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May 29, 2017

Suggested.   Suggested entertainment for Memorial Day.      Because the republic of the United States of America cannot exist without truth and the courage to say the truth.

And so I heartily, absolutely recommend for this Memorial Day and the days that follow the series called  The Man in the High Castle.   It’s a series,  on television or something,  that you can get from Amazon Prime or maybe your library DVD collection –  or with a DVD purchase.

man flag

You’ll live in a world in which it’s best not to ask.  Don’t call attention to yourself.   Everything will be all right if you don’t make waves.  Don’t question what you hear on television or in movies or in the newspaper.     Your in-born Bias to Normalcy will help you stay content.

The premise of this series is that the Allies, including the United States lost  World War  Two,  and the governing of  our country is divided between the Nazi victors and the Japanese victors.

man new world

Our country has been broken up now for several decades:  a Nazi controlled East,  a Japanese controlled West, and a kind of no-man’s land in between, somewhere between Colorado and Montana.

Except . . .

The Secret behind this arrangement is that America did NOT lose the world,  but instead, for the sake of our Rulers,  through an efficient and skillful use of deception,  it only appears that way –  in the entertainment-news media.   People are kept in poverty and in ignorance to maintain the deception.

There are a few secret news reels that still exist  that show the Germans and the Japanese surrendering to the Allies — hard to believe! —   but Americans must never know about them.    But some – renegades – are beginning to believe these news reels tell the truth.    And their suppression by the authorities is ruthless.

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We remember today  those who fought and died for our country.   They believed in Truth, Justice, and the American Way.    By and large.   Their children pledge allegiance to  “One Nation Under God.”     We treasure our Freedom.

But all this is so fragile.   It is almost an aberration in world history.   In times of War we fight hard to uphold our values, but times of Peace and Prosperity attack us.

Peace attacks our values.

Prosperity attacks us.

We let our guard down.  We fight no more  We are vigilant no more.   We are on guard no more.

And those who would like to have our country know how to efficiently use deception,  the collusion of the media,  and skillful  psychological methods to confuse us.   Those who would like to Rule over us give us  a new narrative to think with.    History is rewritten.   The game is slowly changed.

Suppression of the old ways is accomplished with ridicule,  isolation,  demonization, and threats,   subtle and sometimes overt.    Economic pressure;  you can lose your job.    And then the lawsuits start.   Fines,  Imprisonments.

The antidote is knowledge.  Certainly not easy to come by!    Awareness doesn’t just drop out of your remote and onto your lap.

Our Founding Fathers said that the continuance of our republic depends upon two things:  an informed electorate and a religious, moral citizenry.

The republic didn’t continue in the Man in the High Castle – and it cost many lives to attempt to get it back.





October 27, 2016



Bananas.  We take them for granted.   Not everyone eats them regularly but few people really hate them.   I’ve read that they are so rich in nutrients that instead of “An apple a day . . .”  it should be  “A banana a day . . .”       Keep those doctors away with high nutrition-dense foods!


They say there used to be over a hundred varieties of bananas grown in equatorial regions — a rich “cornucopia”  of just bananas!       ( I love the little red bananas, myself.   Creamy, smooth fragrant sweetness!)


Bananas were grown in individually-owned little banana groves,  harvested,  hauled to steamers or boats,  and then shipped all over the world.

banan-bunch  When I was young,  the “bunches”  were put in large crates, transported in those crates, and then brought to our supermarkets.

Occasionally my mother would hear about or read in the newspaper about a housewife who had taken home a small bunch of bananas, only to have a tarantula-type spider crawl out of one of the bananas.   Apparently there are spiders who like to build nests in banana bunches.

To this day I am cautious about picking up a small bunch of bananas!!

(Even though I know it is nearly impossible for a spider to last today’s  packing and shipping treatments, as well as living through the chemical  fertilization and poisonous fumigations that crops have to go through today.)

Here’s where we begin to question a banana.    Banana,  what are you?   Are you descended from any bananas that used to grow in the real world?


You see, the corporate factory farms moved down to banana growing areas like Central America and discovered that if you could tinker with the DNA of a banana, you could create a very hardy and profitable banana-type fruit.   Oh, its a “banana,”   but the local people no longer own and run the banana groves, and there is no profitable reason why so many different varieties should be grown.

Questioning the corporations:

Two problems:    Today,  scientists fear that because there are so much fewer varieties of bananas in the world today,  that one bug, one virus,  one unfortunate circumstance could wipe out nearly all of our bananas – forever.    We are uncreating Creation.

Why no respect for the product you have created?

The second problem is that  very rich people associated themselves with the food corporations and then grew even richer.     Not many middle class farm owners or farm workers were left.      The rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

Of course, this was against the existing laws,  so . .  .  the laws got corrupted.  The justice system got corrupted.   The rich got richer and the poor got poorer –  and  were jailed if they protested – and tortured – and imprisoned – and killed.

Thus, a dictatorship was formed.  An oligarchy.   A tyranny.    A Banana Republic.     A Banana Republic with high rates of incarceration,  corruption and corrupt alliances between the big food and shipping corporations and  the  government figures.   The “common people”  became underpaid or unemployed,  which gave rise to increasing disease,  infant mortality,  a high death rate.

Why were the society and culture allowed to break down?   Who is left to care about the people?

No one;    no one in a position of authority.

That is a Banana Republic.   The rich make each other richer.  They are above the law.   They intimidate and persecute those who oppose them.   They break laws and no one takes them to court.   The Department of Justice is working with the corrupt officials.   The news media supports the corrupt Rulers and try to make them look good.

An election may have helped.   If the election system itself is not affected by a Banana Republic type of corruption.

Vote.   They could try to vote the corrupt people out of office.   While there’s still time.  It seems like they should have tried.