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February 15, 2017

(Just in case any of you  like science   or technology or . . .   freedom.)

Remember the picture in the last post showing what all the space junk in orbit around our earth would look like?


That “space junk”  is doing things, we know.

Well,  there’s a follow-up in the news today,  kind of an “addition.”    The headlines for the article from Wired . com   reads:  “88 New Satellites Will Watch Earth All The Time  All The Places.”   

The 88 new satellites from the company called “Planet”  (and they’re buying more)  will be “imaging”   the earth and everything on it.   The article concludes by saying that every day the entire land mass of the planet will be photographed and databased.     Every day.  The whole planet.

And there is a long list of people, entities,  corporations, and government offices who are buying this information.

Word for the day:      Luddite  –   Not liking all this technology.   

I’m  not a Luddite, probably, but I just can’t think of one technological  “advance”   that has a net positive effect on human society.      (That is,  add up both columns,  positive and negative,  compare,  and the negative columns will be greater,  slightly greater or massively greater.)

Don’t tell me the medical industry is a positive.    We should have done it all differently,  focusing on  the health of the person ,  not on  the disease.    Health officials take care of the disease,  not the person.   How much do you think medical “advances” are worth?

How much of a price would you put on these cute little twins?


Healthy little twins.    Just beginning to smile and get social.    How much do you think they were worth to their parents and family?

The world was recently  relieved of the presence of these little ones.

The medical industry declared that they were Sexually Active.     

They were vaccinated to death.    Routine vaccines.   Routinely too many at once.   Including the vaccine for a disease you catch  after  doing the “marital act”  with multiple partners – people  like lotharios,   prostitutes, and nymphomaniacs.

The medical industry thought these infants were a pair of immoral sluts.

Net positive effect?     Not if they were my babies.   America has the highest infant mortality rate of the industrialized  (technological)  world.



.*    (It can be found here, but take out the spaces:      https://www . wired . com/2017/ 02 /88-tiny-satellites-will-watch-time-everywhere/

(Take out five spaces, I think.   Copy and paste and then take out the spaces if you want to read the whole article.)



September 17, 2013

(Correction made to the name written below, in case you need to use a Search engine.)

For this Tribute to Tuesday  (the 11-06-12 one)  we have to go back to about 1610, and several thousands of miles south of where I live.

black light

And that is what it looked like in the entire room where a devout Christian lady knelt all alone one day in 1610 before our Lord, praying, praising, thanking, meditating … listening for Him.

red light  This is what it should have looked like in there, a small but comforting red light, a small  flame burning in the oil, indicating the presence of God.

And then He turned out the lights on her!

I have been in small rooms, small chapels, where the only light is that steady red light indicating our faith in God’s presence.  I am not nearly as devout as I know this lady to have been, nor have I achieved the purity of mind or strength of will that she had when she prayed; but I have experienced the sense of our dependence upon the existence of God, there in the chapel and everywhere, actually.

The things this lady had learned in her life were supposed to be directed at the 20th century.   Her name was Mother Maria de Jesus Torres, and some of the things she was shown shocked her senseless – in fact, once she was pronounced dead for a couple of days by the people around her and by the doctor brought in from the city.

When this sanctuary light incident happened,  she inquired of her heavenly visitor what caused the light to go out.    She was told five reasons.

And one of them is why I’m writing this particular post.   She was told that in this coming godless century (ours)  there would be such a flood of Impurity (sexual immorality) flowing  through our streets and homes that even the souls of innocent little children would be corrupted.

Of course there has been public immorality of all kinds in past centuries, but never before have whole “Christian”  continents been characterized this way.   Never before have our common dress, our actions,  and our way of speaking to each other been drenched in such rude and lewd manners and almost  never before have people seemed so comfortable to live in moral filth.

We allow our sisters and mothers and daughters and wives to be  inappropriately touched and rubbed in private areas of their bodies in public airports –  and I see no brothers, sons, fathers or husbands with their swords or warclubs or fists ready to smash into the person who is committing such acts.   This is why I don’t fly.   Immodesty seems to be a requirement.   We are desensitized to criminal sexual conduct when performed by the “authorities.”

We don’t blink an eye when our Rulers declare that inappropriate sexual knowledge should be presented to our littlest ones at school.   Kindergarteners, for goodness sakes!    I once taught Kindergarteners.     I know for a fact that you get more of what you teach –  and in that year, those little children were already doing things to each other and saying things that still make me blush.    Our culture had already corrupted them.

And now I see in the news that YOUR private sexual activity will be made a matter of PUBLIC RECORD under the Health Control Bill.   Your doctor will interrogate you (and your mother and your sister and your daughter and your wife)  as to the most private, personal  acts – not for the sake of treatment  –  but for the sake of reporting to government officials.   Such public Electronic Health Records have already been found to have been sold, leaked, and hacked —  and what now?

So what Mother Marina de Jesus Torres saw four centuries ago nearly killed her for the shame  of it.   She generally disbelieved such things could be allowed to happen.

Not so,  us.    They know how to boil us frogs.

Our Lady of Good Success,  help us through this mess.