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September 9, 2018


My team is winning tonight.  Right now, so far.   I’m unable to watch it, but I’m listening to it.   That gives me the idea that I can “watch my computer screen” instead and post my weekend activities . . .  and think about how full of things our days can be.

As some of you may have read here before,  football is a great time for me to knit (during the game)  and tonight is no different.    The front is done,  the back is done, and I’m nearly done with the second sleeve:


Wish I had it done.  Those thick cables would be warm, and it’s very cold in the house tonight.    Will probably go down to 62 degrees in here,  but it’s too early to turn the furnace on, I think, and we’re likely to get another warm spell before Fall sets in.    Here, in the Far North,  it’s  like a roulette wheel;  will the marker land on Red or Black?     Will we need the air conditioner or the furnace today?   The weather lurches from one abrupt change to another.

Did lots of yard work these past few days, including planting seed in a bare patch at the side of my yard.    Weather report had a 30 percent chance of rain, so,  good,  seeds need rain.

Seed bed

What I got was 100% “chance”  of a huge downpour,  which washed away many of the seeds.   That’s  not mist in the background,  that’s heavy rain.

Speaking of washing,  I did all my laundry this weekend  and found my lost pedometer —  at the bottom of the washing machine.


That little white circle is the battery,  drying out.   I like science real well,  but not technology.    Took me a long time to figure out how to open the soggy pedometer.   Took my young friend M to put it back together.    And it works again!   No thanks to me, but many thanks to her.  I fed her scallops for dinner.  First time she had ever had those sweet delicious things.   Hope that was thanks enough.

With my small amount of reserve energy left,  I decided to steam clean my carpets:

cleaner alone

It wasn’t easy.   The cleaner is getting old.    Three or so decades for an appliance is old.    I can’t always get the tank lid to make a tight seal so the suction will work,  so each time I emptied the tank I had to really work at it.

I think it was worth it, though.

cleaner and couch The carpets are all soft and fluffy, now, with an even color.   Thanks to another friend for having her carpets cleaned recently — and inspiring me.

Clean carpets were necessary because another floor of mine will soon look brand new because it will be brand new:


What filled my mind this past week and sapped my energy was the Big Decision:   Which of those tile squares should I choose for my new kitchen floor?   Tile this time,  not vinyl.    Too many bad things happen to vinyl and before long it looks terrible.    I figure individual tile squares can be replaced if necessary, forestalling the need for new flooring anytime soon.

Maybe the new tile will last longer than I will, so I wanted this decision to be right.    And so I asked friends what their opinion is:  dark?   medium?    light?    Everyone chose medium or dark,  and that made it harder because I’m a white-floor sort of person.   Every time I looked at the very light tile square, I smiled.     So why was that decision so hard?!

Well, it’s done.  Sign and paid for.    With that behind me it feels like I’m the “new”  thing;  a new person with no more big decisions to make.

Took time out to see a movie recently.  Since I “cut the cable”  I’ve missed the SciFi channel and the shark movies:  RoboShark;   MegaShark;  Sharknado (1, 2, 3,  and 4!)  So I looked forward to seeing “Meg” for my summer monster movie.

megalodon teeth

Actual megalodon tooth next to regular size shark teeth

It had such possibilities . . . .   but truthfully, a nice non-fiction book on paleontology would be more exciting.

After all,  I stood next to a life-sized model of  giant prehistoric fish last year — in the middle of a Kansas dinosaur museum.   Made me feel small.


(From the August 2017 archives . . . )

meg sis

Weird things in  the deep, deep sea,  and who knows,  maybe there is a semi solid methyl hydrate barrier that divides today’s world with living prehistoric creatures?  Who says paleontology isn’t fun!!!

So “Meg” had possibilities, as I said . . . .

This long weekend has come to an end.  I know Sunday is “the first day of the week,”   but it usually doesn’t feel that way.    Sunday is a reward for all the effort and worries and decisions and work you did for the previous six days:

Cathedral and dk blue sky 380

That’s my church building today.  The cathedral.      I’ll end this post the same way I ended the previous post:     It helps to look upwards.

Get ready for another week ahead,  forging ahead with trust and hope in God.


Because not every cloud has a silver lining.

Red lined fiery lining


Not every week is “a walk in the park.”

bear seeing you




August 23, 2016

It’s that time of the year!!!


Football season!!   I know it’s pre-season,  but it’s not “just” pre-season;  it’s “you get to watch your favorite team many  times and see who all the second and third string players are and who can be a back-up for your favorite players”  season!

You really get a chance to see players on your team who you’ll probably seldom even hear of again – if you’re lucky,  because if you don’t hear much  about these “new” players,  it means your first string is all right.

Besides.   No pressure.   No season rankings.  Just plain, pure football playing.

So,  time for football to begin!!   And time to take out the knitting needles again!

ALLIGATOR 400 Football

Five-year-olds love alligators.

Last year Grandson Cooper got a bear in the woods with big pine trees,  just like where he lives in the High Sierras:


But this time he knows he’s going to get that alligator — and he’s excited,  so I have to deliver.

I know,  the world seems to be in such serious trouble,  about to “break” – so how could we be thinking of football?

I could get all philosophical about the importance of recreation . . .   The saints caution us against too much frivolity.  But they also warn us against too much seriousness and tell us that a little fun and recreation spice up our lives and keep us from getting all tied up in knots.

The story goes that there was a young monk who was playing some sort of ball game, and a man looked on with surprise at the young man’s obvious involvement in the fun.  “You’re a monk!   What if you knew Jesus should come to take your soul right now and find you playing games?!”

The young monk replied, “If I knew that,  I would continue on playing because this is the hour designated for my recreation – and Jesus would find me doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.”

There are many variations on that story,  but it shows us an important point.   Do what you are supposed to be doing, right now,  in the manner in which it should be done,  for as long as it should be done, before you go on to the next thing that you should be doing, according to your station in life.

Just focus on your duty.  That ought to eliminate a lot of stress in life.

Meanwhile,  I’ll worry about not dropping stitches and getting the pattern just right – and I’ll worry about not dropping passes and working through those patterns . . .

Oh, well.

My team is, of course,  the