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March 29, 2017

WEDNESDAY:   Human laws don’t give us our freedom and dignity;  but human laws can suppress them.

It’s like we’re living in a perpetual Wednesday,   that mid work-week day that if we could just get through it,  the battle is half won – and we are encouraged to continue to work till the end of the week.

Safeguarding individual liberty and dignity:


That’s what America is supposed to be all about –  the Constitution was written in such a way so as to prevent any governing force (even our own)  from  infringing on or limiting those freedoms.    Freedoms, for instance:    We should be able to speak freely, to express our religious beliefs freely,  to assemble together freely and without suspicion (and without harassment from the IRS),  and to read and publish our thoughts freely.

Two major “humps” that we have to conquer in our perpetual Wednesday have combined together to produce a powerful totalitarian force against the God-given freedom and dignity of each human being,  you and me.

Yesterday’s post about the horrors at an airport was an example of the first totalitarian force.    Today I offer two photos and one quotation  that point to the increasing spread of  the totalitarian mindset of the second force.

Can you guess who this is?

Leila Hasik com director

Her name is Leila Hasic.    She is the new “communications”  director between Norway’s people and Islam.    That will be her appearance as she works to keep Islamic intentions “transparent.”

Guess who this is:

islamic-chaplain_to 14,000

He is Army Lt. Col. Khallid Shabazz.   As chaplain  of the Army’s 7th Infantry Division he will hold a position of leadership for American young men.   When he first  received the call to this position,  this is what he said:    “I was jumping all around like a little kid.  I was running around the office saying, al hamdulillah, al hamdulillah, praise be to (god)!”

(Oh,  yes, he was born an American himself;  but he did not know his own protestant religion,  and when he was unable to defend it to a moslem friend,  he decided he’d better convert . . . .)

Although we read many stories of violence,  killings,  rapes, knifings,  shootings,  beheadings, going on all over Europe,  it is these positions of leadership and influence that we also must observe.     Despite parental objections,  schools all over America and Europe are still teaching the children how to say moslem prayers and how to practice thinking, acting, and dressing like a moslem.    Despite parental objections . . . .

The moslems have stated – in so many words – that they are going to build a worldwide caliphate which includes, well, the world – America and Europe too.    They must first tear down and destroy evidence of European culture, and then they must teach the Europeans how to submit to Islam.

So here is a quotation that was not widely published in newspapers – at least if you read only the headlines or the first paragraph, you may have missed this:

 Recently, in Paris, an Egyptian terrorist tried to strike the great museum, the Louvre. He planned to deface the museum’s artwork, he said, because “it is a powerful symbol of French culture”.

And those symbols of French culture must be destroyed!

In America?   Wikileaks.     John Podesta’s  personal emails.    His job was to fill top government posts in the new administration:  2009-2017.      The list of candidates were almost exclusively “moslems.”     The Muslim Brotherhood now has a strong presence in top US government positions.      

The two powerful anti-freedom forces that have combined, temporarily,  have the same goal, although with different purposes.    So these are (1) Global totalitarianism which will allow no exceptions,  and (2)  the Worldwide Caliphate,  which will allow no exceptions to their rule.

They each must control every aspect of our personal lives.   And we must submit to survive.

And that’s my Wednesday observation.


Lil Ol’ You

January 19, 2017

(Your prayers,  prayers from little ol’ you,  are needed.   You’re not too little;  you faith is not too small.)

I know it’s not January 17th anymore,  but on January 17th the Church’s calendar remembers what happened in France on that date,  in 1871.    There was a tiny village of “Lil Ol’ You’s” that was right in the pathway of the mighty Prussian army  — and they were approaching fast.

People in that threatened village of Pontmain prayed for help.    Little, unnamed, unimportant people with hopeful faith, faith of all sizes, even the skeptical, doubting kind of faith, turned to prayer.

And the region was  also fighting an outbreak  of typhoid fever.    And smallpox.

And then the Prussians advanced on the neighboring village  and overtook it.

And then there was a weird and overwhelming display of the Northern Lights which put everyone on edge.

And then,  on January 17th, there was an earthquake –  and by then the growing sense that their prayers were not really being heard, although the dangers were increasing.

We are familiar today with a growing sense of danger.  We have an Inauguration coming up with determined Leftists making threats of violence, disruption, and . . .  worse, in our nation’s capital.    The President-Elect is in real danger.   And the danger won’t end on Inauguration Day.

By evening of that January 17th the adults were coping as best they could and children were sent out to finish up their chores.     Two of them  were near a barn on their family’s property and happened to look up and see above the barn “a beautiful lady”   dressed in a dark blue robe.    Then two more children came and saw her too.

I like this apparition of Our Lady because she is dressed in a midnight blue clothing, not the the light, holy colors she usually appears in.   The children described her gown as dark blue, covered with a pattern of stars,  and wearing a darker, perhaps black sash.   Imagine! — Our Lady in dark colors!


This is a plaque commemorating the visit on the wall of the actual barn.

The adults who had been praying for Heavenly help for days came – but couldn’t see anything.   They relied on the children to describe the apparition.   Most of the townspeople came out to watch.    They could feel something was happening and they began to pray and sing songs,  liturgical songs of praise.

There are many more lovely details,   but as the story ended,   the “beautiful lady”  allowed a banner to unfurl and words appeared across that banner:    “Pray, my children; God will soon answer your prayers.”

A painting of the scene of the evening of January 17th:


Eleven days later    ( !! )  the Prussians had still not attacked.  They had been stopped. The Prussian general  reported the reason:   “We can not go farther.   Yonder, in the direction of Brittany, there is an invisible Madonna barring the way.”

A small village of very few people had prayed in the face of danger and uncertainty,  and their prayers had been answered in a visible and definite way.    When troubles pile upon troubles,  no person is too small or insignificant to pray – and be heard.   There are not “too few” people to pray for the health and safety of their nation and of their leaders.


This night I was going to post some of the threats made by the enemies of our  Smooth Transition of Power from one president to the next.    I don’t know how successful their malice will be,  but here is a partial list of the threats:

These Leftist extremists call for riots   

They have published job offers, paying up to $2,500 for the day to participants.  (Help Wanted: Offer of $2,500 to Online job postings offering to provide travel expenses, insurance benefits to ‘operatives’)

CHAIN THE TRAINS!     They are forming a strategy to disrupt transportation, to stop DC  Metro trains from moving on Friday –  by the use of chains on the cars

There are multiple plans to stop people from getting into the Inauguration area

They will shut down DC bridges and highways to block access  into the city

Leftists announce their plans to create   “chaos”  to overwhelm security forces.

Leftists have many plans to target Trump supporters.      (Again!     Paid operatives attacked Trump supporters during the political rallies.  I’ve  posted that already, showing threats, punches,  property damage. . .and the Fake News media dutifully blamed Trump supporters. )

HACK ATTACK:    They have plans to take down   whitehouse . gov   on Friday to disrupt communications

Leftists have shut down several  news sites that don’t submit to the liberal mainstream media “news” agenda, some of them having their homepage  show   previous days’  information-  in other words, interfering with current news reporting.

Leftists plan to set off building water sprinklers on inauguration ball attendees

Leftists were video’d  discussing the best ways to spread Butyric acid through air vents into the rooms of Trump supporters at the receptions and balls

They are preaching HOPE HOPE HOPE that Martial Law can be proclaimed before Donald Trump takes the Oath of Office  — and if not,  to cause Martial Law during the Inauguration.

 Several caches of weapons were recently found in the area near Inauguration activities in DC .  Some are admitting   there may be “a massive conspiracy to stop Trump” being planned exposing the desire of Extreme Leftists  to commit acts of  te*    rr *  or.   

Oh,  I think I’ll stop now.   You get the idea.

We are not Pontmain facing the Prussian army,  but there could be danger ahead, either immediate danger for those celebrating the Inauguration or long-term danger developing for all of us,  by the actions of increasing desperation of the anti-American Leftists that are not stopped.


“The price of Freedom is constant Vigilance.”


July 9, 2016


Oh, my –  I’ve just been listening to foreign news services –    those who, like American entertainment- news services are under the control of our future Rulers

We know that “World Governance”  is a euphemism for saying “Dictatorship” – a dictatorship on a global level –  because in order to “rule” the whole world, there has to be strong “rules.”   This agenda  (to form  world governance) is alive and well and strong.
In order to advance this agenda,  one thing that’s necessary is to disarm all the citizens of the world.  Then,  only the dictators , our Rulers,  will have guns.    And then we’re ready to be “governed.”
An example of how we’re “gently”  brought into the program is this  one sentence which I heard:      “Police are killing black men and black men are shooting the police.    That just shows how divided America is and that there are too many guns out there.”
Well, no,  America is not that divided.      America is a lot less divided than you make it out to be, although it is emotionally more stirring and gripping to look at an America on the brink of civil war.    There are pockets of extreme angry people, and that plays well on video.  The danger is that, as I said in the last post,  the entertainment news stories will be incitement to increasing violence.    They have a responsibility.   Let’s hope they know that, and can restrain themselves.
This gun-control agenda:

Replica doesn't work
Studies,   peer-reviewed and more than one,   have shown that :
# 1  deaths by guns are down,  51% of what they were a few years ago.   LESS death by guns.
#2  Study after study show that where guns are prohibited, in whole countries or in cities,  around the world,   the crime rate goes UP.   Studies.  Show.  Crime rates. Go UP.  When guns are taken out of the hands of the average citizen.
# 3 –  Among people killed by policemen,  twice as many WHITE people than Black people have been killed.  That’s just statistics.  That’s just the numbers without the biased agenda at play.   Twice as many more White people are killed than Black people.
#4 – “The right to bear arms”  is not about target practice,  not about deer hunting,  not even about protecting yourself from crime in those twenty or thirty minutes before the police can finally make it to your house.     No,  this amendment to our Constitution was about American citizens protecting themselves against a future tyrannical government which might rise in the place of our Constitutional government.  It’s to protect the citizens against tyranny.     As many have said,  if anyone comes in and changes our government and the way it works,   Americans have a DUTY to overthrow it and restore true American government, as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.   that’s written down in our history.
(And,  no they were not stuck in the 18th century.   They had the knowledge of politics and of human nature to foresee future contingencies.)
It’s up to you, entertainment-news people and the people who believe you,  to prove these studies wrong.     But,  if you cannot prove them wrong,  then  upon what basis do you still  disbelieve?
. . . on the basis of a world governance agenda?

bar dissolve er
The globalists also need a “federal” police.     Watch for the call for a federalized police force    “because we are so divided and ready to do violence.”

It’s already in the air.


April 18, 2015

Pardon my absence;  I’ve had a health setback…brief, I hope.    However, if it seems like this is rambling, it’s only because there’s too much information, and this issue has been on my mind for a couple of years — or, in reality,  it began in 1970;  but I’ll start in the present time.

Or maybe not the present….but the 20th century.    Ugh.     Here:

Einstein's warning
I find myself saying out loud once in a while that I despair for our civilization.  I don’t think we’ll get it back,  because the momentum is a downward trajectory that is gaining speed.  And though you may not use the word despair,  I think most of my readers will at least have “some fears” for the future too and maybe wonder what can be done.

In today’s highly politically-charged world,  when we are hoping our leaders will keep society safe and come up with solutions for our problems and complaints,  we can take  Einstein’s warning a step further:

“When the authorities are irresolute,  it is not the people who gain,  it is a small group of radicals who take over.”

As a last resort, it’s up to us.   if the authorities are irresolute,  perhaps  — maybe —  it would help if we are not.  I think that’s what our Founding Fathers meant when they said “The price of Freedom is constant Vigilance.”

What’s at stake is everything we Americans have taken for granted and we have lost, we are losing,  and we will lose.     So these next few posts will be about some things we haven’t been very “vigilant”  about, with maybe some everyday matters in between.

Meanwhile:  “Read Albert Einstein’s  quotation ten times before bed and come back here again to see what he meant.”

(Because it’s not just for Americans,  it’s for everyone who counts on civilization that was formed by and benefits from historical Christendom.)