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April 5, 2017


(1),    (2) ,   (3)   points.


(1)   It happened again :

Sunrise 2 cr best

A red sky this morning.     (Sailors take warning.)     This time the colors were even deeper and richer than before.    I ran from window to window this morning trying to get into my camera that  shade of deep reddish-salmon-orange that I was seeing in the sky.

I couldn’t.        Fifteen pictures later, I was still frustrated.

Sunrise 3 cr new

And as the sun was rising,  I was losing the color.

Sunrise 1 cr

I had two choices:  either run out and grab my friend from out of his wife’s bed  because he knows a lot about photography and promised to teach me sometime;  or instantly learn how to use oil paints,  because only a pallet  of oranges, pinks, reds, and yellows could duplicate the color I was seeing.

Two choices which were no choices;    so I just  watched the Nature Show of salmon,  orange,   pink, and yellow,  then finally pale blue.   As I watched, I settled down and my mind began reprising the pathways it had taken during the night.

(“Sailors take warning . . .”)

(2)    The night before,  just before I had  called it a day, I’d been reading up  on Pope Gregory XVI,  perhaps a rather obscure pope today,  but he aroused some controversy in his day,  not too long ago,  in the 19th century, and gives us something to think about today.

greg xvi

He wrote some interesting and valuable documents, among them an encyclical putting forth in clear terms  the Church’s opposition  against slavery,  a  teaching which had long been proclaimed by the Church,   but needed reinforcement.

However,  even though he  produced some valuable and helpful documents,    he was personally and deeply suspicious of the consequences of  what we now would call the technological and industrial revolution.   He opposed the growing socialist movement which reduces people to  “economic units,”   under the management (control) of a central state government.    He saw this as the depersonalization of the individual, individuals becoming “the masses”  which the revolutionary socialist movement is  there to provide for.    (Move over,  God.)

Technology,  this pope believed,   would only hasten this development, as  families are torn  from their land ownership and  migrate into industrial cities where the artificial societies were  generally harmful to the dignity and well-being of human beings.

Curiously (to our ears)  he pointed out that . . .

DESK and gas lamp

. . .   gas lamps  (indoor artificial lighting)  would be ultimately harmful to the health of people,  interrupting their daily rhythms, allowing industrialists to extract longer hours   from the “workers.”   He also spoke out against  locomotives, for the same reason:  disruption of human society,  harmful to health;   dirty, polluting  machines  that create an artificial sense of human travel and again,  tear apart families.



(3)       Next,     (Sailors take warning . . . )     I woke up to  the big radio station out of  Detroit in which  the host was discussing with guests the current threats from North Korea.     It was a good, thoughtful discussion,  but the host then said that the biggest threat from North Korea’s isn’t that   one of their nuclear bombs would  go off – boom –  in the middle of our country,  but rather that they would (or someone else would)  explode a big one in the atmosphere,  near our coastline,  causing a destructive EMP which would wipe out all our modern technology,  putting  us right back into the 19th century,  perhaps like the days of Pope Gregory XVI.

Although that sometimes seems like a quaint,  charming,  more clean and pure society before all our technology,   the hard truth is that  no one today knows how to live as they did in the 19th century.   (Our government has projected that 90% of our population would die within the first year.)

And then I opened my eyes to that  beautiful  salmon-red sky.

And so  there is a  (4).

Duck creating a wak 1

Our springtime Drake has put his lady-wife somewhere, haven’t seen her for a week; she’s probably in a protected nest nearby.   He likes to sail down our creek at a high rate of speed and he likes to swim across our pond, leaving a definite wake behind.

I’m sure he saw the beautiful sunrise this morning, and I’m just as sure he was oblivious to the beauty.    But though he misses out on the ability of humans to appreciate such beauty,  if – and when –  the EMP or something takes us back into a pre-industrial age,  he would miss out on the resulting chaos – and death.

Duck Wake 2

After such a horrific event,  he may feel some “disturbance,”  but he would be off, as usual,  to visit the nest or find some food or check for any enemies or take a drink of water . . .  In other words,  life for him would go on as normal,   just as it did for human societies after  the Carrington Event.


1859,  right?    Just after Pope Gregory XVI.    A few technological difficulties,  but life went on and few knew what the sun had just done to us.

Today?   We are,  unlike my springtime Drake,  we are “sitting ducks.”   Dependent upon ever newer and more fragile technology that is dangled before us like a snake charmer using his wiles.

(You do know what the “Watchers”  brought down to humanity according to the Book of Enoch?)

   —  Of course I’m a Luddite (at heart) !







March 3, 2017

(Time out for some humor)

It’s hard to talk to each other in the midst of a raging storm.


We get used to it.   We shut out the powerful raging storm all around us.  We shut out the tumult of conflicting interests battering up against each other,  battering up against us. Life goes on with great uncertainties,  no safe and quiet ground to stand on;   and still we talk to one another as best we can;  we care,  we’re interested, we help out when we can.  We’re pretty sure there’s been some mutual understanding.

So,  communication can be difficult, of course, but sometimes we can  find humor in  the situation and just enjoy the wonderful human absurdity of it all.

Son gave me a little gift one day – a fun little gadgety gift that is actually of some help in the dry indoor air.  Here’s the box —


Kind of cool –  you fit this cap onto any bottle of water, and it makes a nice mist.

It wasn’t, however,  “made in America,”   so the instructions sounded a little “foreign.”

Instruction #1:    Pile the filter into humidifier completely.  When you pull out, please do it on the opposite direction.          (Okay.  I think.)

Then in the “Notes” —

This is not waterproof products.   When using the product erect, avoid the water into the product.        (uh,  this is to be used with a half-liter plastic bottle with water in it . . .)

Please place it beyond the children’s reach.

Please place the product away from the human body for 30 meters,  for without ventilation completely,  drops of water will come into being.      (I don’t think my house is 30  meters long.)

When you are aware that the spray output of the humidifier is in a pollution jam,  please change into a new filter.

Plug the cable softly.

When you use automotive electrical appliance,  electrical appliance, expensive products,  pay attention to not make it wet.

Dropping out the product will make the product out of work.        (Makes sense.)

Do not use it for the other purposes.       (Yeah,   I won’t.)

And then the big caution:    Any problems happen,  please do not disassemble,  repair the product and contact with retailers.



(Amusement aimed at me!)

I dabble in languages.


There are  certain things I like to read in one language or another;    those darn footnotes in my books are in many languages;   I feel compelled for some reason to check the news in German every few days;  I worship in another language altogether.    But if I were to write or talk in those languages,  I’m very sure my words would be a source of amusement for the native speakers of that language.

I’d be the only one who knows what I’m talking about!


I think of Jesus teaching on a  hillside speaking important truths to the people crowded around Him, listening intently to every one of His words;    and the look on His face is one of bemused affection,  because He is knowing they don’t understand what He’s saying —  yet.   Bemused affection:  gently seeing the humor in the situation.

He is patient with us;  oh, so patient.

During this Lent,  I’ll be writing more and more about the Church’s teachings.     That is,  doctrines,  practices, and spiritual growth.

I suspect I’ll not communicate  well.

One big language pollution jam.

11,000 rps

February 25, 2017


11,000 rps.   I still gasp, when I try to think of it.

We live now in the age of, not revolutions per minute,  but of revolutions per second!  A little while ago   I was casually listening to an explanation of what they were proposing to do at CERN,    something very exciting to me,   when the voice said   “…  at 11,000 revolutions per second . . . .”        And each revolution,  once around,  is 17 miles!!!

I tried to grasp onto what that meant.    One can’t even visualize that accurately.   Anything large enough to be visible to us would be torn apart at that speed.    –  but we can make those speeds  happen . . .

And –  Boom!!!


Now, of course,   calculations are not made with that figure, 11,000 rps,  how often a particle speeds around the cyclotron.     They think in terms of equations, not words like “speed” and “charge.”    They use relationships between whole equations to describe   something that is beyond human experience.

A new issue:

But –  we’ve now created another area where we’re pretty sure we can control interactions at a speed that is beyond human experience;  and I just a couple hours ago finished a book that dealt with this issue.

Oh, it was pretty exciting fiction, a page turner;  but I learned a lot and some day we will all be very much affected by its subject.     Let’s see . . . .   the name of the book is  . . .  there it is:     “The Fear Index.”     (By Robert Harris)

You’d have fun with the plot if you’ve ever traded options.    The author uses terms like algorithmic hedge funds;  CBOE trades;   stops!   (ha ha);  liquidity;    sniping;  trading in VIX futures;  and the action reaches its climax in  the cortex of a CPU farm.     Like this:


In the book, the mad genius who invents the super-algorithms realizes he has created something with ” an intelligent mind of its own”   which learns,  protects itself, and eventually bypasses human input, way beyond the realization of actual AI.     How the system discredits its own creator is fascinating.     Possible?        Plausible.

Plausible because  the system has learned  the rules of human behavior  and uses  the consequences of human sin, immorality, and degradation  to place a  hit on its own creator.      (Never go to a  doctor or a psychologist who puts your records on a computer connected to the Internet!!  Hackers are the least of your fears!)

Well, that ‘s all.     Such is the world we live in.    I have no lesson or conclusion.  Just, we’d better all be aware.


Note for myself:    We have the story of Icarus.    We have Pandora’s Box.     We have the Book of Enoch where we see that (as the Greeks said),   “The gods  give us the toys with which we destroy ourselves.”     

Shiny toys we can’t resist.     We have “computers,” now;  and we want these machines to compute faster than we can act.

And the  gods?    Why would they want to give us these machines that can surveil us and control our behavior and create our attitudes and reward and punish us?

Cui bono?     Not us.

There are too many of us.


Too many of us even for the gods.   Though of superior intellect,  they are not infinite in power and knowledge.

I think we’ll  find  this   in the book of Revelation in the Bible, the last half of chapter 13.     Someday the gods – or he or it – will gather us all together into One World,   and somehow,  then,   we will all be surveiled and controlled –  or eliminated.


The Antichrist can probably control the algorithms better than any human.



February 15, 2017

(Just in case any of you  like science   or technology or . . .   freedom.)

Remember the picture in the last post showing what all the space junk in orbit around our earth would look like?


That “space junk”  is doing things, we know.

Well,  there’s a follow-up in the news today,  kind of an “addition.”    The headlines for the article from Wired . com   reads:  “88 New Satellites Will Watch Earth All The Time  All The Places.”   

The 88 new satellites from the company called “Planet”  (and they’re buying more)  will be “imaging”   the earth and everything on it.   The article concludes by saying that every day the entire land mass of the planet will be photographed and databased.     Every day.  The whole planet.

And there is a long list of people, entities,  corporations, and government offices who are buying this information.

Word for the day:      Luddite  –   Not liking all this technology.   

I’m  not a Luddite, probably, but I just can’t think of one technological  “advance”   that has a net positive effect on human society.      (That is,  add up both columns,  positive and negative,  compare,  and the negative columns will be greater,  slightly greater or massively greater.)

Don’t tell me the medical industry is a positive.    We should have done it all differently,  focusing on  the health of the person ,  not on  the disease.    Health officials take care of the disease,  not the person.   How much do you think medical “advances” are worth?

How much of a price would you put on these cute little twins?


Healthy little twins.    Just beginning to smile and get social.    How much do you think they were worth to their parents and family?

The world was recently  relieved of the presence of these little ones.

The medical industry declared that they were Sexually Active.     

They were vaccinated to death.    Routine vaccines.   Routinely too many at once.   Including the vaccine for a disease you catch  after  doing the “marital act”  with multiple partners – people  like lotharios,   prostitutes, and nymphomaniacs.

The medical industry thought these infants were a pair of immoral sluts.

Net positive effect?     Not if they were my babies.   America has the highest infant mortality rate of the industrialized  (technological)  world.



.*    (It can be found here, but take out the spaces:      https://www . wired . com/2017/ 02 /88-tiny-satellites-will-watch-time-everywhere/

(Take out five spaces, I think.   Copy and paste and then take out the spaces if you want to read the whole article.)


February 9, 2017

(A sobering observation.)

Oh,  I still laugh freely in my private life,   among my friends and family.     Lots of enjoyable, funny things  around here.    But I had a glimpse of the world “out there”  today, which  gave me a little wake-up.   Life is a serious matter.

I’ve been staying away from the entertainment-news  media lately.


I can  spare myself the aggravation of looking for some  real information on these news programming shows.    Even the sports “news”   has quite a strong agenda leaking through.

The Communists won the Culture War a long time ago.   Communists, socialists,  progressives,  “alinsky-ites,”  leftists – whatever you want to call them.    But it was FUN for us.    We’re not the ones who invented “sex, drugs, and rock n roll,”  but we sure had fun when  rebellion and moral confusion was inserted into our culture and made to seem normal.       The things that corrupt and weaken a society were happily embraced.

com-man-80  If you’re a serious reader, you  might want to read their plans for us,  or at least  a summary of their Book.     Or you might want to explore the Frankfort School of Marxism which laid out their plans for us.*     You’ll find uncertainty and confusion are important   “Planks”  of Marxism.

And it’s all to further their main goal, which is the destruction of the West,  and the destruction of America.       Our heads are spinning because we don’t know right from wrong –  but the Revolution is clear-headed, and they know what they’re doing.

The writers and producers  of our entertainment-news media call themselves The Left and they call anyone who has a different idea  The Right, and they have plenty of words to smear The Right with.    

We probably all woke up today to Google’s latest attempt to change our vocabulary.  “He who controls the vocabulary controls the discussion” – right?


Google gives us a new definition of “fascism”   – forgetting that fascism is a leftist phenomena,   a form of socialism,   as in the “National Socialist Party,” also  known as the Nazis.    This is a serious deformation of the English language,  but is part of the campaign to bend our minds towards their ideology.      They want to win!

Well, I knew all that.    Sometimes I just want to “skate” free for a while and not think about these things.     But I was reminded of just how serious all this is when I became identified as the Enemy this evening.

I had a busy, productive day – and I’m still happy about my computer working –  so I went to the library and took out a BBC series on DVDs that I’ve been wanting to see.    I won’t tell you the name  (anymore)   but it’s kind of the British equivalent of our FBI,  fighting domestic  crime and terrorism with all kinds of great technology.   I love that.


But in the first episode,   the enemy criminal was:  Me!   Myself and all the friends I know!   And the majority of American citizens.      Something we strongly believe in but the Left vehemently promotes.    We fight with prayer, strong prayer,  both private and quietly in public.

We don’t shout,  but we are shouted at.   We don’t throw things,  but things are thrown at us.     We don’t wave angry fists.  but angry fists are waved in our face.  We don’t threaten,  but we are threatened.     We don’t restrict people from walking on public sidewalks,  but we are restricted.

So guess who is the loony radical dangerous enemy to society?

I took offense, actually.     I took it personally.    Here is a whole popular TV series –  painting good people as evil.

I didn’t watch the rest of that episode, but I turned to the second one.

Same thing; different theme.     The traditional values that built up Western Civilization were treated as though they were some evil  ideological enemy of mankind.

And all the resources of the government are thrown at . . .  the people with traditional values.

In America,  the Leftists are exposing themselves as pretty out of touch with reality,  but they strongly believe what they are saying.  The children in college are being used to threaten and to be destructive and menacing against Conservative citizens.  Leftist judges overreach their authority and are treated as “authoritative.”    Professionals in various unions are gathering up their collective forces to obstruct and to take power.

They are all speaking words of division and disruption and hate.

I’ve studied revolutions formally in my university years –  and beyond.     Everyone gets hurt – even the ones being used by the revolutionaries.

It takes a tipping point to get a violent revolution started.  But it doesn’t take much to create that tipping point.

It always takes people by surprise.

“If only we could have pulled back a little”    and cooled off and began actually discussing issues, solving  mutual  problems,   acknowledging what we have in common.

But – with all that I’ve learned in the decades behind me –  this kind of attitude comes out of the values of Western Civilization —    the very values that we are allowing to be torn down.     (As predicted in 1917 –  “. . . russia will spread her errors . . .”   It’s not “russia” –  it’s the  socialism that overcame Russia.)

Didn’t we have some sort of election here that showed we wanted to return to those values?       One man can’t do it alone.  

We didn’t elect a Savior.

We couldn’t.




  .*     “Basically, the Frankfurt School believed that as long as an individual had the belief — or even the hope of belief — that his divine gift of reason could solve the problems facing society, then that society would never reach the state of hopelessness and alienation that they considered necessary to provoke socialist revolution. Their task, therefore, was as swiftly as possible to undermine the Judaeo-Christian legacy…..

“To further the advance of their ‘quiet’ cultural revolution – but giving us no ideas about their plans for the future – the School recommended (among other things):

2.  Continual change to create confusion
3.  The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
5.  Huge immigration to destroy identity.
7.  Emptying of churches
8.  An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
9.  Dependency on the state or state benefits
10. Control and dumbing down of media
11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

“One of the main ideas of the Frankfurt School was to exploit Freud’s idea of ‘pansexualism’ – the search for pleasure, the exploitation of the differences between the sexes, the overthrowing of traditional relationships between men and women.”  


Credit for this quotation goes to:

https:  // http://www.crossroad. to/ Quotes/brainwashing/2009/frankfurt-dewey.htm

(This is not a  link.   You’d have to remove spaces.  Or just Search for the Frankfort School (of Marxism).

My last post ended facetiously with  “Know Thyself.”          This one should end with:  “Know thy enemy.”



January 21, 2014


My mother’s heart is scared tonight,  so I just want to speak plainly, without pulling any punches, as they say.   (Why I’m scared I might talk about tomorrow.)    What I write tonight is true,  but it’s not politically correct,  and may be overly (impulsively) detailed.   So:

eye closeup

Good picture?    Nope.

Today’s technology can do much better:


In his cornea,  technology can see the people who were standing in front of him when his picture was taken.    We all know what pixels are…or at least how to use them and manage them.

The cornea of your eye can reflect an image of 150 pixels….10 X 15.   From this small image, law enforcement agencies can retrieve from a photograph the image that the subject was seeing at the time he had his picture taken.

I’m not surprised.   My favorite kind of movie is a really good high tech, spy-vs-spy,  action adventure thriller. . ..   Well, it has to be high, high tech to be good.

(Like Thor’s hammer,  my skeptical friend.  Magic is merely technology that we haven’t discovered yet.)

So, given my choice of movies,  this new technology that allows us to retrieve images from a living cornea, therefore, is not too surprising to me,  and I do understand some of the implications although I don’t know all of the possibilities.

Since I can’t discuss what I don’t know about,  I like to remember when this “technology”  was last known  (five hundred years ago)  and its results given to us human beings, first in Central America, and then to us in the whole world.

pupil whole lady

This is a familiar image to many.    It is Mary, the Mother of the Son of God,  as she appeared on a hilltop in a murderously pagan empire that was about to end.    Here is a close-up of her eyes:

pupil two eyesGod sees all things, and through the eyes of an apparition of Mary, He saw and  she saw what she saw  –   and now we can see it too.  What exactly was seen?

I once read  a chilling series of journal entries from a European man who was lined up with hundreds of prisoners along a dark pathway.  The line wound through the thick jungle in Central America, but the men didn’t know yet where it was leading.

poisoned arrow

The line moved slowly during that long dark night.  Escape seemed impossible for they were very well guarded with spears and poisoned arrows.   By men, that is, with spears and poisoned arrows.


Escape successfully from these men and you face countless other poisons from insects and plants or you may become prey to the jaguars whose screams were heard in the long night of terror . . . near the terrified line of men.

As the night wore on and the line moved forward, human screams began to be heard, screams of mortal terror, mortal pain.   Then cheers of an enormous crowd.


We know this now to be the Mayan practice of assuring strength and prosperity by  (poisoning,  dismemberment)  ripping out the hearts of their sacrificial victims from on top of their step pyramids.

sacrifice at the top

That is where the man who wrote these journal entries was going.

Somehow he escaped and he was one of the few who made it back to the ships that had brought him to this “New World” and then he could write his journal.      Some (some!) of the Europeans knew a different God,  and they had brought missionaries to tell everyone about a kinder God who loves the world and all the creatures that He made.

About forty years later, when many more Europeans were living among these New World men with their savage gods,  one of the native people, named Juan Diego,  saw this messenger,  this lady,  this Mary, Mother of the Son of God, who in a miraculously created image stood out victoriously in front of all the recognizable Mayan/Aztec symbols.    In a short time many, many millions of native Americans converted and were baptized.   The human sacrifices ceased.    (For a time.)

The details of this story are easy to find everywhere on the Internet,  but here is where we can double back to “today’s” technology.   Using a similar idea, several years ago,  the eyes of the image of the lady that was left behind,  were examined.

That close-up of her eyes.

pupil two eyes

And moving in even closer….

pupil image

When the image on the “cloth” was unfolded before the church authorities, the cornea on the eyes of the image  had recorded those men standing in front of it.   This is one state of the development of that image.   We think it might be Juan Diego himself.

The “technology”  needed to record and to retrieve the corneal image seems to have been well-known by our Creator —   who has created all this.

Separated by almost five hundred years,   human corneas reveal the image they’ve seen.

Separated by almost five hundred years,  human sacrifice –  for the sake of personal strength and prosperity —  still exists in our nation.   This is a story you won’t hear on your television news this week,  but it’s  the story of 55,000,000 Americans.

It is easy to believe that the next “appearance” of Heaven’s messengers will not be a beautiful, gentle lady,  looking at four men, standing calmly before her.


Perhaps this is a good Tribute to Tuesdays.  Hats off to our Rulers who somehow found a way for us to pay for ongoing human sacrifices.


Corneal images from five hundred years ago – found in books about Our lady of Guadalupe

Corneal images from today – found in several news articles (Search terms:  “retrieving”  “corneal”  “images”  — sorry,  I can’t “retrieve”  the exact article I read today)

For harrowing images of Mayan sacrifices –  see the movie Apocalypso   (if you…can)

For harrowing images of  . . .   never mind. …   They are kept from you in the name of “good taste.”



October 16, 2013

It all started with a trip to OfficeMax yesterday.

Office Max

I’ve done some pretty inventive things with my computers, cell phones, cameras,  e-readers and MP3 players lately.     But this time both my cell phone and camera were giving me some warning signals that they were “full up to here” and they didn’t seem to appreciate my creative tinkering.   I tried connecting and downloading and exporting but was always stopped by some pretty strange messages from my devices, and since very precious photos were at stake, I decided to get some professional help.

I cannot praise these people highly enough.  After just a few minutes I said good-bye to the OfficeMax people, having great confidence, two happy devices with brand-new storage,  old SD-cards in good condition, and a few new ones to spare.    I’ve spent hours now, reviewing and downloading three years’ worth of photos into every electronic thing I can think of.

“Wow.  Was that me?”     “Was that my life?”    “Was that how it was when Hubbie was still alive?”    “Am I still me with all these changes?”    I found my favorite photo of Hubbie.  It was in the Fall, just a few years ago.  He was in my favorite shirt, a tan plaid, flannel shirt.  ( Have you ever hugged someone in a tan, plaid, flannel shirt?   mmmm)     Well. . . .   That photo sure brought me back to … the past, which I can still feel.

School Days. 

bus city

During this time, a random search for a weather report sent me to the television and the Weather Channel, which was just then giving a “nostalgic”  photo review of Hurricane Hazel.   Instantly, I was transported back to my school days, a little girl on a school bus, watching out the window as the “Chicago City Limits” sign glided past, knowing I’d still have fifteen long minutes to go before I was home.

DCF 1.0I spent a lot of time daydreaming from the inside of a school bus –  until I was old enough to roller skate back and forth to school!


hazel the witch At 8 years old,  when I heard “Hazel,”  I thought of Hazel the Witch, of course.   And cartoon witches were fun, but real witches were bad.    So – at 8 years old –  I was musing about the grown-ups who had named a hurricane after a witch.    I’m not sure I knew what a hurricane was, and I’m not sure if I knew the word “appropriate,”  but it seemed fitting that a storm that brought such bad things should be named after a witch.

Hurricane Hazel Damage

Hurricane Hazel Damage

So…I had experienced two uses for the name Hazel.   And then I thought of my friend who knew someone who had a cousin who had an aunt who was named Hazel.    Ahhh.    So real people were named Hazel.   Poor them.

I can still “feel” that sense of discovery, that words have so many meanings.    I can still feel what it was like to be a little girl in a school bus wondering about all these things.    As my SD cards showed me,   I am “me” then and now.

Another thing filled our world when I was a little girl, and it was still there when I was a teenager, a young married woman,  and now…. all the things I am now.  It was the presence of Premier Khrushchev, of the Soviet Union.      Their growing strength and overtly threatening words were a part of our everyday life.    The Cold War was real.  We were all thankful it was staying “cold.”

The documents that guided the Soviet Union were sacred directives, and eventually produced a plan  that was discussed in our Congress.    It was  a step-by-step plan for overtaking America in the only way they realized that they could:  by stealth, and not by outright war.   It’s often called The 45 Goals of Communism in America.   You can use any Search engine for that, or if I figure out how to use the More function on this computer, I’ll copy them there.

I grew up knowing these goals, at least knowing they were there…knowing some of them…knowing them less and less because it was one of the goals to be “stealthy” about their plans,  and since they succeeded in our media and in our government and in our schools,  they succeeded in being stealthy.

Socialism is part of the ongoing revolutionary revolt against the Church.   That’s why the Soviet Union proclaimed itself to be atheist.    That’s why the national socialists of Germany executed so many Catholics…and those of other faiths.     The forces of the self-named “enlightenment,”  of the French Revolution, of the various republican revolutions of the 19th century,  of the various communist revolutions of the 20th century,  of Liberation Theology and the takeover of the Church, the European Union, the communists’ foundation of the United Nations,   of the socialist takeover of the United States. . . .  The Revolution isn’t over yet.

And I fret.

And then I feel that “heavy hand” of St. Francis de Borgia on my shoulder –  Nunca Mas! –  and I remember I was still “me”  through all the history I’ve seen, just as St. Francis served his God and king through all the historic changes he saw.   And I know deep down that in spite of what was going on around him, he wrote what he wrote,  he did what he did,  he taught what he taught and he did all because he was serving God first.      Circumstances didn’t change his faith.    He reached that most important goal of Eternal Heavenly Rest.   I know what he’s saying to me.


PSALM 66 –

 May God have mercy on us, and bless us: may he cause the light of his countenance to shine upon us, and may he have mercy on us.

 That we may know thy way upon earth: thy salvation in all nations

 Let people confess to thee, O God: let all people give praise to thee.

 Let the nations be glad and rejoice: for thou judgest the people with justice, and directest the nations upon earth.

 Let the people, O God, confess to thee: let all the people give praise to thee:

 The earth hath yielded her fruit. May God, our God bless us,

 May God bless us: and all the ends of the earth fear him.