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There is an interesting phenomena described by Psychology in which the impulses you have deep in your “subconscious”   are the same impulses that you ascribe to another person or group,  by a mechanism called Projection..

Often,  you inadvertently describe someone  with the kinds of thoughts and actions that you do yourself.      If you are mean or mendacious or greed is your motivation,  whatever it is,  you often assume other people act from the same impulses.    Conversely,  good people are at a disadvantage because they really can’t believe that other people would be “that bad.”   Nor would it even occur to them to suspect certain people of evil motives.

“Everybody’s doing it,”  is one type of   faceprojection that parents often hear from their (immature)  children.    Sometimes it works!   That’s why children do it – it silences their parents.

We don’t mature evenly as we grow older, so some “grown-ups”  are left with the secret desire to harm other people,  which they loudly then ascribe to their opponents.   Political gun control advocates can harbor secret desires to off their political opponents, as  VP Biden was video’d wishing a few years ago.  But publicly,  in  formal statements?    No.  And he’s not the only public figure recorded speaking out these same sentiments — not in the light joking of hyperbole to make a point among like-minded people,  but quite seriously.

A few days ago  (10/18/16),   the Washington Examiner reported that one of our Extreme Leftist Supreme Court Justices has said she had wanted to hit Justice Scalia with a baseball bat.      Showing no dignity nor  gravitas nor impartiality,  this under-educated Leftist Justice has often displayed her immaturity as well as her animus against those who don’t agree with her politics  –  and yet she has the power to silence the rest of us.   

(Unfortunately,  she is not alone on the Supreme Court,  which is another danger Americans face.)

So what’s going on with this presidential campaign?   What does the entertainment-news media show us from their Far Left point of view?


That was the German Rathaus, doubly damaged,    the first damage occurring as Hitler was gaining and consolidating power  by a bombing,  which Hitler and his National Socialists claimed was done by “the communists,”  the Marxist-type socialists,  which were beginning to gain more popularity than Hitler.

By bombing this government office building and using the media to blame his enemies,  the votes actually flowed in to Hitler – as was planned.    It scared enough German people,  (security over freedom!)   and the bombing silenced their opposition to Hitler.

This plan is called a False Flag.   It wasn’t the first successful political False Flag  (who lit the fire that burned ancient Rome?) ,  but it is fairly well-known to  people alive today.


It’s  actually a commonly-used successful tactic because (1) people still tend to believe the entertainment-news media and because (2) people still tend to project onto others the feelings they secretly (or subconsciously)  which they could act out.

knee-jerk    Remember that “Grocery List”  of words that you’re supposed to reflexively associate with Donald Trump?    (a few posts ago)     Well,   you can add another for “Trump Supporters”  –

I have some pretty intelligent, clear-thinking people in my classes,  but one of them shocked me a few weeks ago by calmly stating:  “Oh, those Trump people, they’re so violent.”

Huh?    Wouldn’t the entertainment-news media be showing us tons of  “proof” of this statement?    Wouldn’t they be eager to scour all the local newspapers to find evidence of “violence and hatred” from Trump supporters?    Sure they would.

Instead we get  revelations about the Clinton followers destroying (by violent substances)  Trump headquarters in Washington DC,  in Virginia,  in North Carolina, in Indiana –  and I’ve forgotten for sure the other states.  They have attacked the campaign offices of their political enemies?   No evidence that Trump people do that.

Once it becomes a police matter,  we hear about it – in a few places.


Clinton Supporters closed down  I-10 just outside of Phoenix AZ for a while,  for several hours.   Police were called in, so it made the news. Why Phoenix that day?  Because there was big rally being held in support of  Donald Trump.

We now have on videotape Democrat operatives discussing the use of Clinton Campaign money which was used for causing the damage and “unrest”  in Chicago,  Cleveland . . .    This is major mob violence against those who want to join with others in an exercise of their First Amendment rights.     This is government-protected brutality.

These Leftists are seen (on tape)  spitting at,  yelling invectives,  cursing,  impeding the movement of, and committing property damage against the people who want to support Donald Trump.

How is it my friend in class missed all the damage done to the cars which are parked outside of Trump rallies?



So many photos of spray-painted cars – but how about peanutbutter on your mirror?


Funny and juvenile –  but I can’t show the other parts  of  the cars  where dirty words and symbols were “painted” with the peanutbutter.     “Lovely”  blonde young woman arrested for that.

And the signs.  The Trump signs.   Commonly stolen or damaged.  Too many photos for that too.


Homeowners have taken to “booby-trapping”  their signs –  with funny video-taped results.  Sometimes the Hillary Sign Thieves work in daylight,  sometimes at night:



Amusing, until you add up the numbers.

Why are they trying to silence their political opponents?      It’s perfectly normal to disagree in matters of politics,  but  trying to silence your opponents by all these means is a violation of   what America stands for.

As a matter of fact,  when it’s government-connected people using their power (including their influence over the media)  to silence and intimidate others,  it is unconstitutional because the Constitution was written for the very purpose of LIMITING  the government and its desired control over us.

What other kinds of silencing tactics are there being used?

Or what other silencing tactics are going to be used?

Remember this?-


Well, more serious analysts are predicting . . .     something very serious.   I’m hoping not,  but I’m no expert.

If there are Trump supporters in America,  they don’t deserve this.    If Trump has spoken brashly, bluntly,  plainly like a New Yorker is known to speak,  his words do not incite violence any more than the words coming from  our government’s “protected”   ethnic groups, racial groups, and a certain religious group who do quite blatantly and plainly incite violence against whites,  conservatives, Catholics,  evangelicals,  or anyone else who is not on board with Global Socialism which prods them onward and protects them.

The All-Powerful Global Socialists.   Their quiver is full.


SILENCE that mole!!!


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I’ve been sitting on this story for a long time, and although there’s no reason to bring it up now, I just want to stop seeing these photos on my Desktop.


We all know that a totalitarian mentality  is rising, and rising faster and faster now.   In this country,  if you don’t agree with the political party of The Poor Sick Woman, HRC  ( R.oyal C.lintoness),  then you get shut down, mocked, marginalized,  attacked –  sometimes physically.     (see next  post)     The Extreme Leftists always need to shut down their opposition.

Ubiquitous surveillance.    Stifling over-regulation.    Enforcement of politically correct speech.    “Watch what your neighbor is doing – if you see something, say something.”

In 1917 the world was warned about “the errors of Russia”  being spread throughout the whole world.   It’s not the Russian people,  it was the system of  dictatorial atheistic materialism that was being set up in their country at the time.


Hard to believe these three old guys have such an influence on us today,  via Saul Alinsky and his disciples,  the Barack Hussein person in American and HRC who wants his power.

Impossible to believe at one time in America,  but then George Orwell wrote a description of the future based upon what he saw developing.   He was not just a writer,  his political position gave him an inside view of their plans.    His words:


He used the image of jackboots to tell us what living under a totalitarian system would be like.

How on earth could that ever  develop here?    My Grandmother believed it could.   It happened in her native country.     And in America, her generation and my father’s generation knew that we needed to be Vigilant, or it could happen here.


So, I’m being vigilant –  and I’m not going to submit to certain evidences of increasing totalitarianism, where we are slowly  being trained to comply with unreasonably intrusive and slave-like orders from a system which has been proven time and time again to be ineffective!

I’ve written elsewhere about the “naked-body”  viewing machines which you are encouraged to stand in and pose.  I’ve written before about how TSA agents have been caught downloading certain “interesting”  still shots of people’s bodies,  taking them to their home computers,  trading them with other agents,  selling them,  and even using them to humiliate their co-workers who have gone through the machines.    Caught.   Caught and prosecuted.     It happens.

Our naked bodies are NOT for the Authorities to view –  like we were on some sort of Roman slave block:


I used to be a teacher –  of elementary schoolchildren.  One thing we all taught the children was something called Stranger Danger.   Don’t let a stranger Touch you – Don’t let a stranger Touch you in your private parts . . .


So . . .   now what?   Don’t let a stranger touch you in your private places – except when our Rulers want to?     What body part is that woman with a blue glove feeling for?  I’m furious when I read the numerous stories of children separated from their parents,  frightened to death by what they know is Wrong Touches,   children video’d by onlookers or their outraged parents as their children are sexually touched at airports –

And  their fathers and other good, decent men have to “stand still”  while they’re groped.


And the mothers, sisters,  daughters,  and good decent, modest women have to endure –  anything.


I know.  I’ve experienced “pat down”  groping sessions at airports.     My body can still feel those  intrusive personal gropings,  worse than pictured here,  and it still registers  a disgusted shuddering when I remember, and then remember  especially the look of Complete Power in the eyes of one of those . . .  females.   I was in grave danger there, had I protested.

But this challenge to our personal dignity is a deliberate conditioning of citizens to submit   to outrages from Authority figures everywhere.     This was taken by someone shaken up before a football game:


Where did all the Americans go?     The land of the free and the home of the brave?      What kind of men allow this to happen to themselves, and especially to their wives?  Their sisters?  Their own mothers!

As a society we have no perspective on this because   it doesn’t happen to everyone and it doesn’t happen all the time.     It crept up on us slowly, and we were deliberately distracted by  a manufactured hysteria over future “attacks.”    Submit!!   Submit and be Safe!!!

Could another attack happen?    Of course.      Do we bend over and let the jackboots kick away our dignity?

Um . . .   ask George Orwell.     Ask any Extreme Leftist who must be in complete control of the population.   Ask anyone who tried to oppose the rising totalitarian mentality.

I’m doing my part – I’m avoiding submission to illegitimate Authority.   I will travel by car  until they put up checkpoints at state lines.

This coming election is more serious than we realize.

Vote.     But read 1984 first.        Or we will sell our souls to the jackboots.

WHY I DON’T WANT TO BLOG . . . um . . .

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ldy-writing  Um.    I don’t even know how to finish that sentence in the title.

“Why I don’t want to blog . . .”   anymore?     No, that doesn’t feel right.

Why I don’t want to blog . . . ”  about current events?  Well, that would sure make things easier.

“Why I don’t want to blog . . .”   like this?    Yes,  that covers a lot;  and  it’s closer to how I’m feeling right now.

It’s truly unsettling.

Blogging can be fun sometimes,  it can be hard work,  it can be a joy and a sorrow, and it can change a person, make him more introspective –  and above all, more self-critical.

An incident today . . .


. . .  motivated me . . .


. . . to begin saving all the Spruce Tunnel archives – offline and off my computer.

Those are maps of the two DDoS’s today, affecting quite a few people in the red areas.    They say there are about a half million “devices”  connected to the Internet that can be or were used to produce this massive Denial of Service,  without the owners of those devices being aware.   So many lost Internet access to many important places.    Temporarily.

We WILL lose our Internet someday.   I WILL lose all my archives.  No one will save them for me but me myself.

We couldn’t stop the Barack Hussein person from signing over our watchful care of our Internet to foreign powers who are not so friendly to us.   That was the October 1st deadline I wrote about but that very few people knew about.


It’s the beginning of the end of Internet things as we’ve known them.   The world will become a much more digitally dangerous place, although it will take  a while to become apparent and truly irreversibly troublesome.

More immediate is the various take-downs like today for whatever the reasons were.  And so I was forced by circumstances to hurry up and save all those archives.

And that’s what made me be thinking all day:  To blog or not to blog.    I read those blogs of the first few years and was truly unsettled.

First,  I had to relive some of those years.   Years when Suzy was still alive.  Years when Hubbie was still alive.    When I didn’t know what it would be like to experience their deaths.      I had to go through the death of my father and then of my mother.   I recorded happy days in between,  but they seem very feeble next to the . . . losses.

Second,  it is truly unsettling to see many of the same issues in our current events showing up so many years ago,  worrying about where things were headed, and knowing now that I was right but “didn’t know the half of it,”  as they say;  I didn’t know how truly far away from American values and principles our society would get.      I thought . . .   I thought, I think I thought that there were enough people watching things develop seven  or eight years ago and collectively we all wouldn’t let them get this far.      Grown-ups would come along;  experts would come along,  even the collective common sense of the average American citizen would rise up and figure out a way to stop the destructive trends.

Third,  the most difficult of all that I got out of reading old archives is that I can see my failures as a writer.   I know, initially,   this is a place to record my “random thoughts”  and impressions, as they come to me.     I think that worked.

But sometimes I tried to make a point, or draw a lesson.    I know what I was thinking then,  but after all these years, I can see that the point was not really explicitly made.  I am either too clunky or too subtle.     I am confronted with evidence that I’m not a good writer.   And if a person writes,  he ought to write well.

But that’s not true, is it?    GK Chesterton once wrote:  “anything worth doing is worth doing badly.”     What a great “point”!      Demanding perfection can be a tyranny that keeps us in our seats, discourages us from doing anything.

You get better at something by trying to do better at what you’re doing!    You’ve got to be doing it in order to get better at what you’re doing!

Okay.   Shut up,  me.   Maybe I really do like to just blog without worrying about some literary quality that I don’t yet possess.

Fourth –  I’ve got a “fourth” reason blogging was unsettling!  —   I found out that I’m still the same person now that I was eight years ago.     And that feels like  a good thing.    I never did become some better “other” person;  there’s no new me.    But I am more experienced,  I feel more capable of meeting challenges.  As I read my old archives, I can see that I’ve learned a thing or two.  The gift of Faith is with me still – because I’ve nurtured it,  and God is drawing closer than ever.

I  didn’t  want to continue blogging,   because it makes me confront myself.

But I think I will continue blogging –  because it makes me confront myself.



It’s okay.


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(and othe

I’ve never  NOT voted, in my whole life.

I don’t know what those Democrats did to my parents in Chicago in 1952 to make them and the rest of my family never want to vote again —  but I always  vote.     I told their story here.

But increasingly,  I see that  good ol’  Mayor Daley’s  Machine has spread throughout this whole country (the Chicago Pond Scum overflow), and now I wonder what am I doing anyway in that voting booth, since I’m not one of Mayor Daley’s . . .  you know . . .   one of his . . . uh . .  . obedient supporters.

Are we going to see MORE New Black Panthers with their billy sticks at the entrance to polling places?

Why don’t I want to vote this year?   Because THIS woman is voting.  She’s on the voting list of registered voters for this year.


Someone looked her up.

She died the same year that Hubbie did.

Hubbie’s  not voting this year.

She is, and she will cancel out the vote I cast.

And this man gets to vote too:


He died the year after Hubbie died.   He’s still on the voter rolls.

I wonder if my own Dad will vote this year in Florida.   May he R.I.P.  I wonder because another FLorida family received a letter addressed to their dead father,  congratulating him for registering to vote in this election . . . .

Here is a quote from an election attorney who is beginning to look into the problem:  “Dead people are voting and it’s something that this administration isn’t doing anything about.”

He also said there are FOUR MILLION DEAD  (and otherwise ineligible)   VOTERS on U.S.  voter rolls.

My odds are now 4,000,000 to 1.

There are other ways to  “rig”  the vote, as we learned in the last election.   106% of people in certain Pennsylvania precincts voted for the Barack Hussein person?  102%?     100%?      All – or more than all – of the votes were cast for the Democrat party?

A federal judge just made a ruling that certain Ohio precincts had counted the votes wrong, and their precinct should have been reported as Republican.     A few years too late.

How is MY vote going to get counted?     ” It isn’t how many people vote,  it’s who counts the vote.”     The Extreme Leftists have known this since the last century.

Is voting the way to get your voice heard anymore?

And remember all those many bags of military voting ballots that were found floating in the bay of Tampa Bay, FL   a few elections ago?    They were found – they were reported to have been found –  a couple weeks after the election.   Florida is a hotly contested state.  Those in the military are known to vote mostly for Republicans.     Their votes did NOT get counted that year.  How many?  Not a few votes,   a few BAGS of votes!   Many thousands.

Today?      They’ve got a new scheme:     New Jersey.   Mostly Democrat,  but a few Republican areas.    Some people in those mostly Republican areas voted early and mailed in their ballots.

Much to their surprise,  those ballots were “returned to sender.”     So new ballots will be mailed out –   in time for the election?     Government takes time to process those things.

I’ve got so many more reasons that make me believe my vote will not count – not against fraud of this magnitude.       The news stories seem endless.

I think I ‘m voting anyway.

But I don’t know why.



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(An interesting sequel to my last post about that foul basement experience.)


A HAZMAT unit had to be called into service in  a little city in Georgia, it was reported this week.

Just use your imagination.

The Poor Sick Lady travels around with  campaign buses and then, of course, her van, equipped with a hospital bed.

One of the buses was caught dumping Human Waste into the city’s storm drains.   A convenient solution for  R.oyal   C.lintoness’s servants.

“What they don’t know won’t hurt them.” 


Can’t help thinking about all the sewage that will be  dumped on  Georgia if these people win the election.

Political rot, corruption, and sewage is a dangerous Health Hazard.


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Yes, I know it’s supposed to be Bias to Normalcy.   No matter how busy and distracted we are,  we still feel things are fundamentally “normal,”  no matter what  the  evidence is  to the contrary.

But one can be blinded by “how good things are”  too.

So . . .   this is mostly personal today, not political.


I decided to mollify that Funk of Doom I’ve been in lately with a trip to the actual, real-life Spruce Tunnel.    Usually a lift of spirits and some perspective gained.     Here is the entrance.   I’m almost – not quite –  resigned to the evidence of over-regulation of every aspect of our lives as shown by all those intrusive signs there.    But –  I can get past that.


The  way was a familiar and happy one.

Pleasant curves,  gentle hills,  groomed pathways.


The deep,  rich greens were beginning to have an effect on me.   It felt like a good, healthy effect.   I tried to forget everything else and immerse my whole self into the little forest around me.

The world must still be “fundamentally” all right, if there can still be a place like this so close to my home.   Right?   A bias to beauty.   A Bias to Normalcy.  



The leaves hadn’t become all typically colorful yet, I had expected some oranges and reds,   but these really are early Fall colors.     A light and  happy shade of yellow-green.

“God’s in His Heaven, all’s right with the world!”  to quote a young poet from more than a hundred years ago.

Little did I know what was brewing at home.

The Spruce Tunnel is close to my home,  and the way home looks just as lovely!


I’m sure you have beautiful roads near your home too.   It’s good to open your eyes and drink it all in.

Then.     Not long after this trip to the park.     

I discovered that while my attention was on Beauty,  and I thought everything was wonderful and “normal,”  there was a silent, sneaky, rotten, activity going on, right under my nose.

 In my nose.

My nose led me to the basement where I was going anyway,  going to check on “what’s for dinner?”   Hoping my freezer would tell me.

The story it told me crashed my beautiful experience at the Tunnel.     Somehow,  the freezer had stopped working,  and probably several days ago!


I’m a meat-eater –  and . . .   I don’t have any meat left anymore.   Here’s the freezer as I was emptying it.     It doesn’t show you the foul-smelling rot of meat that had been decomposing while I was focusing on all that . . .  beauty during a normal day in the Tunnel.

(I know it’s an odd time to take a photo,  but — “when in doubt,  grab a camera.”   That’s just me.)

There was a six-inch layer of disgusting “soup” at the bottom . . .  I’ll spare you that photo.

I discovered the problem and learned a lesson.   That’s just me too;  I’m a teacher;  everything becomes a lesson.


One time, “several days ago”  I was carrying something really, really heavy down to the basement.   I struggled with its weight,  carefully going down the basement steps, one at a time,  balancing each foot on each step as my arms and shoulders were beginning to ache and lose control of my burden.   When I finally got the heavy thing to where I was going,  I had all I could do to toss it into the corner, where it (and I) could rest for a while. 

I staggered around for a while,  huffing and puffing,  but glad that task was over.    Bias to Normalcy!   I had done a hard job – and it was over!

Except that I had inadvertently knocked the heavy object against the cord- that attached    the freezer to its electricity.   I didn’t pay attention to that.   

Everything should have been normal – but it wasn’t.     I wasn’t vigilant.     

And now I’m right back into my election Funk.  Everything should be “normal”  in the United States.    Much of it is “beautiful,”  and much of it is all right.   But I fear for the rotting meat that we can detect;   I fear there is deep corruption in our political process;  I fear there is decomposition in our will to fight for our country.  

I fear our strengths and our values,  our “borders, language, and culture,”    our Justice system   –  our  whole Constitution –  will no longer be usable after this election.  



We have only just this one last chance.


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(trumpscary – trumpscary – trumpscary – trumpscary – trumpscary . . .where’d that come from?)


My grocery lists never look neat and tidy like this:grocery-list

I like to call my grocery lists:  “Living Lists.”  They’re stuck up on the side of my refrigerator,  continuously  added to,  and finally thrust into my  purse on the days that I have errands to do.   Usually I come home from errands without having gone to the grocery store, so I search for that crumpled-up list,  tack it back up on the refrigerator, and then keep adding to it as the week goes on,  until it’s hard to find room for more words.

You  wouldn’t want to have on your list some of the things I’ve put on mine.  And vice versa,  I’m sure.

When I’m short of room,  sometimes not every needed item gets put on the list;  but if I’m planning to make a familiar recipe,   I’m always hoping that seeing   some  of the ingredients written down  will trigger my memory for whatever else will be needed.

Sort of like a Knee-Jerk   reaction –


Or a Word Association game.

Like trump and scary.    When several of my otherwise reasonably intelligent friends began putting those two words together,  I decided to ask why.   Batting my innocent blue-eyes at them, I asked:  “Really?  why?”   “How?”    “Why do you say that?”

Not one could explain why.  Although they’d take a deep breath and  begin a short emotional response,  it usually trailed off into  some different words making just  the same statement.   Not one had an actual reason.  It’s just something they had “heard.”

A while ago while I was still watching some entertainment-news media about politics,  I realized that I was actually being bombarded with a Political Grocery List, which I should bring to the ballot box:    “Everything I Need To Know About Trump.”    – According to .Royal C.linton-ess.    (HRC)

So I thought I’d write down a little of what I was hearing.  I’m sure someone is hoping I’d play Dog to Pavlov – you know,  every time Dr. Pavlov rang a bell, saliva and stuff was supposed to come out of the dog’s mouth?

Trump’s Grocery Word List:

Trump – Scary   (of course, you know that one.)

Trump – Racist  (remember,  not a shred of evidence is needed)

Trump – Bigot   (just use your emotions,  not your intellect)

Trump – Sexist    (all the politically correct sins)

Trump –  Unfit for office

Trump – Unstable

And the Ever-Popular:

Trump – Dangerous

Any more?   Not really.  Just recycle these  through EVERY story about him.    Attach one or more of these words to his name, each and every time you pronounce his name.

(Wasn’t that Goebbels, the National Socialist under Hitler,    who said “Tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it,  and the people will believe it.)   (woof woof)

You don’t have to know your history in order for it to be repeated onto you;  it’s a Leftist tactic that works on the public every time.

When I go to the grocery store,  I deliberately take my list with me.    It’s a little more subtle with the Political Grocery List.      Hmmmm,   just where do these ideas come from?



Woof woof, America.   

DARK FUNK (continues) – LIGHTS OUT!

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Heavy rain, dark skies, thunder and lightning on our way to church this morning!     The man who was riding with me and I each remarked how it seemed as though the thunderclouds had come right down to ground level.

And when we got off the freeway, and we began dealing with a power outage — no traffic lights for the city streets —  we wondered what we’d face in our “underground”  chapel.


I took a surreptitious photo before Mass started.   Only candlelight lighting our way and a few flashlights.   Sometimes you had to just feel your way around in the darkness.

After a while, it became quite a nice experience.  The Mass proceeded.   Nothing was missing,  nothing had to be changed.    And I got to thinking:  there is light, and there is Light,  and the Light of Christ Jesus,  there on the altar,  was in no way diminished, and maybe even more clearly seen without the “lights of the ceiling.”

The insight  hit me with an almost physical feeling.

We recite after every Mass the first chapter of the Gospel of John in which we hear that “The Light came into the world, and the world comprehended it not.”

Well, of course not.  You can’t put something into a drawer that won’t open!    It is both solemn and true that  “God is a gentleman” and He won’t force His way into your life.    A person needs to be humble and receptive –  or else the Light cannot get in,  and you can’t even begin to comprehend the beauty and glory of God.


I began to feel a kind of kinship  with the saints that have come before us.   People worshiped in dark stone or wooden churches,  sometimes with  just slits for windows,  and candlelight.  Glass for windows was expensive and candles could get pretty expensive too.     No cushioned  seats or benches;  people stood or knelt when appropriate.

We   forget  that most ordinary Catholics worshiped God through the centuries in a diminished though soft natural light  rather than the brilliant glare of electric lighting.

And yet the Light of Christ was just as lively and penetrating to their souls as He could be to ours.   “There is light and there is Light.”

About three hundred years ago,  a very holy woman was praying in a candlelit chapel when suddenly all light was extinguished.   The candles went out and she was left in deep, dark blackness.    Eventually sensing a heavenly presence around her,    she soon asked what this darkness means.

She had been getting a few insights about a time in the future, a  warning and  direction for the terrible times that were to come (in the 20th century).     This time she was given a description of the extreme moral and spiritual darkness that would fall on this benighted century, and Five specific reasons why (our century)  was aptly represented by such deep darkness. *    It’s actually quite a chillingly accurate  description of us, and the unbelievable evil that would prevail caused her to lose consciousness.

Grave spiritual  darkness.


No one calls this a Light and Happy age,  where love and truth and beauty prevails.   This is a dark planet and the forces of darkness would like to get us darker.    We use artificial means to hold off the darkness,  don’t we?

Computer lights,  cell phone lights,  television lights —  anything so that we do not feel the peril of spiritual darkness.   Because we know that evil forces can attack in the darkness.  Wars can begin in the darkness.   Thieves come in the night.     Immorality is a friend of the night.

And forces of evil run for our highest office.   There is more at stake here than Candidate A or Candidate B.      And I still feel a a sense of Doom.



*  The Five Reasons given for the complete darkness:

1. “The first . . . is that at the end of the 19th century and into the 20th century various heresies will be propagated in this land which will be a free republic.    As these . . . dominate, the precious light of Faith will be extinguished in souls by the almost total corruption of customs. During this period there will be great physical and moral calamities   . . .”

2.   Sensuality will cover the earth, extinguishing many vocations; even injustice under the guise of “false charity” would enter Mariana’s own convent.

3.    Impurity like “a filthy ocean” will run with an “astonishing liberty.”     The delicate flower of virginity would be threatened by complete annihilation . . .

4. The crisis in the priesthood assisted by the growth of the Masonic sects which will infiltrate all levels of society, poisoning the hearts of children:     “During these unfortunate times, evil will invade childhood innocence. In this way, vocations to the priesthood will be lost, resulting in a true calamity.”

5.   The indifference of the wealthy and apathy of the people is the fifth cause of the Sanctuary Lamp going out. Our Lady told Mother  Mariana of the great loss of souls who would descend into Hell.

(These are taken from this website, although there are many more, and there are very good books which tell the story simply,  plainly, and effectively.)

If people alive today can’t wrap their heads around the idea of the supernatural world existing,  people can at least ponder the truth of these descriptions of an age that will be steeped in such evil  that the evil will come to seem quite normal.

God’s greatest punishment for lack of faith is –  that you don’t know that you lack faith.


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I can get into some pretty good funks once in a while.


When I write about them here, it’s usually with self-deprecating humor;  self mockery.  It’s actually kind of funny to be in that deep blue funk for a while, knowing that there’s really no good reason for it.      Just “enjoy” it while it lasts.

But this is different.   It’s been growing,  like a deep shadow just at the edge of your vision that becomes larger and larger until you can’t ignore what’s causing the shadow — and you have to confront it.

Things creeping up on you –


I wrote last time  “… you should see the expressions on the faces of the people I know ….”  Their expressions expressed what I was feeling about current affairs, about politics, about the future.   I had hoped that talking about things would make us feel better,  but no conversation can do that now.   Everyone seems very concerned.

I was with someone this week, having a conversation,  maybe hoping to get some perspective.   I was funking quite doomily for a while,  but I wasn’t getting any push-back, and I wasn’t being contradicted.    Turns out we probably have the same perspective.   Different experiences, same perspective on things.

It’s more than this:


Follow that red line,  curving downwards right now at the first section end.   That’s my “emotional”  charting.     Biorhythms.      They seem to follow reality.    So I’m right down scraping  bottom — but it’s not that.

This funk began a few weeks ago when I start fearing – actually fearing – this election.

As I also wrote in that last posting about October 13th,    our Hundred-Year Probation is on its last year.   This is it.   It begins this month and the likelihood of doom increases each month.    No more time to reform ourselves, I guess,  or for reforming our nation,  for steering our nation into a different, safer direction.

We’re going to get hit.

hrc-stern-70  The Poor Sick Lady promises to “shoot Russian planes down” if she gets elected.   I wonder what that will lead to.


The latest report on World Debt is that the total owed by the world is well over 152,000,000,000,000 — and that’s by deceptive accounting practices used by world banks.   Actual auditors estimate that the World Debt is quite a bit higher.  (If every country in the whole world sold everything of value and all the world’s value was added up together,  it would still not be enough to pay off the world’s debt.)

Why does Debt matter?     Because historically,  every time big bankers (or countries)  have gotten into impossible debt,  our Rulers have started a big war.


And now we know from Wikileaks and her emails that she tells Wall Street that she is squarely on their side,  she just has to do some “campaign rhetoric”  against them   You know,  she says,  a Public Persona for the people,  a Private Persona for us insiders.  She’ll do their bidding.

Our Rulers make back some money.    We die.    It’s called an oligarchy, and it’s never good for ordinary citizens.   It’s always good for the Establishment politicians.   The ones who know how to “win”  an election.

But my Funk of Doom tells me this has to be.     I can read Ezekiel 38 and Zechariah 14 as well as the next guy.    We all know this world system has to be brought to an end.       I’m expecting a bad, bad outcome to this election.

But, hey;  I’m no politician.

And it’s my funk, doesn’t have to be yours.


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We begin that fateful 100th anniversary today.   

This is an important anniversary.    I wanted this to be an interesting posting,  fun,   but  it’s got to be more.     Because you should see the expressions on the faces of all the people I know, and a lot more I don’t know.    There’s such a sense of something’s not right.   Something is about to happen .

It’s like the summer of 1939 in Europe.   The summer of 1941 in the United States.


Today is the 99th anniversary of October 13, 1917 –  the last of the serious visions at Fatima, Portugal.    Tomorrow, I suppose you can say,  we begin that 100th year which will end our “probation.”

There were 70,000   people there that dark rainy day on the fields outside the village of Fatima in 1917.   They wanted to see something “big”  happen,  because, before,   all people had seen  was three little children, once a month,  looking up at what they later described as a “beautiful lady.”     The oldest of the three seemed to talk to the Lady.   Then there were a few words about what the Lady had said – and that’s all.

This time they were promised something big.  Something that would prove to everyone that the previous visitations were indeed supernatural.


Portugal was a skeptical country.   Mostly non-believers.   Scoffers of Catholicism – just like our politicians today.

The children were ready.    Then the visions came.   Images that matched the meditations on the Gospel in the Holy Rosary, because that’s what the rosary is:  three sets of Mysteries straight out of the Gospel;  and the children saw three successive visions,  each representative of one of the sets of Mysteries.

That was not the “proof.”    The proof came right after.   Lucia dos Santos,  the oldest,  pointed up at the sky and shouted “Look at the sun!”   Now, don’t get all scientific and skeptical — something did happen,  and it was something overwhelmingly terrifying,  and it DID seem as though the sun were  moving around,  spinning,   giving off weird colors,  and then making a startling plunge towards the  people.


70,000 people screamed,  ran,  fainted,  slipped and fell in the mud,  pleaded for mercy;  and approximately 30,000 more eyewitnesses from the surrounding area, in towns,  walking along other roads,  from apartment buildings,  from shops and stores. some more than 20 miles away saw it all too.   They didn’t know anything was going to occur, so this  “Milagro”  caught them by  surprise.

Rule out mass hysteria or mass hypnosis.   So many eyewitnesses,  and not all of them were in the same place.  And many were hard-hearted and determined atheists who were only out that day to watch a bunch of Catholics make fools of themselves.

But it happened.        The Miracle of the Sun.

Other miracles occurred simultaneously there in the field.   Some people were cured of diseases.  Some blind people found they could see.  Crutches were abandoned.   And everyone’s clothing was dry and clean!

(Actual photograph before the Miracle) –


Today’s scientists have estimated that the amount of heat energy needed to dry the clothes of 70,000 rain-soaked, muddy people was so great that it would have melted the people,  annihilated them.

So something happened on October 13th, 1917,  and it’s not explainable by human knowledge.

There is much information about Fatima, all six occurrences,  on the Internet.     The facts don’t change, the eyewitness accounts don’t change.      The Lord God really wanted us to know something and to take it seriously – and to believe it.

So what do we need to know?   In 1917 we were told that God is very angry with us for our lack of religious faith,  for our immorality,   for our immodesty in dress,  for our “sexual sins,”   for the perversion and violence that we enjoy,  for blasphemies, profanities, and all the outrages against the majesty of God our Creator.

That was in 1917!    How bad could it have been then?   How much worse is it now?

We needed to know some things:  pray,  and pray more;   do penance in reparation for our sinning;  make daily sacrifices to God;  pray for others — and one big instruction:  the hierarchy of the Church, acting together at the same moment in time,  make a consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart.   ( – of Mary;   If you don’t have the right understanding of Mary,  you really won’t have an accurate understanding of Jesus.)

That’s it.   Pray, do penance,  make sacrifices,  stop sinning,  make this consecration.

But.  If.   Not. . . .

A worse war will come.   And if still not,  Russia will “spread her errors” around the world and whole nations will be annihilated . . .   worse wars . . .  carnage . . .

What are these “errors of Russia”?    Well, they are less and less of Russia and more and more of the Western World,  Europe and America.    But it was in Russia that these “errors” first most successfully were spread and permeated that whole nation.

These are the errors that came out of the Revolutionary men around the time of the French Revolution –  an error in thinking and logic that perverted the philosophies of the whole world – a spreading, contagious canker that destroyed goodness and truth wherever it went.

These errors,  diabolically inspired at the desk of Karl Marx and blossoming into a hundred choking miasmas of evil,  bring misery and poverty and  oppression and death  —   more than 100,000,000 people killed by their own governments.

I asked a couple years ago,  how could Karl Marx have done this?    What was he that his ideas could have started such a conflagration,  ready to be spread around the world,  first in Russia, then everywhere else?

Karl Marx had a”visitor”  in his study, where he conceived these Leftist, Marxist ideas.  He describes many places in his writings, and he was finally “moved”  to work out his mental torments in poetry.

I first wrote about them  here . . . the Sword of Hell.

I’ll copy just the  one stanza where he gives in to his diabolical visitor and knows just what choice he has made — fame,  and Hell:

 Thus heaven I’ve forfeited

I know it full well

My soul, once true to God,

Is chosen for Hell.

He made a deliberate choice.     He knew what he was choosing.   His political writings would become the punishing Sword for the whole world.

Something is coming.   Something big and terrible is coming.     Something is about to happen.

An election is about to happen.    We, too, could choose to wield  Marx’s Sword  against our own selves.

This election seems to be not about choosing one candidate or the other;  but rather we are choosing whether we want America to continue —  because “many nations will be annihilated.”             A just punishment  for  continued sin and defiance.

Something is about to happen,  I can see it on people’s faces.   Can it be stopped?

Why “100 years”?     The king of France in 1689 was told to do something; to  choose God for his nation rather than materialistic pleasures, riches, and political power.

He didn’t.  God waited 100 years and still no change.

In 1789  his successor,  King Louis XVI,  was beheaded,  and his France,  that France,  was gone.



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(The day I became a target.)

The streets of Cleveland, with the Clinic about in the middle and my hotel way, way over there on the shore of Lake Erie:



I woke up this morning to the news story about the Moslem terrorist who flew a plane into a little city out there in Connecticut.    He was a “student pilot”   on a “student visa”  and his instructor was in the plane with him.   He took out three telephone poles and a white SUV with his crash.     The family in the SUV were shaken up but unharmed.

There had been a “scuffle”  inside the cockpit as the plane was going down.    The Muslim “student” was killed;  the badly burned pilot was able to say that the student had done it “deliberately.”    The police reported it that way . . . .

Until this evening.  All that was being reported by the end of the day  is that a plane had crashed into a residential street in Connecticut, and it was a possible suicide.    No description of the “student” pilot.   No reminder that Islamic Extremists were given the order to start doing these kinds of things in America.

So it got me thinking.     We saw in the morning video the short interview with the police officer.   That pilot and that police officer had told the on-the-scene truth in the morning, but we were not allowed to hear it by evening.


Last week there was another killing by a Muslim extremist in the city of Cleveland.  Hear about that one?   He crashed his car into . . . something and into some people.  I don’t even remember the details anymore,  but the police officers and some witnesses heard him yelling some Arabic phrase and by all  accounts the driver had done this deliberately.

The police were told by officials to CHANGE their reporting,  and do not report the description of the man, nor his motivation,  nor the words he was shouting.   Treat it like a traffic accident.   The POLICE refused!     They explained to reporters the whole thing, including their directives to hide the identity of the driver.

So that’s Reason #1 –  those Cleveland police have integrity!!    They are on the side of the American people!        (I’m telling the tale in very sketchy terms –  really, the news articles I read make it much clearer,  but if you try to look it up, you’ll find several other incidents like this – just in Cleveland in the past few months.)

Well, I’m sure you heard about this on the entertainment-news media?      (sarcasm, there)


Here’s a personal tale, an eyewitness account –  from me!


A few years ago I was spending time on my own in the city of Cleveland.  Once again Hubbie was in the famous hospital there,  and it was fairly late at night and time for me to go back to my hotel.      Hungry!      I thought I’d allow myself a pizza, a “treat,”   because though I couldn’t admit it,  the worry about Hubbie’s health was building up in me and I needed a little medicinal pizza.

So here is a dumb, naive, out-of-town woman all alone,  driving around some pretty mean streets by herself, looking for a pizza joint.

Hubbie and I had already had our experience with those streets:


One  night before we had to check in to the hospital,  Hubbie needed a milk shake “like the kind they have at McDonald’s.”     Oh, my goodness,  I’d search heaven and earth to get  him a milkshake in those days, so we asked, but the hotel clerk didn’t know where a close and “safe” McDonald’s was — there was one twelve blocks east of us, but  it  sounded like she didn’t recommend it.   We went anyway.

I was driving.   People were walking in the middle of those Cleveland dark, late-night  streets.    Hubbie did not grow up in a city like I had and I kept telling him:  DON’T MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH ANYONE OUT THERE!    But he was fascinated .  .  .  A few of those men kind of started walking towards our car,  one  hand in their pocket,  but I somehow dodged the pedestrians and kept driving.

So I should have known!   I wanted that pizza, somewhere between the Cleveland Clinic and my hotel.


I think it wasn’t this one,  but it looks a lot like it.    Nice parking lot outside,  just a couple other cars.   I went into the pizza place, placed my order with a puzzled looking man behind the counter, and then sat down to wait.   Now, I’m no dummy.    I parked in front of the window and locked my car doors.

As I waited I saw a police cruiser drive by in the parking lot.  Then I saw another.   Hmmmm.   Hope they’re not here because of nearby trouble.   One police car parked opposite my car, kept his headlights pointed at my car – and wouldn’t turn them off.

By the time I got my pizza and walked out to the car, I realized what the policeman was doing.   He was watching my car – and watching me.    He was watching over me!   He was there to make sure I got back out into my car safely.    He nodded as I drove away …  then he followed me around the side of the building where I saw  two men standing in the dark, talking on cell phones.    They weren’t together.  I assume they were each making their own deals.   Once I got onto the main street, the police car disappeared.

Reality set in and I drove back to the hotel a little shakily but with a big thanks in my heart to those Cleveland police who saw a “target”  just asking for trouble.

I made him a target too.   I caused him trouble and put his life in danger that night.

So that’s Reason #2  that I salute those Cleveland police – and policemen everywhere who do their duty when we don’t always realize it.

The next reason I don’t know too much about,  so  I’m only giving  it a “half”  but maybe it should be a whole reason.       Up to date, now, this year –


I don’t know how the Cleveland police and other officials did it,  but there were a lot of threats to the Republican National Convention,  and  the entertainment-news media were ginning up a lot of hysteria over it,  maybe hoping there’d be something awful to report on.

But there wasn’t.   The police arranged it so that the paid-for professional awful protestors were kept far away from the ordinary people.   They were (literally) spitting mad, shouting obscenities,  shaking fists and political signs – but they were kept from doing harm to anyone by those police.

I truly was surprised that none of the bad predictions had come true.

And that’s the third Reason.

Hats off to those Cleveland police!!!!


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(From the keyboard of a “Deplorable”)   –


Two men, both known for “kneeling” . . .


        . . .   for different reasons.

One man’s kneeling got him the praise of “America”  as seen through the lens of the entertainment-news media.     Poor oppressed guy.     (Poor oppressed rich guy.)

The other man got nothing but scorn and ridicule for his kneeling.

The poor oppressed rich guy’s kneeling got him a renewed and lucrative contract as the head quarterback of the San Francisco  49ers.   He will bring much value to . . . us.

The scorned man?  There’s something more to his life than  football   sports.


Just recently at a game (where he is employed)  he saved the life of a fan in the stands who fell into an epileptic seizure.    The man had stopped breathing, according to witnesses.   Tim Tebow, the tall handsome man in the photo who likes his fans, ran over to the man,    held him,  prayed for him —  and shortly the man began breathing again.

YOU tell that man that it was mere coincidence.

But that’s not the first time.  A similar incident happened on an airplane in which Tim Tebow was a passenger.  A fellow passenger was in life-threatening trouble — and seemed to be not breathing.

You can guess what happened next.    It was prayer.    YOU tell that man it was just coincidence.

But I wanted to think about kneeling,   whom you’re kneeling to,  why you’re kneeling.


Men kneel.

Men now and before now  –


Men kneel even when they don’t have a church to kneel in.


You all know I like cowboys!


MY kind of cowboy!   –


Wouldn’t you rather have your king (or your Ruler or your president)  acknowledging that he has a Higher Power –  the same Higher Power that everyone else has to answer to?

teb king kneeling.jpg


Even The KING OF KINGS prayed –


I’m not  a man, and yet I can  pray –



Because in the end,  our end or the world’s end,   that is all we have,  it’s the true source of strength.




Wikileaks:     All those praying people,  any Catholic that you know,  any evangelical that you know,  any person who prays,   you, me,  she and he —  have been mocked and made fun of,  disparaged and called names  by those high up in the Clinton campaign, according to their own emails.

Let’s see . . .    some hate-powered phrases from those recently leaked emails:     we people who pray  are totally unaware of Christian democracy (their idea of Christian democracy, I guess);   we who pray are:   attracted to severely backward gender ideas;  we “throw around Thomistic ideas and subsidiarity just to ‘sound’  sophisticated”;    Mr. Murdoch is ‘Friggin Murdock’  because he had his children baptized in the Jordan River;    we are ‘bastardizing’ the faith.    And don’t forget from before:   we’re the people who are “bitter”  and clinging to our guns and our Bibles.    Catholics are weird,  reactionary people out of step with the times.

This from the Democrat Party which “weaponized”  the I.R. S.  against conservative  patriotic and Christian groups.    This from the campaign of the Poor Sick Woman who stated that it’s smart to have one persona for the public and another one in private.   Someone who holds herself leagues above the common people, and drops the “f”  bomb on those in her way, including her security staff – and their canine helpers.

They are bigots as well as hypocrites –  and please don’t think they like you.



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I’m in a reality mode.     Please, this is another post you shouldn’t read.   Just skip over it.


A glimpse of Reality:

There’s real things happening in the world — and then there’s what you’re being told to believe.   Time to take out the Old Green Broad of False History again:


(I think I’ll keep her around for a while.   Not all of us want to  be beaten down.)

There is in Syria a nun who is a wonderful worker among the Christians and Yazidis who are left  in Syria,  a place which used to be nearly 100 % Christian, but has through the centuries  been subject to ethnic and religious “cleansing” —  killing,  because they are not Muslim and do not wish to leave Christ.

Her name is Sister Hatune Dogan and she’s been doing her good work for 26 years, according to the article I read.      She was born in Turkey but her family moved to Germany, where she got her education and became a nun, an Orthodox nun.   She has moved back to the Middle East to help the people suffering at the hands of the Islamists.

She also goes back to Germany once in a while and tells them what’s going on,  warning them that the Islamist invaders they are allowing into their country in the name of “refugees” will go very badly for Germany, because what they are doing in the Middle East is what they’re intending to carry on in Germany – and Europe.

But the Europeans don’t listen to her.   She tells them details.   She tells them of  being told by survivors in the Middle East that their babies are dashed against a wall until “there is no more head left” —  and a German woman in her audience told her to Stop!   She didn’t want to hear any such thing.  She “knows”  that this is no less, no more than the German people have done in their past, and so Germans just have to learn how to live with foreigners . . . .

Stop!  I don’t want to hear it!   Don’t tell me the truth!!!!

The Old Broad in the Green Dress tells me I’m just as bad — so . . .   just, I don’t want to hear the Truth.

Sister Hatune Dogan has been living the Truth and working among the Truth and she and many others like her are trying to tell us that some day the Truth is going to arrive at our doorsteps and bash our heads against . . .  the Truth too.

It’s called “Settlement Jihad.”    Arriving at our doorsteps by the hundreds of thousands.   One American presidential candidate promises to continue and to increase the numbers.

Today is October 10th.   On October 10th,  732 A.D.   — the Year of Our Lord —  a history changing battle was fought and won by the Christians in France.    After continued onslaughts by Muslim invaders into Europe, somehow this battle was won, the Muslims withdrew, and Europe was saved from an Islamic takeover.

There are many politically correct false narratives popping up about this battle,  downplaying its significance,  but that is another deceitful intellectual fad —  but the real story is interesting and inspiring.   The actual  Truth will endure.     The Battle of Tours SAVED Europe from Islam,  for many, many centuries.

It’s October 10th again.

Pray for Sister Dogan.   Pray for Europe.    Pray for us.

This is a spiritual battle.


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Clarifying the Story:



So,  the national celebration of Columbus Day  (October 12)  is  moved this year to October 10th so that there can be a three-day weekend.

Fewer and fewer know the story of the journeys of Columbus to the New World.  Four or five journeys, I think.    Might be hard to look up the real story of faith and courage and intellectual curiosity that has inspired people for centuries.  You’d have to look it up in older books, before the Global-Socialists got ahold of American education and inserted a false narrative into the story of Columbus.

The Old Broad beats the red, white, and blue –

False history.jpg

You must, now, accept the false narrative that European Whites are bad, bad, bad.   We are told we should be ashamed and embarrassed about our past — and we, today,  must make amends, and apologies — and that isn’t enough –  we must make “reparations”  to people who live hundreds of years ago!

This is an intellectual fad,  but a very destructive one.

Modern “presentations”  of the story of Columbus will not tell you the reason that a new trade route to India and China had to be found.  (The savage Muslim pirates had cut off trade routes to the Middle East and the East.   Tens of thousands of Christians along the Mediterranean coastline were being kidnapped and enslaved or forcibly converted.)

Modern tellings of the story will also  insert tales of   greedy and violent intent and even “genocide” and against the Caribbeans Indians,   who have received a total makeover in modern books,  obscuring the fact that by the 16th century the Caribbean Sea had become home to warring tribes who killed and enslaved and . . .  ate …  each other, and were rapidly dying off from warfare,  diseases,  and human sacrifice.

Stick to Columbus for a moment.     He was not an evil, greedy,  violence-prone leader of a murderous expedition out to conquer unsuspecting, innocent indigenous people!  He was a Catholic gentleman with an interest in sailing uncharted ocean waters because he had a belief that it was possible to sail far enough west to find India, where much of the desired trade goods had come from.

I’ve studied history for many, many decades and have never found any serious writings or teachings that the world was “flat.”   Or that “if you sail too far, you’d fall off the earth”!  That didn’t come about until the so-called “Enlightened”  people began to re-write history with the purpose of making the Medieval World (i.e., the Catholic World)  sound ridiculous.  *         Another deceitful intellectual  fad.

Columbus:   I have his captain’s log.    Not the Starship Enterprise,  but the Santa Maria  Logs:    Contemporary writings,  “as they happened,”  and so I can say:   Don’t let the Old Broad in the green dress in the cartoon beat you down until you submit to her ideology. 

 Be free to look at the whole picture, the good, the interesting, and the bad. 

Here’s a start:      In 1537,  it came to the pope,  Pope Paul III,  that the explorers were finding a “new type of human,”  with a culture very different from Europeans.   So different were they that the question was raised whether or not they were fully human.  They certainly were savage and dangerous.  When the question came to Rome,   Pope Paul issued a decree,  binding on all Catholics, about the matter.  It was called Sublimus Deus.

You can read it today (in English, if you like).   It was one of several similar decrees, but in this particular one you will find  that the Church opposes the enslavement of indigenous peoples and opposes the destruction of their culture.  

“The said Indians and all other people who may later be discovered by Christians, are by no means to be deprived of their liberty or the possession of their property, even though they be outside the faith of Jesus Christ; and that they may and should, freely and legitimately, enjoy their liberty and the possession of their property; nor should they be in any way enslaved; should the contrary happen, it shall be null and have no effect.” —Pope Paul III, “Sublimus Deus”

Later, similar decrees EXCOMMUNICATED any conquistador,  colonist,  governor,  or explorer  that abused and subjugated the “Indians.”      **

Again,  the story of Columbus is an inspiring story of faith and courage and the desire to solve a common problem for  his native Europe.    Children should know the basics of Columbus’s voyages.  Then older children should be told of some of the complexities of the issues raised by finding new societies.

And adults should be able to ponder the lessons that can be learned from exploration and pathfinding  and developing relationships with people who are different from you.

The Truth truly does allow us to be free to think!



“COLUMBUS DAY AND MORE”:   Today,  October 10,   is also the Feast Day of St. Francis de Borgia – the saint that sits so heavily on my shoulder.   Among his many achievements was to assist Rome in defining and clarifying what the missionary policy should be towards the indigenous peoples that were being discovered.

His directions were in line with the papal decrees of the time,  and he outlined the method of caring for and instructing native people, as well as practical means for improving their physical conditions.



. *   (Anyone who lived along the seacoast could see that when a ship approaches land,  you will see the tip of its tall sails first, then more of the sails, and then finally the boat.   People in the Middle Ages were not blind.   Nor dumb.    Especially when the works of the Greek scientists and philosophers became known and studied,  it was common knowledge that the earth is a globe — that revolves in the heavens as other planetary bodies do.  Long, long before Galileo came around,  the scientists, working under the auspices of the Church,  were speculating that the earth revolved around the sun.   They didn’t have the mathematics, yet, to explain the motion of heavenly bodies — but neither did Galileo in his time!)

. **   Examine the crewmen on the ships captained by Columbus.   Where did he get his crew from?  What kind of men were they?     (They were no more Catholic in thoughts or actions than were the native peoples they came across in the New World. )

Killing of the indigenous people, enslavement,  destroying their cultures,   all this was ANATHEMA.     You’re OUT of the Church, unless you stop and repent.

Obedience to the decrees of the Church?     The pope and good church officials of the time could no more  “control”  the conquistadors than the pope of today can control some of our very “uncatholic”  and personally immoral supporters of sodomy and abortion that we find in the US Congress.

All a good pope and good church officials can do is define what the church teaches and to propound church teachings.       The choice to obey lies with individuals.




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Here’s a good, old-fashioned,  detailed, instructive picture of the Battle of Lepanto which was won by the Christians in Europe on this date.   It was one of those life-changing battles for all Europeans and their “offspring”  (us).   You would not be thinking and acting as you do today if this battle had been lost.

I had known about this battle since I entered the Church many years ago now, and I’ve written about it here before,  but  all I had read was the modern “light”  versions of the incident,  with an emphasis on the lovely miraculous aspect of this story.     Now I’m learning more.

Today’s feast is called “Our Lady of the Rosary”  and certainly the prayers of the hopeful-faithful  “availed much”     and certainly participants in this great battle witnessed a miracle.  But there’s more,  more serious and urgent reasons why we should know “more.”

First,  this is one of the last great battles in a greater war with many important battles that had been lost and just about lost by the European Christians.   And who were they fighting?

This picture contains a symbol of the enemy:


She is called  te coatlaxopeuh.   It’s an Aztec title meaning She Who Crushes the Head of The Stone Serpent”     which is Quetzalcoatl, of course,  whose symbol, one of them,  was a crescent.   She’s standing on the crescent, showing that she has conquered it and all it stands for.    The cruel and vicious Aztec culture was defeated in Mexico.

The Europeans who first saw this image of The Virgin Mary   presented (miraculously)   on the tilma of Juan Diego in Mexico in 1531 pronounced the name as best they could,   “te quatlasupe,”   and discovered they were saying, like,  “Guadalupe” – a river in their native country of Spain!  

This image is Our Lady of Guadalupe,  and it was carried by a Spanish naval commander into the Battle of Lepanto.   

Why this image?     Because that crescent also happens to be the main symbol of the enemy that had been attacking year after year, decade after decade – and it was understood that what was happening in these Greek isles in 1571 was going to be a kind of Last Stand –  do or die –   they had to stop the Moslems or be overrun by them.  

The Christians gathered together a fleet as best they could ( a long bitter story of failing to rally against the enemy) and sailed to the Greek islands which the Moslems were conquering one by one.   When the fleet arrived they found horrific scenes of villages filled with dead, mutilated bodies,   people that had been tortured and raped and left where they had fallen,  slaughtered animals,  destruction and devastation everywhere they looked.

Then the two armies met.   The Moslems arranged their ships in the shape of a crescent;  the Christian fleet divided itself into three parts to effect a well thought-out strategy against the highly skilled Moslem warriors and sailors.  

The naval battle itself is a thrilling example of  skillful maneuvering of battleships of the day.      Christian slaves provided the power to move the Moslem galleons as both sides fought with arquebuses, crossbows, spears, and arrows.     Tens of thousands of soldiers were carried by tens of thousands of the sailors who knew how to work the ships into advantageous positions.

Ships were rammed,  groups of ships were surrounded and cut off and then boarded, close hand-to-hand fighting occurred everywhere.  Cannons were fired.   Ships were sunk.     There are so many stories of individual acts of bravery, but of hideous wounds as well, and of fierce determination to die fighting the enemy.

  At last,  the winds suddenly and unexpectedly turned direction,   and the Moslem ships were unable to maneuver as they needed to.   The Christians won.

The leader of the Christian world,  the Pope, Pope Pius v,  standing at the hub of information and communication,  had seen  the enemy pushing successfully into the Christian world.   He had seen the clueless, disorganized European leaders.   And he could see that only Christian prayer could tip the scales towards victory, finally, for the Christians.

He ordered the rosary to be said everywhere, for victory.    Many heeded his call.  Or enough did, at any rate. 

There were months of gathering fighters, preparation, sailing towards Lepanto, and then the battle.      No one really knew what was happening during all that time.    On October 7th, 1571,  the pope was in a business meeting with other men, when he got up suddenly, walked over to a window,  and then stated that the battle has been won, we must give thanks to God.

Many days later, confirmation of the victory came.     The earnest prayers of the rosary had carried the urgent plea of the people to the heavens.   God had seen the sincerity of the faith of His people.      And the pope designated this day to honor the prayers of the rosary – and to honor Our Lady who ushers us through the events of the gospel which make up the mysteries of the rosary.

 Today,  it is just as urgent that we know who is trying to defeat us.  Who has declared themselves an enemy of Christianity?       Who still calls us “crusaders”?    

It’s also just as urgent that we are agreed together about the necessity to resist those who would try to overcome us, or to overtake our culture.       And the word “battle” signifies hard work,  courage,  sacrifice, and focused determination to win.

And it’s urgent to realize that God is still involved, caring,  ready and able to stand by us and to fortify us  when the battle comes.   Let’s hope  this remains a spiritual  battle,  fought with our prayers, and we never  have to pick up our lances and arquebuses!

It’s October 7th, all right,   2016.



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Well, in reality, a hurricane has “just happened.”

From someone who experienced the hurricane last night (my sister):    “the house shook, the roof made shifting sounds in the wind,  the glass in the windows buckled in and out, and then the power went out.”

Howling and roaring winds passed overhead in the dark over a period of many hours.

Electricity is out in many places in Melbourne right now, the day after, and traffic lights still don’t work,  but there’s no widespread damage.   It’s pretty bad if it’s your tree that fell over or your boat that was sunk,   but   in general,  things are unexpectedly better than had been anticipated.  Things will be repaired and improved, for next time.

My sister is okay, her house is okay,  her horses are okay, and her cat is okay.     A time for thanksgiving to God,  because many prayers were said, by all who knew anyone who are affected by  Hurricane Matthew.


What else just happened?   There was a “second hurricane,”  a  phantom hurricane created on television.     Now, I’m glad for the information, the minute by minute coverage, and I liked reading all the “numbers”:  wind speed, latitude and longitude,  barometric pressure, direction –  but there came a time during the night when I noticed that the “numbers”  did not quite add up to what was being described by all the entertainment-news people.

(I’ll admit to watching more than twenty hours of coverage.    I saw a lot.)

What we got from the  news people, in between the “numbers,”  was imminent death,  threats, warnings,  exhortations, badgering, and hysterical fear-mongering, actually.    “People will die.”    “Your children will die.”   “No one is going to rescue you and no one will feel sorry for you.”    You’re stupid if you don’t evacuate . . . .

Here in the Far North,  I even began to feel a little beaten down by the rhetoric.

The television people got more and more supercilious as the night went on.   Domineering.   Contemptuous.   I couldn’t believe how dictatorial the talk had become.   Finally one lesser known television talker asked an official that if someone doesn’t “evacuate”  in an evacuation zone,  could you send the police in and forcibly take them out?     Seemed like it would be “for their own good.”  For peace and tranquility in the land!

(Fortunately, the official answer was “no.”)

What was happening?    Where was this dictatorial attitude coming from?    It was a side show to the actual hurricane news.

And it was unsettling.

When did our public “servants”  develop such disapproving contempt for those of us who don’t mindlessly obey the dictates of their opinions?

Let’s be very careful during this coming election. . . .

Our independent attitude is —  deplorable!



To follow up and clarify:

It was the demanding, dictatorial, supercilious  (know-it-all)  attitude of the officials and entertainment news people that I was observing during the hurricane and that was so troubling to me.

(Of course, some people should have evacuated, many did.    Some chose not to –  they are not stupid and dumb; they assessed the situation and accepted the risk of doing what they did.      And of course the television news provided some good and useful information.)

But let’s look at another area where this growing dictatorial, bullying, attitude is becoming evident.    This is the season of the year that you “must”  shoot-yourself-up with . . .  not illegal drugs . . .   but with —  aluminum!!!      And you must inject into your body —    formaldehyde!!     And anti-freeze  (ethylene glycol or , close, propylene glycol).    How about aspartame?   Not drink it in your diet drinks,  but inject it directly into your body.   And, for Halloween –  you “must”  inject into yourself . . .  human baby cells!!    Aborted human baby cells, that is.      How about mercury, a known human toxin, as are most of the other ingredients I just mentioned.

Sound mad?   Sound insane?

Well.  But.  If you don’t,   you are “contemptible,”  “stupid,”   “dangerous,”   “ignorant,” —   and the government agency responsible for delivering these ingredients into our bodies is looking for ways to force us to do this, even when we consider all the facts, and make a personal choice to not have these things put into our bodies,  or into the bodies of our old people or our children, where they do so much harm.

As a matter of fact,   the whole ideology of “mandatory vaccines”  is a growing trend among our Rulers.     Culling the population, so to speak.     There are too many of us.

But you are free to choose to do this to yourself if you want to.      You’ll have plenty of encouragment.      You don’t want, “the flu”  do you?

As one person had asked  “Will you send the police to force us out of our homes during a hurricane?”       You ought to read what’s coming for those who do not want to do harm to our bodies – in the name of “health.”

Supercilious,  dictatorial,  anti-choice politicians.


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Local Florida Weatherman:  “Catastrophic is a terrible word.  I can’t even believe it’s coming out of my mouth.”



“The biggest storm on the planet right now.”   (Weather Channel)

“Escaping”  along I-4 westbound at  14  m.p.h.     Tonight and tomorrow I-95  will be “undrivable.”

Winds will be 145 m.p.h.  when they hit my sister (and her city of Melbourne)  and then sustained winds of 90 –  120 m.p.h.  with a storm surge of 9 feet more or less.    I don’t think my sister lives that far above the ocean.

Here’s her house in better weather:



Last time,  when my sister held her cell phone out the window during the last (smaller)  hurricane so I could hear the winds passing by,   what I heard instead was their neighbor’s roof crashing by!    Weird –  but seriously dangerous and chaotic.

I’ve been to Vero Beach,  I’ve swam at Sebastian Inlet, at  Melbourne Beach,   Cocoa Beach,  Ponce Inlet,  I love the Ferris wheel at Daytona Beach —  I tell this to myself because these are real places, real people down there,   and I can hardly match the size and severity of this storm with real “ordinary”  places.

Governor Scott states:  “This storm can kill you.”

Heard from my sister tonight – sort of a good-bye for a while.  She doesn’t know when she’ll get her power back or her cell phone recharged enough to signal an A-OK.

It will be a long night of watching this storm on TV and on the Internet — but an even longer night for her, huddled down in the room she designated as her safe room.

Hope it is.


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(Okay, a brief break from hurricane news . . .  ) 

Dear Cooper,  here are some pictures of the trucks and the men who came to work on my driveway.   Wish you could have been here!

Here is my bad driveway:


I don’t know what this guy is called, but he’s  coming!



Cutting into my driveway:




The shovel thing on the big truck scooped up the pieces:



And then it dumped it into the dump truck:



Lots of things in Grandma’s driveway — and they were noisy!



Lots of men working too!



This man got to walk on the hot, soft driveway with special shoes to pack it down smooth.



This man got to use fire to burn the new asphalt into the old asphalt on the street so  the old and the new would blend together and make a smooth seam,



Little car, big truck.   Grandma’s car was trapped by big trucks all day:


Where’s my nice new driveway?     What does it look like?

Well, it rained.    I have to take a picture of it tomorrow, and then I will put the picture on a CD-Rom and send it and more pictures to you.

So check your mail in a few days!!!!





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The Barrier Islands are being evacuated today.


The east coast of Florida has these long, long narrow islands that hug the mainland,  and on one of those islands is my beautiful home-away-from-home.

You have to cross a bridge to get there, one like this:


Fun.   When you travel a lot to the same destination, you develop your favorite spots,   and on the ocean side of that barrier island is “my”  beautiful hotel room.


Yep,  I’m  advertising for them.

This is my “Florida Past.”   Beautiful, pretty pastels,  clean, friendly,  affordable in the off-season,  walking distance to beachfront stores and restaurants,  and your own private door opens out onto the sandy ocean beach.

Here’s looking through my living room window:


This is  my shoe and my skirt pointing out to the surf one relaxing evening.


The last time I was there was a sad trip, though.   I  arrived to visit my mother just one day before she died.    Took me by surprise, and I spent a little time grieving on the beach.


Storm Clouds

This storm came in from the west and  hung low over the beach.

Florida Present:

Hurricane Matthew is going to come in from the southeast, and it will be a lot worse.

Now, with the weather update,  I find both my sisters are in harm’s way;  both are under a hurricane warning, one just a few miles from the beach,  the other inland a bit more.

One sister writes that she “doesn’t like the look of this storm.”   If she talks like our Dad used to talk,  that’s a magnificent understatement.

Millions of people are worried about this storm too.

I just remember “my” beautiful hotel on that Barrier Island:


I hope it’s still standing after this week.

It feels “personal.”     There are a lot of “real” people involved with this storm.    A lot of souls, as we used to say.     S.O.S. – Save Our Souls.

I hope my sister’s home is still standing.

I have lots to write about here in the Tunnel,  lots of topics, lots of ideas,  but I don’t want to write about anything else right now — not until the storm is over and I find out “what happened.”

Hope it will be a good Florida Future.  

Perspectives: PRETTY IN PINK

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I think this five week period of superlative personal demands are finally passing,  and it’s good to look outward again.     Almost all the “superlatives” have been good –  but they were personal.     I’m eager to write about things we have in common.

One of which is “Matthew.”      A  not so good “superlative,”  and that puts the recent “demands” on me into perspective.   The affected region is so huge, that it’s possible you know someone who is going to be greatly troubled by the coming of this hurricane.

My own sister, for one:


She lives under those pink lines – where Florida used to be.



My sister lives on the coast,  right in the middle of that smallest blue circle,  the bull’s eye, so to speak.       She’s ten miles or so south of Cape Canaveral, where that little V-shaped  piece of land juts out into the ocean.

One time, about ten years ago a big hurricane was passing over the house where my  parents and sister lived together.  My sister called me up during the worst of it and I could hear banging and crashing in the background.      So exciting!

Then she said “You ought to hear the wind!”   So she opened a window and stuck her cell phone outside.      Unbelievable roaring — until I heard a little scream –  “Part of our neighbor’s roof just tore off and blew across our back yard!”   

Technology!   Puts you right there in the action!!


I’m being flippant.   It isn’t our way to “evacuate”  (apparently)  and my parents and sister had a difficult few weeks following that hurricane.    Water and cleaning supplies were very hard to come by in the hot, humid, flooded aftermath.

And many this week will wish that Matthew had never come by.



When I travel down to Florida I see these in the driving lanes,  signs, symbols,  necessary to know what they mean.


I must be getting old.   The longer I watch the development and the movement of Matthew,  the more I think evacuation is a good idea.


For those who can.

Pink is not so pretty when it aims a hurricane at you.     They need our prayers.    Miracles can happen even within a Natural Disaster.