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WORD: Amnesty

March 13, 2016

A special alert to the people of Ohio this week:

Today,  Amnesty means:  “You’ve broken our laws and you require us to pay for your upkeep while you’re in our country – but we will let you get away with it,  even though it harms our own people,  harms our own laborers,  harms our children by spreading diseases to them that we never had before,  harms our schools and our hospitals,  harms our ability to protect ourselves, and increases the amount of violent crimes.”

“But we’ll forgive you anyway, and let you get away with it — after a bit of  bureaucratic double-speak and  rigamarole;  and then you can live here and we will pretend you are Americans.”

“And the world will love us.”

“And I, your Super Double Good Politician will get many many many new votes.”

The latest politician to make this statement  is someone named (Gov.) Kasich, who promises to the voters in Ohio that he will – within his first 100 days in office * – begin the process to grant amnesty which he calls A Path To Legalization.    People who have entered the country illegally will now become “legal”  under the new laws he will promote.

So, what have Americans known before this point?  How have they acted previously?  What have they learned?          I thank the Canadians ** for reminding us of the words of the great Rabbi Hillel who says: “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?” (in Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14)

If I am not for standing up for my own countrymen,  my own fellow laborers,  the institutions of my nation,  the safety of American men, women, and children,  including even standing on a pier in San Francisco and feeling safe from   foreigner who have committed criminal deeds more than once and have been released from jail  more than once  — and hundreds of other deadly incidents — if I am not for my own countrymen,  then who will be?

As to the second part of Rabbi Hillel’s teaching,  I need not repeat to you that America lets in more legal immigrants than any other nation in the world.   We share, we give, we help, we reach out to each other and to the world.    Founded on Judeo-Christian values,  this is a nation that writes generosity into its  public and private practices.

Toss out our Christian motivations?    Eliminate our Christian principles in the public realm?     Suppress the expression of Christianity in our nation?

Then we too will descend into a state of illogical actions and deceptive slogans  and unrealistic dreams and  struggles for power and position — because without Christianity,  Might Makes Right.

. * . You can Search or YouTube Search for Kasich – 100 days

. **.  The Canadian publication Canada Free Press, which usually looks pretty accurately at developments in this country.