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A few posts ago I wrote about Hiawatha’s father,    who, after staging a great challenge for his son,   told his son to go back to his home,   go back to the living earth  and “cleanse”  the earth of the evil things that prevent a good life for us humans.

Mudjekeewis  told Hiawatha:

I have put you to this trial
So to know and prove your courage;
 Now receive the prize of valor:
Go back to your home and people.
Live among them, toil among them,
Cleanse the Earth from all that harms it . . .

 “Cleanse the earth from all that harms it . .  .”

reading   It’s been an interesting coincidence that recent Sunday Readings given to Christians for the past many centuries have told us to do this same thing!      Perhaps the source is the same:  God is God and there is only One and He doesn’t change,  so it makes sense that wise men have similar messages to give us.

So what are these things we’re supposed to cleanse our earth from if we are properly led by the (Great)  Spirit?

They’re listed in our Readings,  from the Bible,  last week:   Galatians 5:    But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.    Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are fornication, uncleanness, immodesty, luxury,  Idolatry, witchcrafts, enmities, contentions, emulations, wraths, quarrels, dissensions, sects,    Envies, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like. Of the which I foretell you, as I have foretold to you, that they who do such things shall not obtain the kingdom of God.

This week’s Readings explains this further,  and then says:  “But let every man prove his own works….”     This is a manly command.

We want a better world?  Then we need to make a better Self.    And that list in Galatians shows us the things we need to get rid of in our own lives and in our own surroundings.

Obey the Command.    It’s a good one.


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Yep,   that would be me!

Here it is:  “There is no such thing as Utopia (on earth)  and it will never happen.”  

Even though we know that “Utopia” is a made-up word that means:  “no place,”  our Global Socialist Rulers desperately need us to believe in a utopia,  because they’ve got one to give us!     We just gotta keep hoping . . .

And they just need us to hand over a little more of our power to them — and to say differently is an act of heresy in the world they’re setting up for us.   So far, the most they can do to retaliate is to call us names.     Nasty names.

Their current chief tactic is  the destabilization of national governments by various uncomfortable and dangerous means  (so that they can step in with their controlled solutions)   – but I want to stick to the heresy part here.

can debunk

Sweden,  the “homeland”  of many of my ancestors is a prime utopia experiment, and it hasn’t been working out so well for the Swedes.

I was going to report on the attacks against Swedes during their latest summer music festival but the number of victims kept going up and up and up, with the attackers being identified as “foreigners.”

. . . Foreigners who have been moved into Sweden with the purpose of destabilizing their whole culture and economy, thus requiring a more powerful “solution.”

But I am glad that some Swedes are beginning to wake up.    “Utopia”  is beginning to be looked at, analyzed,  and then leading them  to the inevitable debunking of the whole utopia idea that was attempted through the method of so-called “Nordic Socialism.”

“Nordic socialism”  seems to have set up a general  “Stockholm syndrome”  in all of Sweden.    “Rock the boat and you don’t get your government allowance!”    But perhaps the Swedes will begin fighting back and claiming back their own country – for themselves to govern.

In the United States elections,  we have a drum beat calling us to a vision of socialist utopianism,  where the   the State takes control of all our problems, regulating and micro-managing our personal  lives and businesses to the point of paralysis,  raising our taxes to even higher levels so more money flows to our Rulers and we have less to manage ourselves — and who owns our own children — and our own personal medical records?

Whew!  I’m not sure the poor, ill woman is up to the task.   Fortunately for her,  she would be just the Front person for the behind-the-scene Rulers.   Why else would they make her so fabulously wealthy – and then protect the source of all the money that flows her way?

hrc got away with it again


Wonder why she gets away with so much?   Wonder why our “Justice System”  can’t touch her?


Well,  that’s one choice.      The other choice gives us a chance to preserve our   freedom of speech, freedom to practice our own religion,  if any,  the ability to exercise all of the freedoms guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights  (that’s where we find the various “amendments”),   the right to determine our own living conditions,  how hard we want to work for material rewards,   how much control we want to have over our local government and our local  schools.

The United States is a kind of Do-It-Yourself country,  within limits,  with some legal restraints,  and with some protection from the vicissitudes of life.

The United States does not promise  a Utopia, no matter who we elect.

There.     I’ve just committed heresy again.



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We all know what  ricochet means:   you lob a rock or a bullet against a firm wall and the destructive little object is likely to bounce right back at you.

In their never-ending  campaign to defeat their political opponent,  Donald Trump,  the entertainment-news media has gleefully reported on the charge of “racism”  against their enemy.

“He is pushing KKK values!!!   His values are KKK values!!!!”

So who are these people who are saying these things?

Well,   one is the female in this picture,    the poor, ill woman running for office . . .

Obit Byrd

July 26, 2004

And right before this photo she had just introduced that man, fondly,  to an audience, calling him  her personal mentor.

“Personal mentor”?    The man is Senator Robert Byrd,  KKK member and former  Grand Wizard/Master of the KKK.      KKK values attached to . . .  her!

Think that’s all  “in the past” ?

Today’s Grand Dragon of the KKK  is this man:


. . . Will Quigg,  who in this interview affirmed that he and his group endorses HRC, the poor, ill woman running for office.    And they have donated (publicly, so far)  $20,000 to her campaign.

Are the KKK still racist?  That’s what Kaine,  the vice presidential nominee of the Democrat party want you to believe.   Only when he threw them at Donal Trump,   the evidence threw it right back at the Democrats.   Racism finds its home.

So glad to hear that Black people are generally waking up to the Democrat early sponsorship and membership in the KKK   and to the fact,on record, of vehement Democrat opposition to Civil Rights for Black people;  as well as the horrid conditions of inner cities under long-time Democrat “leadership.”

Maybe,  you say,  an “endorsement’  doesn’t mean much?    But be  careful  of the racism charges you throw.

Watch that ricochet!!!

And tell the young people,  who seem to get their “information”  from our Democrat entertainment-news media.   They’ve been steered wrong.

COUNTING COUP with $99,999,999.99

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   Not too careful with our money, are we?

No comment.   Just sayin’:

Stuffed full  –

Heavy load

C 130

Stuffed full of cash money;  pallets full of cash.   Not US dollars, but cash bought by US dollars, taken out of our pockets.   Loaded onto a transport plane.

Flown to Iran.

The deed didn’t quite stay hidden, and became public seven months after the deed was done.

Explanation?    It had to be cash because we don’t have banking agreements with Iran so we couldn’t “write them a check”  and we couldn’t “use wire transfers.”

Then:   further revelations  –

More secret deeds.

Discovered were “several” wire transfers from the U.S.  to Iran.      More money from our pockets and wallets and household budgets flowing out to Iran.   Each wire transfer was $999,999,999.99.

13 of them.   13 “identical”  wire transfers,  according to a spokesman from “our” Department of Defense. *

I guess we did have  “banking arrangements”  after all.

That’s a lot of money flowing out of our pockets to Iran.

But I think they’re grateful.   They acknowledged us – the “new us.”      Yesterday it was announced that Iran “buzzed” our big navy ship with their military boats.  Menacing.

Counting coup,  so to speak.

Counting Coup

Counting Coup – Not a killing blow, just a humiliating strike


Counting coup against the Barack Hussein person’s  vastly weakened navy.

I say we’d better patch that hole in our pockets.

And get up off our knees.


Bar wavy

. *   It will soon be against international law to link to news articles, according to some experts,  now that we’re in the process of giving up control of the Internet to foreign interests  —  and giving up our sovereign rights to make our own laws.

However,  I think it’s still legal to tell you where some of the information came from.




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It’s that time of the year!!!


Football season!!   I know it’s pre-season,  but it’s not “just” pre-season;  it’s “you get to watch your favorite team many  times and see who all the second and third string players are and who can be a back-up for your favorite players”  season!

You really get a chance to see players on your team who you’ll probably seldom even hear of again – if you’re lucky,  because if you don’t hear much  about these “new” players,  it means your first string is all right.

Besides.   No pressure.   No season rankings.  Just plain, pure football playing.

So,  time for football to begin!!   And time to take out the knitting needles again!

ALLIGATOR 400 Football

Five-year-olds love alligators.

Last year Grandson Cooper got a bear in the woods with big pine trees,  just like where he lives in the High Sierras:


But this time he knows he’s going to get that alligator — and he’s excited,  so I have to deliver.

I know,  the world seems to be in such serious trouble,  about to “break” – so how could we be thinking of football?

I could get all philosophical about the importance of recreation . . .   The saints caution us against too much frivolity.  But they also warn us against too much seriousness and tell us that a little fun and recreation spice up our lives and keep us from getting all tied up in knots.

The story goes that there was a young monk who was playing some sort of ball game, and a man looked on with surprise at the young man’s obvious involvement in the fun.  “You’re a monk!   What if you knew Jesus should come to take your soul right now and find you playing games?!”

The young monk replied, “If I knew that,  I would continue on playing because this is the hour designated for my recreation – and Jesus would find me doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.”

There are many variations on that story,  but it shows us an important point.   Do what you are supposed to be doing, right now,  in the manner in which it should be done,  for as long as it should be done, before you go on to the next thing that you should be doing, according to your station in life.

Just focus on your duty.  That ought to eliminate a lot of stress in life.

Meanwhile,  I’ll worry about not dropping stitches and getting the pattern just right – and I’ll worry about not dropping passes and working through those patterns . . .

Oh, well.

My team is, of course,  the








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Sometimes when I hear an idea,  it strikes deep inside me like a heavy gong –  and then comes an explosion of ideas – like fireworks going off every which way .

And as the “fireworks”  settle down they sort themselves out into something resembling a beautiful Bach harpsichord concerto.


A beautiful experience.   I had a friend once who built harpsichords . . .     —   but   I need to rein in some of those fireworks.

Har Music

I’m trying to  capture some of my thoughts and bring them to a point – or  at least some kind of whole, like a conductor’s score, bringing together the many voices into one theme around which many thoughts rotate.

Our brains do work like this.   we just need to take the time to let our thoughts “rattle around” against each other, like the finale in a fireworks show, and then wait until we can catch echoes of the concerto – or sometimes,   the fugue!

The Two Worlds:    One world offers us Time and the development of a concert.    In the other world,  we stuff too many things into Time,  and what develops is dis-concert-ing

So, today is Sunday:

Har mass in

I didn’t go there!  But after the Ancient and Time-Tested  Prayers,  the Readings,  the Sermon, and the (re)presentation of the One Sacrifice,  it felt like I had been there – and I was filled with . . .   lively thoughts,  from what I had heard and seen.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these other things will be added unto you. . . ,”   we heard today.     Ancient  time-tested words of wisdom from our Master.     We have two worlds presented to us:   a world in which God is first,  and we seek Him  in His Kingdom;  and a world in which we seek all kinds of “these other things.”

Actually, as  a historian  (non-professional!)  I can tell you:  Thus has it ever been so.  The two worlds.     In our computer age, surely we can understand bits and bytes,  ones and zeroes . . .

har bits

. . . .  yes or no,  this world or that world.

Oh, we have Time to stumble around a bit,  but in the end even our stumbling  evidences  a choice of one world or the other.    Even in the pre-Christian religions men understood the choice that has been given us.

Remember the movie Apocalypto?    Gentle, peaceful dwellers of the jungles of Central America, living at ease and in harmony with their surroundings.    Then come the violent “Mayans,”   a sophisticated, advanced culture which had descended over time into a stratified caste society of the humans who were  powerful, wealthy Rulers;  the humans who were obedient workers;  and the humans who were slated for bloody and horrific sacrifice,  in order, the Rulers thought,  to keep their society powerful.     They sought the things of a world that was other than the Creator’s world.

(I’ve just purchased, in order to re-read,  Columbus’s Log Book, with an added journal from one of the sailors in a later voyage who was one of the hundreds captured by these Mayans.  He tells his harrowing tale of being in a line of captives advancing towards the place of sacrifice . . .  It is the stuff of nightmares.)

Well, there you have it.  Again:  two worlds.

And so this morning I remembered my vacation to Hiawatha’s land of  Gitche Gumme:

Har GG

(My priest would be quite surprised if he knew he had flung me into Gitche Gumme this morning…)

In Hiawatha’s land the two worlds manifest themselves.   Gitche Manito, our Father, in pre-Christian thought, looks down upon His human creations:

Gitche Manito, the Mighty,
The Creator of the nations,
Looked upon them with compassion,
With paternal love and pity;
Looked upon their wrath and wrangling,
But as quarrels among children,
But as feuds and fights of children!

Over them He stretched His right hand
To subdue their stubborn natures,
To allay their thirst and fever .  . .

Har G Manito in clouds

But Man can resist the paternal hand of his Creator.    And he does, quite easily and quite often.       So we must choose the Creator’s world, one at a time, one by one, each setting his mind on our Creator’s world and not on “all these things” of this world which causes our “thirst and fevers.”

Sometimes a brave young man responds to the good teachings of Gitche Manito,  even if he doesn’t at first know what the source is.    It is the search for Truth that brings rewards:  “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.”

The seeking starts with serious and sober attention to becoming skilled and educated:

Out of childhood into manhood
Now had grown my Hiawatha,
Skilled in all the craft of hunters
Learned in all the lore of old men,
In all youthful sports and pastimes,
In all manly arts and labors.

With all this training Hiawatha still sought after Truth.    He wanted the truth from his father, Mudjekeewis,  now dead,   now dwelling in the land of the West-Wind,  among all the old fathers,  who now had Truth.

Har hia

Although warned not to go  on such a quest,  Hiawatha set off and “traveled”  far past many  known boundaries, poetically and beautifully told by the pen of H.W. Longfellow.   Then at last “Filled with joy was Mudjekeewis when he looked on Hiawatha.”


But it is not an easy time for Hiawatha,  this seeker of the Creator’s Truth, and he’s put to many dangerous tests and learns many disappointing, dismaying,  terrible, tragic Truths and is eventually brought to the point of attempting to kill this “father” of his.

(Oh – back to  Bach’s harpsichord  for a moment:   the dramatic, discordant movements of a concerto speak to the truth of the Theme also.)

How deadly and dramatic is our life’s fighting for the Truth!!   All nature depends upon mankind’s search for Truth in the Kingdom of God.

Here is a fight worth witnessing!

Then began the deadly conflict
Hand to hand among the mountains.
From his eyry screamed the eagle,
The Keneu, the great war-eagle
Sat upon the crags around them,
Wheeling, flapped his wings above them.


The Bible, also poetically,  says that the whole Earth is groaning and in travail,  waiting for the Kingdom of God:  (Romans 8:22)

Till the Earth shook with the tumult
And confusion of the battle,
And the air was full of shoutings,
And the thunder of the mountains . .  ..

Well, that’s Longfellow again,  but he’s saying the same thing as the Bible.

At last Hiawatha prevails!   He is about to strike the death-blow when Mudjekeewis calls out:

Hold!  at length cries Mudjekeewis.
Hold my son, my Hiawatha!
‘Tis impossible to kill me,
For you cannot kill the immortal.

I have put you to this trial
So to know and prove your courage;
 Now receive the prize of valor:
Go back to your home and people.
Live among them, toil among them,
Cleanse the Earth from all that harms it . . .

With courage and perseverance,  Hiawatha has prevailed  in his life-and-death quest for Truth.     He sought the Other World,  he has seen the Other World,  and he has received his command to “cleanse”  the Earth.

I hope, I wish,  I want us in our times to be as brave and manly as Hiawatha was in his times,   because there are still two worlds;   two worlds to choose and to develop.    “Seek first the Kingdom of God . . .”   then – but only then –  all the other “good things”   will come to you.   It’s an orientation of primacy:  bits and bytes,  this or that,   God’s things or “the other things.”

In the quietness and stillness inside our church today,   there I was,  watching the mighty battle of Hiawatha while the harpsichord  played a Bach concerto in my ears . . . .




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With so much “incoming”  information focusing our attention on the problems in America,  it’s good to remember that most of us are really good:  we work hard, we do our duty,  we aim for better,  and some of us  achieve greatness that reflects our country’s best values.

So, last week at the Olympics one American woman did what no other woman has done!  Here she is:

kim face

Her name is Kim Rhode,  and she has just become the only American and the first woman to win medals in SIX consecutive  Summer Olympics!!!    

kim medals

That means winning medals this year, and four years ago in the last Summer Olympics,  and four years before that,  four years before that even,  she medaled four years before that, and she started out in her first Summer Olympics four years before that –  and won medals.

That’s a long time to be at the top of your game, as they say!

Now, there is an Olympic sportsman in Italy who has won medals in six Winter Olympics, a luger named Armin Zoeggele,  but Kim Rhode is also has the distinction of winning medals on all five  continents where the Games are held.

She should receive our heartiest congratulations and,  well, a lot more fame than she has received so far.   When American athletes really got going in the Olympics in 1928,  we all decided this was a good thing:    to train hard and long showcased American work ethics  (of that time);  to train with a goal,  showing American confidence;    to train consistently, showing American strength and persistence;  and to win,  showing American greatness  (a little nicked and tarnished by the entertainment-news media now,  but it can still BE there!!!

Kim Rhode shows all these American values and more;  she has achieved excellence in her sport.

Why haven’t you heard more of her?

Kim Rhode is an athlete.  This is her sport:

kim gun

She is an Olympic level shooter;  skeet shooting,  sharpshooting . . .  .


Kim Rhode


She may not have fame on television,  but she has our congratulations, and she has her medals:


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What does Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have to do with Elvis Presley?

I suppose we’ve all heard the words coming out of the Milwaukee thugs:


Quote:   “Dey got all the money and, like, dey don’t give us none!”

(Like, the obvious thing would be to investigate this young man’s schoolteachers.   And probably fire them.)   *

Black rage is all the rage.    Rage is all the rage.    Violent overthrow of governments is all the rage.     Violent overthrow of Western culture is all the rage . . .    but let’s stick here to the United States.

Because which ever  young man said the above quote “Dey got all the money . . .” is absolutely correct in that.   Analysis after analysis shows that the middle class is being made to shrink in every Western country,  from Australia to Europe to America and Canada.  The middle class goes to work and earns salaries; and with their earned money they either make purchases and/or investments so that inventors and entrepreneurs and businesses can grow, giving the country more wealth and more material goods and more opportunity.      But with increasing difficulty.

Where did all their money go?     Remember the socialist/progressive motto from the Alinksy-ites?     “Top down,  bottom up — and squeeze out the middle!”    They are experts at doing this.   Bring the successful business owners down;    promote costly  unrest among the bottom class;  and then where does the money go that gets squeezed out of the middle class?


Even foreign newspapers are reporting on this.   The wealth of the middle class goes to the super uber elite who does the bidding of our Rulers.    George Soros  (not his real name) — who is a super elite, does the bidding of the Ruling Elite, channeling funds into various revolutionary tools like Black Rage, Black Power, Black Live Matter, the New Black Panthers.

(Who do you think will receive the so-called Carbon Tax money?)

The ruling Elite get what they pay for.


$33,000,000 is a vast sum of money, and the money is needed to promote these huge violent outbursts.     In Milwaukee,  a Black policeman shot a Black man who had a gun and refused to put it down,  and then ran off with the gun.   He died from that gunshot wound.    This is reason enough to announce that White people will be hunted down and attacked and killed and their property damaged.

So the Milwaukee thug ** got it right.   Soros and his kind DO have our money.  And it’s being used for this:



Oh, yeah —  What does Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have to do with Elvis Presley?

This is the week for big celebrations of the life of Elvis Presley in his Graceland mansion in Tennessee.  I’m not much of an Elvis fan.  Even as a teenager I recognized his role in breaking down moral values and cultural safeguards.      But he has a great voice.    An amazing amount of people of all ages visit his home every year in mid-August.

Black Lives Matter,  the New Black Panthers, etc.   plan a visit to Graceland too.  This group of experienced riot thugs plan to – in their words –  “Shut down Graceland.”  ***

The name of this group?

Coalition of Concerned Citizens

They shouldn’t  be concerned.     They’ll get their transportation money and attention and sympathy and “fame.”

My friends and readers from other countries should know:    Ordinary American citizens are under attack.   We are not racist.  You’d have trouble finding racists among ordinary American citizens.    But we are under attack BY the racists.   

Bar wavy


.*   Definitely this young man’s teachers should be held accountable, as well as the school  SYSTEM  that allowed him to leave school being uneducated, inarticulate,  and so vulnerable to propaganda that divides races . . .

But so also should we examine the media which feeds this racist violence into these young men.

And so also are the churches at fault for not teaching,  demonstrating, and requiring good moral behavior.

And so also should the incompetent parents be looked at a because they deprived their children of  the values of Western culture.     Perhaps the parents need to be helped too –  you cannot give what you do not have.    

We have a complex cultural problem here, and it would take the Will of the People and determined hard work to restore American values among large groups of “Americans.”


.**    Thug:  (definition)    Someone who is violent, especially a criminal.     The Black man who was shot in Milwaukee by the Black police officer was a criminal known to the police, and he had a long “rap sheet”  of violent crimes on his record.


.***    You can read about this here, in this article.







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Well, it’s Sunday, so “church” is on my mind.    And I’ll start with a title from the great writer GK Chesterton,  (What Wrong With the World), and tweak it a little,  but I promise not to show the genius, perspicacity, and humor of Chesterton.   I’m just as passionate,  but not quite as talented!

sleepy 150

I began my Sunday morning struggling to come awake in time, as usual.   (I don’t “do”  mornings.)   To wake myself up,  I read a little of the entertainment-news headlines and saw the typical murder and mayhem,   immorality, and confused thinking.    A world unable to reason clearly and to choose the right thing.        And Christians who seem weak in the face of  growing tyranny, crime, immorality, and evil.      Why?   What happened?

The Church offers a huge, almost endless treasure of logic, philosophy, science, reason,  history,  examples of good people, and instruction in civic, social, and  limitless power for holy living for  anyone who wants it.    Quicumque!

We used to know this.


I was a history major in the university I attended;  I’ve been  studying secular history,  sacred history,  Church history,  and Bible history for many, many decades.   And I witnessed what has happened to the Roman Catholic Church.

It’s this:    Words matter.  And through words come meaning and power as well as information and, influence, and inspiration.    What is relevant and powerful is lasting, and that’s why we can say we have “classics” in literature.

Such classics are timeless because they speak to the common,  higher things in mankind.  Hindus worship in classical Sanskrit.   Muslims worship in classical Arabic.   Christians worship in classical Latin –  to name a few traditions.      The classical words don’t change,  they won’t change, and so the meaning will not change either,  because the meaning is respected and “timeless.”

cat picture

The Mass of the Church is made of words and gestures which bring us to a high point of communication (prayer)  with God  and an intimate spiritual union with Him, one on One, so to speak.     The beginnings of the Mass can be seen way back in New Testament times, as evidenced by the earliest Christian use of the catacombs, mid first century, A.D.

The Mass kept the early Christians in constant and very real contact with God which strengthened them through persecutions and heresies.

cat chaliceI know if we were to go back to those times and peek into the catacombs, we would see and hear things that are very familiar to us:     prayers, words,  gestures, procedures.     The Vessels used by these early Christians were made of the finest metals, carefully crafted for the purpose which they would serve.   This is a “museum quality”  chalice from the 3rd century.

Very little was changed or added through the succeeding centuries, and we know this from the writings of the people who lived at these times.   The Mass differed a little from location to location,  but by the time of (Pope) St. Gregory the Great, 6th century,  the Mass was pretty well set in its present day form.  Several centuries later,  again there were “accretions” particular to specific locations.   Pope Pius V  decreed in the 16th century that anything that was added “in the last 200 years”  should no longer be used – it was too “new”!      No sudden changes!      Never any sudden changes.


mass priest to God

And so we have a powerful, time-proven Mass that is a conduit for spiritual strength because it makes present for us, in our time,   the One-Time offering of Christ, as Sacrifice,   to God, for our peace and salvation.

The words of the Mass are the priest’s words, not ours.  That’s the function of a priest:  to be involved in sacrifice, or in this case,  the Sacrifice.   Only one sacrifice,  but made present to us each time.    (The idea came from Christ Himself who told us “This is my Body . . . )

(“Is”   Let’s not get into President Clinton’s vocabulary lesson.)

So what happened?


Where we used to bring ourselves and our praise and thanksgiving to God-Most-High  in a solemn ceremony that acknowledges our sin as well as our Redemption through Christ’s offering of Himself —

Mass to God


—   we now  cheerily “entertain” each other —

Mass strumming

According to Pope Benedict,   the Mass was scrapped in about the mid-20th century and a whole new set of words were written to be put into the place of the Mass.   Pope Benedict said the new Mass-words were created “out of whole cloth” –  meaning they started from scratch with new ideas,  they didn’t just make “improvements”  or “edits.”

Secondly,  Pope Benedict’s assessment of the finished product was that it trivialized the Mass,   and  he also used an Italian word for banal –  the newly-written Mass-words banalized  the Catholic Mass.   Banal?    That means made it common and stupid!

It also made the Mass weak.   I’ve talked before about the words of all the rites being rewritten, and how exorcists are having a hard time of it nowadays because the original words of exorcism, with all their power,  had been rewritten to the point of  weakness.  that would be weakness before Evil Powers.

Weakness.    Even if you have good “readings”  and good sermons and good, talented people talking and singing to you —

Mass priest to peole

— the newly-written Mass  just simply obscures what a genuine Mass is all about.

What’s Wrong With the World?

What’s wrong with the Church?

The people of the  Church,  the common,  everyday people have been trained to accept unquestioningly the new, weaker Mass – as though it were a good replacement.    The result is a weaker spiritual life,  confusion in the face of opposition,   an inability to stand up for what is right.      So many  have discarded the  wisdom and  the vital knowledge that the Church has to offer us.        We are more vulnerable in the face of rising political tyranny.

Sheeesh!  If so many hadn’t accepted this substitute,  we’d have a safer, saner world,  strengthened by true spiritual Power!





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I wrote the title of this post today –  and then things got in the way.  Life.  Good things,         scary things, busy things,  nice  things, all things.  So the post itself will be late, since it has to do with today, August 13th.

On the 13th of each month in  1917 three little children were supposed to go to a certain place near their home,  the Cove da Iria , a little distance from the nearest  city of Ourém, in Portugal.

fatima ch vision

They obeyed and received instruction and information from the Lady who came to them in visions each month.

A few people believed the children.  Some people, more and more each month,  went out to the Cova with them.    But in this summer of 1917, it seemed as though the world was pretty much stacked against them.   The national and local governments had been taken over by those who prided themselves on being skeptics,  anti-Catholic, and atheists.  These people had control of everything in public life, including the newspapers.

The mayor of the little city used his power to mock and spread ridicule and  to prevent people from accompanying the children.   The last thing this Masonic, atheist government wanted was for religion to be encouraged, a religion that was called “superstitious.”


So,  knowing the 13th of the month was coming up,  he stepped in and made his move.  (There is no freedom in a godless government)     Here is an actual photo of the man:

Arturo dos Santos.jpg


Artur Oliveira Santos,  the mayor of Ourém.

As the children were going towards their usual place of meeting with the Lady from heaven,  he persuaded them to get in his carriage, and he would be nice enough to take them there, easily,  riding.

But he took them to his jail.    There,  he threatened them and ordered them to tell him the supposed “secrets”  the children had received in the last month.     After all,  an atheist and dictatorial governing force needs to know what’s going on in the minds of its subjects.  We call it total surveillance  now and fuss about “privacy matters”;   but in the end,  our Rulers today cannot allow privacy — or secrets.     (Again:  There is no freedom in a godless government.)

fatima 3

The children could not tell him,  would not tell him,    and so he threatened them with death,  and play-acted that he was actually killing them one by one.   The parents had no knowledge of where their children had been taken  nor did they have the power to get them released.   But eventually  the children were released to their parents,  and  without having divulged the secrets.

I can’t imagine the fear the children were feeling.

The town was against the children,  the authorities were against the children,  and although they didn’t have an awareness of the larger world around them,  that larger world, and all of Europe,  was rapidly becoming anti-Christian.   A “post-Christian”  culture was being formed all over.

We are the inheritors of that post-Christian culture, and we are experiencing the difficulties and dangers in a world without God.

So what happened to the scheduled Visitation on that day?     Those who had gone on ahead of the children gathered at the Cova,  the place of Visions,   reported hearing and seeing some “disturbances” in the atmosphere,  which quickly subsided and disappeared.

Six days later,  nearly a week later – and that can be a long time in busy ordinary lives – the children received an internal call to come to another place.     There they received assurances and admonitions to keep on praying, to keep on doing penance,  to keep praying for souls because “many go to Hell because there is no one to pray for them.”

And they were told to keep coming back on the 13th of each month,  and soon all people will be receive confirmation of the Source of these Visitations.    “I will work a miracle that all people will see.”

But there was a sad note too:  ” If you had not been taken away to the City, the miracle would have been even greater. ”     I’ve pondered this sentence.   Knowing what the miracle turned out to be,  I wonder how much greater and more wonderful it could have been.

There has been another delay by the Authorities:

The spirit of  Mayor Artur Oliveira Santos has been affecting us today.  Skepticism,  mockery,  ridicule,  intolerance,  hostility to Christianity,  distaste for Truth,  disobedience,  threats and interference with religion have all worked to delay our fulfillment of a certain earlier command from Fatima:  to consecrate the nation of Russia to the Lady’s Immaculate Heart,   and when done, “a period of peace”  will be granted to the earth.

If this is not done,  “Russia”  will spread her errors throughout the world.    These “errors” are the ways of not only Soviet Socialism,  but of all kinds of socialism and communism.  That is,  governments will rule people for their own benefits.      The Common Good will be seen as the good of the State.    Rulers will dictate just what this Common Good means.    People will have to go along with the total consolidation of power into the hands of our Rulers.   And the Rich Rulers will grow richer,  and the people will grow poorer and poorer as they live to support the Ruling class.

All these “errors” are a scourge upon the world.    One by one nations are becoming bankrupt.   People are falling into appalling poverty.

I sometimes think that what happened on August 13th, 1917 –  the hostility of authorities resulting in delay –  is a foretelling of the way things will happen in our somewhat near future.    There was a delay then, full of danger;  and I think there will be a dangerous delay in these next few years.    I wonder if there will also be a lessening of the Blessing that could have been.

The message of Fatima:  prayer.    Serious prayer.     Prayer that conveys the seriousness of the plight of our world, and that is accompanied by penance and personal sacrifices.


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I love the Bourne movies and books.


This last movie, issued this summer,  was a good one.  It lived up to the whole Jason Bourne   conundrum.   It had high speed chases, rogue action,  Skynet type surveillance,  spying, demonstrations of extraordinary physical training,  stolen identities . . . on and on with  all the elements you need to keep you at the edge of your seat . . . mysterious murders and computer hacking. . . .

And interestingly enough,  curiously,  many elements that we see happening around us today.   I am astonished, actually.

Today  the News reports that  a hacker was challenged to break into  our electronic voting system.   Actually it took Nicki Parsons (in the movie)  longer to hack into the   ultra-secure national security agency’s  headquarters–  the CIA? —   than it took this  hacker to get into our electronic voting system.     It took him 7 minutes.    Many computer experts (and hackers)  ridicule the whole idea of a “secure”  electronic vote count.     Electronic voting -anywhere – is eminently hackable and easily manipulated.      It can even be done from a satellite, according to one recent report.

Remember the Soviet maxim:  “It’s not how many votes are cast,  it’s who counts the votes.”

Know who this is?   –


Well, he’s a good looking man.   You can Search for his name and photo if you want a better picture  but I wanted to focus on the words:    An armed man who  was caught inside Trump Towers, with a semi-automatic handgun fitted with a silencer “has been identified as Barry Lee Bush, a former Newark NJ FBI agent WHO HAS BEEN DEAD SINCE 2007.”

Here’s a plot  worthy of a Jason Bourne movie!      It’s unlikely this silencer was legal  (who was he hunting in Trump Towers?)      But more interesting:   the handgun was found to be manufactured WITHOUT   serial numbers.

(Certainly not bought through some gun show “loophole.”)

How about a mysterious murder, which will probably conveniently remain “unsolved”? One month ago a young man working for the Democrats was found shot to death  on the sidewalks of Wash.  D.C.       The media was told to call this a robbery.

Problem is:  no one “robbed” him of his wallet or of his cell phone or money.      The murderer was obviously not interested in robbing him.  And no other stray “street person”  who saw the body before the police arrived.

A connected problem  :   The head of Wikileaks spoke publicly of the source of many emails given to them recently from someone working for the Democrats, a young man.   Will he identify the young man’s name?   Nope –  just know that “we and our sources faces serious threats all the time. . . .”

Everyone knows you don’t go against   TPTB.  There are a few more deaths associated with the Democrats this summer.  Have you heard about the attorney hired by  Bernie Sanders to file a lawsuit against the DNC and its (former) female head?    Well, never mind.  He’s dead now too.  “No cause of death has been released.”      But he was found dead in his own home, after having spent hours presumably  “alone.”    August 2, 2016.  Shawn Lucas.   Message delivered, a la the enemies of  Bourne.

In the Jason Bourne movies there seems to be an abundance of “bad guys”  committing criminal mayhem — and they don’t seem to be caught by the local police but they often appear later on in the movie.    I’m not going to get specific,  though I have plenty of news articles to share.   You can find them.    There are over 300 villages,  cities, and counties in the United States that have been declared Sanctuary Cities.   These are places where some of the most violent criminals are “dumped” –  over and over again.     There is enough crime in some places to actually reflect a Jason Bourne movie.

I love action movies.   I love it when the “hero” tries to right wrongs,  even while going off the grid,  going rogue,  doing what has to be done.     It’s an  “exciting world.”

But that’s where that action belongs,  on the Silver Screen.  A civilized society should not reflect a Jason Bourne movie.

It’s going to be a   difficult task to rebuild a “civil”  society but a very, very serious one.











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I’d call this “3 modes of talking”  or “3 modes of using words,”  but communication actually involves more than words.  So no photos, this time.   Use your own imagination about body language,   facial expressions, and other subtle clues of communication.

Since my television system is still “under repair,”  I’ve had the opportunity to avoid a lot of the entertainment-news media and default back to a normal way of speaking and communicating and of staying informed.

The contrast between normal people and television people is so great that it’s made me think about the different ways people communicate.

There is (1)  a kind of “Romanitas”  – a sophisticated, subtle, efficient, and powerful way of saying what you mean by not saying what you mean.  It’s not limited to Rome (or to the Vatican)  but is common among older societies.  It’s a way of being and a way of doing, as much as a way of communicating.

There is (2) a kind of American way of speaking.   I’m so familiar with it that I took it for granted that this is the way people deal with each other.    But it took a book written by a foreigner,  and a gifted linguist,  to describe this “American” way of thinking – although I’m quite sure it’s not confined to “Americans.”

Here is this author’s description –

The American way of speaking is blunt,  straight-talking, and casual.  It is also gentle because it assumes the equal status and dignity of the other person.   It is accepting and assumes the best in the other person.   Even the toughest talker had that live-and-let-live Americanism, and a sense of decency.

Lastly, there is (3) the excitable speaking of a group of 8 year old girls, arranged in a circle sharing delicious gossip to each other.

I’ve taught 8 year olds, and 7 and 6 year olds.   And girls talk differently – to one another! They love to talk about what someone has done wrong.  They love to bring out the faults of other friends.  They love to feel they are int he inner circle because they are right and others are wrong.  and they really LOVE to “tell on”  the wrongdoers to the teacher, once they have their story straight.

In the 1990s it was called the Politics of Personal Destruction and it was brought to adults in the political arena, who promptly began acting like 8 year old girls on the hunt!   But unfortunately,  many adult careers and lives were ruined.  Reputations were indeed destroyed.

The entertainment-news media found out that the Politics of Personal Destruction worked as a mean and effective political tool.

So – One example today:

OF COURSE –  one candidate did not advocate using violence against the other candidate!!!!!   Of course, we know that.

But the 8 year old girls circled the wagon and  began to speculate about a wonderful awful bad thing they found out about someone not in their inner circle. . .     It’s not that all of them are saying that he did advocate violence.    Not exactly all of them.

But most of them are saying    “what if he meant violence?!!!!!!!!!!”

(Can’t you just see their facial expressions and body language?      “We’ve got him now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

How     perfectly,      deliciously       exciting.

And how very un-American.

Flag don't tread

(American –  blunt, plain-talking,  straightforward,   casual,  upfront,   accepting the decency of fellow Americans,   assuming the best in the other man,   and on equal footing with the person you are speaking to or talking about . . .  .)


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(From a book I am reading):*

Left alone in the fens:


The “boy” was 14 years old and was left alone for days,  with only his dog for companionship.     Today we would call that “child abandonment;  but then it was called  relying on the watchfulness of a  young man of 14 years.   He was strong and good,  watchful and smart.

Good;  of good and trustworthy character.

He was left alone for a  few days by his father and a companion to take care of their small house, a hut really,   in the middle of the lonely fens of  …  England.



Fens.    We don’t really think about “fens”  in America.  Not so that we’d be familiar with them.  I’m sure a physical geographer could identify fens,  perhaps in South Carolina where the Swamp Fox practiced guerilla warfare against the British in the Revolution — 240 hundred years ago —  but mostly we are a nation of dryer lands:  prairie, plains,  deserts,  high plateaus, dryer mountain ranges, forests, and valleys.

Fens hut

The boy was left waiting on a small island of dryer land in the midst of a swampy, marshy area, where his little home had been  built.   He was well-fed by an abundance of fish and fowl.   His portion of dry land  was connected to other pieces of dry land,  pathways, really between the wetlands,  small ponds and rivers, which provided transportation and food — and danger.

The boy’s big hound protected him from the wolves, which were a very real threat, even though his people, the Saxons, had pretty successfully gotten rid of most of these terrifying predators.    But in addition to wild animals, there was the ever present threat of the Danes.

The Danes had arrived a few generations ago and had conquered many areas of F see enemy and readyBritain.   They were the greatest enemy, the greatest present threat to those tribes who were  native  to Britain – even to the Britons themselves.   The Danes were rough and violent conquerors, and they were pagans.  Their aim was to  own Britain, to rule the land, to  enslave the more useful of the people they conquered, and to eradicate Christianity.

And they were pretty much succeeding when this little book opens.  The father and uncle eventually come home,  but the Danes were on their way.  Then all three are off to join other groups of fighting men  in  hopes that they can turn back the onslaught of the Danes.

F Danes warriros

In the first battle, they fight these Danish Vikings well and push them back  a little.

F 14 alongside  The fourteen year old fights valiantly alongside his father, but his strong young body is not quite strong enough for the big warriors he must fight off;  he is too young, too small yet.  Too many times the father had to shield the boy’s body from the strong arm of a seasoned  Danish warrior.

In another battle,    a more desperate one,  the father knows that he will likely die, and he gives orders for his son to hold back along the far edges of the battlefield,  and he gives order to his friend to go to his son if he, the father, should fall in battle.   To go to his son and take him to the king.

F you go away

Both son and friend do not want to leave the man’s side,  but he is the father,  and there is no thought of disobeying his word.   The father dies,  the friend saves and guards the son;  the father’s name lives on.

The young man, Edmond,  becomes   friend and companion to King Alfred of the Saxons and fights faithfully at his side.  And the story goes on . . .  .the Danes are defeated,  and England becomes part of history, part of our world.

F sorrowfully rode away

Now here we are.      Many hundreds of years later.    Our lands are being invaded.  As the Danes conquered place after place in Britain,  so our lands,  Europe and America and Canada,  are being cleverly and efficiently invaded – just not by Danes this time,  and not only by machete, knives, guns, and explosive devices.

I look for the  intelligence to define the enemy.    I look for leadership to unite us in the cause of self-preservation.    I look for “soldiers” who are strong enough and smart enough to fight off the invading forces.    I look for men of good character that can be relied upon to defend us.

There are many ways to fight,  but it is a soldier’s fighting spirit that we need.

It’s a spirit that makes us think that we, ourselves, are worth preserving.


.* The Dragon and the Raven   by G.A  Henty



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(Oh, my;  has it been a week?   A very dismaying week;  fruitful for my mind,  but not for my writing. )

This photo doesn’t match “the Times.”


So many dire and dismaying news stories this week, all wrapped in a packet of lies  within lies  within lies.   “News” stories are made up;    fabricated as an author would think up an interesting or controversial story-line, and then presented as though true;    and then argued about, debated about,  and tsk,tsk,tsk –  until  the controversy itself “proves” the lie.

It produces a Turmoil in the mind.     These days are difficult for us;   “rugged times,”  as John Jay wrote a couple hundred years ago.   He wrote about all the “sensations” that intrude into our minds.

He was born two hundred years before I was,  but yet he describes the process as we can perfectly  witness it  today:

“In such Rugged Times as these, other sensations are to be cherished.   Rural scenes, domestic bliss, and the charming group of pleasures found in the Train of Peace — all fly (away) at the approach of war; and are seldom to be found in fields stained with Blood, or in habitations polluted by outrage and desolation.”     (John Jay to Robert Livingston,  as war and revolution approached.)

What is he telling us?     That there are two opposing sets of “sensations”:      Rugged Times versus the Train of Peace.         “Train of Peace” may be an old-fashioned and poetic way of stating it,  but we’re not so stupid that we can’t understand – and deeply feel – what he means by that phrase.

Rural scenes, with all their charm and tranquility.   The photo above is looking out from my back window.

Such scenes provide a “charming group of pleasures . . .”


A morning sun ascends onto (the possibility of)  domestic bliss, promising a “Train of Peace.”


Morning Sun

John Jay and others eventually wrote that this country is to provide for the Pursuit of Happiness.    This is a state of affairs that allows men to pursue their dreams,  to see the fruit of their labor,   and to rest in a state of confidence and peace,  that if they work hard at a goal,  it may be attainable.

Opposing this is a tyrannical government that decides things for us.  Big Brother.  A  powerful State.   Laws, rules, regulations that put us into submission to the State.    We live by permits and licenses – and by “staying under the radar.”    We must believe their publications.  We agree to be entertained by their “entertainment-news media”   which is the source of the “pollution” that John Jay made reference to.   Facts polluted with  deception and lies.

And if we see behind the outright lies,   when we admit the many “outrages,”    and we witness the “desolation” of our country,   our peace “flies” away at the “approach of war” and our “pleasures” are fleeting indeed.

This “war” that approaches must be fought.   Don’t think of war as  physical altercation with physical weapons.

War is the deliberate opposition of one side to the other.    It means paying attention;  choosing a side;   standing up;  confronting the enemy (if it insists upon being an enemy);   choosing a method of opposition best suited to your abilities;    and getting busy to do the actual fighting.

I fear huffing and puffing and tsk-tsk-tsk-ing will get us nowhere.

Kronos on an urn

Kronos eats his children


Lies being told to conceal the identity of an enemy who has declared war against us and to lead us to believe that we somehow deserve the attacks are a kind of mental pollution,  not worthy to be taken seriously.

Lies that are being told to protect the one political candidate and to attack the other political candidate are not really worthy subjects for our entertainment  while we experience the “approach of war.”  (John Jay) .    Lies waste our time.

And the one thing that Time does is . . .  pass.

And we may still have time for these Rugged Times to produce great minds,  great men of truth and of valor.    These Rugged Times may be our awakening  that America is a real concept and that the United States is worth saving .     We may yet learn and understand the wisdom of our Founding Fathers.       We may yet find the strength to do our part with determination.

“These Rugged Times”    are our times too.




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No,  this isn’t a hot-summer-weather report.    It’s that “next post”  that I referred to in the last post.

The information starts in the early 17th century.   In the Americas.    Each nation or empire had a king;  each colony was loyal to that king.    And yet . . .  yet  somewhere in the future it was predicted that nations would no longer have kings and queens, or at least a functioning monarchy.

Nations would be “republics.”   Like Ancient Greece attempted.    Like Ancient Rome tried for a short time.   A form of government that promised so much but left so much open to corruption and failure – and misery for the citizens of the republic.

And worse.   There were more predictions.    In the future,  three hundred years into the future,   religion,  the foundation and strength of every civilized nation,  would be disparaged.  Out of favor.  Rejected.   Mocked.     There would be a great crumbling and corruption of the Church itself.   It seemed insane.   An incomprehensible future.

A great apostasy would occur.    All  the new republics would one day become the enemy of religion.  Their official policy  would be to keep religion out of the public sphere,  to destroy religion.

Parents would stop teaching their children about the Good God and about our salvation.  A great number of evil   “books”   would  flood the streets of the cities,  disrupting society,  degrading manners,   corrupting adults and even children.

The century in which this would occur (begin) would be the 20th century.

These prophecies were written down,  lost, and then rediscovered “at a time when they would be needed,”  which turned out to be the late 19th century —  just  in time to warn people of what was coming, and perhaps to become mobilized, motivated to turn away this disastrous century of the future.

The warning had come from Heaven, and Heaven was not unaware that people remained indifferent to the fate of future generations.  (That would be us.)

And so,  in 1917 — almost too late to stop this disastrous century from developing —  Heaven visited Fatima, Portugal.   Our Lady, the Mother of Christ,  spoke words of warning to three little children — three who had not yet been corrupted.  Three little children who were so innocent and unlettered,  that they did not even know who or what a “Russia” was.

But they did report to those in authority over them that Our Lady has warned that if the world does not repent and turn back to God,   that “Russia”  would spread her errors.

“If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated.”

And to prevent that from happening,   the pope along with the bishops of the world,  will have to pick a day in which to consecrate “Russia”  to the Immaculate Heart.

(Catholic stuff –  that just seems to have come true.)

Russia will then convert to the Catholic faith –  and the world will have a period of peace.

Satan, the devil,   fought off this consecration with a period of Diabolical Disorientation.

And now we’re all mixed up.

We call it Political Correctness,  but what lies behind this is Diabolical Disorientation.  We are dizzy and disoriented, just as the Bible says happens to all those who reject God:  “their intellects are darkened.”

So,  right?    Have the prophecies come true?

Here’s another one, closer to our time, but same message.   I had hoped this year to write on the 13th of every month, in remembrance of the six months that the children at Fatima were visited. . . .  I missed July.

On July 13th, 1917,  the children were visited again.   They were told several things, some “secrets,”   but also, suddenly,  the Lady opened up her hands and rays of light came down to the earth and penetrated the earth and revealed such a frightful scene that they all later  reported they were scared half to death.


A deep, large, and wide hole had appeared,  full of fire, and worst of all it was full of something like lumps of burning coal, black, but on fire,  and in the shape of horrible distorted animal figures . . .  and moving up and down in the currents of the heat were distorted, burning human-like figures,   which were crying out in pain and agony and despair  . . .tormented by the  horrid beastly entities,  but the human souls could not die.

The children could bear to see no more.

But from then on the three young children doubled and tripled their efforts to pray for souls, and to do penance on behalf of those who do not believe in God,  and to plead with God to “lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need.”

So that’s some of what happened on July 13th,  1917.    It verifies the seriousness of the prophecies of the early 16th century, when Our Lady  (Our Lady of Good Success)  came to the Americas,  to warn.

The messages — all the secrets — were especially meant for us to know today.  Because if we don’t know about them or do anything about them,  The Errors of Russia would indeed spread.

What are some of these Errors?

Communism is an atheistic ideology that ultimately denies God’s natural order and natural law, which God inscribed on the hearts of men. Denying God, Communism attaches divinity status to the Party and to the State. As such, Communism transfers all personal responsibility to the Party and totalitarian state. Denying natural law, Communism rejects the basic rights to private property, and monogamous, indissoluble marriage two indispensable pillars of a free society. Dictatorship is not a chance fact in Communism, but the logical and necessary consequence of its ideology. For strategic reasons, Communism may take on different political forms, including apparently democratic ones, and hide behind varied labels. Already in the 1930’s, the Communist Party launched the so-called policy of the extended hand, in which it showed to the outside world a smiling, friendly face . . .”      and today they call themselves Progressives, among other things, and they still wear a friendly face and promise good things  . . . and they control nearly every facet of our everyday lives.

So has this prophecy also come true?



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(A little of this and that today – but all connected.)

Sometimes a new insight, a bit of wisdom,  an interesting thought comes into your mind; a thought that ties it all together and explains a lot of things.    Sometimes the insight can be shared and understood by many;  sometimes it’s meaningful only to the one single person.

A private kind of insight:

An example of a meaningful insight pertinent to one single person is my recent journey to the land of my birth,  the land of Gitche Gumme.

(See the archives for Gitche Gumme and Hiawatha,  but you can achieve moments like this too.)

Blue 1 cr 400

It was a long journey to the Far Far North, but it was worth it.    I was on a mission; a mission to find meaning . . . and I could find it only by going back to my first experience with planet earth.

Mission accomplished.

Blue 2 400

As I hiked the forests of Hiawatha and climbed up and down the glacial moraines, smelled the intoxicating pines,   walked along the shoreline,   and meditated sitting on ancient, 1.3 billion year old rock bluffs,  some thoughts came to me.    “Mission accomplished,”  but it’s not something I can put into words, easily.  It’s a private insight.

After I came home —  yeah, the shark thing.   I watched enough shark movies that week for it to be a “confessible”  offense.      One day  I shall meet my Maker and have to explain my time use for this  one whole week!

But the sharks were a dodge.  I was dodging lying words,  a freaky face, and the horrible screeching words of a Hound-ess Harridan from Hell.  My other cable channels were a lost cause.    Only the sharks remained.

Why has the world gone this bad?    Why has both my country  and my Church been taken over by “the errors of Russia” * ?   – to use a quaint, though true, early 20th century phrase.  It seemed to accelerate after the mid-20th century.    I experienced the exhilarating blow-your-mind  sort of feeling of “freedom” – which blew everything apart –

Lightning Black Sabbath

– which turned out to be a freedom from Everything.    Which is another word for chaos –  used skilfully by the enemies of the West.

Hell face

Truly Hell listened.

“Drugs, sex, and  (the compelling drumbeat of) rock n roll” –   all open  spiritual gates.   We quested for “another state of consciousness.”    We yearned for a “higher state of consciousness.”     As though humans had never before achieved these states of opening to the evil and demonic  spiritual world.   It is ancient!  Yet the 2oth century thought they had discovered it.

Dark rituals abound now.  Authorities frequently find mutilated, usually headless corpses floating in the Thames River.   I was shocked when I first read about this many years ago. the Italian government has stated their alarm at the rising occult and has plead for exorcists.   The Vatican itself has put out a call for young men to become trained exorcists.  In Africa “witches”  are burned.   Occult-sex rites flourish all over the world, and drive much of the world’s sex slave trade.   .    In the US – and all over Central and South America really –  there are pockets of occult and satanic cultures.    “Satanists” are in the news again this week;  courts say they can now teach after-school “clubs” indoctrinating yet another generation of children.

Innocence of children?   Chastity?    Purity?   Holiness?    Goodness?     All these are OUT, as was predicted in the 1630s.    The children of the 20th century (and somewhat beyond)  will be lost.

The world would be in a state of total diabolical disorientation*, almost as though we, in the world, were hypnotized.

Television Obey HDTV

The “god of the power of the air”  (airwaves?)  will ascend.    Spiritual wickedness in the heavens, in high places,  are our enemies.     (Ephesians 6:12)

And here’s where the various exorcists come in.     However, that Vatican call for more exorcists,  nice try,  but no matter how sincere and hard-working they are,   it will not really help much.    The new exorcists will be innocent and relatively helpless.

And the reason comes from the testimony of the exorcists themselves.   I heard this today.  I’ve heard it several other times.   Consistently:

The New Rites of the Catholic Church, including the Rite of Exorcism,  were created, invented,  thought up, and written “out of a whole new cloth”  (Pope Benedict’s words!).   They do not nearly enough  resemble the power of the words of the original rites, and are therefore,  weaker.    “WEAKER.”     Weaker is the word that the exorcists and the so-called demonic voices use.

We are shooting BB’s  at heavy artillery aimed at us.     gun silly

But it’s fun to be shot at for a while.  Oh, so fun.   (“Shark-fun.”)    I’m guilty too of welcoming some of these demonic shots,  though  I try to say  aware of the spiritual warfare raging all around us;   and I try to fight back.  We do have spiritual help in the form of direct contact with God,  the indwelling of God’s Spirit,  the angels and saints around us – and the battle waged by the chief general in command of the host of heavenly beings,  St. Michael.

These are powerful living intelligent  forces aware of our plight.

It’s going to be a long war, and the outcome is

The public insight:

The exorcists speak.    It would help if we bowed our heads to this one insight from the exorcists who have spoken and who have reported to us the big weakness in our armor – the weak, impoverished modern language of dumbed-down rites.      (Face it: in  the New Version of the Church is different from the original version

We actually have been warned about this.*     


. *  see next post

(Been Busy)

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Be back to blogging soon.

Been busy this week:


‘Nuff said.


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A little “public service”  announcement here:



My household has been set up with AutoPay for utility bills for many,many years.   We check the statements once in a while,  but occasionally, when I’m on vacation, for instance,  I may be a week or so late in doing the  “checking.”

Do you check that your Auto-Paid bills have been paid?

autopay logo

I don’t care how cute they make the logo.   I found out today that you are dealing with a Robot.

(“Within ten years robots will outnumber humans in the workplace.”)

The robot-software deals with the interface between the bill-paying software and the human.

Yesterday I got a big shock to discover that somehow my Auto-Pay feature had been shut off, without my knowledge, without my permission,  and with no notification and no provision for how to pay the utility bill in some other way.

Robots don’t deal with customer complaints, so I had to wait until this morning to talk to a human being.     She confirmed:  Your AutoPay has been removed from your account.  I’m pretty sure I gave her nice answers and questions . .  .  but I was a little breathless and stressed out while I tried to communicate.

She admitted that the utility company*   had a “glitch”**    last month in the AutoPay section.   No explanation why we weren’t notified until overdue bills were sent out.

THAT’S  your notification?   “Your bill is past due” ???

So that’s my warning.   AutoPay robot servicers are not reliable.    There will be no warning if this happens again.

I had to hang up, call back again,   to get another robot in order to pay my bill, which I did by feeding him numbers.  Numbers, after numbers, after numbers.  I guess that’s how robots talk.     And robots don’t say they’re sorry.

I have to call back again to re-set up AutoPay with another robot.     It will take about two months for the robot to get it going.

Meanwhile – do I guess how much to pay next month?  Do I guess when the due date is?

No,  I plan to bug those telephone robots every two weeks, until I regain my confidence.

Did you catch that earlier?   —

(“Within ten years robots will outnumber humans in the workplace.”)

And we don’t have a choice.

And this is not in the Humor category.


Bar wavy

.*   Utility company =  Detroit Edison, otherwise known as DTE.


.**  I suspected and still fear that this “glitch”  might have something to do with my refusing a Smart Meter on my house last month.    They are a fire hazard;  they are not UL (Underwriters Lab)  tested for safety;    and they are a health hazard to everyone, but especially uncomfortable to the electrically sensitive.    They are NOT mandated by any state or federal law.  They are part of the global system of “human management” for a “sustainable”  planet – not a good thing!

fire hazard smart meter 400

I will be paying punitive fees each month to receive a digital, non-emitting Meter,  which, while it doesn’t emit harmful RF and EMFs,   is still a fire hazard.  You can Google “smart meter house fires.”    Maybe that’s something else you should keep checking.

Keep a fire extinguisher on hand!

RED-GREEN for Father Hamel

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Here is Father Jacques Hamel,  (martyr)   Rouen, Normandy,  France:

Father Hamel

Well, he doesn’t look like that any longer.   R.I.P.

(Nous sommes France!)

Bar wavy

Today is a day for anger.   For me.    Good causes for ranting.   Days like today I want to be a Man and put on my Viking armor, pick up my Battle Axe, and DEFEND my family, my clan, my tribe – because no one else seems to be doing so.

The Swedish blood in my veins boils.  Not just because the “Chicago”  of Europe is  now Malmö, Sweden!    Rape and murder capital of Europe.      Not just because Swedish girls are told to protect themselves by wearing bracelets that tell their attackers-from-foreign-lands to   “Be Nice.”

And not just because Swedish girls are now being told maybe they should wear a burka, when going out.  Wear a head scarf if you don’t want to be attacked.   In your own land!    Right in front of the noses of the men and leaders whom their Viking forefathers would be ashamed of.

Pahhhh!      These Swedish men would be afraid of their own Battle-Axe!   And that goes for all the liberal Swedish females who are trying to be  men-leaders.

Bar wavy

A whole violent political movement has declared war on the Western World,  Europe and North America, specifically.     They have declared it many, many years ago.    And since there has been NO response from the Western World,   they have had to repeat their declarations of war many times – and they have had to demonstrate their declaration of war, over and over again.

No, they don’t think we’re deaf.     They think  we’re are weak and effeminate.   We cannot pick up the challenge.      We are theirs for the taking.    And nearly every day we hear of their “Taking”  — with knives, machetes,  bombs,   and guns of all kinds.

Not clean kills either.    I’ve told you before it’s very “messy”  to slice through a  throat and cut someone’s neck off.    It takes practice and lots of strength.   That’s why I showed you photos of the little toddlers being trained to take off the heads of their teddy-bears *. . . .

But I don’t need to show you photos of the aftermath of brutal rapes and beheadings and disembowelments and burnings and drownings and crucifixions.   They’re all over the Internet.

Because they want us to know.

Because they’ve  declared WAR against us.    It’s in their book. 

So from now on when I write about these Warriors of the Crescent Moon god,   I will write about them in Green.    Their chosen color.

And when I write about the Deaf People in the Western World who ask us to be kind and forgiving to these Warriors,  I shall write in Red.    I will indicate dhimm-witted people by Red.    (Dhimmi-witted, that is,  because that’s what we subjugated people are:  Dhimmis.)

These Crescent-Moon Warrior Extremists killed Father Hamel today;  terrorizing him and the people in the church,  just as their ancient leader said to do.  He wrote in their book to use Terror in order to conquer **,    and he left them his explicit examples.     These Warriors humiliated the good priest and the people inside,  during the solemn ceremony of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass,    then jumped up on the altar,  then yelled things in their language,  then sliced through Father Hamel’s throat.

And then they published threats of further similar deeds to churches in the UK and in the US.

father burning statue

SOON!   It says.   And that’s our Statue of Liberty on fire.      Because the whole world should be a caliphate of the Desert-Warrior Crescent Moon god.     Submit!!   Or die.   Do you NEED a citation for their authority?      Koran (Surah) 33:36:    “It is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decreed a matter that they should have any option in their decision.”      You don’t HAVE an option.   The Crescent Moon god has decided for you!

And what is the brave response to this threat?

Some political leaders in Europe are asking us not to “make this a religious war.”    “Not to make this a war between religions.”      It’s not.   It’s a war of political and territorial conquest.    And we are being conquered in the current phase of this centuries-old war.

The archbishop of this area in France,  the one who is in authority over Father Hamel and is supposed to be his “shepherd”?

He speaks about his “sadness” at learning of the killing.  And then:  “The Catholic Church cannot take weapons other than those of prayer and brotherhood among men. I leave here hundreds of young people who are the future of humanity, the true ones. I ask them not to give in to the violence and become apostles of the civilization of love.”

Fight back, you young men and women,  with “prayer and brotherhood”?      You want prayer?   There is a young nun fighting for her life today –  also knifed in that church today.  Pray for her!

A Cardinal-Archbishop (of Manila,  Tagle)  expresses his grief,  prays for France,  and then says:      This “unhappy incident will help us understand in what way we can carry out the Social Doctrine of the Church,” he added.

Social Doctrine is needed?

The pope “asks the Lord to inspire in all thoughts of reconciliation and fraternity in this new trial, and to extend to everyone the abundance of His blessings”.

Reconciliation to . . . ?

The man that was put into the office of our presidency  (the US)  and who was raised as a Sunni Muslim in Malaysia said recently:   ““For Muslims across the United States and around the world, this is a time of spiritual renewal . .  .”   as he celebrates a major Muslim holiday.

Oh, speaking of “recently” –


Lots of deaths missing from this timeline,  but they were making  a limited point.

“Points”  have to be made about this war that has been declared against us.    We all have to think clearly about this. ***   “Points” are being used to attack us.   Maybe “points” have to be used in response.

My Grandpa fought in World War I.  My Dad fought in World War II.   My cousin fought in the Viet Nam War.      I always wondered when the next “hot war”  would come,  when we were being attacked and killed.


Bar wavy


.*  teddy bears  School.


. **     One place, for instance:     Qur’an 8:60 states: And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know but whom Allah knows. . .

.***    Maybe it’s time I rearrange and add to my side links . . .     link to a few sites that keep us informed . . .  .



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Dear Mrs. Clinton . . . .

Well, never mind.  Don’t worry about a thing.   Your friends in the entertainment-news media won’t tell us anything.

You’re safe.

Bar wavy


Sorry.    This posting has been canceled.   I wrote about many of the things that your friends in the entertainment-news media won’t tell us . . .  and then I got sick to my stomach.

Bar wavy


Sick, thinking about all the dirty deceptions going on.   Oh, no —  I know this happens in politics with some (some, not all) politicians.     But I’ve never seen this level of unchallenged hypocrisy and lying.      Facts are facts, and saying they’re not doesn’t make them not true.    Facts remain.    (Or are we being played for idiots?)

But what makes it worse is that the DNC and the media are working together to elect this one into office.

It’s Collusion.

And we, the public,  are the victims of collusion.   The media and the DNC work together to trick and deceive the American people  when our dearest and most important exercise of political freedom is at stake.

From the leaked emails this week:  (the ones leaked so far)
This week, Wikileaks revealed DNC emails discussing their cozy relationships with reporters from NBC, MSNBC, and CNN, and how to get better media treatment for Hillary Clinton.

Exposed also was the Politico writer sending his stories to the DNC before he sent them to his editor.

The DNC was feeding CNN the questions they want to be asked in interviews.

The DNC Communications Director sent emails to media about Bernie Sanders’ religion to scare the southern (mostly Baptist) voters.

There were emails showing the DNC was upset that their “allies” didn’t send in enough protestors at events, so they sent out interns to to organize fake “protests” at Trump events.

And the leaked emails show DNC officials even planned anti-Trump protests.

Planned a fake ad for employees for Trump,  asking for obviously racist, anti-woman, etc. type of people.


(A partial list repeated in several places . . . )

I see blatant lies being told on the entertainment-news television media this week, and the lies are unchallenged,  unquestioned,  and celebrated , as though they were true and wonderful.   These people know the Real Hillary Clinton –  and they don’t care!

She has broken so many federal laws . . .   and it’s  . . .   it doesn’t matter.

Good grief!!!!     Is this Venezuela?    Are we bring promised an economic and social Utopia by a “saintly”   Presidente?   Imperial Rule and the Ruler is above the Law?

I understand why so many Republicans and Democrats are chanting    “Lock her up!”

Lock her up!

The alternative is to reward her . . .


Bar wavy


Please, can’t the Democrats come up with an honorable candidate?


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