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September 13, 2016

It’s the 13th of the month, one of the months of 99 years ago in which the three little children of Fatima were seeing visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was bringing important information for the world.


Why entrust “important information”  to three  little children?    I don’t know all of the reasons, but on this September 13th three grown men also left their record of that day – and the result is similar.     They told simply what they saw, and there is not a hint of “fanciful fairy tales” in their account.     Either!    The words of the  three children of Fatima had never sounded like fanciful tales either.


So these three men, who were dressed in suits,  but happened to priests of the skeptical variety,  came to the area where another apparition was supposed to take place around noon.   They came to the beautiful rolling hills of the pasture lands near Fatima, Portugal, which looked something like this photo.

The actual site of the apparition was near a holm oak tree:


The three men positioned themselves above the area of the holm oak so they could look down and see everything,  the behavior of all the people and any natural or supernatural phenomena that might occur.

But there was already a crowd of people there.  Quite a crowd!


In this  fifth expected apparition  30,000 people had heard and showed up!   The three men saw that the children and most of the crowd were already praying the rosary,  and were expectant.

And then, around noon,  the three men saw something in the eastern sky.  It was a soft gentle light coming from the east,  and as it got closer they could see that it was like a globe;  maybe  we’d call it an “orb” today.     It glowed beautifully and drifted towards the little oak tree, “majestically,”  as they described it.

And then they noticed that the bright sunlight got a little dimmer and became  somewhat golden, and then there was a quiet hush in the air.

Must have been lovely,  and a bit eerie.

Many eyewitnesses reported seeing and feeling the same thing.    Some people reported being able to see some stars in the sky that day.

The apparition was about to begin, seen only by the three children, and  heard only by two of the children.


Of course the important thing was the message this apparition had brought,  not just the external phenomena that the astonished men had called ” a delightful vision.”

I always forget the details of this vision because they are not dramatic or startling like the four previous ones,  just a simple admonition to “keep praying the rosary so that the War will end.” *     I guess that’s “dramatic” enough for us today, the idea that prayer and faith and devotion do  have an effect upon global political conditions.      It’s one thing to know it;  it’s another thing to practice it.

Lucia, the eldest of the children,  dutifully relayed to the apparition some questions about healing that certain people had given her to ask the Lady;    the answer was “some will be healed,  others will not be.”     They – and we –  need to know that answers to prayer is in God’s hands and sometimes dependent upon certain things on our part.

Prayer:  It is natural to pray for things we need.   When St Thomas Aquinas was discussing the matter of prayer and petition,  he quoted St Augustine who had written:  “It is lawful to pray for that which it is lawful to desire.”     So take heart!   Have confidence!

And then came a promise.    Next month the Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary,   will come back with more personages from Heaven and with public  Proof that these apparitions from Heaven are real.  The Proof will be visible to all and will be convincing.     As the apparition ended,   something like white “snowflakes”   or “petals”  precipitated out of the air, for all to see, although the flakes didn’t quite reach the ground.

The men, watching from their position higher up,  at first thought this was a flock of little white birds.  They asked each other if they each had seen it.     They all had,  but none ventured to give it a name.  And then a small cloud was seen by that little oak tree where the children had been seeing the Lady.   It thickened a little,  rose a little, then disappeared.   In its place a few wispy clouds appeared and quickly disappeared.  What was that?    Again, the men had no words for it.

The three children could be seen pointing to the eastern sky again, saying look!   There it is.   The three grown men saw the white orb again, receding.    When one asked the other what he though that was,  this time he said, without thinking,  “That is Our Lady!”

So stay tuned for October 13th.

And keep praying – especially for the “State of the World.”      We are so close to the fulfillment of the terrible warnings that had come earlier to the children.

I’m beginning to think that then false politics of today will be the instrument that will bring down that judgment upon us.



.*    That would be World War One:  “The War to End All Wars.”     It was a shockingly violent and destructive war.   Every bit of modern technology was used to  kill and destroy:  the newly invented airplanes were used to drop bombs;  chemical warfare maimed and killed men in horrible ways;   all our focus and planning and intelligence was brought to bear on waging an inhuman, uncivilized war.     Surely we had reached the final ultimate worst that Man can do to Man,  and we must never permit war again.

(And yet,  Our Lady,  in these apparitions warned of a worse one to come,  contingent upon future human behavior….)