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August 1, 2019

Get  REAL:     The Amazon, no Garden of Eden.

Yeah —  deadly bugs, spiders, beetles,  snakes, violence,  superstition, existential fear,  idolatry,  mayhem, cannibalism and murder.

But these jungle people have one big admirer,   the pope.

To quote one commenter:

“Tell us, O wise one, what the spirits of the jungle are teaching us.”   —


The instigator of the “Amazon Synod”


He is focused on the Amazon — and “what we should learn from it.”       Some have asked whether he is senile.   Some have asked whether he is a Catholic.   Some have asked whether he is merely in error.   Some have asked whether he is maliciously trying to am green snakechange what cannot be changed,  that is, perennial and unchanging Church teaching from the time of Christ.

All have agreed — ALL who are paying attention — that the man is a communist . . .  the end goal of socialism,   the natural result of Global Socialism left unchecked.


The man, trained in the error of Liberation Theology,  is in a confused daze of intellectual relativism,   believing in the  moral equivalency of all cultures and  confusing essential equality of human beings with the goal of accidental equality of human beings.

am red black snake

There never can be a manifestation of the accidental equality of human beings, because we all differ in ability, intellect, effort,   circumstances of birth, personality and character — and we differ greatly in our willingness to receive (and hence give)  the Love of God.    Willingness.

To force the accidentals of equality on society is to injure that society – to wound it to the point of nonfunctioning.     No matter how hard the present pope and his ilk try,    Utopia will never be reached by the efforts of “good, well-meaning,  big-hearted men.”       am beetle The non-existent Paradise of the Amazon is a cruel illusion.

But there will be an attempt to impose it on humanity.  And it will look like it’s successful, for a while.

I believe, along with many observers, that there is more danger in this present and upcoming Amazon Synod than good people realize.

am spider hand

The danger is as large and as real as the Amazon spiders.

The danger is as large as an Amazonian leech:

Am leech

And as deadly.   The book  Lost City of Z is a true account of explorers, more than a  hundred years ago, who got financial backing for an archeological expedition to search for a rumored ancient city in the midst of the Central American jungle.   Not all came back from the jungle, and some who did carried a mosquito-borne illness that ended their lives within a few years.

Physical  danger ,  likewise a spiritual danger.

am jaguarThis Synod is dangerous because it looks to those primitive people who live in the Amazon for spiritual direction.

I don’t “fear” there are dangers to Christian teaching;  I  know there are dangers lying within this Synod, as the dangers of a rumbling volcano, spewing ashes and burning lava.

Oh, the Amazon is beautiful when viewed from your armchair,  presented by lush, colorful nature programs or delivered by the glossy photographs in National Geographic.    But for the people who have to live there in primitive conditions,  it is a place of Death:

Am death

50 % of young men will die of homicide.

AM fifty percent

Of course their children are darling and precious.    They are young human beings.

Am little ones

But notice what these little boys are carrying?

Am breath of death

They are carrying the “Breath of Death” —  the blowgun, smeared with poison.

They will grow up to be hunters.  Warriors.

Am hunters

Perhaps the pope who is leading the Newe Version of the Catholic Church doesn’t know this about the primitive people of the Amazon.  Perhaps he really thinks they are living in harmony with Nature.

Am relig   Perhaps he thinks their religions give them special insight into “living in harmony with the planet.”

Because he is saying that the Church could learn a thing or two about marriage (and the  acceptance of  re-marriage and adultery and fornication and harmful sexual initiation rites and priests and priestesses . . .)

He sees the practices of the native Amazon women something to be admired.
After all,  when a woman has a baby,  she can choose to bury alive her newborn infant if it is not the right sex or if it not perfect in her eyes.   That’s power!

So the upcoming Amazon Synod is going to discuss the changing of the Church’s teachings about the “role of women” in the Church;  ordination of female “deacons”;  priestly ordination . . .   the acceptance of alternative ideas about sexual morality . . .

Yep.  Those Amazons can teach us a lot!    They’re not like us.  We’re not like them.   And all those who are ignorant of actual life in the Amazon can be easily led to believe that they have some superior way of life.


An interesting Coda:       Anthropologists now believe that many of the jungle peoples of Brazil are the descendants of the great cultures of Maya, perhaps some Aztec.   Remember them?   Remember what they did to European explorers?    (No?  Plucking living hearts out,  torture to capture the spirits;  beheadings and death, eating the flesh of the Europeans and other enemies.)   A few migrated deeper into the jungles of Central and South America.

They have now devolved from a once strong and forceful culture into  these benighted primitives, still, surviving,  still violent and superstitious, still deadly to visitors,  but very weak.

Bar Cross in middle


Don’t want our culture to become more “non-functioning”  than it already is ?   What to do about this upcoming attempted doctrine-changing Synod? 

How about a quote from an authentic Catholic pope?

“Not to oppose error is to approve it; and not to defend truth is to suppress it; and indeed to neglect to confound evil men, when we can do it, is no less a sin than to encourage them.”

Resist!   Speak up.   Speak out.