The  two flags of my heritage): 



Emotional.   I hate that.   I’ve had my emotions stirred today three times and ended up in tears – of happiness, I think.

I am Scandinavian.   We.    Don’t.   Cry.     Only sometimes we do, and then we look like a mess and  feel like a mess and we’re embarrassed  –  and we ask,  “How does that happen?”

So,  today –

Happy thing number one –  Son  spent a few hours here today; we kept so busy;  and his actions and his stories filled me with . . .  wonder!  and a great deal of gratitude.    (He’ll know why.)   A very happy day.

Happy thing number two –


Big loud crashing thunderstorm today.   And more to come!   Early in the evening I was in my “study”  at one edge of the house and the thunder struck.  Not the muffled, rumbling thunder that comes through thick clouds,  but the sharp, banging kind that makes it seem as though some heavy equipment with sharp distinct edges just got dropped overhead.  In fact one set of thunderclaps was so loud and distinctive that I looked out the window to the house next door with the thought that it just might have collapsed.     Spectacular  noise !!   (The house is okay.)

Very pumped up and excited.

And then –  President Trump began his speech.    Happy thing number three.

Every single sentence of his touched me very deeply.   It was like the things I was thinking, the things I had been hoping for, the things that I have desired for our country was all being verified and affirmed.    Someone was speaking my thoughts!   At last.

It’s been thirty years since I’ve heard a presidential speech without having to cringe.

No cringing tonight,  just grateful for a president who loves our country as much as I do.   And I hated it because his words touched me with hope and pride and good possibilities – and it made me cry.     “How does that happen?”


Thank goodness I was alone.  I absolutely lost it when  President Trump got to Jamiel Shaw Jr.      I had been very affected by his death several years ago.     I wrote abou it   one Memorial Day although I don’t remember quite how I made the connection.


I was horrified that this  accomplished and beloved son was shot in cold blood –  by an illegal immigrant who had been  released from prison.


Mr. Jamiel shaw, Sr. and President Trump,  friends

Jamiel Shaw.   I never wanted to forget him because he is a symbol, to me, of all the victims of crimes, especially  crimes committed against Americans by those who are here illegally.    His father was especially  devastated, in a way that I could only fearfully  imagine.   Please,  God, may I never experience the death of one of my children.  But Mr. Jamiel Shaw, Sr.,  did.     And he and all the other families of such victims need our sympathy, our prayers,  and our help.

Actually,  all the good people who were showcased in the speech tonight moved me to tears.  (How does that happen?  Why should I be crying?)

It  is to our amazement that when President Trump announced the new task force to help the victims of these crimes —  was it V.O.I.C.E.?  — the television cameras showed the entire  Democrat side of the Congress booing, hissing, and sitting still.

He said that “every problem in our country can be solved.  Every hurting family  can be healed,    so why not join forces to get the job down.     Let’s work together.”     Funny,  again,  only one half of the Congress applauded.  The Democrat side sat in stony silence.    Really?   They don’t want to work together to heal our nation?   to heal hurting families?  Or is it that they WILL not work together with the president of the United States?

Well, again,  every sentence that I heard President Trump say surprised me by how deeply I had wanted to hear those things.     It was uplifting.   “Why should we not expect wonderful things from Americans again  . . .?”

Maybe I do know how those tears happened tonight.



January 19, 2017


Each person has his own impressions of the political spectacle that we are experiencing during this presidential inauguration.   We see so many things and we hear so many people.      But from a tiny little corner of this country,  I have one too.

My biggest impression on this Inauguration Eve which I’ll probably remember years from now is this:

On my way home from class tonight,    in the car,  listening to the radio,    I heard the announcer say that some major singer sang some well-known patriotic song about America,  with Donald  Trump  in attendance   —

(I think it might have been Lee Greenwood and I think it might have been “I’m Proud to Be An American”)

—  and the announcer said      “Donald Trump sang along – AND HE KNEW ALL THE WORDS.”


This man,  Donald Trump,  soon,  God willing,  to be our president,    knows all the words to one of the most inspiring, uplifting patriotic songs that makes us proud to be Americans and glad to show pride in our country!

I don’t even  know all the words to that song.   I rarely get to hear it.    Doesn’t he lead an even busier life than I ever could?

But he proudly sang along to this most wonderful song.

That tells me he LOVES this country, from deep inside himself.   It’s not just for show, not just for politics,  not just because he’s expected to say so.

I have thought before that Mr. Trump genuinely loves this country,  but this small, insignificant fact, that he knows the words of this song by heart,   gives me great happiness just to think that we now have a president who actually loves this country and what it stands for, and is not afraid to show it.

I think he’ll do all right for us.