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Just,   not yet . .  .



So much to say, so much to comment on . . .  so much to teach . . .

But just not yet, okay?


(Dealing with Pain . . . .   I’ve got four diseases”  merging . . .Sometimes this happens.    Prayers, please.) 





Dear Spruce Tunnel Archives:  It’s just a writing pause.   I think I have a handle on this. 

Or else one of these things should work:

pill spoon.jpg


(That’s the humor part – driven by discomfort:  none of these things in the bowl work.   I remain a strong, unhappy buffalo in a snowstorm.)



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One-Third/One-Third/One Third



When the highest religious authority in the days of Jesus was trying to calm down those who were  protesting Jesus and calling for His death,  this religious leader said,”Well, it’s better that one man die in place of the whole nation getting in trouble with the Romans.”*


He had no idea what he was saying.   He had no idea that putting one Man to death to save all the others is exactly what he was doing when  he advocated sending Jesus to Calvary.

Honestly,  people don’t change.  The human experience doesn’t change.




It is reported today that Oprah Winfrey, multi-billionaire, at the top of her huge media corporation called OWN, has surveyed the wretched state of America’s social scene, particularly after these recent mass shooting. .  What she seems to see is  a broken and non-functioning culture that is giving rise to terrible acts of public violence.

She may be one of the celebrity elites who fear the “angry mob” will turn on them if things get too much out of control.    (Oh,  we’re the “angry mob,”  dontcha know.)  But whatever she fears.  I think this fear has caused her to look deep down into her past, her roots,  when she was a young Christian girl, learning timeless lessons in Sunday School.

Here is her conclusion for turning society in a new and better direction:

“I think what people are missing is a core moral center.    “Churches used to do that,” the OWN boss continued. “It was a central place you could come to and there was a core center of values about a way of living and being in the world. Until we can return to that, however that is, in whatever form, we will continue to be lost.”

This was spoken on “Extra,”  a television program perhaps, and in answer to a question by someone named Renee Bargh, if you want to look it up.

ch in st

Of course, you have to be careful where you look for your “core center of values,”   because many a modern church has left the pathway of Christianity and is trying to build a social justice utopia here on earth.   You won’t get many “timeless values”  there;  you’ll just get a church that sounds like the society it’s in.



Nevertheless,   Oprah is a good one-third right.    The values of the traditional Christian church used to provide a strong and sure moral compass for our country.

(Bring these traditional Christian values out from under the dark clouds!    Re-learn and live by the Two Great Commandments,   by the Ten Commandments,  by the one new commandment given by Jesus to His disciples — and do it all because you know, deep down, that there is a Living God..)

Another one-third — maybe Oprah can’t help but think in terms of a large global socialist regime that governs the world “peacefully.”      Maybe she means laws must be passed to put morality back into citizens.    That would require a VERY  big State!   And it wouldn’t work anyway.

(It’s incumbent  upon each individual living in a society to improve his own moral actions and make  better the world in his immediate proximity.)

And the last one-third implied in her statement —     “Until we can return to that, however that is, in whatever form, we will continue to be lost.”    So what does she mean by:   “. . . however that is, in whatever form . . .”      Doesn’t sound like the church of her youth is necessarily what she is referring to, and that leaves a very big gap for a reinterpretation of Christian values.


We don’t need a modern reinterpretation . . .   What we need is a return of Christian values . . . one by one of us.


.*    Gospel of John  11:50   “Don’t you know it is better for one person to die for the people than for the whole nation to be destroyed?”



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Here’s a two-taled story you can tell yourself at bedtime tonight or think about tomorrow:

Imagine that you are arrested and accused by the local authorities.  The authorities are very powerful and they are powerfully angry.   Your family and your friends watch in horror as a leather “dog collar”is put around your neck and you are led away.   They can do nothing to help you.  They are powerless too.

bog neck

Your hands are tied behind your back with leather cords. You are questioned, jerked around, then led outside of town to the swamps where you are then strangled or your throat is slit or you are conked on the back of your head, and you fall down into the swamp bog.   Alone and helpless you die.

And then, several thousand  years later,  your mummified body is dug up and . . .  people wonder about you.  Maybe feel sorry for you.   Your body is malnourished and there is no muscular development consistent with skilled use of arms.

Keep him in mind.  He had no way to defend himself against a governing force which holds all the power.



Here’s  another man who lived about this same time, several thousand  years ago.   He roamed freely around southern Europe, up and down mountains,  hunting for his food,  defending himself against the occasional bandits and trading goods with various villages.  He carried with him a knife, an adze, a spear, and a bow   with well-made arrows.


Anthropological recreation of Otzi, the Ice Man

His body was found recently up in the Alps.      He was well-nourished.  His body showed signs of muscular development consistent with frequent use of these weapons.

He was a healthy, free man.



These are just  examples.   Merely examples.    Of course we can’t draw significant conclusions from just these two examples.   Thousands of years ago people died in the bogs in many ways,  not just the executions, murders, and human sacrifice victims that we find so often.

And not every free hunter of thousands of years ago were successful  travelers and traders like Otzi.

But the images are haunting.    One man comes to us armed and free.   The other man unarmed and enslaved.

PART 2 – G. UN . S according to the Left

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(What you should know about Gun Control –  skip down to the Red)

(If you love your country, if you love Freedom, it takes a little of our time to learn the foundations of your Freedom.  )


The entertainment-news media which broadcasts onto your television, radio, “music,”  and social media routinely tells us that America is the most gun violent nation in the world.   You buy that?      They cite the “Langford  Study.”   Anyone check into what that study” is?

Nah, it’s one of those things that we accept.  “An authority is cited, so  let’s hear what it has to say.”    Especially because it supports the cause of extreme gun regulation,  gun control, and gun confiscation advocated by the Leftists.

The Langford study declares their findings,  that the United States is the most violent nation when it comes to guns.     And yet —  that’s not true.   By worldwide statistics,  the United States is 62nd in crimes committed with guns.


Extreme gun regulation and even confiscation as some Democrat-Socialist people are calling for,  and now the so-called Red Line Legislation, are all opposed by our Second Amendment.

What did our Founding Fathers know that this current anti-gun-ownership group of people don’t know?    That weapons ownership for the defense of your home, family, property, friends, and village is an un-alienable right.       Sometimes called an inalienable right,  but the Fathers wrote un —  meaning it’s a right that simply can’t be separated (or alienated)  from a human being.

—   Except by a tyrannical government which holds all the governing power in its own hands.    A State that is increasing in tyranny makes rules and regulations which only increase its power.    But, as it should be,  the citizens of the United States have freedoms  because  the State does not hold all the governing power.  That arises from the People.

Change that and you lose Freedom as a guiding principle.

The Second Amendment was created not merely that US citizens could go hunting and find food or defend against home invasion or personal imminent threats,  but it was created mainly so that the citizens can protect themselves against the rise of an  all-powerful governing State which protects itself, not its citizens subjects.

(Is this a good time to say that my Son, along with many others I’m sure,  is NOT PERMITTED to buy health insurance?   He is currently without medical health insurance and must remain so until the Federal Government says it’s okay to purchase insurance.   This is unbelievable to me because I grew up when America was Free for its citizens to live and work in.      I repeat– (because I”m so angry:   The Federal Government will not allow my Son to purchase health insurance.  He is uncovered – until the government says so,which is sometime in October.  I keep thinking he is mistaken.  I keep thinking the insurance agents are mistaken.  )

So what is it that our Founding Fathers knew that our current generation of Extreme Leftists were never taught?   (I’m going to copy some answers):

Let’s start with 384 B.C., a period of time Americans used to know very well.    There was a plan by a man in government named Hippodamus to create a society in which only one class, the upper class, the elites who knew all things better,  would be allowed to bear arms.   Aristotle observed that those classes of society without weapons would become the servants of those who do possess arms.   Aristotle knew and taught that it is in the nature of man,  and not in animals,  to select and use a variety of weapons and that the right to bear arms flows out from the very Nature of Man.

Or else you are a helpless servant of the governing class.

Let’s go across the world to a non-Western area, in the year 124 B.C.    The Chinese Emperor Han, dealing with the issue of gun control,  rejected  a petition by his chief chancellor to take arms away from the people.   Han said no because “When the Ancients made the five kinds of weapons, it was not for the purpose of killing each other, but to prevent tyranny and to punish evil.  When people lived in peace, these weapons are used to control fierce animals.  In military affairs then these weapons were used to set up defense and form battle arrays.”

Back to the West,   Rome,106 B.C.,  Cicero wrote on the natural Right of Man to be able to defend himself and all that is his:    “There exists a law, not written down, but inborn in our hearts which comes to us . . .  not from theory or practice, but by natural intuition.  I refer to the law which lays it down that if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, then any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right.   Weapons reduce (these threats) to silence.)       . . . 

“Civilized people, Cicero continues,  are taught by logic, barbarians by necessity,  communities by tradition, wild beasts by instinct and nature.   They all learn that they have to defend their own bodies and persons and lives from violence of every kind by all means within their power.”

I’m skipping some brilliant men from our Western Tradition,  all of which were well-known by our educated Founding Fathers,  but we can move on to 43 B.C.,  Ovid, states: “The Law allows arms to be taken against an armed foe.”

Jesus,  on sending His disciples out into the world:   “It’s different now.   Whoever has a purse better take it with him.   And if he has no sword,  let him sell his cloak to buy one   . . . “

England at the time of the American colonies:  It was part of British Common Law to require all British subjects “to keep and bear arms for the security of the nation.”   (As tyrannical as we Americans are taught to think that King George was,   he was still no Socialist.)

The Socialist/Progressive propaganda would like us to believe that the Second Amendment refers only to a government disprove formal militia.    But all of the Founding Fathers disagree with this restrictive interpretation.   George Mason in 1788:  “Who are the militia?   They consist now of the whole people.”

That’s rather clear.

America spit and sputtered along in its history, trying to get it right.  We eventually improved but look what happened along the way:     In the Southern states,  no  “Black person”  was allowed to carry a gun or other offensive weapon on his master’s estate. In North Carolina,  a Democrat run state:   No free “Black person”, mulatto, or free person of color shall wear or carry about his person . . . (any arms).

In 1920 Democrat laws of Southern States also ruled against allowing Mexicans to carry guns.

In 1968, Democrat-run Congress passed a Gun Control Act.    The basis for this Act, its intention and phraseology,   was stated to be the 1938 German gun-control law used to disarm the Jews.  

(For what purpose?)

Today,   The Gun Control drumbeat is becoming louder and louder,  in spite of the commonsense knowledge that criminals will always have guns, despite any laws that can be passed against innocent citizens owning guns.  

Oh, yes,  this so-called Red Line Gun Control legislation?  Be very careful.     If there is any person in your family who has been identified with psychological issues,  your whole family can’t own a gun.      Now, who gets to decide what these mental health problems are?   Who decides who has a mental health issue?     If you are suspected of being  (something)phobic?   If you homeschool?    If you stock up on food and supplies in case of future hardships?

Even the most well-meaning panel of experts can and will become increasingly influenced by someone’s  ideology and propaganda.

The current ideology we have to guard against is Liberal/Leftist/ Socialist/Progressive/ Democrat-Socialist ideology.   Beware this subtle and pervasive Cultural Marxism.   It’s end game is the power of Stalin, Hitler, Chavez, Pol Pot, et al.









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Yeah.  Sorry to be paranoid today, but  I’m watching out for the snoop bots:


Also known as Spider Bots,  little pieces of software that roam cyberspace looking for trigger words that will report back to our Elite Censorship Bureau . . . .   So,  sorry for all the weird spellings.    I’ll have a word list for you two posts from now, I think.


So,   this little piece needs to be sandwiched between Parts 1 and 2 that I started last night.     The  “Eff Bee Eye,”   our esteemed and respected go vrenment investigative organization operates under federal law.   Specifically:

 Threatening a US Gov’t official is a felony under federal law:

  • Threatening the President of the United States is a felony under     18  U.S.C. §  871, punishable by up to 5 years of imprisonment, and is investigated by the Secret Service.
  • Threatening other U.S. government officials, such as Sen. McConnell, is a Class C or D felony, usually carrying maximum penalties of 5 or 10 years under 18  U.S.C.  §  875,  18 U.S.C.  §   876 and other statutes. Such threats are investigated by the F. . .

(     . . .  by the Eff Bee Eye)


I know the heads of this organization are as corrupt as can be.    They are political appointees (we apon ized) against Conservatives, as we have seen by their unequal application of the law in the past couple of years and their collusion with CNN.

But those laws cited above are for real.   And we have a use for them, once again:

Mitch McConnell is  a (Republican)  US Senator.  He recently experience a fall and broke his shoulder.    Recovering at home in Louisville KY;  still sore, I imagine, and vulnerable.   Remember the Tom Arnold threat I wrote about in the last post?   The threats from the Left against either Republicans or Conservatives just don’t stop.

I’m going to put up here only two of the new threats:   (  I’ll leave the  cite in here for those of you on Twitter ):

A woman is on Facebook Live, outside of Senator McConnell’s home in Louisville, saying she hopes someone “just stabs the mother f*cker in the heart, please.#KYSen


Kentuckian Ben Goldey, who is Capitol Hill’s Communications Director, tweeted this video of the protest, in which the voice of a man is heard saying (0:24 mark): “Hopefully” somebody will use a “voodoo doll” on McConnell.

Now,  one commenter after this article wrote that he had read the latest book “by”  Mrs.  Bill Clinton;  and in her book he recalls that she described how she used voodoo against some of her political enemies.

voodoo hanging



(Usually that’s the head of our president that is hanging from the hand of a Leftist celebrity.     How many times have we seen that!)


I’m always astonished when I read of the many instances of occult practices among the Leftist elites . . . .   And yet —  maybe I shouldn’t be.    Remember seeing the 2008 (or 2012)  Democratic Presidential Convention in which the name of God was booed by all the delegates?   The television cameras showed it.   As GK Chesterton wrote:

“When a man stops believing in God, he doesn’t believe in nothing anymore,  he believes in anything!”

This is because “worship”  is an integral part of being a human being.   Animals don’t worship.   (Your dog  might adore you,  but that’s different.)     People worship because that’s the way they are made up, and something will take the place of the man’s own Creator if that man doesn’t want to think about his own Creator.

Ideas can be “worshiped,” even false ideas;  an  ideology can be devoutly worshiped or anyone who represents that ideology;  and idols can be worshiped,  in the form of material goods, a bank account,  or even unseen entities that get us into the occult world.

So maybe that Twitter who recommended the use of voodoo is not so unusual at all.


Okay,  this is becoming  an undisciplined ramble right now  —   I was up most of the night guarding my house from a hungry raccoon and a mouse —    but there is one final question:

Do you think our esteemed investigative feds will look into these threats?   Do you think they’re there to protect us?   Anymore?  

M.  I.  A.








PART 1 – G. UN . S according to the Left

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Okay, it wasn’t a “gun”  that did this,  but just to begin:

MAGA Personof Color

The man had just purchased his new hat and  was simply walking down a sidewalk in (Manhattan) New York City one afternoon when he was jumped by a group of teenagers, beaten up because, as they yelled at him,  he was wearing that hat.     The teenagers most likely a product of the city schools and their social media,  both sources of virulent, intolerant radical Leftist propaganda.

Well, here’s the report:

He says the group of about 15 “kids” yelled “F*** Trump” and stomped on him. One of them smashed his head into a scaffold. Turan says he suffered a fracture in his cheek and a badly swollen eye. He’s awaiting an eye specialist to determine if there is any permanent damage to his sight.

Then there was the white man this weekend who was assaulted and chased away by a young black man shouting “I don’t let no Whites on my street.”  Words to that effect.

Then there is Ron Paul,  national political figure,  who is back in the hospital this week having surgery to remove portions of his lung which was damaged when his neighbor, an intolerant Leftist attacked him from behind.   Ron Paul never saw it coming.  It put him in the hospital for several weeks,  but he is still suffering from the brutality of that attack.

Okay, guns:   55 people shot in Chicago this weekend,  five of them dead.   That would be the South Side of Chicago, where everyone votes Democrat and hates Donald Trump.

Baltimore,  another city ruled by the Democrats for many, many decades, intolerant towards anyone on the Right;   200 people killed this year to date.

Remember the Gilroy Garlic shooting?    Santino Legan.    Wasn’t in the news cycle for very long.  When it first happened,  you could just feel the “news” media   wind up for the pitch against guns!   The fever for gun control was building, building . . .   building . . .  and then it disappeared from the news.  What happened?     Well, the shooter himself said he did it because he was “angry,”  but he  turned out to be not a “white supremacist”  Trump supporter but rather an admirer of   (Is.  Lam)  and a fan of a particularly radical Shi’ite leader and wrote of him and shared his photo on Instagram.

Who is that leader?  An Iranian source said:

 . . .   that anybody who idolizes Ali Asghar – Legan’s grandfather’s namesake – would view themselves as a Shia zealot to Islam.

The media is reporting that Legan committed the shooting because he was “angry.” His Instagram was taken down shortly after he was identified.

Admirer of   (Is.  Lam.)     Story all gone.

This weekend’s El Paso shooter?    A radical environmentalist, according to his Progressive “manifesto.”      Wants to get rid of all Hispanic people in our country,   just like the National Socialists did,  according to his writings.      Hates President Trump and stated he was not influence by Trump.

Dayton, Ohio, another Leftist/Socialist  who admires  Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, according to his writings.    ReTweets Ocasio-Cortez.     Hates Trump. . . . .  His Twitter profile lists him as supporting socialism and being really angry about the 2016 election.

I don’t know.    Let radical Leftists get ahold of guns and . . .   well,  by their actions and by their words they seem to be dangerously intolerant of anyone they disagree with.

A Socialist  (socialist/progressive/leftist/communist/Alinskyite)  cannot tolerate disagreement.     The opposition must be destroyed.   It was the Clintons who first brought into American politics:  “The Politics of Personal Destruction.”   It worked for them.    They apparently se an effective pattern.


In a speech today President Trump listed a few things he thought are responsible for this kind of violence.  I don’t think he listed the main cause (easy for any non-progressive historian to see) and I don’t think he listed the influence  of the media.

I took notes on something I heard today about Tom Arnold; some of the words are mine, some are from what I heard:     (Hope you can read it.) –


So,  “guns and Leftists.”






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FISH Happy face 370

Happy Face

Humans express their deepest feeling through poetry:


Loss and Possession
Death and Life are one
There falls no shadow
Where there shines no sun.

(by Hilaire Belloc)


As I wrote last time,  July starts a period of time that carries some not-so-happy anniversaries for us.   But time really does lessen the sadness, so some anniversaries will indeed become  not-so-happy . . .  and then pretty-good-happy.

Once we walked these alien halls . . . .

CC Halls

. . . . in the Cleveland Clinic, on our way to seeing Hubbie during his last year.

This was his  home for a long time:

CC last home


It’s a pretty big place.   And after Hubbie passed away, we had a pretty terrible time to experience.

It was the shadow cast by the golden sun of his life.     I’ll tell you why I say “gold.”    Somewhere after this period of time,  we got the idea that since Hubbie enjoyed our backyard pond so much and really, really enjoyed watching the fish,  we would, then, honor his birthdays by adding goldfish to our pond — one for each year of his age.

So Son and I visited our local pet store a few days ago on our annual mission.   That’s where Son saw that Happy Goldfish in the first photo up there.

fish many.jpg

We had to buy –  a LOT!

Then we took them to our back yard, where Son gently helped them get used to the new water temperature, and then slowly introduced them into the pond:

Fish and Son 380

(We didn’t get to our task until nighttime.)

We left the pail there at the shore overnight so the little tiny goldfish could swim right back into it if they needed shelter.

Fish Pail 278

They probably didn’t need it,  but it made us feel better.   The next morning all but one were missing and unaccounted for;  presumably happily under water.

Pretty good success rate.  And we felt pretty good that  another annual ritual in Hubbie’s honor was successfully accomplished.

Our pond has some Golden flecks in it now.

We had our “shadow,”  but now we are able to celebrate the “sun.”

There falls no shadow
Where there shines no sun.

Happy Birthday,  Hubbie.




The Archives on the right  listed for November 2010 tells the full story of those Cleveland Clinic days.


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I needed to take a walk in the actual Spruce Tunnel recently, just to think, to clear my mind, give me some time to . . .  breathe.  I often write that I hope each of you have a place to go to like this;  although in the undisturbed quiet, you have to be prepared for  any  thoughts that arise.

Here’s how you enter the trails that lead to the Tunnel.  A nice, inviting, lush green trailhead:

ST Entrance 380

July begins a time of the year for not-so-good anniversaries for us.

My thinking on this day:    We like to think that when we leave this world,  someone will care.     We don’t wish our family and friends  unbearable grief or unending sorrow,  but it would be nice if we are remembered for something . . .  something good, some good effect we’ve had . . . .

And since there is someone who left us who really did have a “good effect” on us,  I want to pay tribute to her.    She left us almost a year ago,  way too young, it shouldn’t have happened  (from our point of view)  and we keep bumping into little “anniversaries” of our last months, weeks, and days with her.

Oh, dear.  This has to be “brief.”

This is about Meghan.  She was a bundle of energy, busy, busy, busy,  always doing something good,  doing some good for other people,  wise about other people’s needs . . .  how can I explain?

Her flowers 370

She made the earth around her a better place. The flowers she planted last year to beautify Son’s front yard — came up again this year – gorgeous and glorious.

She was wise and very  observant about just exactly what a person needs.  She seemed to have an encyclopedic knowledge of how to improve things and how to fix things;  but she had the ability to know when she should back off a bit too.


She was always there for the needs of any of her friends.   I don’t think anyone in her circle of friends ever did as much for her as she did for all of  us.

About a year ago,  I brought her a drink that she liked:

Her Drink 400

There it is.   Just a Peach-Pear smoothie, sold at our local coffee shop.  I go there to buy some of the white packages you see in the background.  Coffee of every variety you can imagine.    She already wasn’t feeling very good,   but I just thought she might like a smoothie, maybe.   We all knew she needed to eat more.

A small thought on my part but she was so happy with it.   Such a little thing,  but it made her happy.    Looking back,  she delighted in giving to others many unexpected little “surprises.”  but I don’t know how many spontaneous little “gifts”  she received from other people         How grateful she was to be the recipient this time.

ST Tall Trees 338

The Spruce Tunnel will last longer than I will.    It will be there longer than the thoughts I was thinking.    But one day it will be gone too.

Some of you will hear a passage from Ecclesiastes read to you this Sunday:   “Vanity of vanities;  all is vanity . . . .”    Everything we commonly strive for will actually  come to nothing.      It all passes away.    All our effort is in vain,  in the end.   Only the good we do for others will count for anything in the eyes of God.

Love.  And do good.

Jesus a man at His feet

It’s what He taught us.

It’s what Meghan seemed to be striving for.  Love people.  Cheer them up.  Do for people. Help them out.  Have fun and make fun.

If you want to live forever and have all your efforts count for something,  Love and Do Good because God is Love, and you count for something in Him.   It is something you learn and then grow slowly into until it becomes instinctive.

You know me,  I’m  a teacher – by nature, by profession, by habit;  I teach but sometimes I just give advice.   So my advice to all of  you, my dear Readers:    Do good.  Do good to all you know so that you don’t some day regret not doing  enough good things for the family and friends you will lose some day.

We did not love her back — enough.     Or, we did not show her enough that we love her.

Jesus enfolded at His lap

We can hope that she is now enfolded in all the love she deserves.


I John 4:19 –    “We love, because He first loved us.”






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Get  REAL:     The Amazon, no Garden of Eden.

Yeah —  deadly bugs, spiders, beetles,  snakes, violence,  superstition, existential fear,  idolatry,  mayhem, cannibalism and murder.

But these jungle people have one big admirer,   the pope.

To quote one commenter:

“Tell us, O wise one, what the spirits of the jungle are teaching us.”   —


The instigator of the “Amazon Synod”


He is focused on the Amazon — and “what we should learn from it.”       Some have asked whether he is senile.   Some have asked whether he is a Catholic.   Some have asked whether he is merely in error.   Some have asked whether he is maliciously trying to am green snakechange what cannot be changed,  that is, perennial and unchanging Church teaching from the time of Christ.

All have agreed — ALL who are paying attention — that the man is a communist . . .  the end goal of socialism,   the natural result of Global Socialism left unchecked.


The man, trained in the error of Liberation Theology,  is in a confused daze of intellectual relativism,   believing in the  moral equivalency of all cultures and  confusing essential equality of human beings with the goal of accidental equality of human beings.

am red black snake

There never can be a manifestation of the accidental equality of human beings, because we all differ in ability, intellect, effort,   circumstances of birth, personality and character — and we differ greatly in our willingness to receive (and hence give)  the Love of God.    Willingness.

To force the accidentals of equality on society is to injure that society – to wound it to the point of nonfunctioning.     No matter how hard the present pope and his ilk try,    Utopia will never be reached by the efforts of “good, well-meaning,  big-hearted men.”       am beetle The non-existent Paradise of the Amazon is a cruel illusion.

But there will be an attempt to impose it on humanity.  And it will look like it’s successful, for a while.

I believe, along with many observers, that there is more danger in this present and upcoming Amazon Synod than good people realize.

am spider hand

The danger is as large and as real as the Amazon spiders.

The danger is as large as an Amazonian leech:

Am leech

And as deadly.   The book  Lost City of Z is a true account of explorers, more than a  hundred years ago, who got financial backing for an archeological expedition to search for a rumored ancient city in the midst of the Central American jungle.   Not all came back from the jungle, and some who did carried a mosquito-borne illness that ended their lives within a few years.

Physical  danger ,  likewise a spiritual danger.

am jaguarThis Synod is dangerous because it looks to those primitive people who live in the Amazon for spiritual direction.

I don’t “fear” there are dangers to Christian teaching;  I  know there are dangers lying within this Synod, as the dangers of a rumbling volcano, spewing ashes and burning lava.

Oh, the Amazon is beautiful when viewed from your armchair,  presented by lush, colorful nature programs or delivered by the glossy photographs in National Geographic.    But for the people who have to live there in primitive conditions,  it is a place of Death:

Am death

50 % of young men will die of homicide.

AM fifty percent

Of course their children are darling and precious.    They are young human beings.

Am little ones

But notice what these little boys are carrying?

Am breath of death

They are carrying the “Breath of Death” —  the blowgun, smeared with poison.

They will grow up to be hunters.  Warriors.

Am hunters

Perhaps the pope who is leading the Newe Version of the Catholic Church doesn’t know this about the primitive people of the Amazon.  Perhaps he really thinks they are living in harmony with Nature.

Am relig   Perhaps he thinks their religions give them special insight into “living in harmony with the planet.”

Because he is saying that the Church could learn a thing or two about marriage (and the  acceptance of  re-marriage and adultery and fornication and harmful sexual initiation rites and priests and priestesses . . .)

He sees the practices of the native Amazon women something to be admired.
After all,  when a woman has a baby,  she can choose to bury alive her newborn infant if it is not the right sex or if it not perfect in her eyes.   That’s power!

So the upcoming Amazon Synod is going to discuss the changing of the Church’s teachings about the “role of women” in the Church;  ordination of female “deacons”;  priestly ordination . . .   the acceptance of alternative ideas about sexual morality . . .

Yep.  Those Amazons can teach us a lot!    They’re not like us.  We’re not like them.   And all those who are ignorant of actual life in the Amazon can be easily led to believe that they have some superior way of life.


An interesting Coda:       Anthropologists now believe that many of the jungle peoples of Brazil are the descendants of the great cultures of Maya, perhaps some Aztec.   Remember them?   Remember what they did to European explorers?    (No?  Plucking living hearts out,  torture to capture the spirits;  beheadings and death, eating the flesh of the Europeans and other enemies.)   A few migrated deeper into the jungles of Central and South America.

They have now devolved from a once strong and forceful culture into  these benighted primitives, still, surviving,  still violent and superstitious, still deadly to visitors,  but very weak.

Bar Cross in middle


Don’t want our culture to become more “non-functioning”  than it already is ?   What to do about this upcoming attempted doctrine-changing Synod? 

How about a quote from an authentic Catholic pope?

“Not to oppose error is to approve it; and not to defend truth is to suppress it; and indeed to neglect to confound evil men, when we can do it, is no less a sin than to encourage them.”

Resist!   Speak up.   Speak out.








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There’s not a more lovely melody than that of Debussey’s  Prélude à l’aprèsmidi d’un faune. . . .     faune being fawn in English.   Those haunting strains will be with me for a while, just because I’ve thought of it now.   I’m fortunate to have played flute and had the experience of playing this musical piece . . . .  (high school level ! )

You can hear a two-minute selection of it HERE …

Oh,  or just here, if you have a moment.    2 minutes. Just long enough to remind you of the melody.


I played flute.  Son played the french horn that you see — but unfortunately never  at the same time.



So . . .    fauna, again.   Animals.   I remember writing that last post and feeling almost overwhelmed at the number of critters that live in this world.   When you stop to think of it,  the animal world outnumbers us by far.   They’re all over the place!

I am routinely wakened by a family of raccoons who visit my back deck in the middle of the night — turning on the motion sensor light as they munch on my bird feeders … and the bird food inside.   Even when I remember to bring the bird feeders into the garage,  they still come looking.

Deer in gardfen

The deer regularly visit and relieve me of my roses too.   Every few days the blossoms “come back”  and every few days the roses are “harvested” again.

But Mama brought her babies a few weeks ago.  That was so cute:

deer mom and son 380


It’s fun to see them, especially when the fawns are frisky.   I don’t know if there is a Mama with twins  and a Mama with one fawn;  or maybe . . .   one Mama and something happened to the other twin.

But I worry about the little thing when he gets too curious:

Deer at ponds edge 380

That   baby   deer  spent  a good five minutes testing his ability to get down close to the water.   Mama was watching carefully nearby.  So was I.     In the end,  Mama snorted or hissed or something,  and the fawn backed up into the grass and off they went, down into the creek and out up the backside of the creek and into the woods .

(There was water there!   A lot safer to explore than in my deep pond!)

I wrote about gators last time too.     Our local news has reported at least three very recent stories of alligators being found our here in our wilderness – way too close by!  Pet alligators let go in the wild when they got too big.     Hope the deer know how to avoid the reptiles.


Rodents?    At least four  media videos and news articles have reported the rodent problem in Baltimore.   Even the former mayor of the city,  Kathleen something.    She took a tour of her own city and delivered  an  expletive filled narrative of what she saw including all the rats and the smell of dead animals on Baltimore’s city streets.

A famous racist minister also described the rats in the city,  all the depressing filth,   and described Baltimore as having Third World conditions.    “Reverend”  Sharpton, was it?

But when President Trump concurred,  agreed,  and commented on the rats in the city,  of course you know what he was accused of, producing another Twitter storm and the ingredients for another “entertainment-news media” week-long show.

And then — then —  a young anti-Trump media personality took a camera crew and went to Baltimore to report for herself and prove that,  yes, Baltimore has “problems,” but it’s not as bad as Trump says.

But her camera crew told the story while she was talking:


For the minute or so that the camera was rolling,  along came the star of this show, running across the scene.   Yick.

Has this been shown a lot on the national entertainment-news media?    “Nope.  No rats here.”     Hah!



I need to report what’s going on “in the Amazon,”  but I’ll do that in the next post, I think.  It has something to do with animals too;  all the fauna,  all the critters that the certain Amazon tribe chosen to be the exemplary of the whole Global Society via the mind of the  uber-socialist pope of the new-version of the Catholic church.

amazon men

This poor Amazon tribe (“who has so much to teach us”) live with an amazing array of poisonous spiders, snakes, disease carrying insects, mosquitoes, rabid bats, and dangerous wild animals.   Although this tribal area has the  second highest homicide rate in the world (!),  the survivors suffer from disease, parasites, and poor nutrition in addition to the violence that kills fifty percent of their young men.

But right now  I’m just focusing on the bugs. The insects.  The poisonous spiders.  The snakes.   Leeches and maggots.    Jaguars.   Wild boar.    Troops of dangerous monkeys who can snatch small children.  


My deer bring ticks with dangerous diseases.    The raccoons chew on things important to the house.   Even the chipmunks chew up air conditioning wires and cords.     Birds leave droppings on my tomato plants.   There are bats around her found with rabies.

Garden of Eden we are not.  Anymore.

Oh- yick yick yick…..   I’m done writing about animals for a while.

bear scary





Fauna & FAUNA

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I don’t mean to write only once a week.  Sorry for my absence.   Bad week for my “body.”   (Prayers requested.)


I’ll never forget that sense of astonishment the first time I drove into Florida many years ago.    I looked into the ditch alongside the Interstate – and there was an alligator.  A wild alligator!    My first thought:    “They let their alligators run wild down here!”

Hah!        (Hah! on me.)

bumblebee    Here in the Far North I’m surrounded by a variety of birds, squirrels, an occasional gopher or chipmunk, bumblebees —  (Oh, yes,  our bumblebees are very large and are full of personality.   They’re curious, rather friendly,  and quite territorial, although they usually give us a gentle “shoulder bump”  when we get too close to where they don’t want us to be)  —    Fifty feet further from my house I have deer, lovely little fawns, fox and  coyotes.     Today I had a small brown critter visit my back deck.  I have no name for it.  It was about 18 inches long,  fat, had a long fluffy tail,  no ears I think,  and it shuffled off when I came close to the door where it could see me.

So if you focus just on all the creatures around here,  I guess my immediate living space is alive with living things.

But . . .  alligators?    I eat gator meat.  Long after they’re dead and harmless.    I can make a really good etouffee with gator meat.

But they shouldn’t come visiting to your house, as this Florida family recently experienced:

GATOR Coming

Somewhere else in Florida,  these homeowners had a visitor for dinner:

Gator in house


Well, up here, deer can cause damage and smash through large plate glass windows, but the bad news about gator damage —


—   is that insurance won’t cover gator damage in all instances!

In other geographies,  recently,  a pack of pit bulls killed a flock of sheep.   A flock of birds attacked a group of people.   Monkeys killed a couple people in a village in Southeast Asia.  And Bengal tigers are still a  menace in India.

I’m a city girl at heart.  It may look like my back yard is a wilderness . . .

DECK mid May left 380

. . .  but it isn’t.

All the beauty,  none of the danger.

Deo gratias!



Oh, here’s a picture of my etouffe, with a link (here) to how I made it:






July 17th – COMPEIGNE

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Lest we forget.


Innocent women, some still in their teenage years.


Burn this picture in your memory and pray it does not happen here, because the Revolution still goes on,  albeit  “progressively.”

I heard a speaker recently talk about his time growing up in the Soviet (Socialist) Union.  He remembers having to go into various offices in a university and in the Kremlin; and he remembers seeing on the walls  portraits of Stalin next to portraits of Robespierre.

Side by side.  Stalin and Robespierre.   Both radical Leftists.   Both used violence and intimidation and bullying  against those who disagreed with their politics.    Both became efficient butchers of their own  fellow citizens.

Let’s pray the radical Leftists in our country are not gaining momentum.   Let’s hope political factions and groups like the Extreme-Leftist-Socialist-backed Antifa,  do not become the dominant influence of ordinary Democrats.

Compèigne is in Paris, France.

That’s not so far away.

Sixteen harmless Carmelite nuns were guillotined on July 17, 1994.

That’s not so long ago.





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Just a short posting tonight . . .   I have to prepare for tomorrow’s class.   I like teaching adults.  They’re both easier and harder to teach.    Easier because they’re interested.  Harder because I have to work  at helping them be flexible in their thinking so they can learn  new things.

That’s because they know everything they already know,   and they’re quite content to stay within what they already know when given new material   . . .  which doesn’t advance their learning very much.

Sometimes you just have to put aside what you already know and use a fresh, blank, childlike mind to  confront a new idea, a new fact, or even a new event because things aren’t always what they seem to be.

(Illusion happens.)

Here’s what my task is:

Ambiguity Learned

Ambiguity:   more than one valid way to look at something.

I’ve been holding on to the following photo for a few months:

Man wounded

It’s a screen shot from a local  news report late last winter.   The report concerned a “man down” and wounded, lying in the  middle of the street.   The police were asking for any witnesses to come forward who might have seen the man or know what had happened.

Man wounded 260

The video was taken from a security camera on someone’s porch, and it shows in this particular frame that a white van slowed down by the fallen man  Someone  seemed to roll down the window and shout out something to the  man and then drive away at a fast speed.

When I saw this,   I was only half paying attention,  but I remember thinking,  Wow,  that driver didn’t even help the man.      Oh, this could be a drug deal gone bad;  maybe the bad guy stopped to make sure the guy was dead or something, taunting him maybe.

How heartless just to leave him lying there without even getting out to help.

For the next couple of days an outcry went out from our local area about the drive-away and  discussion about how cold and indifferent our society has become.   There was a lot of anger directed at the driver.

We knew what we already knew about “cold and indifferent.”    We fit this scene into our framework of what we already knew about “this side of town,”  drug deals,  drive-aways. . . .

And then, a few days later,  a black woman was interviewed by the reporters in a follow-up to this  incident.    She said she had heard all the bad comments about what was seen on the video so she wanted to come forward.  She said  she was the driver of that white van.

She had seen the man lying there on the street.    She drove a  little past him and then backed up, rolled down her window to tell him that she was calling 9-1-1 and help was on its way.

She said she had young children in the car with her, and she was streetwise enough to not get out of the car late at night in a possible dangerous situation.  This could be  a ruse.  A  set-up.   Criminals who injured this man could still be in the area.

She was a Good Samaritan,  but a smart Good Samaritan.    What we saw on the video was an illusion fed by what we already knew.   The video had shown us not an example of indifference,  but of helping someone without becoming a victim herself.

She had done the right thing.

Well,   hmmmmm.


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finnish flag

One half  of my bloodline is Finnish –  and today the Finnish people have made me feel proud.    Among the good characteristics of these people is their fierce devotion to honesty;  absolute honesty.



There have been many absurd statements that talk about “evidence” for Global Warming/ Cooling/  Climate Change.    The stuff that jokes are made of.    Like the funny numbers  that accidentally appeared in an Ohio weather report recently.



Nearly everyone realizes that the hoax part of the Climate Change Hoax is the claim that human activity causes Global Warming.    The Globalists whom are promoting anthropocentric climate change have been caught sending emails to each other explaining how to massage the numbers to make it look like human activity has warmed the planet.       The numbers they use are rather wobbly.  They don’t have a firm basis in factual observations and can be used to support any statement.

They have even convinced unscientific people in governments  to declare that “Carbon Dioxide  is a pollutant” — and a dangerous one at that!     And humans are putting more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere!!!

But this past week a study was published

“. . . by researchers at Turku University in Finland found that the human contribution to a rise of 0.1°C in global temperatures over the last century is just 0.01°C.

The paper, titled ‘No experimental evidence for the significant anthropogenic climate change’ was published by Jyrki Kauppinen and Pekka Malmi.

The study found that, “During the last hundred years the temperature is increased about 0.1°C because of carbon dioxide. The human contribution was about 0.01°C.”

Carbon dioxide is, of course, a very beneficial gas that all plants need for food.  It produces lush, green vegetation; our crops, our forests, our plains.     We don’t have as much as in ages past, but we’re getting by.     Fauna and flora are all smaller in today’s world.

The main source of carbon dioxide is the earth itself.  Here are some maps of carbon emissions that blossom out from the planet:

Carbon 1

The carbon ripples out all around the globe every day:

Carbon 2

The human contribution to a carbon dioxide increase is 0.01%  of a possible 0.1% increase — if indeed we can really detect that small fraction accurately.

Global climate and weather is far more influenced by activity from the sun;  by overall cloud cover, as the Finnish study goes on to say;  and even by sunspots.  The fewer sunspots the lower the temperatures on planet earth.



As you can see in the chart,  we are in a prolonged period of low sunspot activity.  We are entering into Sunspot Cycle 25, and there are even fewer sunspots observed and forecast.  Such periods of time are called minimums,  and there is very cold weather during a minimum.     It affects the availability of food, of northern transportation routes, and human health and interactions.

It’s almost fun to watch dire prediction after dire prediction of Global Warming fall, one by one.     And then, astoundingly,  new predictions are made, just as dire, just as false.

Glob al Warming NOPE


Deceptive use of numbers,  erroneous methods of collecting temperatures,  falsification of numerical results,  manipulation of charts and graphs have all been used to “prove”    Global Climate Change, characterized by “unprecedented extremes” in local weather.

So thank you to the Finnish scientists  who are sorting all this out and uncovering the truth!     Thank you for your dedication to Honesty!



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There is that old saying:  “Figures can’t lie,  but liars can figure.”

Numbers can certainly be used as weapons coming out of people’s mouths,  and if not “weapons,”  then numbers from a liar’s mouth can be the spark that sets off  a great conflagration, greater even than the liar(s)  intended.

How can this happen?

Just this past Sunday a few people recognized July 14 as  Bastille Day – the great symbolic myth that sparked the uber violent phase of the French Revolution.   As the Revolutionaries would tell it, and as later history books would repeat it,  the Bastille was a horrible dungeon-like prison in Paris that housed hundreds, thousands! of oppressed poor people where they were held in terrible conditions and starved and tortured . . .

bastille 1

Storming the Bastille

And finally the  good people of Paris had enough and on  July 14, 1789, an angry group of Citizens “stormed” the gates of the prison, overpowering the guards and releasing the wretches inside.

bastille lady liberty


Once the French people heard this, the Revolution could  begin!!!!!!

And Lady Liberty could at last be set free!



Except there weren’t thousands of prisoners released.  There weren’t even hundreds set free.  Or  a hundred.  Or even a dozen.    There were seven people inside the Bastille on that day.    Two of them were mentally ill, but were locked away because they were a menace to others .    The others had a falling out with one political faction or another or had committed some financial crime.

Although the Bastille had been a dark place long before in its history,   King Louis XVI had released nearly all the prisoners — because he was a good king, and he wanted to reform many of the laws and unjust practices that had developed.     What he wanted to do was new and unprecedented;  there was no roadmap and he had much opposition.  His reforms were taking a long time.

bast xvi

Under King Louis the Bastille had become what we would call today a “white collar holding area”  complete with servants, a chef,  and a library available for the prisoners.

Seven released by the angry crowd?   Or thousands released by the angry crowd?

The Radical Leftists of the French Revolution needed a cause the get their Revolution into full swing.   They kept trying,  but nothing succeeded like the lies broadcast throughout France about the “Storming of the Bastille.”

As you know,  history tends to repeat itself, or at least give us strong echoes of the past.  There are those today who’d like to continue to make Progress with this Revolution.  They are the Leftists of the world;  the Progressives.

bas skip

They use numbers like weapons, and although there are many stories that can be told about their  methods,  I have room for only one.

It’s the story of CNN and the stories told by CNN.   It starts with a very big number:


Every month  90,000,000 people have to pay for CNN,  even though they have less than a million viewers per month. *   That money keeps CNN on televisions in  homes and in public places and airports in spite of having a viewership of only tens of thousands for their shows, a very small audience indeed.


CNN — and other cable “news”  channels have to force their way into public attention because Americans know the content of these “news” programs is biased toward one radical political viewpoint.   They do it with vocabulary that isn’t fit  to hear:


And they do it by repeating falsehoods from the Far Left over and over again.   “If you tell a lie big enough and often enough . . .”   (you know how that saying ends!)

So, that number, 1,100.     Someone actually counted the number of times  CNN and MSNBC  said the word “racist  in three days this week.   They are saying, in no uncertain terms,  that President Trump is a racist based on a recent speech and on a tweet or two.

Well,  okay.  Another cartoon:


bastille sq

I heard that speech this weekend, and I read the  tweets that were so offending to the Leftists.    There was no racism intended or implied,  other than in the imagination of the president’s enemies.

Anyone dare say that to friends?

Why do we, the taxpayers, subsidize a little-watched cable channel?     Because the Progressives, Leftists, of today use it as their mouthpiece to further their own causes, such as  their righteous Revolution in which everyone receives the same material goods from the government:  free housing,  free medicine, free schooling,  (oh, yes –free cell phones)  . . . and it’s free and fair for everyone.

But we don’t have a hot and violent Revolution yet.      We don’t have a shooting kind of civil war yet.    It’s just . . .  after having studied history for so many years . . .  no one can be sure what the flames fanned by the entertainment-news media will produce.


bastille house

Sometimes the house just burns down.

And that would be a horrible tragedy.


.*   https:  //   http://www.




Some examples of CNN’s  attempt to  promote violence:
Antifa fights for a “good cause.”
Antifa’s fight “is right.”
Antifa’s punches are more “equal morally” than others.
Antifa is “on the side of right.”
Antifa is right because “sometimes you can’t fight by praising them or being nice to them. You gotta fight fire with fire…”
Antifa is as heroic as the America soldiers who stormed the beaches on D-Day.
Antifa harassing Ted Cruz and his wife out of a restaurant is “what he signed up for.”
…any criticism Antifa is “racist” (even though Antifa is predominantly white).
CNN lied to turn the Trayvon Martin story into a black vs. white narrative, CNN falsely identified George Zimmerman (the man who shot and killed Martin in self-defense) as white. Zimmerman is Hispanic.
CNN fabricated evidence against Zimmerman with the false claim he used a racial slur while calling 9-1-1.
CNN’s Jake Tapper stood in the middle of the Ferguson, Missouri, tinderbox and poured gasoline all over it with a hysterical anti-police rant.
Just after the riots in Ferguson finally ceased, to gin things back up, CNN released unverified audio of what they claimed was the shooting of Michael Brown. The audio has still not been verified and there is one gunshot missing.
No other news outlets pushed the incendiary Ferguson lie about “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” more than CNN.
CNN openly called for rioting in Baltimore.
CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Marc Lamont Hill, and Miguel Martinez, openly attacked and sewed seeds of mistrust against those police officers trying to bring calm to Baltimore.
CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin suggested Baltimore cops were staffed with unstable war veterans.
CNN attempted to turn the man who tried to assault then-candidate Donald Trump into a folk hero.
CNN regularly encourages the idea that Trump is another George Wallace (who was shot in an assassination attempt); that violence against Trump and his supporters is legitimate and Trump’s fault; that he is mentally unstable — or in the words of Jake Tapper “unmoored, unhinged, and un-American.”
CNN compares Trump to Hitler; claims that he is Putin’s Manchurian candidate; that he is an illegitimate president.
After presenting the president as a unique threat and danger to the country, CNN points what looks like a sniper scope at Trump’s Oval Office window.

And then there’s this media reminder that some rifles have red dot laser pointers:

Media RED Laser dots


Oh, my goodness, they’ve left out a lot on this list!


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I’m the Soft and Squishy shoe type of person.  If a shoe says it’s made with Memory Foam,  I’m all for it!      Apparently I’ve worn off most of the padding on the bottom of my feet, so I need “soft and squishy.”

In the last post I had a picture of jackboots over history,  and it showed the underside of a jackboot with the hobnails attached to the bottom of the boot.   Like this:

Jackboots hobnails

You need hobnails when you’re going to step on hard things or when you are going to trample down on things that would resist your boot.

Metaphorically speaking, if you’re going to assert Authority over people, they will resist, and you will have to come down hard on them.*      Harder and harder and harder.

In the last post I wrote some admittedly and deliberately disparaging words against the mis-educated admirers of Socialism in our country:


Socialism's FREE electricity for free


It would be funny, but this is the mindset that is (apparently)  leading American citizens on towards Saul Alinky’s goals for us.    Perhaps some of them don’t intend to use jackboots, but they will have to,  if they win,  because people will resist their unworkable and totalitarian ideas.

There are so many sources for us all to learn about the consequences of Socialism/  Progressivism/   National Socialism (Nazi)/  Communism/  “Democratic Socialism . . . . Maybe I’ll give a partial list of books at the bottom.

I wrote in the last post that:

We don’t “give our hearts to God” and then sit back and think pretty thoughts; there is work to be done, wrongs to be righted, people who need our aid and comfort. . . .   we have to STOP sitting back and letting things happen to us – we need to resist; we need to fight back; we need to assert traditional values which work and which built up Western Civilization.

Yesterday I learned that our priest had told us that  “We must generate culture, not sit back and let the culture lead us.”   

Well, that tells me that we have some responsibility for our culture, and we do have some power left to us.   We can live apart from the  culture that the entertainment-news media has created for us.

And for our children:

reading 2

“Give me a child to the age of seven and I will have him for life”

Reading 1


Actually, it isn’t only our children who are being propagandized away from Western Civilization; it is we ourselves who are continually propagandized by all the “incoming” information around us:  music, posters, ads,  social media,  “news” and entertainment and even  those of our friends who have been so thoroughly propagandized that they can’t even recognize the source of their own opinions.

I remember hearing a talk about what’s going on in J-Schools  (journalist departments of universities).   The speaker said that what she had found surprised her:   the Leftist point of view was so entrenched that it went unnoticed, just like the oxygen in the air we breathe.     These entertainment-news media people don’t even know how extreme their Far Left viewpoints are.

And those are the people who are telling us what’s going on in the world.

We have a responsibility. 

Recognize.  Resist.  Rebuild.    Reconstruct a better culture around you.

Study logical thinking.

reading trivium

Logic, the way it used to be taught to us

Study Logic.  Study philosophy.  Study ethics.   Study civics. Study true American history.      Study anything that will give you clarity of thinking.

Do you know how EASY it is to do  with YouTube?    !!!!

Remember the 100 Monkeys theory.    Remember the Tipping Point phenomenon.    You can be part of that!

And the next generation will thank you.




. *    In America,  the United States so constituted themselves that the Power and Authority of government arise from the People.  “We the People.”   It does not come from the top down;  that is, Power does not come from the State.

Whether or not that is a workable form of governance is up to us.



A partial reading list:


Rules for Radicals   (Saul Alinksy)

(related video:  A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing_)

The Naked Communist  (W Cleon Skousen)

Reinventing Collapse   (Dmitry Orlov)

Marxist Madrassas

The Clash of Civilizations   (Samuel Huntington)

The Unintended Reformation   (Brad Gregory)

Apostasy in America  (Solange Hertz –  Anything by her, although she is an acquired taste.)

Anything by George Orwell,  such as  Animal Farm;   Homage to Catalonia; Why I Write . . .)

Orwell:  A Transformation   (Peter Stansky)

Anything by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

(Even celebrity radio talk show hosts have written some  accurate observations):


Dreamers and Deceivers



When I Was a Kid,  This Was a Free Country  (by G Gordon Liddy; that’s an oldie and a goodie)

Any biography of the fervent  Socialists:  Hitler, Stalin, Lenin,  Pol Pot,  Che Guevara,  back on into the  Italian socialist movements  – and don’t forget to learn Leftist methodology from a study of the French Revolution –  if you can stomach it)

Remember:  The “Enlightenment” is a self-congratulatory name given by the inchoate Leftist movement of the 18th century.










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Take a trip with me to Socialist Great Britain:


July 14th is the day we honor St. Bonaventure.     Wow!  So much to his life!!   But I won’t take the time here . . .

St.  Bonaventure wrote:   “The fear of God forbids a man to give his heart to transitory things, which are the true seeds of sin.”      (Not “sin” as in doing bad things;  but sin, as in neglecting God in general, keeping Him out of your life.)


St.. Bonaventure is right;  but then again,  “transitory” issues are an important way to indicate where our heart is.     We don’t  “give our hearts to God”  and then sit back and think pretty thoughts;  there is work to be done, wrongs to be righted,  people who need our aid and comfort.

The “jackboots” in the title refer to the well-known comment by George Orwell: 


In today’s America,  with so many mis-educated younger people flirting with the empty promises of Socialism,   we need to keep this warning from George Orwell in mind —  every day, especially as we are approaching another election.

Although this image is Socialism  ( either right away or as it breaks down eventually )   as awful as it is,  try now to replace that man’s face in the poster with the face of good, gentle elderly folks, living right now in the UK.

An elderly woman or man’s face, under the jackboot.

Jackboots history

hobnails on the bottom of jackboots

Sweet old people who lived their lives, did their work, raised their children, and are now living out the “rewards of old age” with their family, friends, and pets.     Socialism makes it nearly impossible to save for your future, so these elderly people are living in “pension houses” – government subsidized apartments.   They keep their apartments neat and clean, and often grow gardens to beautify their surroundings as well as to grow herbs and small garden vegetables.

Garden 3 old man

Here’s one “pensioner.”  Notice his “garden” behind him.  Or what’s left of it.

When a young socialist is given a position of power,  even a small amount of power,  that person feels compelled to use that power over others.    In this case, in the UK, that person was a young women who is a city councilman has decreed that all these private gardens must be destroyed:

“She Who Must Be Obeyed” *    — because she is a Socialist official.

Garden 6

This was once someone’s garden.

And this, two elderly sisters walking on what was once their prized garden.  The women in the white top is 86 years old and nearly totally blind:

Garden 4

Plants were just trampled down  and discarded . . .

Garden 2

Flowers, herbs,  fresh fruit and vegetables.

Garden 5 patio

Friends visiting,  next to the no-more garden.

I know how much effort it takes to create and maintain a garden, even a small one.   Never thought much about the “effort” when I was younger,   but as you grow older you do indeed recognize the physical effort required.     And you take great joy in it.

It is heartbreaking to watch these people speak of how much they’ve lost.  **

We Americans were taught that “The price of Freedom is eternal vigilance.”  Neither sinning against others nor any emerging authoritarianism  can stand a spotlight thrown on them.      The elderly people and their friends formed a little protest group to call attention to the totalitarian new rule, and the good news is that the decree to destroy more gardens has been rescinded — temporarily.

Rescinded with the smarmy socialist phrase:    “Oh, we like people to beautify their own surroundings.”      Throw your own spotlight on the sincerity of that phrase!

“The price of  freedom is eternal vigilance.”     Or,   more accurately, from the pen of Irishman John Philpot Curran:         “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance.”

These elderly people in the UK have everything to do with your life,  with our lives, even here in America.    Though the UK must solve their own problems and injustices,   if we in America do nothing, we will have more and more of these injustices thrown upon us, as we lose our personal freedoms.   A little rule here, a little regulation there, doesn’t affect me yet, doesn’t affect me yet,  doesn’t affect me . . . . .

I’m glad to hear with increasing frequency that those who want to conserve traditional American values (and it’s happening in the Church too)  are more and more telling each other that we have to STOP sitting back and letting things happen to us – we need to resist; we need to fight back;  we need to assert traditional values which work and which built up Western Civilization.

We don’t  “give our hearts to God”  and then sit back and think pretty thoughts;  there is work to be done, wrongs to be righted,  people who need our aid and comfort.


. *    “She who must be obeyed” is, of course, the only appellation  allowed to be used when referring to the dread queen in H.Rider Haggard’s  book “She” —  great fun to read!

Not so fun when you come across these harridans in real life


. **   Among The Four Sins That Cry Out to God for Vengeance is  “the oppression of widows and orphans.”     This comes pretty darn close.


“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”




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  “Miseducated Idiots”



There were a lot of little “baby steps”  that my mind took which eventually led me into the Church.     Perhaps the biggest catalyst in my decision-making was the realization that  in order to prove that they are right,  other denominations  had to actually tell me  lies about the Catholic Church.

Now, I don’t want to expand on that right now,  but I was so surprised when opinion after opinion after opinion against the Church all proved, one by one as I examined them, to be actual lies.   Perhaps falsehoods or misconceptions,  but non-factual assertions and unsupported statements, nevertheless.

I know those are complex, complicated sentences, but I can at least tell you what a
“clean”  feeling it is to face the truth head on and be comfortable with it!

There is tension when you have to live according to lies and keep proving a lie is the truth.

How dismaying it is to observe that same  process in our current spirit of revolution and revolt,   every day, delivered to me by the entertainment-news media.


I’m no fan of women’s sports teams  — maybe I should write about that some day — but I did take notice that the American women’s soccer team won the World Cup.

America wins.  Nice.

And then I saw this tweet by President Trump:

Nice again, to take time from presidential duties to congratulate a sports team.

And then swiftly followed the outrage and bitter arrogance — accompanied by unsubstantiated falsehoods about the president.

I heard what was probably the team captain speak in response to this congratulations:  Embarrassing profanity coming from a young woman’s mouth.   Profanity of the worst kind, with the worst intentions.

And then – especially to my foreign readers – charges of racism and sexism and whatever else against the president, with absolutely no proof, not even anecdotal proof.

Oh, I’m aware of how some of these accusations began — how the president’s words or actions were deliberately misrepresented, misread, misinterpreted.  I remember the genesis of the accusations that the media then took up as these terms became Gospel.    Then the feeble, scarcely noticed retractions . . . .

These  false accusations are willingly taken up by any Global socialist who feels that President Trump stands in the way of their “progress’ towards the ongoing Leftist Revolution.    They sound like miseducated idiots, but they vehemently believe what they are saying.

The latest email revelations by the British ambassador to the United States show that no matter how high in governance a man goes, he can still fall victim to baseless propaganda.

What to do?    Almost all of us just sit back,  “tsk tsk,”  and go on about our daily lives.  After all, what can you do?   It takes a whole lot of energy and effort to oppose falsehoods.

It’s okay.  We can’t reach out to everyone and persuade them differently.    But we do have to know that LYING HAS CONSEQUENCES.     And we won’t like any of these consequences:  divisiveness;   uncertainty about who you can trust;   enmity;   always keeping score;   an intrusion of “politics” into everything . . .

And possibly one day,  Civil War.

And revolution.

And dominance by the Leftists, who wrote the book on winning by deception.
















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Can’t be a “forethought” — I’m a bit late.     But it’s still a “thought”  about the “Fourth.”

The Declaration of Independence was signed 243 years ago.  That document signified our determination to become a free and sovereign nation, and that determination was strong enough to produce a constitutional republic  more than a decade later.


I’m not going to make a comment about the state of education today, compared to what our forefathers had available to them – and what kind of men of character was produced.

I’m not going to make a comment about the superiority of homeschooling versus government-run schools.

I’m not going to make a comment about all the superannuated children in our society (that is,  adults acting like juveniles).

I’m not going to make a comment about the  maturity of young people — 243 years ago.

But it is a bit interesting to note the ages of some of our Founding Fathers at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

In 1776:       (just a few players, not everyone was a signer….)

Marquis de Lafayette was  18

James Monroe was 18

Charles Pinckney, 18

Henry Lee III, 20

Aaron Burr, 20

John Marshall, 20

Nathan Hale, 21 years old.

Alexander Hamilton, 21

James Madison, 25

Henry Knox, 25

Edward Rutledge, 26

John Paul Jones, 28

John Jay, 30

Elbridge Gerry, 31

Nathanael Greene, 33

Thomas Stone, 33*

Ethan Allen, 38

Charles Carroll, 38

John Hancock, 39

Thomas Paine, 39

Patrick Henry, 40

John Adams, 40

George Washington, 44

And the king we fought for our independence from:

King George III, 38


Kind of takes your breath away to consider how young rthe men were who gave us our nation!

John Adams, one of the “older” men,  said, once our independence was won,  that we should remember the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independence for ever after,  with fireworks, parades, gunshots, and whatever else families can do to mark the day!


I was glad to see our nation celebrated:

4th Flyover

Celebration hosted by our President and First Lady:


In spite of the rainy day, many, many, many people came out to celebrate,  more than expected!


I hope you all made this a special day  (special weekday too!)  as I did.

I had a small group of great friends over for a little picnic and good conversation.

Earlier in the week, my Recorder practice friend hosted our musical afternoon, followed by a delicious chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream cake:

4th Recorder


And, of course, around here, we all celebrate my Daughter’s birthday!


Kathy alone

“Born on the Fourth of July!”




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 Yeah, well,   I guess I don’t need “a few days” to get better, emotionally, as I ended the last posting. I am strong. I won’t die of grief or fade away. I will live to experience more grief in the future.



My two favorite poets: Blake and Yeats. It’s time for Blake.   Poet and illustrator.

The House of Death 1795-c. 1805 by William Blake 1757-1827

Adam and Eve  become dead, by William Blake

William Blake, one of the most gifted poets the English-speaking world has, understood the supreme tragedy of death. He was deeply attached to his younger brother, who was sickly.  Blake was there when his little brother, Robert, died of tuberculosis. At the moment the pain and difficult breathing overcame his brother’s body, Blake saw something that transformed his understanding of the world. He saw his brother become infused with great joy, great happiness, and he saw what he called his brother’s spirit rise up, attracted to the Source of that joy, rising up further and further . . . .

So, a good night’s sleep and a retreat into intellectualizing has shielded me from the worst of it. That, and being distracted by the surprising, horrifying news that a young man named “Joe” has died, just a couple days ago.  June 29th.   Maybe murder; but maybe, maybe not.   36 years old.
I understand that family’s grief.
Though I don’t know Joe personally, I’ve had him in my house, so to speak, many times a week, for several years now. He and his father host a show that reflects the results of their research into current events. I’ve never known them to be wrong about their information , although their revelations are sometimes “unwanted” – if you want to live a tranquil life.
They are investigative journalists and their show has been removed from YouTube along with the many other non-mainstream news sources.  Here’s a partial list:

CENSOR all these
“The Purging of Truth”  

Too bad, because every single mainstream entertainment-news media has been wrong, and proven wrong frequently, even our local news readers who blithely read their scripts to us, completely unaware that what they are saying is either not true or is a partial truth that is meant to allow an agenda to go forward.
Joe and father Doug   (so some of you will know whom I’m talking about now)  were an antidote to that. I think their religion is wrong, it’s inadequate, somewhat non-factual, but their observations of our world are pretty accurate.    I’m not necessarily a “fan” of their show, I won’t promote it by name, but I’m interested in the topics they cover, from time to time.
netf  When you take someone into your home like that, they do become a part of your life. It’s the reason why you watch your favorite television show. It’s the reason I and many people watch “series’ on any streaming service, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube. You watch the series that has people you become familiar with and you come to like and care about.

But now Joe is dead and gone from this present world.

Blake’s stunning drawing that I show above illustrates the tragedy and finality of death as it came to Adam and Eve after they rejected God.   Whatever you think of Adam and Eve, we are all in Adam and Eve.

sin kills
We would not have done differently.    Romans 5:12 Wherefore as by one man sin entered into this world, and by sin death; and so death passed upon all men, in whom all have sinned.


But of course God, Who is Love itself and has delighted in mankind (Proverbs 8:31) did not leave us alone, without a remedy. Paul goes on to say that : But not as the offence, so also the gift. For if by the offence of one, many died; much more the grace of God, and the gift, by the grace of one man, Jesus Christ, hath abounded unto many.
As horrible as death is, the gift of God, is eternal life, a million thousand times better than the life we know now. He came here to overcome Death itself, and we are not permanently dead.
So we can’t get rid of death. We can’t avoid death. We just have to deal with the death of our loved ones, and more significantly, our own death. That’s our primary task; our reason for being here: to find our way to God’s grace.

Bar Cross in middle
No fake news.
No fake religions!