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April 3, 2017

I don’t often comment on current events.   They often turn out not to be what they seem to be, and only some weeks afterwards does the truth start leaking out, and by then,  the original “story”  is hard to dislodge.

But this one today seems fairly straightforward:


An explosion  on a commuter train in St. Petersburg, Russia.   Very sad day.   Many injured,  ten dead (so far).      The newspapers have a photo of the man who carried the shrapnel-filled   (IEDs)  into the train.

Someone wrote:     “A terrorist attack is an attack on all humanity.”       (Well, so is senseless violence of all kinds,  but the point is taken.)

While some grieve,  the  desert warrior crescent moon god gives his blessings, according to others, such as ISIS,  who publicly  rejoice and praise the act, according to recorded statements..

While some in the post-Western Liberal culture will continue to find a moral equivalency between one religion and another,  one culture and another,  the truth is far different:

MY Book YOUR Book

Now,  neither statement that the blonde is saying is quite completely true,  and a statements that leave out so much can be easily used to distort the truth and advance a false narrative,  but there are two completely different starting points here,  two different a prioris,  and two different deities.

Two different “blessings.”



November 3, 2016

I’m sure we all grew up learning the difference between real and fake.

steam-kettle  It makes me SO MAD to hear that about half our country forgets the difference when it comes time to elect a president!

Just steaming, boiling mad,  because so much is at stake, and we can’t afford to have a deceiver in the White House any longer.   And this story involves my personal knowledge.

I grew up in rather poor circumstances –  moneywise.   Our first Chicago home was on Sheridan Avenue, someplace like this neighborhood:


My Dad worked very hard at several jobs, and then a couple years later we moved out to the near-west suburbs.    If you’ve been to The Spruce Tunnel before, you may have read some stories of my childhood growing up at the edge of the Illinois prairie.    The prairie looked out to the West.

I could show you the Des Plaines River  and the forest preserves near my home,  where we sometimes played ,  but  this is also what I lived next to:      (O’Hare Air Force Base)


My school was right off of Irving Park Road.  I lived under where it says  “Proposed Northwest”  Highway.     I rollerskated and bicycled right down Mannheim.    We kids had a ring-side seat to all the wonderful,  ear-splitting jet fighters that roared out of O’Hare Air Base    — just to the West of us.

And when a Delta screamed overhead –


–  we knew we were right at the center of cutting edge technology!

In our area we were mostly  poor kids,  lower middle class,   our dads struggling with one or two jobs,   but  it was a great place to be a child!

Sometimes on Sunday afternoons my Dad would take my Mom and me out for a drive to see the “rich peoples”  houses,   to the East of us.      Big two and three story brick homes with nice green lawns outside.       Some of those lucky children even had Shetland ponies grazing on their lawns!   That was a big fad in those days.

Here’s one of those homes.  Know this one?    –


This is the house where Hillary Rodham grew up.    I was astonished to hear her say a few weeks ago that she”knows what it’s like to be poor”  and she knows how hard her dad worked to stay in the “middle class.”     She didn’t.    And he didn’t.

I know these homes.   And I know about the privileges that come with growing up like this.

Hillary Clinton grew up safe and privileged;  the “hard lessons”  she had to learn were how to fight to get your way up over others who were blocking your ambitions,  how to win over others,  how to move up and up and up in society – and how to use politics as a way up.

She grew up a Republican and was a member of the Young Republicans,   because in those days, the Republicans were the party of business people,  of the rich or soon-to-be rich.

But Saul Alinsky and other communists, socialist,  Leftists,  and marxists were gaining control of the area’s politics.       She switched over to the Left,   identified with people in “poverty”  so she could “help them” – and get their votes –    and became an able and skillful disciple of Saul Alinsky,  who helped her up and out of provincial Chicago politics.

She said No to a job with Alinsky, and moved on out East to expensive colleges,  where the extreme leftist form of Liberalism paved the way for ambitious people.

Onward and upward!     Onward and Upward, the plan goes.   The End justifies the Means.   Develop a Public Persona,  we hear her say,  and keep the Private Persona for where it counts.

Transform America!      The laws don’t apply to  you if you’re doing such “important” work.     She’s a piece of work, all right.

And she really had a beautiful childhood home.

Election 2016:       Fakery versus Reality


June 29, 2016

I came across an interesting word study today,  while preparing for this Fall’s class topic in Bible History:  Joshua.

I think this is one of the most misunderstood books in the Bible.  The book of Joshua sets forth a pretty straightforward narrative, full of drama and excitement and lessons for us,  but enemies of the Faith have taken portions of the events, without context and without meaning,  and flung them up  into the face of God,  arrogantly presuming that they have discovered a “dirty, dark secret”  in the Bible.


Well,  it’s this Joshua:

Joshua leading

After 400 years of servitude and slavery in a foreign land and after 40 years of traveling through the harsh desert,   someone had to lead the Israelites home, into their Promise Land,  and the man,  Joshua, was chosen for the task.

This is the Joshua that we sing about:  “Joshua fit the battle of Jericho –  Jericho – Jericho-o-o-o-o . . .   Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, and the WALLS came tumbling down!”

Now, truth and wisdom and knowledge come to us by means of language, and these Israelites spoke an ancient form of Hebrew,  one close to the Hebrew spoken today.  Hebrew developed from a “proto-Hebrew” which scholars are still trying to understand more thoroughly.

Some speculate that this was the earliest language spoken in this part of the world.   Some speculate that this proto-Hebrew and its later written form resemble three-dimensional forms of communication “from the Hand of God.”


Both the written and spoken Hebrew contains mysteries and layers of meanings waiting to be discovered and to be understood  (when the student is ready).

Whatever really happened to this language,  we can be sure that God-Most-High, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob revealed Himself to humans,  spoke to certain ones,  and passed down His will and wisdom through certain people and events.

Joshua, speaking early Hebrew,  said to an inhabitant of Jericho:  “We will deal kindly and truly with thee. . . “     (Joshua 2:14)    The story is interesting,  but the word “truly”  as well as “true”  and “truth” is even more important for us to ponder.


Joshua had sent a message on ahead to the woman Rachab who promises to help them conquer the city and so the Israelite army will repay Rachab with kindness and truth.

The Hebrew word for truth, ‘emet’ (אמת), contains a deep lesson.

From Rabbi Benjamin Blech’s “The Secrets of Hebrew Words”   —     The word is comprised of three letters  (אמת)   and “requires for its essence the first letter   א/Alef,    the “One” standing for the Almighty.   Remove the initial letter Alef and all that remains is מת(mayt), meaning death. Without God there can be no truth.    In its place only death and destruction remain.”

God is the source of what is true.

Heaven smaller

He is the source of wisdom about what is true and real.  Delete Him from the equation,   any “equation,”   and you descend into uncertainty,  perplexity, confusion,  and all the nasty things that follow:   distrust, disunity,  struggles for power and dominance,  strife, wars, and death.

This isn’t just a lesson from “ancient days.”     Delete Christianity from out of a civilization and you have a Power-State that is founded upon deception and domination over its own citizens.    Lies prevail and the voters choose to be hoaxed by those they vote into office because they are desperate to believe in something.

But there is nothing one can count on, and the citizenry becomes cynical and discomfited.

Add back in The One,  the   א/Alef,     and you move  from  “death” and are ready to approach Life.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

Jesus said, as He was about to leave us, “Behold, in my Father’s house are many mansions;  I go to prepare a place for you.   If it were not so, I would have told you.”  In other words,  I speak the truth –  I am leaving soon now in order to prepare a home for you, forever. 

Count on it.



June 13, 2016

It’s incumbent upon us in a free society  to know the “whole story.”   What is real and what is not real.


A collison!

 I’ll bet the serious Muslim President Erdogan and King Abdullah II of Jordan were surprised  when they were rejected by the artificially created but politically correct form of Political Black Supremacist “Islam”  in America!    Actually, it’s  a little embarrassing . .  . .

When  they heard that a “great celebrity”  (Cassius Clay/Muhammed Ali)  had died and that the American News media  is presenting a great public funeral  for him,  President Erdogan and King Abdullah planned to come to America to pay highest respects to the fallen boxer because they heard that he practiced some form of Islam.    Black Muslim.   Radical Black Supremacist politics.    Nation of Islam.   (“Let all white men in America go back to Europe.”    “Black Power!”   “Watch that Number 19.”)

 President Erdogan comes with an object in his hands,  a piece of something sacred to Islam –  and he is prepared to place it on the coffin of this boxer.    Right?   I hope you’ve heard about that.  A high honor in the Muslim  world.  And Erdogan and Abdullah are  each prepared to give a little speech in honor of this (Muslim)  boxer.

But neither President Erdogan nor King Abdullah  were allowed to speak, as they had planned.   They had been bumped off the program: 

In the lead-up to the funeral service of Cassius Clay-Ali, Ali family’s spokesman Bob Gunnell had said that two unnamed speakers had been added to the program, meaning that foreign guests Erdogan and King Abdullah II of Jordan would no longer be able to deliver a speech, The Washington Post reported.

 The two returned home.     Rejected.      Dishonored.   Publicly dissed.

The real Muslim world had come to pay respects.     The fabricated political Muslim world had not welcomed them.


The real Muslim world had met the fakery of American radical politics.

bar dissolve er
This famous former boxer,  now deceased,   has spoken, into microphones, some of the most racist and blasphemous words ever displayed by the radical politics of the Sixties and Seventies —  but.     But.    But  “Nation of Islam”  radical politics makes him a “Muslim”  when it’s convenient to emphasize his sincerity and excuse his actions.  

Inciting racial hatred, for instance.  

Draft dodging, for instance:    Letting another young man take his place in a war, at a time of war.    (Well, Nation of Islam doesn’t believe in the same principles as Americans do;  why would they fight their wars?)
What real and what’s not real?




















It was a collision!  And not a pretty one.   I just hope there won’t be consequences to us.


(A 2-letter word); A 3-letter word; (AND A 4-LETTER WORD)

October 13, 2014

My 2-letter word was “oh” – doubled.   Oh, oh.   Things are getting pretty serious out there.

My 3-letter word was Wow!  — the experience of wonder and amazement that is available to all of us,   part of the texture of our human experience.
I’ve written about my 4-letter word many times, but my notes hardly ever make it to the computer keyboard.   Now I’m just writing from my “head” and my “head” has been affected by the last two sobering posts.

So now, I have to begin with a foundation, so to speak:   The classic definition of Truth is “the adequation of the mind to reality.”   If that has never been taught to you, and if you have never spent time internalizing that statement and maturing into it,  then it might be difficult to  gain anything from my 4-letter word —   which is “real.”

Well, in case you haven’t studied this before,  I can take you one step further.   Adequation means, like,  “correspondence.”   Not a perfect synonym, but helpful:   Adequation is the correspondence between your intellect and an object  (not necessarily a material, physical object, of course.)

So,  Truth is the correspondence of intellect and object;  the adequation of mind to reality.   There is something “real” out there and your mind can know it!
I’m not a philosopher, and that’s not the direction I want to go.   That there is reality and that objective reality is real is something that has been demonstrated to me well enough.

Whether we can philosophize about it or not,  we all experience reality – and it’s not what we make it to be,  it’s what we bump into, all the time!    As a matter of fact, it’s hard for the untrained mind (like mine) to describe a real experience.

A few days ago I experienced something surprisingly real.   I had just written some posts about the Finding of the True Cross.   It was interesting to do some research into it, and it was satisfying to realize that the Cross was real,  the crucifixion of Christ was a real event,  and Christ Jesus Himself is real and was really here on earth for a while.

That must have been in the back of my mind because during the Christian sacrifice called the Mass which brings us into communion with the reality of that salvific act on the (real) cross,  the “real-ness” of it all pierced right into me with a sweet, sharp clarity.

“Omigosh!    Death, sacrifice, and offering of Jesus of Himself to His Father – real!”

“Jesus really did call and ordain some men to re-create this reality!”

“Internal, spiritual communion with Jesus is real thing!”

“All that the Church has taught and all that the  Christians have known through the centuries  –  is all real!”
There’s my 4-letter word:  Real.  Real.  Real.  Real.

An experience is not “a matter of opinion.”   A momentary illusion.   It is evidence “of things unseen” — our Faith.   This is personbal evidence that has been experienced by many, many, many others.     There is no doubt.  It is real, and it is as the Church teaches.     We are surrounded by the oh-oh’s of this present dangerous world;  we are made happy by the Wow! of this world;  and we can be comforted by the Real things of this world.

What a full rich life we humans are given!